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So, in the end, she needed these slaves to become hostages.”

Bait to keep the men working desperately.

Shushunu did not have a conscription system for they have not experienced any great wars since Claudia Ririnoie the War Princess’ ascension to power.
As for why? That reason was clear as day.
But it was also because of that that the standing army became smaller, and was used only to maintain the public order of Shushunu or threaten the minor nations.

The head of the House of Ririnoie must’ve thought they lacked power.

Especially, since they had just come out of the successor wars because of the passing of the late War Princess.
They did not want this war.
But they could not submit to the likes of monsters either.

“Still, I don’t hate that pride of hers.”

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As someone who held the proud name of the Ririnoie House that stood at the apex of the military families, Blanche Ririnoie did not have the option to choose surrender.
Shushunu was a rich country.
Its southern region was blessed with farms, and the highway of wealth, the Jewel Road, passed through Shushunu from the east and the west.

But this Shushunu, which lorded over the plains, hated great nobles with too much power.
If the power were to be gathered, it could only be gathered around the king.
But there were too many obstacles to bringing together the powers that lurked within the country for Ririnoie and the rest of the nobles were too powerful.

Barad Agarmua understood that much.
After all, he was still a great noble with a powerful family.

“But that doesn’t mean I’ll forgive you for making me eat dirt!”

Barad emptied his cup in one gulp and filled it up again.

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