Chapter 289: The Power of Divinity in Full Display (1/5)

“Hey, they’re pretty good.”

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Despite their army being pushed back, the hero only smiled in amusement.

Under the command of Pale Symphoria, all forces of Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom) attacked the army of the Sacred Kingdom of Altigand.

As the hero commanded his army to advance with a snap of his finger, Gi Gu Verbena led his Felduk to throw their spears at him.

But of course, they could not possibly reach him.

Though they launched those spears at the fastest speeds possible, the footmen of Altigand lined up to protect the hero, creating a circular formation with the hero at the center.

With their movements perfectly coordinated, Gi Gu Verbena knew that they would be the strongest foe he would fight yet.

Attacking from the right flank of the entire army was Gi Gi Orudo’s Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk).

Though Zeilduk, which depended mostly on the monster beasts of their beast tamers to attack, relied on just one tactic: push; yet that wave-like tactic that relied on sheer number was more than enough to defeat many powerful foes.

But then, beasts that could weave in between their monster beasts appeared from Altigand.
With white fur and a stature twice that of a human being, they were large beasts indeed.
With a bark, the monster beasts around them lost their momentum, and though these monster beasts would normally be capable of victory just by relying on their numbers and their roar, before that beast, they were too timid to advance.

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A pack of giant silver-white wolves stood majestically in Zeilduk’s way, devouring, expelling, and crushing their horde of monster beasts.

A cursory glance would show that there were 30 of them all in all.
With them in the front lines, Zeilduk’s push froze to a standstill.

However, neither Pale nor the generals were so soft as to loosen their attack just because one side was at a deadlock.

“Have Gi Ga-dono attack from the left-most flank.”

By utilizing their mobility, they would employ a hit and run tactic to get the attention of the entire enemy army.
However, it was around that time that Gi Gu Verbena’s Felduk surrounded the hero and clashed with his soldiers’ line of spears.
Felduk and the hero’s forces clashed head on, but Felduk’s technique was a step further.

They were equal in terms of strength.

The hero’s power empowered the humans, allowing them to have physical abilities equal to or greater than an average goblin’s, but few among them have grasped the breath of battle.

“Bring their spears up close! Swordsmen, weave past their spears! Catapults, ready yoursel—!?”

Gi Gu, who led 5,000 goblins directly, raised his voice to give one order after another.
He himself could feel that the king was in danger, so his voice was tenser than usual.

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The human battle slaves operated the catapults, but they needed more time before they could aim.
Meanwhile, a fierce battle erupted at the front lines between their spearmen and the enemy’s.
Just behind that, the swordsmen prepared their throwing spears behind their shields, then simultaneously threw them.

“Tch! They just won’t break!”

Any normal enemy would have lost some composure against their attack, but the hero’s soldiers were unaffected.
Some of those that have been pierced through by their spears would just return to their position, while others would collapse listlessly like a puppet whose strings have been cut, then another soldier would fill in to cover the hole left open.

What abnormal leadership.
Moreover, the hero was supposed to be their leader, but he was still fighting with the Goblin King.
Just how was he commanding these soldiers? Was there another commander other than him?

But despite his doubts, Gi Gu encouraged his subordinates and strengthened their attack.

Gi Zu Ruo, Gi Jii Yubu, and Gi Gu mobilized their troops as well to assist.

Alrodena came like a hurricane from the west and crushed all the countries that stood in their way, but now, it was different.
Zeilduk’s attack at the right flank had been stopped, while Felduk, the army(Regiol), and the Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga) were in the middle a fierce battle at the center, and the Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) were taking the long way around from the left flank while luring the allied forces to the front lines.

“Fire arrows for the archers, fire stones with oil for the catapults.”

After the most famous general in the allied forces, Vilan Do Zul, gave a few simple instructions, he carefully watched the situation of the battle.
The enemy’s formation was a wonder to behold indeed.
Not only were their spears lined up without a gaps between them, even their shields were held at exactly the same height.

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“Oil… Shoot!”

After loading the catapults with a jar filled with enough oil, they launched them at the spot that the fire arrows hit.
In the blink of an eye, a sea of fire spread on the battlefield.
Yet even as their flesh burned, the soldiers of the hero did not collapse.

Already, this was not merely something that could be reasoned away with the hero’s leadership, for beside these spearmen were their comrade-in-arms covered in flames, yet they stood tall with their spear calmly.

Evidently, it seemed as though a curse of compulsion of some sort have been cast upon these people, forcing them to fight.

“Keep attacking them from a distance and switch to defense whenever they approach.”

While the battle between Felduk and the enemy spearmen continued, Vilan had no choice but to switch to a passive tactic.
There was no way a normal human could clash against that and come out alright.

The fact that a great man like him was forced to make that decision spoke volumes of how abnormal the enemy was.

“Hmm? Are they scared?”

But while the allied forces may have distanced themselves to avoid needless chaos, there were those that chose to proactively move forward instead.
Rashka clicked his tongue when he saw the allied forces refuse to advance, then gave the order for his own to move out.

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Gi Go Amatsuki’s swordsmen and Rashka’s Gaidga Tribe were given the role of a special unit that could achieve great results with few soldiers.

As the unit that specialized in attack the most, they joined the fray now because they believed that the time to rescue the king has come.

But while a fierce battle was unfolding on the ground, the same thing was happening in the skies.

“These damned lizards!”

Douhet the Flame Ryuu cursed as he spat flames one after another.
He was cooperating with the goblins at the behest of his master, Gawain, but presently, he was surrounded by wyverns all around.

With the wyverns able to move in perfect formation without any command, they could easily avoid Douhet’s flames, and the wyverns would repeatedly be able to descend.
Evidently, even the wyverns were being controlled.

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