Chapter 12 The Scholar’s Wife

“However, isn’t the two brothers discussing whether the eldest princess could become the heir? Brother Fang said: ‘The eldest princess is worthy of the heir.’ and Brother Zhang said: ‘The position of the crown prince is an important matter of the country and needs to be handed over to the minister in the court and the emperor to decide.
isn’t it?”

Fang Cheng, Zhang Ming nodded, “That’s right.”

Yang An smiled, “Then I don’t understand: The eldest princess is indeed talented and virtuous and is worthy of being the heir.
The matter of the crown prince is indeed a major matter of the country.
And of course, it is decided by the court ministers and the emperor, then what are the two brothers arguing about?”

Fang Cheng, Zhang Ming: …

Everyone: …

Yes, why is this?

Everyone was stunned!

Anhe covered her mouth and leaned against Liu Fang’s shoulder.
Her whole body was shaking.
Liu Fang was stunned for a while before she could react, and at the same time she was holding back her smile.

This person’s words were too straightforward, and it also hit the mark, to the core, and even turned the original topic to the other side.


It took a while for someone to “Pfft” and laugh, and the atmosphere suddenly became relaxed and happy.

Even if Fang Cheng wanted to provoke an argument, he couldn’t.
So he had no choice but to say: “It’s clearly what Brother Zhang said himself, we are not discussing the matter of the crown prince.
He is just not optimistic about the eldest princess as the crown prince, so I refute him.”

Zhang Ming replied indifferently: “I didn’t say that the eldest princess is not worthy of being the crown prince.”

Fang Cheng snorted coldly, “But that’s what you meant.”

Yang An saw that he was about to quarrel again, and quickly cup his hand and said, “Who else in the world is not convinced by the talent of the eldest princess? Brother Fang, you are overthinking it.”

Fang Cheng glanced at Yang An and replied lightly, “Forget it, it’s been too long visiting the lake today, and it’s getting late.
I’ll say goodbye first!”

Yang An smiled slightly, stood indifferently, cupped his hands, and said, “Then, Brother Fang, walk slowly.”

Fang Cheng took a deep look at Yang An, turned around, and flung his sleeves.

Zhang Ming shook his head, “This brother Fang is really…”

Yang An smiled silently.

A tense debate ended, and everyone resumed their relaxed attitude of playing and enjoying the scenery.

Several scholars came to Yang An to chat with him.
They were all amazed by the fact that he ended the heart-pounding debate in just a few words, and they came to interact with him with admiration.

Anhe and Liu Fang followed the other young ladies walking and talking.

“That scholar in white just now was really amazing, and in just a few words, he dismissed the mad scholar surnamed Fang.”

For the young ladies, someone like Fang Cheng was the representative of the mad scholars.

Anhe took this seriously and said to Liu Fang, “Why didn’t my mother choose that person? Did he not come to the capital for the exam?”

Liu Fang thought for a while, then shook her head and said, “Probably no.
Otherwise, why mother didn’t choose him.”

Anhe nodded, “That’s right.
Mother loves you so much.
If he is also a candidate for this year’s examination, mother will definitely put him on the roster.”

Liu Fang smiled.


After returning to the mansion in the evening, they went to greet Madam Liu.
Anhe also talked about today’s incident.

After hearing about it, Madam Liu glanced at Liu Fang, and then asked Anhe to go back first, leaving Liu Fang alone.

Before leaving, Anhe winked at Liu Fang.
Liu Fang was angry, so she glare at her.

Madam Liu ignored the private eyebrow lawsuit between the two of them, and only asked her: “You go today, did you gain anything?”

Liu Fang shook her head, “Of course, the person chosen by mother was good, but it’s not suitable for me.”

Madam Liu nodded and didn’t ask her reason.
She didn’t like it anyway, and that was enough.

“Then, what about the scholar in white that Anhe said just now? The one called Yang An.”

Liu Fang was stunned, “Mother?”

Madam Liu smiled at her and said, “You don’t have to worry about it.
I just ask.
You also have seen him, and you know what he looks like.
From Anhe’s words, looking at his actions today, he must be a person with a deep mind.
No matter whether he intends to pursue a career in the future, or what his identity is.
At least one thing is sure his character was reliable and acted with care.
Of course, I hope you will have no worries in the future.
In this way, I can worry less and be less troubled.
In this case, isn’t he a person who has a brain, stable enough, and understands the sense of proportion better than others?”

Liu Fang nodded, “What mother said is right.”

Madam Liu smiled and said, “Okay, you can go back, you must be tired from going out today, rest early.
As for that Yang An, don’t worry, with me here, I won’t let you suffer.”

“Thank you, mother.
Then I will trouble mother, daughter will retire.”

“Un, you can leave.”


Liu Fang got up and saluted, then went back to her courtyard, washed and rested without saying a word.


On the other side, after returning home from the lake, Yan An went to the neighbor’s house to pick up his younger sister, ordered the servants to take care of his sister to wash, and coaxed her to sleep before he went back to the room to wash and rest.

Just lay down but didn’t fall asleep immediately.

He couldn’t help thinking of her:

In the crowd, she was dressed in pink and blue brocade clothes, black hair in a bun, embellished with one or two jade hairpins, and long jade drop water droplets earrings.
Unforgettable sight.

There may be more beautiful women and more noble ladies beside her, but he can still see her at a glance, only her.

Simply because her posture carried an inexplicable charm.
At the first sight, It fixed in his mind, into his heart.
These days, he met her three times and will never forget her anymore.

He didn’t know her name, only knew that she was of noble birth.
She was not someone that he could match, but he still had her in his heart.
Even if he told himself over and over again: impossible, impossible.
She was still in his heart.

Yang An also felt strange.

His parents died when he was young.
He was actually very cold-heart.
Except for his only relative, his younger sister Yang Hui, he would never have felt touch or any affection for a stranger.

Even if it was a roadside beggar, the first thing he thinks when he sees it was: Is she/he really so miserable?

The so-called compassion and pity, he only has a little of them in his heart.

But she was different.
totally different.

Like magic, it attracted him to pay attention to her and think about her!

It was really ridiculous!

Yang An covered his eyes and smiled bitterly, why did he become so impulsive? So unreasonable?

He had already seen her slap someone away.
Causing a young man to vomit blood, and he still thought she was beautiful, very good, as if he had been bewitched!

It was crazy!

If she was as beautiful as a fairy, then there was reason to be found, but she was obviously not that beautiful!

Like today, when she was visiting the lake, there were five or six people around her who were more beautiful than her.
But he was like seeing a ghost, he could only see her, and could not see others.
This was also illogical and unreasonable.

Yang An wondered if he could see her again.
She was probably approaching her coming of age, so she was about to get engaged.
That’s right, maybe she’s already engaged?

Oh God! Enough, Yang An! You can’t think any more! You still don’t know what kind of person she is, what kind of temperament she is, what kind of character she is, you just need to think about this.
It was really enough!

Yang An patted his forehead and struggled with the thoughts in his mind until he finally found that it was useless.

Anyway, it was impossible for a poor student like him to have anything to do with her, so why bother.


Madam Liu’s efficiency was still very high.
It should be said that the servants of Duke Liu Mansion were very efficient.

Early the next morning.
Liu Fang was still eating breakfast, and Yang An’s life history was already in the hands of Madam Liu.

“Go, ask the eighteenth young lady to come over.”


Liu Fang holding a teacup in her hand, raised her eyebrows and looked at Cui Ru, who came to invite her, “Mother invited me over?”

“Yes, young lady.”

Cui Ru was respectful, standing with her head bowed.

Liu Fang nodded, “Okay, I’ll go after I change my clothes.”


Shu Mo waited on Liu Fang to rinse her mouth and clean her hands before changing her clothes, and said, “Miss, why did Madam invite you over so early in the morning?”

Liu Fang thought about it.
After pondering, she said, “It should be something.”

Shu Mo nodded, tidying up Liu Fang’s hair bun and dress, “Miss, this servant will accompany you.”


When the master and servant arrived at the main courtyard, Madam Liu was dealing with housework.
She said to Liu Fang who come to greet her, “Sit down, let’s take a look at their investigation first.”

Liu Fang nodded, sat aside, and took the paper Cui Zhen handed over, open it and look carefully.

——Yang An, a native of the capital, sixteen years old, Xuicai in the nineteenth year of Emperor Wen’s reign, lives in Xiwenjia Lane, the outer city of the capital, both parents dead, and with only a seventh years old younger sister at home.

[Xiu cai (秀才) It generarlly refers to the scholars who has pas the entry-level examination.
It was the lowest level]

There is a shop in the west of the outer city, a field of 500 acres, three servants, and a house with two entrances.

He gave a good character, no bad behavior, mediocre literary talent, stable behavior, and considerable means.
There were no concubines in the family, no marriage or marriage engagement, and no close female relatives——

The above was the investigation result from the servants of the Duke Liu Mansion about Yang An’s life history.

Liu Fang raised her eyebrows: “Good character” yet “very skillful”, the wording was really talented!

The Duke Mansion was indeed full of talents!

Madam Liu waved her hand and asked the servants to go down, took the teacup that Cui Zhen handed over, took a sip, leaned on the soft couch, and said to Liu Fang, “How is it? Satisfied?”

Liu Fang nodded, ” Mother, this person is very nice.”

Madam Liu didn’t expect that.
She put down the teacup, “How do you say?”

Liu Fang smiled slightly, folded the paper in her hand, handed it to Madam Liu, and then said: “Mother, look at this.
When the man was only nine years old, his mother died after giving birth, and then his father suffered an accident and also died.
But he was able to keep his family property without the protection of his relatives, and to protect his younger sister to grow up safely, is it worthy of the word ‘intelligent and brilliant?”

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