Chapter 32 Farmer’s Wife

Wasn’t that enough? For the following mission, was it necessary for her to keep herself as pure as a jade for Yang An and be a nun for the rest of her life?

Liu Fang just wanted to roll her eyes: Widows in modern times can still remarry, why should she defend a dead man for thousands of years?

People who think this way must be sick in their brains!

As long as she spends her life on every mission with a clear conscience, she feels that no matter who she marries, the most important thing was that she was happy! If you are not convinced, hold it in!

Therefore, Liu Fang still accepted the fact that she was going to marry someone on this mission.

As for what Father Liu was worried about, Liu Fang didn’t really care.

She said to Father Liu, “Father, our family is different now, you still have to let it go.”

Father Liu was taken aback for a while, then sighed and said, “So be it.
But, you must do what you can and don’t be reckless.
Nothing is as important as your own safety.”

Liu Fang nodded and saluted respectfully, “Yes, Father, I remember.”

Father Liu waved his hand, “Okay, go and rest, you have been tired all night too.”

Liu Fang got up, saluted, walked to Aunt Chen, and sat down.

Madam Liu looked at Father Liu, seeing his sad face, she said, “Husband, our family is like this now.
Let’s talk about fourth daughter’s marriage later.
The most important thing now is to stay away from the capital.” 

Father Liu nodded, “Un”

He looked at Liu Fang, who was talking to Aunt Chen in a low voice and said to Madam Liu: “Wife, I will trouble you about fourth daughter’s marriage in the future.
You must find someone with good character.” 

Madam Liu smiled, glanced at him and said: “Husband, you are confused.
Fourth daughter’s marriage has always been my duty, so why bother to talk about it?” 

Father Liu smiled, cupped his hands, and said, “Yes, I am confused, Don’t blame me my wife.”

Madam Liu smiled and didn’t care.


Aunt Chen was frightened to death.
She took Liu Fang, to look back and forth several times, and she was relieved after making sure that Liu Fang was really fine and unscathed.

She raised her hand angrily and wanted to hit Liu Fang, but Liu Fang quickly took her hand with a smile, and said coquettishly, “Auntie, don’t be angry, I’m fine.
It’s all right!” 

Aunt Chen glare at her, and whispered: “You are really capable.
If something happened to you…”

At this point, her eyes turned red, “I really wish I didn’t have given birth to you, debt collector.”

[Come form Chinese saying Children are born to collect debts from their parents.
you did too many bad things in your previous life.
Now others are here to collect debts, and you have to pay off what you owe to others in order to make up for it]

Liu Fang smiled and took her hand, leaning next to her, and clinging said: “Auntie, are you really willing? Even if you are willing, I can’t bear to part with such a good mother like you.”

Aunt Chen was shocked by her words.
Her heart become sour and soft and couldn’t get angry.
She could only speak harshly: “Listen to me, the next time something like this happens, you run away quickly! Don’t be brave, don’t care about our life or death, your life is the most important thing.”

Liu Fang looked at her, smiled, and said, “Auntie, I can’t promise you.
In your heart, my life is the most important thing.
What about sixth elder brother? Seventh elder brother? They are also your sons, are their life not important?”

Aunt Chen choked and said nothing for a while.

Liu Fang straightened up and looked at her steadily, “Look, in your heart, we are all equally important.
Me too, they are all my family.
You, father, mother, and elder brothers are all equally important.
For me no matter how good my martial arts skills are, it was used to protect all of you.
If I don’t have you, even if I am invincible, what the used? Auntie, I promise you, I will definitely protect myself, don’t worry anymore, and don’t stop me, okay~~”

Aunt Chen looked at her young face with baby fat but already charming, with tears in her eyes, she said, “Daughter, I understand, I will not to stop you.
But I still worry, just as you said, you are my daughter, and you are more important than my own life.
Do you understand?”

Liu Fang smiled and nodded vigorously, “Of course, I understand.
Don’t worry, I will prove to you how powerful I am, I’ll let you worry about it now.”

Aunt Chen tapped her forehead angrily, “Just be quiet.”

Liu Fang smiled, hold and swayed her arms, and acted like a spoiled child.
It was so annoying that Aunt Chen didn’t have the energy to worry.


Fourth Young Madam arranged her two children, sat next to Fourth Master⎯⎯Liu Cang, glanced at Liu Fang, and then asked her husband.

“Husband, tell me, when did fourth younger sister become so powerful?”

Liu Cang was packing up his luggage.
It would be dawn soon, and they had to leave after everything was settled.
It was better to clean up quickly now, lest it became chaotic.

Hearing his wife’s question, he raised his eyes to look at her indifferently, and replied casually: “Fourth younger has been practicing martial arts, when did she become powerful, do you know or I know?”

Fourth young madam choked.
She was pissed off and said to Liu Cang, “I’m not the only one in the family who doesn’t know, why are you focusing on me alone?”

Liu Cang got angry, packed up the bedding, and said, “You asked me first.

Fourth young madam: …She can’t talk to him! pissed her off!

She angrily walked to the other side to pack her things, and it happened that fifth young madam was there, and she asked: “Fifth sister-in-law, when did fourth younger sister become so powerful?

Fifth young madam keep thinking, tie the bundle, and said: “Maybe it has always been so powerful? I didn’t notice, sister-in-law, do you know?”

Fourth young madam: …Come on, there is no need to ask, and there is no point in asking.


Zhang Zhuo had dealt with the outside affairs and came in to report to Seventh Master, but he looked at Liu Fang from time to time, and the Seventh Master rolled his eyes angrily when he saw it.

“What? Do you want to change master?”

Zhang Zhuo bowed and said, “I really admire Miss Liu very much.”

Seventh Master sneered, “Admiration? Then you want to marry her?”

Zhang Zhuo immediately shook his head, ” Subordinates dare not.”

Who dares to marry her? It’s not that he wants to die.

He said with some embarrassment: “It’s just that this subordinate really wants to follow her.”

Seventh Master: …I feel you still want to change masters! →_→

Zhang Zhuo continued, “But a servant cannot have two masters.
The current master of the subordinate is Seventh Master.”

Seventh Master smiled, nodded, and said, “Very good, that’s right.”

Zhang Zhuo then he said: “Master, now that your great cause has not been accomplished, this subordinate is still your servant, and he will go through fire and water, and he will not hesitate to do so.
But if your great cause has been accomplished, this subordinate asks you to let him go and let him accompany Miss Liu.”

Seventh Master: (ー_ー)!!.

Therefore, he still dislikes his master! This martial art maniac!

Seventh Master said unhappily: “Okay, then I will see if you can still remember what you said today.”

He said a little viciously, “I can tell you, if you don’t mention it by then, I will pretend I forgot.”

Zhang Zhuo was overjoyed, he knelt down respectfully and kowtowed, “Thank you, master, I will never forget today’s promise.”

Seventh Master glared at him: He has raised him for so many years in vain! His heart felt blocked.

No matter how upset he was because of his subordinates, Seventh Master still has to tell Liu Fang, “The outside has been dealt with, and the rain has stopped now.
Then this is farewell, Miss take care, everyone takes care!” 

After that, he cupped his hands and saluted.

Liu Fang glanced at him indifferently, and said: “I hope you can remember the previous agreement.”

Seventh Master smiled, “Don’t worry, I cherish my life very much, and I will never forget it .”

Liu Fang nodded with satisfaction, “That’s fine, take care, safe journey.”

“Thanks for your kind words.”

Father Liu and the others only looked at them and didn’t come forward to chat, and it was normal for Seventh Maste to find Liu Fang now.
Strength was the capital that others value.

Obviously, after one night of the assassination, Seventh Master valued Liu Fang more than the rest of the Liu family.

Seventh Master and his party got on their horses and left, and Liu Fang’s family also packed their bags and set out on the road again.


When it was close to noon, they arrived at a small town and were about to enter the town to find an inn.
They found a mule cart parked by the roadside, with three tall and strong men sitting on it, staring straight at their group.

After an assassination last night, the Liu family was now in a state of extreme nervousness.

Liu Fan immediately became alert, grabbed the rope, stopped the mule cart, let his eldest son⎯⎯Liu Zong get out of the cart and called Liu Fang.

Seeing that Liu Fan had stopped the carriage, Liu Ying and others who were following behind also stopped.
The second young madam and others who was sitting in the carriage also opened the curtains curiously, asking what happened to their husbands.

Don’t mention Liu Ying and the others first, Liu Fan waited for Liu Fang to come over and said, “I don’t know who those three big men on the side of the road ahead are, they have been staring at us.”

Liu Fang looked at the three strong men, After thinking about it, she said to Liu Fan, “Don’t worry, it’s just three peasant men.”

But Liu Fan couldn’t help worrying.
In a big family, if one person was not good, even with Liu Fang around, she also can’t beat them with her two fists.

So he said, “Fourth younger sister, why don’t you get in the carriage and accompany your sister-in-law?”

Liu Fang felt funny, but she understood his thoughts: After all, Liu Fan still doesn’t believe that his younger sister has really become a martial arts master, and was completely able to fight a hundred enemies alone.

For the assassination last night, in Liu Fan’s mind, it was probably because his younger sister met an assassin who did not live up to the name by chance, and killed him so smoothly.

If she really met a master, he thought his younger sister probably can’t survive.
If the other party has a large number of people, even if they were not a master, Liu Fang will not be able to protect so many of them comprehensively.

Liu Fan’s worry can’t be wrong, and his distrust can’t be said that he doesn’t know good from bad.

This was just human inertia and instinct: when you get along day and night, you always think that she was a weak woman, and suddenly, she shows extraordinary force, no one will believe it immediately.

Besides, Liu Fan only saw Liu Fang kill the three assassins in the temple, how did she kill the assassins outside? Did she kill it alone?

Liu Fan didn’t know.

He only saw his younger sister go out and come back

After a while.
Seventh Master’s guards also followed her out, and those people seemed to be not bad at martial arts.

From his point of view, maybe the younger sister has contributed, but the real contribution was Seventh Master’s guard.

That’s why he fell into inertia and still didn’t trust Liu Fang very much.

Liu Fang completely understood, so she didn’t say anything, just nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll talk to my sister-in-law.”

After that, Liu Fang got into the carriage and sat with the eldest young madam.

Liu Fan got into the car and continued on his way.
When he passed the three strong men, he observed carefully and was always on guard.

Seeing Liu Fan continue walking, Liu Ying and the others rushed to follow.
When they passed these strong men by the side of the road, they suddenly understood why the elder brother asked fourth younger sister, to go over.
They were all on alert immediately.

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