Chapter 33 Farmer’s Wife

Aunt Chen felt strange, why did Liu Fang never return? Therefore, she lifted the curtain of the carriage and wanted to ask the sixth master⎯⎯Liu Mo who was driving the carriage.

But before she could ask, she saw the three strong men by the side of the road, and she was overjoyed!

“Eldest brother, second elder brother, third elder brother! Why are you here?”

Liu Fan and others in front: … (⊙o⊙)! !

The same goes for Liu Mo and the Seventh Master⎯⎯Liu Che and others who followed behind: … (⊙o⊙)! !

Therefore everyone looked at Aunt Chen’s surprised expression, and said silently in their hearts: Are these three strong men Aunt Chen’s elder brothers? !

Everyone including Liu Fang get out of the carriage, watched Aunt Chen get out of the carriage, and ran towards the three people excitedly.

Liu Fang looked at the three strong men, no, it was… Uncle?

They look nothing like Aunt Chen!

Liu Fang looked at them excitedly recalling the old days with Aunt Chen.
While she was being silent, she felt a little lucky.
Fortunately, Aunt Chen didn’t look like them, otherwise, she would be miserable!

Liu Fang touched her beautiful little face and breathed a sigh of relief.

She still looks as good as Aunt Chen.

Aunt Chen really didn’t expect her elder brothers to come to pick them up.

“After receiving your letter, eldest brother and I came here quickly.
The second elder brother arrived later, you are traveling too slow.” 

Aunt Chen smiled and said to third brother Chen: “Third elder brother, we have large family members, naturally we will travel slowly.”

Eldest brother Chen nodded and said, “That’s fine, you don’t have to suffer if you travel slowly.
After all, you are not young.”

Aunt Chen stared at him, “Who said that? I’m still young.”

Eldest Brother Chen chuckled and didn’t refute.
Second Brother Chen came over to salute Father Liu and said, ” Master Liu, I haven’t seen you for many years, do you still remember me?”

Father Liu get off the carriage with the help of Liu Fan and looked at Second Brother Chen and after thinking for a while he hesitantly said: “You, you are Chen Da?!”

Second Brother Chen smiled, “You made a mistake again.
I am Chen Er, and my eldest brother is there.”

Father Liu smiled, shook his head and said, “You three brothers look so much alike.
I will never be able to tell the difference.”

Chen Er didn’t care, and said to him: “Master Liu has worked hard all the way, we have already found the inn, please come with me.”

Father Liu looked at Aunt Chen, Chen Er smiled and said, “Master Liu, don’t worry too much.
My eldest brother hasn’t seen younger sister for many years, and he really miss her so much.
Master Liu, let them chat, and II will make amends to you with my eldest brother later.”

Father Liu waved his hand and said, “That’s not necessary, I’m just worried about whether Aunt Chen has a carriage to ride in.”

Chen Er smiled, and didn’t expose his clumsy excuses, just being polite to Liu Fan After that, he took over the job of driving the carriage and led them into the town.

Liu Fang sat directly beside Chen Er, staring at him curiously.

Taking a closer looked.
In fact, Chen Er and Aunt Chen still look quite alike.
The facial features were somewhat similar, but the three brothers were all tanned and their skin was rough.
That’s why they don’t look much alike at a glance.

Chen Er turned his head to look at Liu Fang, smiled, showing his white teeth, “What? I have flowers on my face?”

Look, even the tone of his voice was a bit similar.

Liu Fang smiled and said: “Are you Auntie’s second elder brother? Isn’t that my second uncle? Second uncle, where are you from? Why are you waiting here? Why don’t you go directly to the capital?” 

Chen Er smiled brightly, “Are you the youngest daughter of my younger sister? So many questions? How do you expect me to answer?”

Liu Fang: …

So they were really brothers and sisters, and the look of dislike was also the same.

Liu Fang grinned and spread her hands, “Answer them one by one.”

Chen Er laughed loudly, “Good girl, it is worthy of our younger sister daughter.”

Liu Fang: …? ? ?

So, did she do something terrible? Why was Second Uncle so happy when he saw her?

Maybe, everyone loves her? After all, she was so beautiful! (^v^)

The crowd went all the way into the town with great enthusiasm, and went to the inn to settle down.


After the excitement of meeting her relatives for the first time, Aunt Chen spoke out her long-awaited plans and discussed them with everyone.

Father Liu looked at her in surprise, “You mean, go to your hometown?”

Aunt Chen nodded and said, “Master left the capital this time, and even brought the old master’s ashes with him, so it can be seen that Master plan to never go back again.
That being the case, wouldn’t it be better for us to settle down in my hometown?”

Father Liu frowned, “But I remember that your family is not rich, how can you accommodate our family?” 

This was what Father Liu said politely.
Aunt Chen’s family was not rich, it was extremely poor, if not for this, she would not have been his concubine back then.

Aunt Chen smiled and only glanced at her eldest brother.

Eldest Brother Chen, oh, that was Chen Da, said with a smile, “Master Liu, Not anymore.
You haven’t been there for many years, I’m afraid you don’t know.
My hometown is better now!” 

Chen Er saw Father Liu’s face full of disbelief, he said with a smile: “Master Liu, a new dam has been built in my hometown, which is different from before.
Not only will there be no floods, and there is no fear of drought.
Now our life is getting better and better.
A big house has been built a long time ago.
The three of us have already married and had children, and even have grandchildren…”

Third Brother Chen, that is Chen San also interjected: “That’s right, Master Liu, don’t worry, your family will definitely not suffer when you come to our place.
Now our place is already a land of fish and rice, and there are many big ships passing through the town!”

[Yu mi zhi xiang (鱼米之乡) a place where fish and rice are abundant.
a fertile region]

Father Liu listened to the words of the three brothers, and the more he listened, the more surprised he became, “It’s already so good?”

Chen Da laughed, “Isn’t it? Your Majesty is wise, the officials in our hometown are good, so our days are getting better and better…”

Chen Er secretly kicked his eldest brother’s feet, but Chen Da still didn’t understand, “Second brother, why did you kick me?”

Chen Er: …

Liu Fang chuckled, Uncle is so funny!

Father Liu was still a little dazed after hearing Chen Da’s words, but when he thought about his own affairs, he felt mixed emotions.
But seeing the interaction between Chen Da and Chen Er, he found it funny again, and his heart relaxed a lot.

He smiled and said: “So it’s really a good place to go.”

He turned to look at Madam Liu, and Madam Liu nodded with a smile, and said, “Master, I really want to go and have a look.”

Father Liu smiled and then looked at Liu Fan and the others.
Liu Fan and his brothers looked at each other, and each of them looked at their wives.

Liu Fang laughed, This is very good!

In this way, the Liu family decided to follow the three brothers Chen to their hometown, Aunt Chen’s hometown – Qingshan Village, in Tonghe Town, Linshan County, Luozhou, in the southwest.


To go to Luozhou, Liu Fang party have to go to Pingzhou Prefecture first, only there has a direct passenger ship to Tonghe Town.

And at this moment, the small town they were in was hundreds of miles away from Pingzhou, so the next day, the Liu family followed the three brothers Chen’s mule cart.

They travel for seven or eight days, the journey was peaceful.

Chen Da and Liu Family found a large caravan to follow, and the other party had dozens of guards and twenty bodyguards escorting them all the way, so their safety was guaranteed.

This day they were going to pass through a mountain range.
Because it was located in the mountains, there were many bandits in it.

And their group has many people and the team was quite large.
It was easy to attract the attention of bandits when they pass by here, so everyone was extra vigilant when they enter the mountain range.

Liu Fang was still sitting in the carriage, but she was the only one in her carriage.

Aunt Chen ran to Chen brother’s carriage, and Liu Fang was not allowed to follow.
She had no choice but to stay alone.

The convoy went forward all the way, and Liu Fang, who was sitting in the carriage, was shaken to a drowsy state.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and listened quietly for a long time until she heard clearly.
She frowned, opened the curtain of the carriage, and said to Liu Mo: “Sixth elder brother, hurry up and tell the people in front that there is an ambush in the mountains!”

When Liu Mo heard this, he was startled, and he panicked, “Well, How can I tell them?”

Liu Fang take a look, that’s right, the Sixth elder brother was ​​driving the carriage.

“Okay, then I’ll go and talk.”

Liu Mo hurriedly stopped her and said, “You are a woman.
Telling this to the caravan, they may not listen.
Go tell the eldest brother first, and then let the eldest brother come forward.” 

Liu Fang nodded, “Okay.
Then I’ll go.”

“Hey, wait a minute, I’ll stop…” The carriage, before Liu Mo finished speaking, Liu Fang had already arrived at the front.

He couldn’t believe it, and muttered to himself: “This speed is too fast…”

Of course, Liu Fang’s speed was fast.
Otherwise, why was she practicing martial arts so hard? Is it fun to practice?

With a light tap of her foot, she immediately rose into the air, leaned forward, and reached the roof of the carriage in front, and then step to the roof of the next carriage, and so on.
In a short while, she arrived in Liu Fan’s car.

She jumped down and sat directly next to Liu Fan, which gave Liu Fan a fright, but Liu Fang couldn’t care less.

“Eldest brother, there are bandits ambushing in front.
Go over there and tell the people in the caravan.”

Liu Fan panicked, his face turned pale, and he nodded, “Okay, I’ll go, I, I’ll go now.”

Liu Fang didn’t care about his emotions, she just spoke quickly, and took the rein in his hand.

“Eldest brother, there are about three or four hundred bandits in ambush ahead, and all of them are armed.
You have to make it clear to them and let them prepare early.
Quickly go.” 

“Eh, okay.
I’ll make a note, three or four hundred people, and armed with weapons.”

“Ambush in the forest three miles ahead.”

“Ambush in the forest three miles ahead…”

Liu Fang said something, and Liu Fan followed it, Making sure he remembered it, and jump out of the carriage quickly.

Fortunately, their speed was not fast, Liu Fan’s body wobble slighly, and after standing still, he immediately ran over to talk to the people in the caravan.

After the people in the caravan heard this, the steward who led the team frowned: This is no ordinary bandit! It seems that the news that the master is here has leaked out.

The steward of the caravan didn’t feel that Liu Fan was lying to him.
As for how he knew, it didn’t matter.
The important thing was that they must protect the safety of their master.

Therefore, the steward of the caravan thanked Liu Fan solemnly, then turned around and ordered everyone to prepare.

The scale of this caravan was very large.
There were one or two hundred people including cargo and entourage, plus dozens of guards, and twenty bodyguards.
As long as they were prepared, they can get through here safely.

As for the Liu family who followed them, that was their own business, and they would naturally help them if they had spare energy, and if the situation was critical, they would not care about their lives.

Liu Fang understood this exactly, so she asked Liu Fan to inform the people in the caravan earlier so that they could prepare early.

She was sure to protect the Liu family party, but about protecting the entire caravan? Sorry, she’s not that good yet.

Most importantly, Liu Fang felt that being able to mobilize so many bandits must be a major event.
Now for Liu family, what they were most afraid of encountering was actually a major event.

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