Chapter 34 Farmer’s Wife

If she didn’t tell the caravan that there was an ambush ahead, she was afraid Liu family will be involved in the attack.
Moreover, if the caravan was unprepared when the time comes, it was possible for them to use any trick.

For example, using the Liu family as a scapegoat.

No matter how powerful she was, she can’t kill three or four hundred people in an instant, right? Even if they lined up for her to chop, it will take some time for her to chop.

What’s more, apart from her, everyone in the Liu family was a literati and weak woman who have no power to restrain chickens.
Once they were held hostage, Liu Fang will really be at a loss.

That’s why Liu Fang told her eldest brother about this as soon as possible and asked him to tell the caravan so that the caravan could be prepared.

In this way, even if there was an attack, she can concentrate on protecting the Liu family without being too distracted.

The convoy didn’t stop for a long time and then started to move forward again.

Everyone in the caravan was ready and hid their weapons for easy access later.

As for the Liu family, including the Chen brothers, they all listened to Liu Fan’s words and gathered together as much as possible so that Liu Fang could protect them.

Although the three Chen brothers also took their own weapons and said they knew how to use some moves to protect everyone.
But the Liu family still believed in Liu Fang more.

As for the others, Liu Fan and his brothers also prepared their own weapons.
Even Father Liu, Madam Liu, Young Madams, Liang-momo, and Qiu Yu all prepared their own weapons.
They planned to protect themself and don’t hold Liu Fang back.

Seeing her family like this, Liu Fang only felt touched: the family members she met during these two missions were all very nice!

It’s just there was no time for her to think about these things now.
She was sitting in the mule cart in the middle of Liu Family convoy, holding an iron whip in her hand, closing her eyes and resting her mind, silently preparing.


The convoy moved forward slowly, and the wind on the mountain blew slowly, causing the trees on both sides to shake slightly and make a rustling sound.

Quiet! Heave atmosphere! Tense!

As the convoy entered the narrow road, the bandits on both sides of the forest held their breath.
After the entire convoy had completely entered their encirclement, with the captains of their respective teams waving their hands, the bandits immediately launched an attack!

A lot of stones suddenly rolled down from the mountains.
Everyone in the caravan, including the Liu family, had been prepared.
They stopped immediately and got out of the car quickly.
The two groups gathered together.
The caravan used a carriage, and the Liu family used a mule cart to block the first wave of rolling stones. 

When the bandit saw it, they immediately changed their attack method⎯⎯They shoot arrows!

The dense rain of arrows arrived in an instant, and everyone was shocked!

The caravan was fine, they have so many guards, bodyguards, and servants who were all skilled in martial arts, so they do the job with skill and ease.

The Liu family was a little panicked.
They all tightly clutched the weapons in their hands.

But they also have Liu Fang.

She flew onto the roof of the mule cart, pulled out the iron whip, and stood upright.
With her right hand turned, the iron whip was like a dragon, like a fine iron umbrella, blocking all the arrow rain and protecting the Liu family tightly!

Father Liu and others looked up at Liu Fang on the roof of the car, and they were all shocked!

It turns out that fourth younger sister (daughter) is really amazing!

Especially the children, their eyes were shining, looking at their aunt with admiration.

Chen Da also widen his eyes and murmured: “My little sister’s daughter is so skillful!”

Aunt Chen stared at Liu Fang, her eyes were red and she was worried, but she had a proud smile on her face.
Her daughter was awesome!

The iron whip was like silver armor, covering the sky above Liu’s family and blocking all dangers and harm.

The energy in Liu Fang’s body was endless as if she had entered a wonderful space, and before she knew it, her skill had improved again!

This is a good thing! (* ̄︶ ̄)

Liu Fang is overjoyed! Her heart was filled with the urge to fight.

So, she raised her left hand, summoned her true energy, and blocked all the arrows that came.
She raised her hand, flipped her hand, and waved her hand again, shooting all the arrows back like a special effect in a movie.


The continuous screams in the forest startled everyone in the caravan, not knowing what happened.

And what about the bandits? They almost cried!

Where did this caravan find a master? She even sent back the arrow rain, hurting many of them!

And the most frightening thing was that those arrows were obviously not many, but they could cut through two, three, or even more of the bodies of these bandits.

The wounds are different, some were in the shoulders, some were in the thighs, and some were in the stomachs… 

It depends on how they were lying in ambush, but no one can stop those arrows, and no one can avoid them – the speed is too fast wow!

Bandit: Σ(° △°|||)︴They are scared! can they go home

Obviously, they can’t.

It was impossible for the bandit leader to let them retreat!

This time was a big fish! He will never give up!

Bandit leader Qiao Ba raised his sword and shouted fiercely: “Brothers, go! This time the deal is done, we will be rich and carefree for the rest of our lives.
Surrounded by beauties! Those who want beauties! Those who want to be rich! Give me a f***ing charge! Kill!”

All the mountain bandits were so excited by his words, they rushed down screaming!

Suddenly, there was a big fight!

Seeing this, Liu Fang didn’t care, she just stood calmly on the roof of the car, protecting Liu’s family, as long as the bandits didn’t come over, she wouldn’t rush to fight them.

It’s just that she was too conspicuous!

Not to mention standing tall, but also beautiful!

When the bandits rushed down, many people saw Liu Fang, and their eyes lit up: There is Beauty!

Then, scream and rushed toward Liu Fang.
It was conceivable that the final results were death without exception!

Liu Fang didn’t necessarily want to kill people, but the bandits who rushed over, from the look in their eyes they were not good people! At least, they were used to killing and looting, even getting used to robbing women.

For such people, Liu Fang certainly didn’t have to be merciful.
Just killing them directly, and letting them reincarnate again was the best thing for this world.

At first, Liu Fang didn’t attract the attention of other people, but as time passed, the bandits found out: Hey, why are there fewer people?

Qiao Ba was fighting with the head of the caravan’s guards and suddenly found that his men were getting fewer and fewer, but the other party was not short of many people.

He was startled, quickly made a trick, stepped back and took a look, and saw Liu Fang standing on the roof of the car at a glance!

The beauty was picturesque, her body moves like a light dance, and the iron whip in her hand was like a silver dragon going out to sea.
As she walks, harvesting lives one after another, there were bright red blood flowers at the tip of her whip!

The picture was beautiful, but it was also frightening!

Where did this God come from? !

Such a realm of power, and still so young, why has he never heard of her in the Jianghu?

Qiao Ba’s eyes were flushed with excitement, and he yelled, “Hey, I’ll fight you girl!”

Liu Fang: … Fine, she is young and she is beautiful.

Looking at Qiao Ba, who looked fierce and had a long scar on his face, Liu Fang graciously forgave him for his bad words.

It’s just – what should be fought still has to be fought!

Qiao Ba’s skills were not bad, he was also a master of internal skills and was proficient in sword techniques.

He rushed over, stepped a little, and the whole person soared into the air, rushed straight at Liu Fang, raised the big sword in his hand, and slashed at her!

The leader of the caravan guard over there saw Qiao Ba’s burst of strength, he secretly broke out in a cold sweat.
Just now this man has never used his real strength.
Otherwise, he might have been split in half long ago!

As if wandering through the gate of hell, the leader of the guards was still in a daze.

“Be careful!”

The guard next to the leader shouts, wondering why he was distracted, “Are you alright, leader? Why are you distracted?” 

The leader of the guard suddenly came back to his senses, and he smiled gratefully at the guard who saved him, Said: “I just lost my mind all of a sudden, it’s okay.
Everyone should be careful!”

Qiao Ba’s sudden outburst made the leader of the guards worry that there were still masters hidden among the bandits, so he told him so.

Everyone responded immediately, and all became more cautious, concentrated, and responded with all their strength.

But very quickly, they discovered.
These bandits have the same material art level, even if there were a few masters, the guards can handle it.

This made them all breathe a sigh of relief, but also a little puzzled: Why was the leader so nervous?

Guard leader: …

He didn’t know that Qiao Ba was just a special case, he was just frightened by Qiao Ba’s outburst.


Don’t talk about the caravan side, just say that Qiao Ba’s big sword slashed at Liu Fang like a mountaintop, Liu Fang’s expression was calm, but everyone in the Liu family looked shocked and worried!

Especially Aunt Chen, she held onto Chen Da’s arm so tightly that it turned purple, but she didn’t notice.

Chen Da was also looking at Liu Fang nervously, he didn’t feel any pain from being pinched.

Under the nervous eyes of everyone in the Liu family, Liu Fang kept the iron whip in her right hand, raised her left hand, and stretched her slender fingers that were as white as jade then pinched the tip of the sword!

The majestic sword coming towards her, the sword weighing thirty catties stopped just like that—it was fixed in mid-air!

Even Qiao Ba also stopped in mid-air as if time had been suspended, unable to move!

Qiao Ba was shocked!

Liu Fang smiled at him, like a hundred flowers in full bloom, beautiful and alluring, with a light force——

“Pa”, the big sword which has been famous along with Qiao Ba for a long time, and even made it to the top of the Jianghu weapons list was broken so easily!

Qiao Ba watched those fragments fall slowly, like plum blossoms flying in winter, and like his heart shattered into pieces!

Qiao Ba: (ㄒoㄒ)! 

He was so pitiful!

For this sword, he has spent a lot of time, spent all his property, before finally making it.
The good partner who has been with him for so many years and has long been a part of his life.

Now, he can only watch it shatter into pieces, and he can’t put it back together!

“Waa!” Qiao Ba burst into tears.

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