“That’s a temple, Your Grace.”

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Benjamin’s eyes tightened like a nervous cat.

‘No way.’

 There are only signs of disconnection and suspicious places around here.
But that building is a temple?

I couldn’t help it.
I can’t just go in there and search for it right now.
But if my mother’s helper is a temple.

‘It’s going to be complicated.’

It was when Benjamin turned around thinking so.

Suddenly, a crowd rushed out of the temple and shoved them.


Benjamin, who usually did not focus on training due to lack of his talent in swordsmanship, stumbled into the crowd.
His eyes spun round and up and down.

And he fell hard like a toddler.


He was dumbfounded for a moment.

He got the sense of whether his hands were scratched on the rough floor or not.
In the distance, he could hear the voice of a knight shouting, Your Highness.

‘Is this me, now?’

As soon as he recognized his condition, a sharp false smile came out.
Is a crown prince really sitting like this?

“Damn it.”

Anger spread like a flame.

The only person in this world who could ignore him was his mother.

But how dare something insignificant hurt him?

‘I will not forgive him, whether he was a priest or a commoner.’

 Benjamin was known as the docile and gentle crown prince.
His kindness was very narrow-mindedness that changed with different kinds of people.

It was at that very moment.

“Are you okay?”

He heard someone’s voice.


When he lifted his sweaty head, he saw a hand with white lace gloves.

And a face, so calm as if it had nothing to do with this chaos.


It was a strange thing to do.

Benjamin was born a crown prince and was proud to have captivated many beautiful people by this .

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It seriously heightened the aesthetics of all men and women, young and old, to the point that Benjamin didn’t like sullen face.

He treated people as if he is gentle by nature, but in fact, he didn’t even try to keep them by his side unless they were person who built up a wall and felt sorry for him.

It was like that.

‘This woman , what is she?’

As soon as Benjamin saw the woman, he was in an unknowable shock, as if someone was hitting him.

Something that had been locked tightly with a bolt vibrated with a loud noise.

‘It’s weird.’

It was a beautiful face.
Of course it was.
But a more beautiful and splendid figure whispered to Benjamin every day from a short distance away.

It was his mother, Empress Dejaia.

And yet, why?

‘I can’t take my eyes off you.’

Benjamin realized quickly.
The moment he stood up holding her hand awkwardly, he realised that the reason he was captivated by her was not because of her appearance.

“You’re a noble.
Looking at the pattern of your family, it seems to be Baron Hesad of Laban territory in the east, is that correct?”

The woman seemed to be well-informed.

Benjamin needed to hide his identity when he walked around outside, so he chose a family that was a noble family whom people didn’t know much about.

The woman understood the status without memorizing it herself, only by looking at the family pattern.
It was proof that she was memorizing all the major families of the empire.
Who is she?

As with his usual personality, his vigilant claws were raised, but something else came out of his mouth.

“Ah, thank you.”

Thank you?

Benjamin was stunned by his own condition.
Why does his voice sound like such an idiot?

If anyone saw it, they would have thought he was a boy who fell down and shed tears.

It seemed to be the same with the other woman.

Shee looked at his red hand with a troubled look and pulled something out of her arms.

“Why, why this?”

It was a handkerchief embroidered with a family pattern.
Benjamin’s eyes frowned slightly as soon as he was confirmed about it.
That pattern is.


A different impact hit him.
This is the most popular family I’ve heard from my mother lately.
And about the twin sisters in the family.

Before he could ask, the woman handed him a handkerchief.

“You don’t have to be on guard.
My name is Hildea from Hillington.
Please wipe the blood,you’re hurt .
Also you don’t have to return the handkerchief, Youngsik.”

His face flushed red from the way she treated him as a younger brother, apparently.

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Did you see that and thought I was shy?

Hildea was so considerate that she even turned her head away as if she hadn’t seen it.

But he didn’t know.

What Hildea thought when she saw his family.

“But, Young-sik, it would be better not to use words that could be easily detected from now on.
It would be better if you answer honestly.”

“…Uhm sorry?”

The voice that continued quietly and quietly had a rather cold tone, unlike before.

Benjamin unknowingly flinched his shoulders and beckoned the knights who were approaching him.

“May I ask what you mean, Young-ae?”

I didn’t want to end this conversation right away.
And I wanted to know why she had those cold eyes.
Even though he’s not really the spirit of the baron’s family.

Brilliant red eyes looked him from up to down.
It wasn’t a rude glance.

“I think you said in the letter that you broke your arm, but now that I see it, you’re fine.”

Wow, that was a disappointment.

Perhaps, while Baron Young-sik of this status was even exchanging letters with the woman in front of him…..

‘What’s wrong with me?’

It was strange.

The thought of this woman exchanging letters with Baron Young-sik made him feel like he wanted to bring him right away and break his arm.

I’ve only seen her once.

‘It’s weird.,’

Benjamin bit the flesh in his mouth.

Why am I doing this when it’d get hard to be caught being the crown prince here, and it’s hard to have a deep conversation being the young sik? Looking into the urgent eyes of the knights, he clenched thr handkerchief.
What perfume was sprayed on, it smelled good.

“But are you all right?”


Even though normally he would have been furious at the pitiful gaze, he strangely wanted to receive more attention.

Benjamin deliberately tried to relax his eyes more and put on a more gentle look.

It was strange.
He felt like he wanted to be obedient to someone other than his mother.

The Crown Prince of a country himself.

And to the woman who might be the fiancée of the damn Duke of Belkius.

“I think you’ve been pickpocketed.”


Benjamin was really surprised this time.
He stuttered around his waist, but it was empty when meaning he was robbed.

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It didn’t contain any important items, but it was ridiculous.
Was the security of the capital so lax?

“Well, there really wasn’t anything.”

“Did you really have nothing important in it?”

“Oh, no, no.
It’s all right.”

“Even if it’s a square where noblemen usually go, it’s not safe.
Rather, it’s dangerous because these places are crowded.
If your carriage is around, I’ll take you there.”

” Oh,oh.”

Now he recognized a maid, a guard, and a carriage standing behind Hildea.

“It’s okay, it’s okay!”

I came to my senses.

It’s hard to get more tangled up here.

He shook his head in a hurry.

“I really, really appreciate your kindness.
But I’m supposed to meet someone here, so I think it’ll be okay.
Thank you very much.
And that… My letter, I’m so sorry about that.”

She couldn’t have remembered the Crown Prince when she saw him bowing his head over and over again.

There has never been a time when he was so grateful for his dull hair and eyes.

He spoke words of apology based on the conversation he had heard, pretending to be Baron Youngsik, so cluttered that he didn’t even know what he was saying.

“It wasn’t that I hated Young-ae.”

Just then, Benjamin saw the woman’s lips slowly rising.


How should I put it?

‘She laughed.’

Should I say that it is like seeing the majestic sight of the sun hiding among the clouds with its head sticking out and coloring the sky purple and deep orange? I’ve heard a lot about Hildea von Healington.
None of them praised her character.

She is smart.
I know a lot.
She is in charge of the family’s work, unlike her young age.

But there is no affection.
She’s said to be cold.
She doesn’t have any friends.
Everyone around her is having a hard time….


But how could he say that when he saw her smile?

To such a kind person?

“Thank you for apologizing, Youngsik.”

“It’s me, it’s me who should be sorry….”

It was a pity that the smile disappeared in an instant.
What she was thinking as she looked at Benjamin sighing, Hildea hardened her expression and stepped back.

“Then do take a look Young-sik.”

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After a short meeting, which was like a wagon accident, Hildea quickly disappeared as if she had no regrets.

Perhaps if he fell down and looked cold from behind, she would not have come if it weren’t for his soft-looking appearance.

That’s why such rumors spread.
Knights hiding everywhere approached and asked if he was okay.

Benjamin shook his head, blinking his absent-minded eyes.

“It’s working.”

“But, Your Grace, the woman just now.”

“Yeah, it’s Hillington.”


A person whom I had always considered harshly because of my mother and my hateful father.

He said that the opponent Gabriel von Belkius was hanging with was Hillington’s second youngest daughter, Rosériel.

Then that silver-haired girl.

Is Hildea.

“You’re not chosen.” 

a hateful congratulatory.

I don’t know for sure, but they both were born with a congratulatory remark.

Nevertheless, there has never been a gentle rumor about the first child.

There was a sense of homogeneity.

‘like me.’

An ill-fated crown prince And Hildea, who was born with a blessing but was not blessed.
I wanted to be close to her.

I wondered.
A face that was cold , and a personality that spoke kindly to him.

Benjamin burst into laughter.

“How old do I look to you?”

The knight answered back in a grim way.

“Your Majesty may look a little young, but…”

Benjamin’s eyes bent gently.
His mother’s cold orders told him to be wary of everything in Hillington.

“It’s sweet.”

“Your Highness”

I wanted to see her again.

That girl.

This time, not as young Young-sik who has fallen and is helpless, but as the only prince of the empire.


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