It was only a few hours ago that everything went awry.

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Finally, it was the day of our debut.

I was being dressed up by the hard working maids.

The reason why there were so many dresses that I tried on was because the banquet will be held for two days, and I had to stay at the Imperial Palace during that time.

Just like my already tired face, the maids also had pale complexion.

Of course, Rosé’s room would be no different from this.

Maybe that one is even more brutal.

“Sien, bring me a comb!”

“Hurry up and bring the treasure box, too.
Miss, will you wear the necklace you got as a gift?”

“Match the main dress with the hairpin from the Duke of Belkius, and match the puff sleeves with white lace gloves…”

I spent hours answering occasionally between the endless questions.

“Don’t doze off, miss.”

“Stretch your back.
I’ll take care of the shoes.”

The hair was retouched, the corset was tightened and the dress draped over the body, and after that, a few maids began to paint close to art on my face.

“Well, it’s better to make the ends of your eyes longer.
Your eyebrows are elegantly arched.”

“Shall we also draw points too? Oh no.
This is not going to fit.”

I didn’t say anything, but they clung to each other.

It was a little strange to see the people around me actively talking so much for the first time.

“Wow……It is done now.”

Eventually, the maids withdrew all at once after applying the makeup and at last sprayed perfume.

“Come check it in the mirror, miss.
You’re really, really so… … .”

The maids who couldn’t keep up the conversation seemed to be out of breath, so I was puzzled, but I cautiously approached the mirror.

Then I looked slowly in the mirror.


My nervous heart was pounding.

In the mirror that I didn’t look at well because I hated my face with a hard expression due to the influence of my previous life.


Contrary to what I was worried about, there was a very well-to-do aristocratic young-ae dressed in a very splendid fashion.

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I was amazed.

‘Seeing this way, I really look like one of the nobles.’

Humans are also animals of experience.

After years of training, I stood in a stiff and elegant posture, and my puffy skirt looked as beautiful as in a movie.

‘ I don’t think I’m going to be criticized.’

The thing that stood out the most was, by far, the glittering gold-colored dress of Madame Lumue.

As I came out of the hallway, the first person I encountered was Lira, who was standing there with an expressionless face.

She looked at me slowly from head to toe and then nodded her head slightly.

After all, Lira doesn’t even smile at this moment.
Still, her voice was soft.

“Have a safe trip, miss.”

“Yes, I’ll be back soon, Lira.
Where is Rosé?”

“She went down a long time ago.”

“ I need to go down quickly, considering her personality she must be complaining while waiting”

I greeted Lira briefly and came down under the guidance of the maids.


The situation that welcomed me was not so beautiful.

‘Why is he here?’

Because it was Gabriel with a blank expression!



I hardened for a few seconds and maybe it was the same with my opponent.

No way? No way!

I didn’t want to, but my head was automatically spinning and I figured out the situation.


It was obvious that our tomboy Rosé was the cause for this.

Of all people, between me and Gabriel!

‘Rosé’s partner is Gabriel, and the fact that he’s here and Rosé isn’t here.’

Ah, I almost put my head down and let out a sigh.

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Did our Rosé eventually abandon Gabriel and run off holding father’s hand? Is that so? What about my partner?

‘Why are you doing this?’

How absurd Gabriel must be thinking this is? That’s why he isn’t saying anything, right?

I couldn’t bear to see him.
But I couldn’t keep doing that.

It was because the workers around us were looking at us, who were not moving, with strange eyes.

I spoke first.

“Hello, Gabriel.”

It’s not a good situation at all, but he looks really good today.

He really was.

The figure of Gabriel, who was determined and decorated from head to toe, looked as if it had been written, “I am a male protagonist.”

As in the original story, the princess falls in love with Gabriel and becomes noisy, and the young girls who always cling to her argue with Rosé.

‘Certainly, Gabriel is too handsome.
Why are his shoulders so wide again? … .’

At that moment, Gabriel shrugged his shoulders like someone who had just woken up from a dream and looked straight at me.

And he blinked his eyes slowly.
I blinked at his incomprehensible behavior.
Did he sleep with his eyes open?

“Hilldea Young-ae?”


“Today really… … .”


He was apparently uncomfortable with the sudden situation.
I coughed when I saw him standing in silence.

“I’m very embarrassed that the situation has come to this, but first of all…….
I think we’ll have to leave now, Duke, so we won’t be late for the banquet.”

He seemed to realize that we didn’t have much time.

“… … Please, your hand.”

I couldn’t look at him properly due to regret, and I took Gabriel’s outstretched hand and slowly climbed onto the carriage.

I felt heavy even before the carriage started properly.

No matter how much I loved my younger sister, Rosé, I never felt like I wanted to resent her as much as I do today.

‘He must be too.’

It is quite a long way to the Imperial Palace .

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And the atmosphere was already unimaginably awkward.

Gabriel, who was uncomfortable , got into the carriage with me.

‘Rosé, Rosé, Rosé! You really!’

I cried out only Rosé’s name and grabbed the hem of my dress so it wouldn’t wrinkle.

‘I’ll beat you up when I get off, Rosériel!’

Other than the clattering of horse hooves, Rosériel’s carriage was too calm.

Then, Rosé, who was yawning, suddenly shook her ears.

“Oh, that’s weird.
Why do my ears itch so much?”

Sears, who was watching, spat out without hesitation for a moment.

“Well, isn’t it because you’re guilty of something ?”

“What? Dad, are you really going to be like this? Are you really pissed off? Can’t you go with me instead ?”

“What did this father say? He didn’t say anything.”

Rosé sighed, somehow looking at her sulky-faced father.

“Wow, that’s not it.
You’re acting like a sulky five-year-old!”

“You’re doing something absurd.
To have my daughters suffer like this, my situation is pitiful.”


Sears, who had been furious after a long time because someone else took the opportunity to escort his first daughter by holding her hand, soon sighed and drooped.

What is this kid thinking.

Everyone in the mansion knows that Rosé and Gabriel are especially close.

‘Why did she suddenly say that she was going to be his partner instead of her elder sister?’

It was all because of the words of Rosériel who suddenly came to me a few days ago that led to this ridiculous scam.

‘Dad! I have a great idea! Daddy will be my partner from today onwards!’

‘What? what are you saying now… … .’

‘Sister says she’ll be Gabriel’s partner!’

The words to deceive Hildea and make her enter the banquet hall as a partner with Gabriel.

He couldn’t understand at all.

On hearing it, Sears crumpled his face.
What if I get hated by Hill for this?

“Oh, the skirt is really uncomfortable.
How can I walk around wearing this all day? Ugh, I want to tear it apart, can I?”

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Even Sears, who loved his daughter, laughed at the words that did not fit the situation.

Tear? dress? Is that something a Young-ae who is making her debut would say?

Sears eyebrows wriggled.
Hildea should have been here.

“Rosé, do you know how much it costs? No matter how rich you are, you seem to think too easily of the value of money…….”

“Daddy, wouldn’t that kind of nagging be too much on a day like this?”

“Whoa, what am I gonna do with you?”

Sears looked at his youngest daughter, who he could never win from in a verbal fight, and poked her forehead without hurting her.

“Ah, but why, I did a wonderful job for so long, so why are you hitting me?”

“That’s for being mean.”

“I will be sad if you treat me like this! I could just leave too.”

“Are you not afraid that your sister will get angry?”

Sears imagined Hildea’s carriage following him with a look of depression.

Hildea was already a child with little expression on her face.

However, when she was angry, you’d feel like you’re walking on thin ice, and her momentum was as strong as most generals.

Honestly, I was scared.


But Rose, who caused the accident, is smiling brightly.

Sears felt upset.

“What did you do now that made you laugh so much?”

“That’s because my sister won’t get mad at me!”

“… … .”

“I don’t know about father though.”

Are you saying it’s okay if it’s not you?

“I’m already heartbroken whenever Hill calls me father these days, but now you too Rosé.”

Feeling deeply betrayed by his daughter, Sears sighed with grief, but Rosé chattered cheerfully.

“But Dad, if I put on that necklace and sister goes in with Dad, that would be much more troublesome.”

Sears face grew even worse.

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