CH 9.2

It was unexpected.
No, it was close to a shock.
Cha Yiseok had guessed that Yaba’s appearance would be cheap, just like the name suggests.
Yaba, surrounded by Cha Yiseok, could not stand his gaze and lowered his head.
A blush spread across Yaba’s face as he grabbed Yaba’s small chin and forced it up.
The opaque dark-colored eyes wandered around.
He stared into those eyes that had a gloomy expression and the night melted.

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How should he express the face in front of him…

It was like a creature that lived in a place without sunlight.
Or, like a wild cat.
The eyes that did not reach the light were a mysterious color mixed with brown and gray paints.
They were always staring sharply and piercing one’s innermost heart, but those eyes were also ones that didn’t see anything.
The delicately curved lips were covered in crusts from the habit of biting frequently.
The shirt, which was ridiculously big enough for that skinny body to fit in one more, was torn and sagging, exposing his white shoulders.
It was a long neckline, and scratches were clearly visible on the skin underneath the clothes.

It was a face with the ability to attract; once it caught your eye you won’t be able to look away until he turns his face.
Primitive, unfinished paintwork, with pale white color and rosy blood.
It was a neglected beauty.

“There’s a type of lips and nose that suits being covered in cum.”

What kind of face would you see if you peeled off that worn-out shell and spit it all out to the bottom? An insidious desire crept in.
Cha Yiseok’s eyes gleamed wildly in the darkness.

“The face of Satan who was raped by angels and abandoned in a brothel…”

Yaba looked at him with hazy eyes.
Satan’s face? Full of semen… He had no idea what it all meant.
He wanted to figure out the meaning, but the other person was too close, and the scent incapacitated his brain.
He was afraid of how Cha Yiseok would react when he saw Yaba’s face.
On the other hand, he was also curious.

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But it was not very good.
Even though Yaba expected such a shocked face, it was much worse than he had imagined when he experienced it in reality.
A statue of a pig standing at the entrance to the slaughterhouse was reflected over the frosted car window.
He shouldn’t have taken off his mask.
Yaba closed his eyes and hid deep into the shadows of the night.
Still, there was a clear view.
His cheek twitched slightly.
Yaba bit his lips to disperse the condensed emotions.

“D- Do it quickly.”

His words trembled miserably.
Yaba hid that trembling under a cold expression.
Cha Yiseok’s lips twitched.
The only thing that stood out from him was those eyes.

“As ordered.”

He immediately tilted his head and approached him.
The illusion of being carried away by the current arose.
Yaba closed his eyes tightly and stopped breathing.
Then his lips were sucked into the damp place.
His soft flesh touched the line of his lips and he groped softly.
The flesh came through the closed lips, then lightly touched only the inner flesh and teeth, and then came out again.
His scent faded, then darkened again.
He bit Yaba’s lower lip and rubbed it left and right.
His chin trembled at the slight rustling sound and the cozy touch.
Suddenly he shoved his finger into Yaba’s mouth and grabbed it apart.

“Open it wider.
Otherwise I can’t move my tongue to my heart’s content.”

Cha Yiseok patted his lips with his finger gripping his chin.
He paused and opened his lips.
The space opened up, revealing a damp tongue.
He pulled out his slippery tongue and slowly drew a shape against the line of Yaba’s lips.
His eyes were closed.
He didn’t know if he should close his eyes or open them.
The mated lips wet each other.
His tongue flicked lightly across Yaba’s teeth and popped in, licking the roof of his mouth repeatedly.
his whole body trembled at the strong stimulation that covered his entire lips.
He slid his pointed tongue even deeper, sweeping the sticky mucous membrane once.
Yaba let go of the groan that had crept in his throat and let it go.

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Yaba’s heart rate was a brilliant variation.
His head was hot and then cold, repeatedly, and the heavy breathing was difficult to handle.
He wanted to know what Cha Yiseok would look like and how he would feel when he kissed while he was sober, but he didn’t even have time to find out.
It wasn’t the poor kiss that hung around like they had done before, it was a kiss led by Cha Yiseok.
Suddenly, he violently grabbed the back of Yaba’s hair and pulled it back.
Those gleaming eyes were staring at each other.

“Don’t hold back the moan.
Let me hear it.
I also have a voice fetish.”

Cha Yiseok’s tongue rode along Yaba’s neckline and licked his chin and licked his temples.
Following the lewd movement, his shoulders shuddered.
Cha Yiseok has changed the angle of his face and deeply overlapped his lips.
He lightly bit Yaba’s convex lower lip, then crushed it with his tongue as if it was about to burst.
He went over slowly, licking his cheeks, gums, and smooth flesh.
Their tongues were sticking together, and their skin was hot as if it would melt.

His tongue wrapped around Yaba and grabbed him to the root and rubbed it.
He choked his prey with his torso, suffocating it, and began to swallow it slowly with its strong jaws.
When saliva pooled on the soft mucous membrane, he received poison-like saliva and swallowed it.
It was a poisonous kiss that melted the tongue and grimaced the intestines once put in the mouth.
He drew a circle on the tongue and stabbed it.

“Mmm… ha… ah…”

Cha Yiseok’s breath and the friction of his tongue gradually became rougher.
He hastily placed his hand on Yaba’s armpit and pulled him towards him.
He spread his legs apart, and sat him on his thighs.
Yaba came along biting his lip and banged his head against the roof of the car, making him let out a groan.
Cha Yiseok asked in a cracked voice, slightly pulling his lips off.

“Does it hurt?”

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Cha Yiseok gently wiped the gauze-covered forehead.
At the gentle gesture, the corners of Yaba’s eyes turned dark gray.

It doesn’t hurt…”

Yaba buried his cheek on his shoulder and shook his head.
All nerves were directed to his lips and touch, and he felt no other sensations.
There was only a tingling sensation in his mouth.
Cha Yiseok gently bit Yaba’s chin and whispered.

“I’m going to stick my tongue in, so swallow it up to your throat and suck it up.
Make a sucking sound…”

Heat rushed to Yaba’s earlobes at the vulgar remarks.
He licked his lips.
He intertwined his tongue up and down, left and right, and repeated putting in and taking out back and forth like an insertion act.
Yaba’s eyes loosened, and his body was limp.
Heat rushed to the center.

But there was no other clear reaction.
Once again the other man slipped his tongue up to his damp throat, and Yaba swallowed the sticking tongue out with a deep groan.
He held it gently so as not to hurt, and a harsh breath escaped him.
At the same time, he lifted his back.
He pushed his center of heat gathered, and Yaba’s ass tightened.
It was a disappointing reaction to himself.
He pulled his hips back and he straightened out his hips and pulled them apart.
The taut center of gravity was rubbed against Yaba’s hip bone.
The car shook with the sudden movement.


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“Euu… Mmm…”

It was a soft yet voluminous voice.
His sweet breath and moan wrapped around his ears, making Cha Yiseok’s head hot.
Yaba’s lower body touched the bottom of Cha Yiseok’s stomach.
Compared to that promiscuous expression on his face, his center was flat1.
Suddenly, Cha Yiseok’s jaw movements became dull.
The faint smell of blood, the play of an unripe tongue, and the flat body temperature spreading on his back were a strange dizzying sensation.
But the guy’s fragrance swept away the sense of paramnesia.

Anyway, it was good.
As if digging for the secret of hidden pleasure, he violated the root of Yaba’s tongue and the deeper bottom.
His chapped lips were more tactile than they looked.
The tip of Yaba’s chin, wet with saliva, was trembling.
Cha Yiseok was thirsty.
In addition, it was unexpectedly pleasurable to appreciate and taste the bright skin and lips.
When the boy asked for the hard work, he meant to suck his lips and swipe his tongue.
He really didn’t mean to go this far.

“Ha… Euu… Mhmm…”

The suffocating breath, hot cheeks, and blurred eyes were decadent.
It would be dizzying to spray semen on the lashes wet with light.
Cha Yiseok’s moan deepened.
Each other’s hot breaths stood on the glass of the car.
The light of the car seeped into Yaba’s cheeks and then disappeared.

He pulled Yaba’s shirt down his neck and sucked his neck and collarbones, as well as his shoulders and nipples haphazardly.
Yaba hugged Cha Yiseok’s head as if scared.
The wild cat that was pushed into a corner like this was pitifully pathetic.
Cha Yiseok’s genitals became fierce as if they would immediately bounce off when the zipper was opened.

Now his lips were no longer an organ for eating.
It was a lewd space.
As if his body went back to primal ways, he pursued only the base desires, without any technique or languidness.
Cha Yiseok hastily unfastened his belt and opened the zipper.
It was an intense heat that wouldn’t be strange even if he ate him up like this.

It was at that moment.
There was a knock on the window.
Cha Yiseok stopped, and Yaba trembled and parted his lips.
They took a deep breath and looked at each other.
Outside the window, the lower body of a man in a suit was visible.

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