CH 10

Regarding the thorough investigation of articles, Dean Du did not just talk about it casually.
From the top management of the hospital to the various departments to exert pressure layer by layer, a review team was formed to screen the articles in the past three years one by one, and the authors were required to provide original data and experimental records.
Once the abnormality is verified, it will not be covered up.
Out of a total of 500 articles, 3 were finally found to be problematic, and Wen Ran was caught in one article.
He contacted the magazine to withdraw the article, and the entire academy circulated a criticism.
This is the dean's determination to rectify the atmosphere of scientific research in the hospital, and to set an example for the peers as the top hospital in China.


After the interview, Su Wei'an took part in the formal written test and operational test.
The results of the competition were finally announced on the bulletin board in the hospital.
Su Wei'an finally got the position of assistant researcher, although it was the most basic position.
But it was enough for Su Weian.


After the results came out, Su Wei'an happily took Gu Yunzheng to eat hot pot to celebrate.
At that time, Associate Professor Gu had just stepped off the operating table, and saw Su Wei'an standing at the door of the department with a smile on his face, waiting for him.
As soon as he approached, she asked : “Is the operation record finished?”


Gu Yunzheng walked to her side, took advantage of the opportunity to hold her hand, and said in a low voice, “Yes.”


Su Wei'an raised his hand to support his shoulder, made a gesture to push Corey, and urged: “Hurry up and change, let's go eat!”


Gu Yunzheng couldn't help but chuckled, took her hand instead, and said: “Let's go, I told the director that tomorrow you will come to work early to go to the laboratory to contribute to Corey, and talk to the people in Corey.” Say hello!”


He practiced here two years ago, and his father just finished his hospitalization here.
Su Weian is not a stranger to this neurosurgeon.
As soon as the result of the competition was announced, the news had already spread throughout the department.
Who would have thought The patient's family members from the previous two days became their colleagues in a blink of an eye? And who would have thought that the person who reported on one of Corey's colleagues would return to work in the same office? But more importantly, before this, who would have thought that Su Weian, who had dropped out of school for two years, could beat Wen Ran?


Following Gu Yunzheng into the neurosurgery doctor's office, Su Wei'an could feel the silence in the originally lively office.
Gu Yunzheng first opened his mouth and gave her a brief introduction: “This is Su Wei, the assistant researcher who is about to join Corey.
For safety, you will join my research group from tomorrow, let’s get to know each other briefly.”


Gu Yunzheng opened his mouth.
No matter how many thoughts he had in his heart, the other people still had to show face, and came to greet Su Wei'an one after another.
Compared to their unnaturalness, Su Wei'an, who had expected it for a long time, was much more calm and polite.
He smiled and said: “I look forward to working with you, and I hope you can help me a lot.”


Having said that, everyone looked at each other with a smile and politely said “yes” to end this conversation amicably, but at this moment, a woman's sneering voice came from the corner of the office: “There is Doctor Gu! Now, where do you need help from others?”


After the words fell, everyone followed the reputation and saw Wen Ran sitting in front of the computer.
She seemed to suddenly think of something at this moment.
She covered her mouth in surprise, turned her head and looked at them innocently, and said, “You guys Can't you talk about the relationship?”


Wen Ran's words were ridiculing that Su Wei'an got this assistant researcher's job because of Gu Yunzheng.
After breaking up and withdrawing the manuscript, Wen Ran's life was very difficult recently.
At this time, his heart was already clouded.
Talking and laughing with Gu Yunzheng in the world that originally belonged to her, she couldn't tell the difference in her heart.
Since she was destined not to stay, how could she make Su Wei'an feel better?


Having known each other for so many years, Su Wei'an only felt bored looking at Wen Ran.
She didn't disclose it earlier because her father was still hospitalized in the department.
She was afraid of being misunderstood as the relationship between the doctor and the patient's family.
Now there is no such thing.
Worried, she simply reached out and took Gu Yunzheng's arm, and admitted generously: “This is my boyfriend who has not been rated as a professor, please take care of me.”


Gu Yunzheng squinted at her, dared to introduce him like this, and I don't know who gave her the courage!


Without even thinking about it, he replied, “This is my girlfriend who didn't graduate from graduate school.
You don't need to take care of her.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


An assistant researcher is different from a doctor.
It is a very small position.
It doesn’t matter if there is one more or one less.
The usual work is also in the laboratory, and most of the time is not with the doctor.
It is considered two departments, which is not a violation.
Now that Su Wei'an is here, she probably raises mice and makes tea at will like other researchers.
Who really expects her to do something great? At this moment, the people in the office saw the two frankly admitting their relationship.
They didn't expect to be stuffed with a handful of dog food so unexpectedly.
The key was that Gu Yunzheng, who had previously rejected people thousands of miles away and didn't even have the slightest scandal, didn't have any thoughts.
Those who wanted to think about any conspiracy, all laughed and exclaimed.


Gu Yunzheng just held his lips slightly, took off his white coat and hung it on the cabinet, washed his hands, and led Su Wei'an to get off work for dinner.


For dinner, they chose the hot pot that Su Weian had been craving for several days.
They came just in time, and there was no need to wait for a seat at the last small table.
The two chose to sit on the same side.
When it came to the menu, Su Wei'an quickly ordered a table of dishes without raising his head, and when he started eating, he was also focused on it.
It was fine for him to sweep the fallen leaves in the autumn wind.
What's more, this girl dared to grab something from his bowl!


Su Wei'an stuffed the stolen things into his mouth, and then pretended to be innocent and smiled at him.
He committed crimes and succeeded again and again, he was simply a habitual offender!


Gu Yunzheng looked at her acting like a good boy after getting a bargain, laughed angrily, and simply reached out and grabbed the back of her head, leaned over and kissed her, and snatched half of the food back from her mouth, Su Wei'an exclaimed: “Don't make trouble, dirty!”


Gu Yunzheng raised his eyebrows, and whispered in her ear: “You eat mine, I eat you.”


The temperature he exhaled was warm, and the roots of her ears turned red, and she whispered: “Rogue!”


Gu Yunzheng did not speak, but indicated with his eyes that his bowl was there, and asked her to continue eating.
Su Wei'an glared at him, but he dared not do anything.
He pointed to the small cart with vegetables outside and said, “I want wormwood.


She ordered him very easily!


Gu Yunzheng didn't move, just looked at her.


She said coquettishly: “Gu Yunzheng!”


Gu Yunzheng still didn't move.


She cheated: “Gu Yunzheng!”


He looked at her and said, “Call it a few more times.”


Just as Su Wei'an thought there was hope for this matter, he heard him say, “I love to hear it.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


After eating this meal intermittently for two hours, Su Weian's lips were almost swollen after eating, and he didn't know whether it was caused by the spicy food or by Gu Yunzheng.


After leaving the hotpot restaurant, Gu Yunzheng sent Su Weian home.
The two of them didn't talk much along the way, but they clasped their fingers tightly.


The car stopped downstairs at Su Wei'an's house.
Su Wei'an unfastened her seat belt and said hello.
Just as she was about to get out of the car, she was pulled back by Gu Yunzheng.
She thought about it, did she miss something? Probably because the farewell was not sincere enough, so he hooked Gu Yunzheng's neck and kissed him on the lips, then turned around and was about to get out of the car again.


Gu Yunzheng pushed her back, and said seriously under her puzzled eyes: “Tomorrow I will bring a computer with me to work, and I will arrive ten minutes early every day.
The team stipulates that ten yuan will be deducted for one minute late.”


Su Wei'an looked at him in surprise: “…”


“Every day's work must be done on the same day, unless there is an extremely legitimate reason, the team stipulates that one hundred yuan will be deducted for every day that is delayed.”


Su Wei'an couldn't hold back, and said, “Are you a slave owner…”


Gu Yunzheng said with a business-like attitude: “Every Thursday, the group meets to report on the progress of this week's work.
If the progress is too slow and refuses to correct after repeated admonition, the project will be transferred to other people.”


He kept her here just to say that!


Claiming to deduct a penny of wages before receiving it is simply robbery, okay?


Su Wei'an's face darkened, she just kissed him because of how self-indulgent she was!


She said bitterly: “Exploitation!” Then she glared at him, “Why would I kiss you, a slave owner? Pay me for mental damage!”


Gu Yunzheng was kind, and leaned over to kiss her.


Su Weian roared in his heart: Rogue! Scoundrel!


But when he let go of her, she heard Gu Yunzheng whisper in her ear: “Go to bed early, I will pick you up at 7 o'clock tomorrow.”


Su Wei'an's heart warmed, and he replied in a low voice: “Yes.”


The next morning, Su Wei'an woke up.
Perhaps it was a long time since she had worked in China from 8 to 6, or maybe Gu Yunzheng's penalty system yesterday really left a psychological shadow on her.
Anyway, she woke up After washing up, I prepared breakfast for my parents, her and Gu Yunzheng, and it was 15 minutes before the 7 o'clock that Gu Yunzheng said.


While waiting, she wondered how she would punish Gu Yunzheng for being late.
Just as she was thinking, she suddenly heard the phone ring.
She looked down and saw that the caller was Gu Yunzheng.
When she picked it up, she heard Gu Yunzheng's warm and deep voice: ” Are you up?”


She chuckled: “Guess?”


up, obviously.


“Come down, I'm downstairs.”


They left early, and the traffic on the road was not blocked, so they arrived at the hospital early.
After breakfast, the general department was handed over.
Su Wei'an, an assistant researcher at the Institute, will join Xiao Gu's group to do research work, and we look forward to her bringing new breakthroughs to our department.”


Although it is just two sentences, it is not only a formal recognition of her existence, but everyone can hear that the director has a good impression of this new assistant researcher, even though she once caused the department to fall into scandal.
The chief culprit, the director did not attribute the blame to her.
Most of the people present felt that with the support of Gu Yunzheng and the director, Su Wei'an's life in this department would be very easy.
This feng shui is really a turn change!


After saying this, Wang Huanzhong's expression became more serious and heavy, and said: “This week's internal meeting, the dean once again emphasized the issue of academic integrity, and our department was named and criticized.
This time, three problematic papers were checked In the article, our department has another one on the list.
There are eight doctors in our department in the list of papers.
None of them found the problem before submission.
According to the first author and responsible author responsibility system, the first author and the responsible author are again responsible The author Wen Ran and the responsible author He Xiaoguang made a name-calling criticism, and the responsible author He Xiaoguang is not allowed to apply for any scientific research funds in the name of our department within three years after the project at hand is completed.”


As soon as the director finished speaking, everyone couldn't help but gasped, and looked at the person involved, He Xiaoguang.
This punishment sounds light, but in fact, it is definitely worse for He Xiaoguang, whose title of associate professor has been revoked!


There is no chance to apply for a fund within three years.
Without a fund, his scientific research achievements in the past three years will be close to zero.
After three years, He Xiaoguang will exceed the application age for the Youth Fund project.
Without achievements and qualifications, he will use Why apply for a large project fund?


If you are lucky, it will take many years to grind the iron rod into a needle.
If you are unlucky, your research career may come to an end!


This seems to be a mild but very severe punishment.
For He Xiaoguang, the only way to solve it is to resign.
But after leaving the best neurosurgery platform in the country and carrying the record of being withdrawn, can he find the doctor as he wished? The right place is not sure.


And the director’s words are not over yet: “I’m here to emphasize again that academic integrity is above everything else.
For recruitment, promotion, and evaluation, academic integrity is a single item for us, and there is no room for bargaining.
As a warning, don’t let similar situations happen again in the future!”


The conference room full of people fell into a dead silence at this moment.
Wang Huanzhong's menacing gaze swept over everyone present, and everyone became cautious even breathing.


“The meeting is over.”


After Wang Huanzhong finished speaking, he was the first to get up and leave the conference room.


Only then did everyone let out a long sigh of relief.




Those who are familiar with Wang Huanzhong know that the director is really angry!


He Xiaoguang's face was yellow with blue and blue with black, and he sat on the chair and stared at the empty table in front of him for a long time without getting up.
His colleague Zhou Qinan who passed by saw that he was in poor condition, so he patted him on the shoulder and comforted him.
: “You were also cheated by the students.
The leaders are angry and punish you now.
Maybe there will be a turnaround in the future.”


He Xiaoguang gritted his teeth and did not speak.


On the first day of entering the department, Gu Yunzheng was not in a hurry to let Su Wei'an enter the laboratory, but detained her in the office and gave her a list with the titles of ten papers on it: “This is the Huntington Mechanism and Drug Research I will read ten of the most classic papers today and read them intensively, and I will have an assessment based on the content of the articles before I get off work.”


Su Wei'an was a little surprised at first, but then it was understandable.
Gu Yunzheng has always paid attention to efficiency, and if she is willing to let her spend a day here to read the paper, there must be important content in the paper, and it is impossible for her to read here freely.
That's all.


She responded sharply: “Okay.”


On the day of surgery, after that until the end of get off work, Gu Yunzheng remained on the operating table, and Su Wei'an sat alone at a desk in the corner of the office.
Originally, she and the other doctors in the department were in harmony with each other, but when she was about to get off work at noon, someone picked her and walked over.
When she looked up, she saw Wen Ran smiling innocently, loudly but loudly.
He asked softly, “Can I use this computer?”


Just finished the ward check, and when it was time to get off work, the office was full of doctors who were in a hurry to change medical orders and write medical records, but when they heard Wen Ran's voice, and saw Su Wei'an and Wen Ran bump into each other, everyone felt the same for a moment.
Pause, always pay attention to the troubles over there, but don't want to be too obvious.


Su Wei'an was originally using her own computer to read papers, and did not use Corey's computer on her side.
At this moment, she glanced roughly at the office, and the rest of the office computers seemed to be occupied.
Since Wen Ran has business to do , Su Wei'an didn't say much, moved aside, gave Wen Ran the position facing the office computer, and went to the corner to continue doing his own business.


Wen Ran was a little surprised that Su Weian gave in so easily.
After she sat down, she seemed to concentrate on turning on the doctor's order system.
Her voice was very soft, but it was just enough for Su Weian who was on the side to listen.
Qing Qing, her tone was not as weak as before, she said: “Do you think you have won?”


Because of Su Wei'an, her article was withdrawn, and her boyfriend broke up with her.
Anyone who reads it will think that she has lost everything!


The task Gu Yunzheng had arranged was heavy, and Su Wei'an was concentrating on the thesis in front of him, so he didn't react immediately when he heard her words.
After thinking about it, he suddenly realized that she was talking to him, and Su Wei'an didn't even bother.
Lifting, casually said: “Just treat it as if I won.”


Wen Ran snatched the project she had worked so hard for in college, Su Weian couldn't publish it under her own name after all, and even after going through such a betrayal, she actually couldn't figure out what she had won.


Wen Ran changed the subject and said, “But don't think that you can survive here if you can enter this department.
Everyone will always remember that you reported your classmates and teachers, and they will always remember that you are a betrayer!”


Wen Ran spoke harshly, but people were smiling.
Other people in the office couldn't hear what they were saying, and from Wen Ran's expression, they thought they were discussing today's weather.


Su Wei'an's typing hands stopped, and Wen Ran continued: “Also, don't think you are really good, yes, you did the experiment, and you wrote the thesis, but if it weren't for my dad Help polish it, do you think that little experimental content can be published in a 5-point magazine?”


Wen Ran is full of sarcasm and malice.
If Su Wei'an is provoked and argues or even quarrels with her, Su Wei'an, who has just arrived, will leave an impression on the people in Corey that he is too strong and even aggressive.
In addition to what she reported before, I am afraid that people in the general department will respect Su Wei'an, but unexpectedly, Su Wei'an chuckled and said lightly: “It turns out that the post-editing of that article was written by your father.
It is expected that your ability will not be able to modify such a thesis.”


Wen Ran was taken aback, only to realize that he was defeated by Su Wei'an, his face was pale and green for a while, although he could still resist the harsh words to fight back, he couldn't laugh at last.


Su Wei'an thought she was really noisy, so she picked up the computer and moved to another corner of the office.
It seemed that “Strange People Don't Get Near” was written on her body.
People around her came and went, and she fucked herself in the corner alone.
I finally managed to read the ten articles left by Gu Yunzheng before leaving get off work.


Although the one-day operation was exhausting, Gu Yunzheng never forgot the assessment that he said, and he didn't take care of rest after returning.
He asked her in a business-like manner, “Have you finished watching?”


Su Wei'an nodded: “You take the test.”


At this time, it was approaching the end of work in the evening, and most of the doctors who performed the surgery had returned.
It was the time when the office was the most crowded, and those who had no work at hand looked over with great interest.
Who didn't know that Gu Yunzheng's assessment had always been strict, but if you think about it carefully, Su After all, it's the first day of work for An, and she is Gu Yunzheng's girlfriend, Gu Yunzheng is probably just putting on a show for others to see, I'm afraid it's too hot!


Just as they were thinking about it, they heard Gu Yunzheng speak, as serious as ever: “What are the main types of Huntington's treatment drugs? What is the mechanism of action?”


After reading the paper, this question is not difficult, Su Wei'an answered calmly: “Two categories, for motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms, the main mechanism of action includes inhibiting VMAT and directly blocking dopamine receptors.”


But this is just a foreshadowing, Gu Yunzheng continued: “Among the current drugs under research, how many have entered the clinical phase III in the past two years?”


Most of the doctors present thought that Gu Yunzheng was just showing off in today's assessment, but he didn't expect that such a cutting-edge question would be asked directly from the beginning of the second question.
Phase III clinical trials of both drugs have failed.”


Gu Yunzheng's question was simple and straight to the core: “Why?”


If this is true, it is too complicated to analyze.
Whether it is a multi-pharmaceutical company or a researcher, after the test failed, they are constantly looking for the reason.
What can be summarized?


Su Weian, who had been answering fluently before, finally showed a little embarrassed look.
She hesitated and said: “In the papers on the phase III clinical results of these two drugs, they have done some analysis, and some subgroup analyzes have also come out.
Significant difference, there is a saying that the effect of the drug may be long-term, and the observation time is not long enough…”


Gu Yunzheng frowned, and interrupted her directly: “There is no need to say that this kind of pharmaceutical company has left a way out for itself.
What do you think is the reason? From the results of Phase II to Phase III, you can see it from the article What?”


The paper given by Gu Yunzheng did not contain the content of the Phase II trial.
Fortunately, Su Weian was also very curious about the differences.
After reading the specified content of the article, she checked the previous article, but time was limited.
After studying the results and discussion part of the article, I answered Gu Yunzheng's question with some ambiguity: “After all, the sample size is several times larger, and the results may have been diluted?”


Gu Yunzheng frowned even tighter, and asked, “Are you saying that the results of Phase III are inaccurate?”


This is a matter of principle, Su Wei'an quickly shook his head and said, “No, I mean that there may be bias in the results of Phase II.”


Gu Yunzheng asked: “Where is the bias?”


Faced with Gu Yunzheng's repeated questioning, Su Weian could only remain silent in the end.
From her expression, Gu Yunzheng saw that she had no answer, and said in a low voice: “In the results of Phase II clinical trials, what is the course of disease of the enrolled patients? ?”


Su Wei'an was startled, recalled it carefully, and replied: “The median…”


She suddenly realized that the disease course of the enrolled patients was not normally distributed!


“What is the basis for the inclusion criteria in Phase III clinical trials?”


Su Wei'an was startled again, and said: “That's the content of the supplementary material, it's not mentioned in the main text…”


For such a formal large-scale clinical trial, the supplementary materials may be thousands of pages long, and it is impossible for her to read them all!


But Gu Yunzheng said very seriously: “Eight hours, ten articles, an average of forty minutes per article, what are you reading? Whether it is in the main text or in supplementary materials, these are very important contents for evaluating a research.
, why can't you answer?”


The originally noisy office fell silent at this moment, and the doctors who were watching the excitement before leaving get off work in a relaxed and happy mood were probably sweating for Su Wei'an at this moment, and hesitated to speak.


Eight hours, ten articles, even if there is no break in between, one article is 40 minutes, and 40 minutes of intensive reading of a full-text foreign language is already very powerful, but Gu Yunzheng asks people to read the supplementary materials as well as what they should read , no matter how correct the reason is, this is really a bit…
too much, right?


But after thinking about it, who would dare to interrupt Gu Yunzheng at this time?


If it is false to say that she is not wronged, how could she have thought that the extension requested by Gu Yunzheng would be so deep? Perhaps these contents are not difficult for Gu Yunzheng, but according to his request, how many people can do it in general? get?


Under everyone's gaze, Su Wei'an pursed his lips, paused and said, “It's my fault, I will make it up within today.”


Gu Yunzheng didn't speak.


In the suppressed silence, Zhou Qinan said in the most relaxed tone: “It's half past five! Let's go, we're off work!”


Everyone came back to their senses, and responded one after another: “Ah, yes, it's time to get off work! I'm not active after get off work, and I have a problem with my thinking, haha!”


Seeing that Su Wei'an was pinned in front of Gu Yunzheng like a child who had done something wrong, Zhou Qinan, the peacemaker, walked over and patted Gu Yunzheng on the shoulder, and said, “Associate Professor Gu, I know you are always strict, but student Su has always been strict.
You haven't even finished graduate school, and you've dropped out of school for two years, and you've assigned so many tasks to others as soon as you came, it's not bad to do so!”


It was this sentence that made Su Wei'an's originally chaotic mind full of embarrassment and grievance suddenly flashed a light.
If this is the case, she would rather listen to Gu Yunzheng's severe scolding, even if Gu Yunzheng's demands on her are unreasonably high, at least it is because he believes that she can accomplish it, he thinks she is better than ordinary people, he is so sure.


Sure enough, after hearing Zhou Qinan's words, Gu Yunzheng's complexion did not look good at all, and said: “She is now a full-time employee of our department, and is no longer a 'classmate'.
Compared with others, she has done this well, but she has a talent far better than this.” Strong strength, there is no room for tolerance if it is made like this!”


Gu Yunzheng's confidence in Su Weian was far beyond Zhou Qinan's expectations.
Although he didn't know where Gu Yunzheng's confidence came from, it was not a good thing that the general department's atmosphere was not good because of his blind confidence, so he wanted to Advised Gu Yunzheng to at least give Su Wei'an some time to adapt, but just as he was about to speak, Su Wei'an, who had lowered his head and felt aggrieved before, suddenly seemed to wake up, and spoke first, with a firm and decisive tone: “I will definitely It will be done.”


Seeing that she spoke sincerely this time, Gu Yunzheng didn't speak, it was a tacit consent, and then he left without looking back.


Su Wei'an sat in the office until 9:00 p.m., it was time to turn off the lights in the ward, and the corridor was very quiet, only she and the doctor on duty were sitting back to back in the office.


Staring at the computer for a whole day, Su Wei'an's eyes were blurry, and she didn't have time to eat dinner, and she was a little dizzy from hunger, but as a punishment for herself, she told herself that after reading the entire content Before, never eat.


Gu Yunzheng came back at this time.
In the dead of night in the corridor, there was a sudden sound of footsteps coming from far and near.
Su Wei'an didn't pay attention at first, until he looked up by chance and found Gu Yunzheng standing not far from her looking at her.
Startled for a moment, then subconsciously straightened up.


Gu Yunzheng asked: “Have you finished watching?”


Su Wei'an nodded cautiously: “It's almost the last half of the chapter, soon.”


Gu Yunzheng then took out a big lunch box from behind and handed it to her, saying, “Let's eat.”


Su Wei'an took it, and knew from the size and weight of the lunch box that he had prepared a lot.
After being wronged for a long time, she couldn't help feeling warm in her heart, and asked him, “How do you know I didn't eat?”


Gu Yunzheng had no expression on his face, and the words were obviously harsh, but with a bit of doting on her, he said, “How dare you go to eat if you look at the thesis like that?”


It’s fine if he doesn’t say anything, but Su Weian couldn’t help but want to talk to him when he talked about it: “I admit that I should improve if I didn’t read the supplementary materials together, but you just said that you read these ten articles.
, 40 minutes for an article is really not a long time, not to mention that I also read related articles, this performance is not that bad, right?”


Gu Yunzheng sighed softly, pulled a chair and sat beside her, and said, “Why are you safe, have you ever thought about why I let you read these articles?”


I can probably understand his intentions in my heart, but it's hard to express when I suddenly ask such a question.
Su Wei'an said vaguely: “Familiar with Huntington's relevant background and current research progress?”


“More than that, why not, what are we most anxious to accomplish now?”


Researching the pathogenic mechanism of Huntington and finding a cure is of course the most important thing, but this is not something that can be rushed right now.
Su Wei'an hesitated for a moment, but also understood: “Find the problem of HDQ199?”


“That's right, so I'll let you see why phase III trials of experimental drugs with mechanisms similar to HDQ199 fail, and the drug mechanism studies in animal experiments.
In this case, they are more important than the author's high-sounding analysis.
What did it really do, do you think the supplementary material should be read or not?”


Su Wei'an was silent for a moment, she was only in a state of passive acceptance before, she didn't think of this, only after hearing Gu Yunzheng's words did she understand his full intentions, she nodded and said, “Should.”


Gu Yunzheng sighed softly again, and said, “Why, I'm not angry about how many articles you read and how many you didn't read, of course I know it's pretty good to be able to read so much content in one day, but you didn't put yourself Put it in the position of a researcher and think about what we are going to do, why we are doing it, and you will not know where the focus is.”


He said, opened the lunch box for her, closed the laptop, and said, “Let's eat first!”


There are a lot of dishes in the lunch box, such as braised chicken wings, sweet and sour pork ribs, shredded potatoes with vinegar, shredded cabbage, and soup specially prepared for her.
Seeing the dinner that Gu Yunzheng specially prepared for her, I just felt warm in my heart, and was about to thank him, when I heard him say: “Continue to the exam after eating.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


But as Gu Yunzheng said, once they really understand what they are going to do, they will know what is the key point in the hundreds of pages of supplementary materials, and the exam will not be difficult.
Pick some insignificant details in the corner to test her.
Therefore, after understanding Gu Yunzheng's intentions, she can often preemptively ask the next question he wants to ask.


Gu Yunzheng deliberately shortened her adaptation time and broke through the first step.
After that, it became a matter of course.
Gu Yunzheng no longer specified articles for her to read, but asked her to design experiments by herself to complete the research on whether HDQ199 would affect blood vessels.
Affects research on what causes aneurysms.


To prove this point from the mechanism, the best way is to conduct animal experiments.
Su Wei'an completed the experimental design after fully reading the previous articles and communicating directly with the author via email, and submitted it to Gu Yunzheng for review.
It was originally submitted after five rounds of revisions, but it was changed to “thousands of miles of rivers and mountains are red” in Gu Yunzheng's hands.
The deputy director Zhang Dadong saw it by chance and couldn't help but said in surprise: “Little Gu, what are you doing again?” Do you want to apply for a course?”


Gu Yunzheng said simply: “It's just an experiment that needs to be done.” He didn't plan to use it to apply for a fund.


Zhang Dadong frowned in surprise, and said, “Then no one else is watching, why waste time changing the experimental design so carefully?”


Gu Yunzheng explained briefly: “It's just a habit to sort out your own thoughts first.”


Zhang Dadong patted him on the shoulder and said: “You are really good at scientific research, you are meticulous and rigorous, we are old and don't have the energy!” He said to Su Wei'an beside him: “Learn from Xiao Gu, and in the future You need to work harder on Corey's scientific research.”


Naturally, Su Wei'an could hear that Director Zhang wanted to give her a job, because she took up the quota, and Wen Ran, as Director Zhang's doctoral student, was not able to stay, and he was short of people.
Since Su Wei'an She was recruited as Corey's assistant researcher, so Corey can naturally give her a job.


I heard it, but Zhang Dadong, as the deputy administrative director of Corey, and she, as a newcomer who has only been here for two days, naturally cannot refute.
She was about to say “yes” politely, when she saw her eyes fixed on Gu Yunzheng, who was modifying the file on the screen, suddenly spoke, with a calm tone and a slight sense of alienation: “Director Zhang is right, I will guarantee that she will complete the work in the group for more than 12 hours a day, and contribute to the scientific research of the department.” contribute.”


The implication is that since she has been assigned to his group, it is best for others not to get Su Weian's idea and instruct her to do some irrelevant chores.


Gu Yunzheng's words seem to agree with Director Zhang on the surface, even if Director Zhang is dissatisfied, he can't say anything, and Gu Yunzheng is busy changing the plan, it seems that he doesn't even have time to talk, he is a dignified deputy director at this time It looked too real, so he could only say politely: “Xiao Gu, I believe in your ability.”


During lunch, Su Wei'an asked Gu Yunzheng with some concern: “Although your words are high-sounding, but after all, you directly rejected Corey's deputy administrative director.
Is it okay?”


However, Gu Yunzheng had already thought it through thoroughly, and said: “There will be some influence, but fortunately, Director Zhang is a person who recognizes strength.
After all, it is not the first day we met, so he will not make things difficult for me, let alone Director Zhang.
Wen Ran's tutor, whether it was the thesis at the time or the employment this time, I'm afraid Wen Ran won't say anything good about you in front of him.
With such a preconceived impression, what he will let you do I can do now.
As you can imagine, this will completely deviate from your original intention of coming to work, and although I can't cure your illness yet, I must at least guarantee that you won't waste your life here.”


Su Wei'an looked at Gu Yunzheng with gratitude and emotion, and was about to say something, when Gu Yunzheng changed the subject and said, “What can be better than working in my team for more than twelve hours a day?” Does it embody the value of life?”


Su Wei'an: “…”


She was almost sold by him and counted the money for him!


But it happened that Gu Yunzheng was right.
After the experiment started, she went to work on time at 8 o'clock every morning.
She never left work before 8 o'clock, and the latest time was 12 o'clock at night.


Gu Yunzheng stayed with her until the end.
He had a day's operation and had to work overtime here to accompany her.
Su Wei'an felt a little distressed, but Gu Yunzheng rubbed her head and laughed at her confusion: “This is also my own.
The subject, I work for myself, what do you feel bad about?”


As soon as the words were finished, the emergency surgery came.
There were many traumas that night, and the second and third lines on duty were on stage, and there was still a shortage of people.


It was already midnight when we came down again, and Su Wei'an had just cleaned up the laboratory.
Gu Yunzheng rubbed his neck and wanted to send her home.
Su Wei'an naturally took his hand, pinched his neck lightly, and said to him: “It's late, you go back and rest, I can just go home by myself.”


Gu Yunzheng shook her hand and said, “It's because it's very late.
Your home is far away after all.
I don't worry about you going back alone.”


Su Wei'an held him back, pretending to be bold and authentic: “I have even been to Africa alone, what are you afraid of when I go home?”


Gu Yunzheng looked at her and said, “You got a hole in your stomach in Africa, are you willing to mention it?”


Su Wei'an glared at him and said, “That was an accident!”


Gu Yunzheng hugged her into his arms and said: “In the past, it was your bad luck that you had an accident, but it will not work in the future.
From now on, you will be mine.”


So no matter what, he must protect her well.


Someone like Gu Yunzheng can actually say such love words!


Su Wei'an leaned on his chest with quite a sigh, and said, “According to this reason, you are also mine, and I feel sorry for you being so tired.” After a pause, he added, “Why don't I rent a house near the hospital? Yes, this will save me from tossing, and you will follow suit.”


Gu Yunzheng couldn't help hitting her: “Have you asked about the housing prices around here?”


An assistant researcher of hers hasn't even received a penny of salary, and she doesn't want to use the family's money, so she can probably live on the wind after paying the rent.


Su Wei'an pursed his lips and asked, “Then what should I do? I can't live in your house, can I?”


It was originally said casually, but Gu Yunzheng took it seriously: “Yes.”


Su Wei'an was taken aback, and asked, “What?”


“I can take you in.”


Su Wei'an thought for a while, and said firmly: “But doesn't your house only have one bed? Your sofa is so hard, I refuse to sleep on it!”


Gu Yunzheng leaned over and nibbled her ear, this always serious ascetic actually whispered in her ear: “You sleep on the bed, I sleep on you.”


With six words, Su Wei'an only felt the blood flow from her whole body, rushing straight to her head, and her face was red to the base of her ears.
She stretched out her hand and pinched his waist, and said in a low voice, “Rogue!”


But he suddenly became serious, and said word by word: “In this way, you can continue to squeeze me at night, that is a lifetime I should and am willing to bear.”


He actually cared about the little things in the hotel before.
Su Weian should have emphasized the cruelty of reality with him as he did at that time, and made a clear distinction between the two, but when the words came to his lips, he only felt that he was hypocritical.
At such times, she just wanted to curl up in his arms and hold him.


I originally planned to carry this life alone, and originally planned to give up this life, how could such a person suddenly appear, hug her and say that he should be willing to live with her who has no future like this?


She rested her head on his chest and said softly, “Don't try to coax me with such words and move me!”


Gu Yunzheng gave a low laugh and asked, “Then are you moved?”


Su Wei'an was depressed for a while, but still nodded, and said, “I'm very touched.”


Gu Yunzheng planted a kiss on the top of her head and took her hand.
It all came together so naturally, he said, “Let's go home.”


But Su Weian didn't squeeze into Gu Yunzheng in the end, because after returning home, Gu Yunzheng fled to the sofa.


Originally, he said that he wanted to sleep in the same bed with her because he was afraid that she would be worried about him sleeping on the sofa and insisted on refusing to come to his house to rest.
After returning home, Gu Yunzheng gave her the bed in the bedroom.
Gu Yunzheng, who was walking on the sofa, stopped him and said, “The sofa is uncomfortable, your bed is big enough, we…
we can do it just like we were in the hotel before, you don't need to avoid suspicion…”


It was somewhat embarrassing to say these words, Su Weian stood in front of Gu Yunzheng, lowered his head, deliberately not to look at him.


Seeing her appearance, Gu Yunzheng held his lips, and deliberately whispered in her ear: “It's not to avoid suspicion, I'm just not so calm.”


Last time there was a bid and a task, but again, he couldn't guarantee what would happen.


Su Wei'an blushed first, then muttered softly: “Actually…”


let's make a mess…


But he didn't go on.


Xu Shi guessed what she wanted to say, Gu Yunzheng took a step forward, forced her into a corner, bent down on purpose and asked her: “Actually what?”


He did it on purpose!


He guessed it all and asked her to say that he deserved to sleep on the sofa!


Su Wei'an pushed him away forcefully, and said angrily: “Actually, you won't have surgery tomorrow, but I have eight cells to dye, so you can sleep on the sofa.”


However, Gu Yunzheng blocked her way.
He threw the quilt in his hand aside, took another step forward and pushed her against the wall, wrapped his arms around her waist and bent over to seal her lips.


She stood on tiptoe to respond, and after some entanglement, the atmosphere of both parties was messed up, but when the love was getting stronger, she deliberately pushed him away at this moment, looked at him provocatively, and said: “You can go to sleep on the sofa! “


The next moment, she was picked up and put on the bed.
Gu Yunzheng made a gesture to bully her, but in the end he just leaned over and kissed her forehead, and said to her, “Good night, good night!”


It saves the time to go to and from her house.
Even though she slept on the sofa, Gu Yunzheng was well rested.
Su Weian woke up early and went to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast lightly.
When Gu Yunzheng woke up, she happened to serve Sitting on the floor in front of the sofa with breakfast, she was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes.


He put the plate in her hand on the tea table, pulled her to sit on the sofa in front of him, pecked her lips lightly, and then asked, “Did you not sleep well after getting up so early?”


She teased deliberately: “What wakes me up every day is not only the distant ideals but also Leader Gu's penalty system.
Get up quickly, and I will fine you if you fail!”


After washing and breakfast, Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng walked to the hospital holding hands.
On the way, they briefly planned the progress of today's experiment.
Excluding the batch of cells that were not counted in the previous training, today is their second batch of cells.
After completing the fluorescent imaging within a few days, they can start data statistics to obtain preliminary experimental results.


The plan is good, but the so-called plan cannot keep up with the changes.
During the waiting time after joining the first resistance at noon, Su Wei'an went back to the office to get the lunch that was ordered.
It happened that Director Zhang was talking to Zhou Qinan.
Seeing her come in, Zhou Qinan seemed to suddenly remember What, said to Zhang Dadong: “Let Su Wei'an go, anyway, Su Wei'an doesn't need to admit patients, and doesn't need to have surgery, just right!”


Seeing Su Wei'an, Zhang Dadong suddenly remembered Gu Yunzheng's indistinct rejection that day, and was hesitating whether to use Su Wei'an, when he heard that Zhou Qinan had already begun to assign tasks to Su Wei'an: “Director Zhang has a school from another school.
The subject materials of the expert joint project are urgently asked to be signed by experts from other schools, and they will be handed in this afternoon.
You will take the materials and go directly to the Normal University, find an expert and ask him to sign it, and then bring it back to the scientific research department.”


The route from Huaren Hospital to the Normal University was not smooth.
It took at least two and a half hours to go to and from the bus, and even if it took a taxi, it would take more than an hour.
She was not familiar with the place where the Normal University lived.
It will take at least two hours to come back.


Su Wei'an frowned, and said to Zhou Qinan, “I'm sorry, I have eight plates of cells incubating the primary antibody, and it's almost an hour and a half away, so I might not be able to go to the Normal University.”


However, Zhou Qinan waved his hand and gave her some “enthusiastic” advice: “You still have an hour and a half, and you will be back after going to the Normal University for more than an hour.
, you can find someone to help you do it first, anyway, just add a secondary antibody and seal a film, it’s not a big deal.”


It's no big deal, these understatement words seemed to stab Su Weian's heart, she felt angry, but because of the face of the leader, she couldn't say anything.


After raising the cells for two weeks, and doing experiments for a day and a half, if there is a problem with sealing the slides, all previous efforts will be wasted.
Just find someone to help with it.
This should never be the attitude that scientific research should have.


She was about to refuse again, but at this moment, Du Yuncheng, who had been sitting silently by the side, suddenly stood up.
He looked at Director Zhang and Zhou Qinan, and said, “I'll go.”


Su Wei'an looked at him in surprise.


Eye contact briefly, Du Yuncheng then continued: “I have been to the Normal University, and I will always be more familiar with Su Wei'an, and I can hurry up.”


Zhou Qinan frowned, a little unwilling, and said, “In case you add a station temporarily in the afternoon, you can still be an assistant…”


“Then I'll go.”


The voice came from behind Zhou Qinan.
Everyone turned their heads and saw that Gu Yunzheng came over at some unknown time, so he stood there expressionlessly.
He said, “I don't have an operation this afternoon.
Since I'm in such a hurry to sign, I'll go and .”


In terms of title, Zhou Qinan is lower than Gu Yunzheng.
Although it is Director Zhang's job, it is not his turn to assign it to Gu Yunzheng.
What's more, although Gu Yunzheng did not have surgery in the afternoon, Director Wang did.
Gu Yunzheng is Director Wang's favorite student.
When encountering any interesting surgery, Director Wang loves to call him, but Gu Yunzheng was called to run errands, so what happened?


Seeing that Zhou Qinan couldn't get off the stage, Zhang Dadong said, “Xiao Gu, don't make trouble, Xiao Zhou just sees who is free and asks him to help out, don't worry about it.”


“I'm free.” Gu Yunzheng said, and went forward to take the materials in Zhou Qinan's hands, “Director Zhang's cooperation project is naturally not a trivial matter, but the people in my group who work more than twelve hours a day really don't have time.
According to who has According to the principle of whoever goes, I should go.”


What Gu Yunzheng said was well-founded, but Zhang Dadong didn't know how to refute it for a while.


Gu Yunzheng really took the materials and left afterwards.
Seeing that Su Weian also returned to the laboratory with lunch, Zhou Qinan couldn't help but sighed to Zhang Dadong: “Gu Yunzheng is too protective of this Su Weian, it seems that Su Weian It is as good as a Nobel Prize for your experiment…” The implication is to blame Gu Yunzheng for not being principled.


But Du Yuncheng said at this moment: “We have seen it when we are on duty.
Su Wei'an will not leave the laboratory at least 8 o'clock or even 9 o'clock every night.
Gu Yunzheng has nothing to do with the fact that she works more than twelve hours.
Nonsense, and even if you can't win a Nobel Prize, the staining and sealing of eight-plate cells are also very important to the scientific research itself.
It can't be done by just anyone.
Not that appropriate.”


The subject is Director Zhang's subject, and this incident made him a little bit embarrassed to get off the stage.
He coughed awkwardly and stopped them: “Okay, let's end this matter here, and rest.”

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