CH 12

After the animal experiment was completed, Gu Yunzheng and her processed the experimental data together in order to catch up with the meeting to speak.
As a confirmation of the previous cell experiment, they will announce this part of the results together at the meeting.


Su Wei'an endured for a few days, and finally completed the first draft of PowerPoint independently.
He sent an email to Gu Yunzheng in his bedroom at 1:00 in the morning, but he did not expect to receive his reply five minutes later: “The background introduction is too shallow, and the pictures and text of the experimental results disproportionate, and the discussion section lacks focus.”


Simply put, it is from the beginning to the end.


Su Wei'an naturally knew the importance of the speech at this meeting, so before handing it over to Gu Yunzheng, she had revised it three times herself, and she started writing the PowerPoint paper after reading 30 more papers, but she did not expect that Gu Yunzheng only used After five minutes of denying her achievements, she got up from the bed and rushed out of the bedroom in a rage, standing in front of Gu Yunzheng's sofa and deliberately condescendingly asked him: “Tell me, what's wrong with my PowerPoint?”


But the eyes are clearly saying: You dare to say a word and try!


Seeing her puffy look, Gu Yunzheng laughed dumbly, patted the place in front of him, and said, “Come here.”


Su Wei'an hesitated for a moment, but passed by anyway, the moment he sat down, his arrogance was half lost.


Gu Yunzheng pointed to the pictures on the screen and said: “Although too many texts will appear redundant, but almost every page of yours is full of pictures, and it is easy for people to miss the point.
If you lose your mind during the listening process, you will not know what you are talking about.
There is also the discussion part, too much discussion content but not clear enough layers, so it is easy to lose the audience.”


Although what he said made sense, what she worked so hard to make was rejected so quickly by him, without even a word of encouragement, as if she had done nothing worthwhile, Su Wei'an still felt a little bit Aggrieved, stared at him, pursed his mouth and said: “You can easily lose me like this!”


Gu Yunzheng couldn't hold back, and laughed outright.



He reached out to wrap her in his arms and asked her, “Are you really angry?”


Su Wei'an snorted to express that he was really, really really angry, and deliberately turned his eyes away, making an appearance of “Don't coax me, I can't coax me well”.


Gu Yunzheng hugged her a little tighter, and explained unhurriedly: “I didn't say what you did well because I thought you all knew that we don't need these kind words between us.”


Su Weian glanced at him, and deliberately asked, “Are we familiar?”


She is clearly provocative!


Gu Yunzheng was not annoyed, he rested his chin on her neck, and whispered in her ear, “That depends on how you define 'very familiar'…”


Su Wei'an's ears became “cooked” all of a sudden, as red as if they were about to bleed.


“There is something in the words! Old rascal!”


Gu Yunzheng's face darkened suddenly, and he said, “What did you say?”




“That word in front!”


Su Wei'an paused for a moment, and then realized that what he cared about was the word “old” in front.
After being hit by him for a round, she suddenly regained some confidence, and she was inexplicably proud.
She was about to provocatively Repeat it again, the next moment, the person has already been pressed onto the sofa, this time it was Gu Yunzheng who was condescending and said: “Try to say it again!”


How can Su Weian, who is full of heroic feelings, be afraid of such threats and temptations?


Just try it!




Before the second word was uttered, her lips were sealed with a kiss.


The kiss, which was meant to be a joke and punishment, gradually changed in the end.
It doesn't matter why it started, the important thing is that no one wants to end it.


The breaths of the two people intertwined and became hasty and chaotic.
When they separated for a while, Su Wei'an still didn't forget the previous topic, and quickly called him provocatively: “Old man!”


Gu Yunzheng narrowed his eyes slightly, this girl Su Weian has become a little impatient recently!


However, Su Weian didn't realize it, and purposely got closer, looked at him with complacency, and said, “You have to stay calm!”


Gu Yunzheng's eyes reflected her appearance, and when he spoke, his voice was a little lower than usual, with a little hoarseness: “What if I don't?”


Su Wei'an raised his eyebrows: “That's not okay, you're taking the route of abstinence!”




Gu Yunzheng looked at her and asked, “Did I give you some illusion?”


His breath brushed her face, itching, Su Weian suppressed her smile, blinked her eyes and asked knowingly: “What illusion?”


The next moment, a big hand reached into her clothes, and she exclaimed, “Rogue!”


He should: “It's me.”


She teased him: “Have you been waiting for this day for a long time?”


He didn't speak, just smiled and kissed the corner of her lips.


Su Wei'an reached out to hook his neck and kissed him deeply.



Afterwards, regarding the PowerPoint to be used in the meeting, Su Wei'an submitted to Gu Yunzheng successively the “Revised version of the conference speech”, “revised version of the conference speech”, “revised version of the conference speech”, “the last version of the conference speech”, “how can the conference speech be changed?” Revised version”, “Conference speech and then revised strike version” “Conference speech dying version”…


When it was time to vomit, she finally received the “Conference Speech” sent back by Gu Yunzheng, and it was decided.


She was so happy that she jumped up from her chair, startled her colleagues in the same laboratory, and thought that she had won another conference to speak, but after such a short period of torture, Su Weian Deeply aware that it is much easier to speak at a meeting than Gu Yunzheng, okay?


Su Wei'an originally thought that his mission had been successfully completed so far, and he could just wait to see Gu Yunzheng to make a report, but Gu Yunzheng looked at her who was waiting to watch the excitement, and said coolly: “Tell me.”


Su Wei'an was taken aback.


Gu Yunzheng said with a blank expression: “You are the person who conducted the experiment and the first author of the article.
For a ten-minute conference report, you still want the corresponding author to present it in person?”


He wasn't joking, he hooked her up as a reporter from the moment he submitted it!


To prepare to speak, based on her understanding of Gu Yunzheng, it is absolutely impossible for her to let her just watch and prepare.
Sure enough, when Su Wei'an thought so, she heard Gu Yunzheng say: “Go back and prepare today, and start tomorrow.” Tell me once in Chinese and listen to it, tell the whole subject in Chinese the day after tomorrow, and tell me in English the day after tomorrow.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


Gu Yunzheng did what he said, and if he said he would listen, he would definitely listen.
When he heard that there was a problem, he would interrupt and ask questions at any time.
Su Wei'an was under great pressure when he was speaking.


Fortunately, she had prepared carefully, and she finished the speech smoothly in the face of such high pressure.
She was relieved, and was a little thankful that she was well prepared, but Gu Yunzheng frowned and asked, “Do you speak Chinese?” Just put it like this?”


Su Weian's heart tightened and he didn't dare to answer.


“At that time, there will be many experts who have studied Huntington for a long time.
Do you think what you said will be memorable for them?”


Su Wei'an originally did not want to over-interpret their results, so although he talked about a lot of things, he only tasted them briefly.
If it is said that they can go deep into the deep impression, there may not be many.


“You talked about the results of so many experiments and what others have discovered.
What about you? Where is your thinking? What do you think?”


His voice was not loud, but his tone was extraordinarily severe, and his voice fell, causing other people in the laboratory to look sideways, and the busy laboratory fell silent instantly.


Su Wei'an hesitated and said, “I…”


“Go back and prepare again! Now that you are in the speaking position, you are no longer a student, but a scholar sharing your own research insights.
Behind every sentence you say now seems to be saying 'I am Novice, I don't know much', so it's better not to lose this person!”


Although Gu Yunzheng asked her to prepare again, the schedule for reporting to the general practitioners the next day will not change.
That is to say, Su Wei'an will prepare a set of more in-depth lecture content this night, and talk about work.
Not a lot, that's nonsense.


The direct result is that Su Wei'an has been watching from the afternoon when she came home from get off work, and then from when she came home from get off work to sleep at night.
She leaned against the head of the bed with her computer in her arms, and read all the papers again with the mentality of staying up all night.


When Gu Yunzheng came out of the shower, he saw Su Weiping staring at the computer intently, as if he was about to get into the computer, he walked to her side, reached out and rubbed her head: “Go take a shower.”


She didn't lift her head, and said in a muffled voice, “I won't go.”


Gu Yunzheng embraced her: “What's wrong?”


Su Wei'an rubbed his eyes that were sore from watching the screen for a long time, and said in a muffled voice: “Some people will criticize me in public every now and then, so I have to hurry up and work hard.”


Gu Yunzheng could naturally hear some resentment in her words, and couldn't help explaining: “I am strict with you because I want them to know that your achievements are all based on your own efforts, and I have never relaxed with you because of our relationship.
Half a request.”


Of course she could understand what he meant, but…


“You're always talking about me, which will make others think I'm useless!”


Gu Yunzheng pulled his lips slightly, and said: “No, everyone in our department knows that all the questions I will ask are those that I think have reached the passing line, otherwise I won't say a word and just return it.”


Su Wei'an stared at him: “So I've been hovering at the passing line?”


Gu Yunzheng leaned over and kissed her lips lightly, and said with a smile: “Well, your passing mark is a little higher than others…”


So I have been trained a little more than others…


He said, and took her into his arms again.


Just after taking a shower, his body smelled of refreshing body wash, and the bathrobe was loosely tied, just revealing his strong chest, his breath brushed her cheek, Su Wei'an turned his head and stood in front of her.
He kissed on his lips, and the next moment, he felt the tip of his tongue licking her earlobe.
She trembled, her face was flushed, but she couldn't help wrapping her arms around his neck, and teased her in his ear: ” Gu Yunzheng, do you know that your abstinence system is about to collapse?”


He stretched out his hand to untie the headband that tied her hair, and said with a light smile, “The existence of this kind of persona itself is your misunderstanding of me, and I have an obligation to correct this misunderstanding.”


Seeing that Gu Yunzheng was about to put her on the bed, Su Wei'an quickly put out his hand to block them, and said solemnly: “You should go to sleep on the sofa today, after all, some people in our department will scold me every now and then, I have to Hurry up and get angry.”


As she spoke, she moved to the other side, deliberately avoiding him, moved the computer again, and stared at the screen intently, as if Gu Yunzheng did not exist.


Gu Yunzheng suddenly realized that he was tricked by her!


But Su Wei'an's serious work attitude is not used to deceive him.
Gu Yunzheng is afraid that she will really stare at the computer all night like this.
Excessive fatigue is definitely not a good thing for her, so he reaches out and closes her With a surprised and displeased look on her face, she said, “Summary the theme of your speech in one sentence.”


Su Wei'an thought for a while, and replied: “We have found in cell experiments and animal experiments that HDQ199 can affect the vascular endothelium and increase the risk of aneurysms in hypertensive patients.”


“Then tell me in ten sentences why you did this, how you did it, what the result was, and what it means.”


These are the four most important parts of the research.
Gu Yunzheng wants to remind her that no matter how rich the content on PowerPoint is, it is a supplement.
She cannot lose the main body because of this.
Making the main body clear and in-depth is what she needs to do most now.
Blindly reading more articles will only make her dizzy.


Gu Yunzheng took her to prepare for half an hour, after which Su Weian practiced it several times, and the person who was supposed to stay up all night unexpectedly fell asleep before 12 o'clock.


Early the next morning, she sat refreshed in Corey, waiting for the 10-minute lecture time scheduled after the morning meeting.


I thought it was just a small speech not related to Corey’s main research direction, and everyone might not pay much attention to it, but I didn’t expect that the busy director Wang Huanzhong did not leave after the morning meeting, and wanted to listen to her speech together .


Because of the presence of the director, the rehearsal this time has suddenly become much more formal, and even the doctors present have become nervous.
Everyone knows that the director is used to asking people to ask questions, and what Su Wei'an wants to talk about is that they don't know what to do at all.
Familiar things are so clicked that they don’t even know how to guess!


In ten minutes, Su Wei'an narrated their research content according to the ideas that Gu Yunzheng brought her to sort out last night.
From Gu Yunzheng's expression, Su Weian could tell that he should be satisfied with his speech this time, but most of the rest of the people looked confused.


Wang Huanzhong Director Wang casually clicked on Zhou Qinan to talk about his experience after listening to it, and then Zhou Qinan coughed lightly and said with visible embarrassment: “Well, Xiao Su's speech is very good, very comprehensive and in-depth.
If there is room for improvement, it may be a bit too deep, and it is a bit difficult for us listeners to understand.”


As soon as he finished speaking, before Su Wei'an could respond, Wang Huanzhong said first: “Xiao Su and the others are going to give a special report at the American Chorea Annual Conference, and the participants are all scholars in the professional field of chorea.
Have in-depth content and not be too superficial.”


Zhou Qinan's expression became more and more embarrassing.
Fortunately, the director didn't bother with him, so he paused and asked, “Does anyone have any comments on the content? Let's discuss it.”






For doctors who have never been in contact with Huntington's research, it is not easy to barely keep up with what Su Weian is saying, let alone discussing the content, so when the director's words came out, no one answered for a long time.


Seeing that Director Wang's eyebrows were getting tighter and tighter, everyone knew that this was a sign of the director's displeasure, and all lowered their heads, for fear that they would be watched by the director accidentally.
At this moment, a voice came from two rows behind: “I have a question.”


It was Du Yuncheng.


Hearing what he said, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and then remembered to listen to what he said.


“I would like to ask, in your animal experiments, you first administered HDQ199 to Huntington's model mice, and then added drugs that can cause high blood pressure while taking the drug.
How can you prove that the aneurysm is caused by HDQ199? Is it caused by high blood pressure?”


Very sharp question.


According to the conventional experimental design, the hypertension model should be first made on the Huntington model mice, and then divided into two groups taking HDQ199 and not taking HDQ199, but because they were changed in the middle of the experimental design, all the model mice had been fed I have passed HDQ199, but because of the funding problem at that time, I can only find ways to improve on this basis, and I can't do it all over again, which is why this ambiguity occurs.


But this is also a question that Su Wei'an had prepared for a long time ago.
As the designer and executor of this experiment, she naturally knows best which parts of the experiment need further discussion.


She said word by word: “We checked the previous related papers and confirmed that the incidence of aneurysms in experimental mice with simple hypertension is 3% to 5%.
It can be seen that the incidence of aneurysms in our experiments is significantly higher than 10%.
Based on the proportion of aneurysms caused by hypertension alone, it can be inferred that it is caused by HDQ199, of course, we are also supplementing the control experiment of taking and not taking HDQ199 in the Huntington model mice of hypertension.”


After Su Wei'an finished speaking, it could be seen that most of the doctors present nodded in understanding, approving what she said.


Wang Huanzhong's expression softened a lot compared to before, and said: “Xiao Su was able to answer this question so comprehensively in such a short period of time and was able to report the specific numerical value.
It can be seen that he has read many cutting-edge papers.
This kind of research is serious.
Everyone should learn from his attitude.” After a pause, he continued, “Of course, being able to raise such a quality question shows that Xiao Du's research quality is also very high.
Xiao Du's previous papers on glioma were also published.
Yes, he is an outstanding representative of young doctors in our department.
Here, I also want to announce an important decision.
After discussing with Gu Yunzheng, we decided to hand over Gu Yunzheng's previous research on glioma to Xiaodu to continue.


As soon as the director's voice fell, there were bursts of gasping sounds in the originally quiet conference room.
The doctors present were all taken aback.
They had guessed who would be so lucky to “pick up” Gu Yunzheng's subject, but no one Thinking that in the end, it would be given to Du Yuncheng who had just graduated with a Ph.D.
and stayed in the hospital.
This is simply a windfall, even if his performance is really good, so what? Which doctor present has not posted a few articles? After all, the dean's son really has an advantage.


Suspicion in everyone's hearts was unavoidable, somewhat sour, but at this moment, only Du Yuncheng spoke, his voice was soft but firm: “Director, I want to try to conduct research related to Huntington.”


There were exclamations of shock in the office for a while, what did Du Yuncheng say?




Gu Yunzheng went crazy if he didn't have a good glioma, wouldn't he be crazy too?


Even if Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian have completed a little experiment now, so what? This is just the beginning.
Formal papers are different from conferences.
In this regard, only a small paper with an impact factor of 2 to 3 points can be submitted for an experimental paper.
Where can we see any future? Could it be that Du Yuncheng saw that Su Wei'an got the opportunity to speak at an international conference so quickly, and misunderstood that it was easy to go in this direction?


Wang Huanzhong, the always prudent chief director, seemed to be frowning at this moment, coughing lowly: “It's a good thing for young people to have the courage to try new things, but it's better to focus on what you're good at in terms of research.
Good for your career development.”


Du Yuncheng wanted to say something more: “Director…”


Wang Huanzhong didn't want to hear any more, so he interrupted him: “Let's talk about this later, I'm going to the outpatient clinic.”


When the director left, the meeting ended naturally.


The atmosphere of today's meeting was not good, so after the end, most of the people left the meeting room quietly.


Su Wei'an was still in the shock of Du Yuncheng's proposal to study Huntington.
Gu Yunzheng came over to help her tidy up the projection cable, but she still didn't move.
Du Yuncheng.


Su Wei'an hesitated for a moment, and called him in a low voice: “Yun Zheng…”


Before the next words were said, Gu Yunzheng interrupted: “I know.”


She didn't want Du Yuncheng to step into Huntington's field, at least not until they really made some achievements.


Although I don't know the specific reason why Du Yuncheng suddenly wanted to change his research direction, Su Wei'an can guess that it has something to do with her.
Since returning to China, she has owed Du Yuncheng enough favors, and she really doesn't want to affect his.
research direction.


Gu Yunzheng did not intend to give Du Yuncheng this chance.


After Du Yuncheng expressed his strong will to Wang Huanzhong in private, Wang Huanzhong approached Gu Yunzheng to discuss the matter.
Originally, he felt that Gu Yunzheng and Su Wei'an were really reluctant to support the entire Huntington direction.
They also needed help.
Since Du Yuncheng had With a clear wish, it's okay to try it, but I didn't expect to be rejected by Gu Yunzheng categorically.


“Du Yuncheng has never been engaged in Huntington's research before, and he is also a doctor in the department.
He is busy with surgery every day, which can't really help us much, but will bring a great burden to himself.
If you, the director, also think we need If there are more people, it is better to give us a researcher or a scientific graduate student, after all, they are people who can devote themselves to the experiment.”


What Gu Yunzheng said was reasonable, and Wang Huanzhong also quite agreed, and told Du Yuncheng the meaning of what he said.
The original intention was that this matter would come to an end here.


Why didn't Du Yuncheng understand the meaning of the director, so he didn't say anything more to the director, but seeing that the day when Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng went abroad to participate in the conference was getting closer, he “accidentally” went to the laboratory a few times, ” I watched Su Wei’an’s experiments by accident, followed her to the animal room to feed the experimental mice with medicine, chatted with her by accident, and said, “When you go abroad, let me take care of these mice for you.” ?”


Su Wei'an naturally understood what Du Yuncheng meant.
He wanted to help her, and wanted to participate in Huntington's experiment to help her.
Su Wei'an naturally couldn't agree.
She pretended to smile lightly and said to him: “You There is still an operation, how can I have so much time to take care of these little mice? I have already asked my colleagues in the laboratory to help, and asked them to take care of them for a few days, you don’t have to worry.”


Du Yuncheng nodded, followed by silence.


Du Yuncheng watched her feed the mice so quietly, Su Wei'an vaguely felt that he seemed to have something to say, but if he didn't say it, she didn't need to ask, she was just busy with the work in hand, and didn't know what was going on After a while, she suddenly heard him asking softly with hesitation: “Why, are you…”


But he didn't go on.


Regarding the unspeakable secrets she mentioned several times, he thought a lot back and forth.
He was a classmate and worked together for six years, and he knew Su Wei'an well.
He had some guesses about the unspeakable secrets she said, but guessed I guessed, but I didn't dare to think about it anymore.


Her father has Huntington.


He will always remember the sharpness in her eyes when he participated in the medical competition with her.
She loves this major so much, but she actually decided to drop out two years ago.
At that time, did she already do it…


He stared at Su Weian who was concentrating on it, hesitated for a long time, and finally didn't ask any more questions.


She said it was hard to hide, so at least, he couldn't be the one who forced her to say it.


After traveling a long distance with Gu Yunzheng to fly to the United States, Su Wei'an became more and more nervous as the speaking time approached.


Wen Yuliang's report was placed first in the afternoon, and the meeting arranged for Su Wei'an's speech to follow Wen Yuliang's.
From the perspective of keeping the content compact, there was no problem, but it also meant that the meeting party wanted them to Head to head.


But fortunately, this intention was not only seen by Su Wei'an, but also by Wen Yuliang, who had been in the academic circle for a long time, so after his routine narration of his drug clinical trials, he verbally added the content of adverse drug reactions, using In two sentences, he briefly mentioned the three patients with ruptured aneurysms to show that he did not avoid it.


With Wen Yuliang's previous foreshadowing, Su Wei'an didn't have to worry too much, and successfully completed his speech according to the content prepared in advance.


The questioning session was really not peaceful.


Foreign scholars listened to these two speeches very carefully, and asked with a rigorous attitude: “You have completed the part of cell experiments and animal experiments, what do you think this kind of multiple aneurysms will also occur in humans taking HDQ199? up?”


Su Wei'an answered frankly and did not evade: “We think it is possible.
In fact, we first saw the three patients with aneurysms mentioned in Professor Wen's enrolled patients before deciding to use the cell It has been verified by animal experiments.”


“Excuse me, are you two in a cooperative relationship?”


To this question, Su Weian replied tactfully: “Not yet.”


Her words left room for the future, which also showed that the relationship between the two parties is still friendly.


“Then according to your experimental results, the aneurysm that appeared in the clinical trial is likely to be a serious adverse reaction caused by HDQ199 itself.
Can we think so? What do you think the ongoing clinical trial of the drug should do based on this? Feedback?”


Professor Wen Yuliang, who had just finished his lecture, was still sitting in the audience, listening to foreign scholars' questioning, he looked at Su Wei'an with a very bad expression.


If she said something inappropriate on such an occasion in order to get revenge on him, it would only make the two of them laugh at the international academic circles, and frankly speaking, in his eyes, Su Wei'an is like a clown , It was originally a joke!


What does she know? How many experiments did she do? Does she know how difficult it is to make some achievements in academic research? What qualifications does she have to stand on the same platform as him? What qualifications does she have to comment on his research? That was his hard work!


Su Wei'an didn't answer immediately.


Frankly speaking, if Wen Yuliang was only considered, she really wanted him to keep his promise that day, as long as she found evidence, he would stop the experiment and apologize in public, but Su Wei'an understood that she couldn't, because at this moment she was not just The student who made a bet with the big professor at the beginning was a scientific researcher and a patient with Huntington's chorea.


Wen Yuliang was right in saying one thing that day.
After experiencing the failure of so many drugs in phase III clinical trials, HDQ199 has indeed carried the hopes of too many people.
As a patient, she sincerely hopes that this drug trial will be successful.


Scientific research also has scientific research rules.
As scientific researchers, they are actually comrades-in-arms on the same front.
There are indeed some problems in the current clinical trials of HDQ199.
What she should do is to find a way to solve the problems, not just for a moment.
Emotional, let this experiment become notorious.


Standing on the podium, Su Wei'an looked at Gu Yunzheng who was sitting in the auditorium, and his eyes met.
He was still his usual calm and calm, and just nodded to her.


He may or may not know what she will say.


But it doesn't matter, no matter what she says, he will respect and support her decision.


Under everyone's gaze, Su Wei'an said, “We think this issue should be left to the ethics review committee and Professor Wen's team to decide.
The purpose of our cell experiments and animal experiments was never to deny The drug HDQ199, on the contrary, we have seen the excellent performance of HDQ199, and we hope to use our experiments to improve its indications and studies on adverse reactions, so as to guide people to better use this drug.”


In just a few sentences, they not only satisfactorily explained the purpose of their research, but also reflected their vision and mind as researchers.


After speaking, she bowed to express her thanks.
There was applause, and several professors in the front row nodded in agreement.


Su Wei'an stepped off the stage calmly and sat beside Gu Yunzheng.


He shook her hand naturally, interlocking his fingers, and she leaned lightly on his shoulder.


Without saying a word, she understood what he meant.


He was proud of her performance.


Although Su Wei'an's final answer maintained the superficial peace between the two teams, it also meant that Wen Yuliang had to immediately submit all the situation to the ethics review committee to decide the next step of the trial.


After the meeting, Su Wei'an went to the bathroom, and when she came back, she saw that Gu Yunzheng was discussing something with several professors.
She thought about it and didn't bother her, just stood outside and waited for him.


Wen Ran came to look for Su Weian at this moment.
The best friends from the past met in a foreign country, and there was no small talk at the beginning of the chapter.
Wen Ran said bluntly: “My father has spent half his life in research, and you have no idea how difficult it is to produce some major results in scientific research.
It's not that you can come out according to the one, two, three, four, five in the textbook, my dad has his own control over all the details in the experiment, don't ruin his hard work!”


Wen Ran's world view, Su Wei'an has long been knowledgeable, and he doesn't want to entangle her anymore, he just said concisely and indifferently: “Research has research regulations, and it cannot be replaced by someone's control!”


“You won!” Facing Su Wei'an's resolute attitude, tears flickered in Wen Ran's eyes.


The professor's daughter with exquisite makeup looked at her so aggrieved, but Su Weian had a puzzled face and asked, “What did you say?”


“I said you won, Su Wei'an, whether it was the original thesis or Du Yuncheng, it was you who won.
I robbed your thesis and Du Yuncheng.
These are all my faults, but I ask you not to Because the grievances between us affect my father, don't affect his research, do you know how many patients' hopes are behind this drug, I ask you not to destroy their hopes!”


Wen Ran spoke very emotionally, at least Su Weian could see that she moved him.


But Su Wei'an only thought it was ridiculous.


“This matter is only related to scientific research itself from beginning to end, Wen Ran, have you never thought about how serious medical research is?”


Wen Ran was startled, and then wanted to say something more, but Su Weian didn't want to give her another chance.


Su Wei'an tried her best to calm herself down, but she couldn't do it after all.
She said: “Don't say anything more about the patient's consideration, because you don't understand the patient's mood at all.
You don't know everything the patient has suffered.
How painful is it? As long as you have a little hope, you rush to try it.
As long as the doctor says it can cure the disease, even poison is willing to try it, because they trust the doctor, and because they have nowhere to go.
If you really understand this feeling, From the very beginning, I will not shy away from the matter of aneurysms!”


It's because you put too many personal gains and losses into it first, that's why you're so afraid!


After Su Wei'an finished speaking, her clenched hands trembled uncontrollably, and she looked at Wen Ran with undisguised disgust.


Facing Su Weian like this, Wen Ran was startled at first, but then, a white light flashed in her mind, and she suddenly realized something.


Su Weian's strong emotions are more like…


It's more like talking about yourself!


Wen Ran spoke tentatively, but her tone was firm: “You've had a genetic test, haven't you?”


Having been best friends for six years, Wen Ran knew Su Wei'an well.


As early as the moment Su Weian decided to drop out of school more than two years ago, Wen Ran had already noticed that there must be a reason for it, but at that time her attention was all on Su Weian's thesis, without thinking about it.
When Su Wei'an came back, she brought her father who suffered from Huntington's chorea.
She thought that her family's illness was the reason why Su Wei'an dropped out of school, but after thinking about it carefully, that was still not the whole answer.


If only his father was ill, with Su Weian's usual style, he would immediately decide to devote the rest of his life to the research of Huntington.
With Su Weian's personality, he will definitely use this as his greatest motivation to give his family a chance.


But she didn't.


If there was anything that could hurt Su Weian more than her family's illness, it would probably be that she herself was also ill.


Based on Wen Ran's understanding of Su Weian, Su Weian is definitely not the kind of person who knows that he has a 50% chance of being inherited but does not do genetic testing, and is willing to deceive himself and others to live.
But even Su Weian couldn't bear the pressure brought by the genetic test results showing that she carried the disease-causing gene, so she dropped out of school because she had already been sentenced to death and because she gave up.


What Su Weian said at this moment like moths rushing to the flame and being desperate is the truest portrayal of her own heart!


Yes, that's it.


This will explain it.


The situation that was overwhelmingly in favor of Su Weian just now suddenly changed at this moment.
Facing Su Weian who was too surprised to speak, Wen Ran asked the second question: “You also carry Huntington to make you sick?” Genes, right?”


Su Wei'an glared at Wen Ran, gritted his teeth and said, “It has nothing to do with you!”


Wen Ran already had the answer.


With Su Wei'an's personality and their current relationship, if she didn't refute her or laugh at her on the spot when faced with such a question, it means she hit the mark!


Su Wei'an really carries the Huntington gene!


Even if Wen Ran was the one who put forward this hypothesis first, when all this was confirmed, Wen Ran was still shocked, but after being shocked, Wen Ran, who was defeated by Su Wei'an's few words before, finally regained his former confidence.


She actually laughed and said, “So what you call loving scientific research and returning to the laboratory is actually just trying to find a way out for yourself, right?”


Although it is a question, Wen Ran has already determined the answer in her heart, and there is no need for Su Wei'an's answer at all.
She stared at Su Wei'an and continued: “Then let me tell you, Su Wei'an, everything you do today is important.” You are digging your own grave.
HDQ199 is currently the only experimental drug that is expected to pass the clinical phase III.
Remember, you blocked the progress of the trial with your own hands today.
When you get sick in the future, there is no cure.
You will pay for what you did today!”


“It's not me who blocked the progress of the trial, but you and HDQ199 itself! Even if I ignore these 3 patients with aneurysms, even if they pass the clinical phase III by luck, the adverse reactions of aneurysms will eventually be discovered when the drug is on the market.
At that time, the drug will be taken off the shelves in an emergency, and everything will be re-validated, and this will really deprive HDQ199 of the opportunity to treat patients!” Su Wei'an almost squeezed out the last words from between his teeth, “Stop pretending that you are It's for me and for the patients of Huntington, you really don't look like that at all!”


After Su Wei'an finished speaking, he turned and left without looking back.


Gu Yunzheng negotiated cooperation with a foreign professor related to the subject, and he was in a good mood.
On the way back to the hotel, he planned the research arrangements with her after returning to China, but soon realized that she was a little absent-minded.


He asked her with concern: “What's the matter?”


Su Wei'an didn't want to add unnecessary troubles to Gu Yunzheng, he just shook his head and said lightly, “I'm just a little tired.”


But in fact, Su Wei'an is only very clear that the fact that she carries the Huntington gene was guessed by Wen Ran, and I'm afraid it will be announced to the world soon.


After returning to China, it was too late to beat the jet lag, so Gu Yunzheng was called back for surgery, and Su Wei'an simply went back to the hospital with him, but she didn't see each other for a few days, and she couldn't rest assured that she was feeding the big mice one by one.


Fortunately, the mice seem to be doing well, and the food and water in the cage are also very abundant.
It can be seen that someone has changed them on purpose.
Su Wei'an returned to the laboratory to express his gratitude to Yu Yanxing, the colleague who asked him to leave before leaving, and brought him a small gift.
Unexpectedly, Yu Yanxing hesitated for a moment and did not answer, but said: “If you want to thank, please thank Du Yuncheng.
The days are relatively busy, and when you go to see your mouse every day, he has already done all the work.”


Su Wei'an was taken aback for a moment, he didn't expect it to be like this, but he still smiled and said to Yu Yanxing: “It's okay, you accept this, I will go find Du Yuncheng.”


Du Yuncheng expected that she would come to him, and after meeting, he just greeted him casually: “Is it fun to go to America this time?”


Su Wei'an didn't answer, but went straight to the point: “I heard that you take care of our experimental mice these days?”


Du Yuncheng smiled lightly and said, “Yeah, how's it going, did you bring me a gift to thank me?”


As he spoke, he stretched out his hand in front of her, asking for a gift, but then he remembered something and quickly took it back.


With sharp eyes and quick hands, Su Wei'an grabbed Du Yuncheng's wrist and pulled it over to see that there was a piece of Band-Aid on it.
She glanced at Du Yuncheng and gently peeled it off, only to see very clear tooth marks from rat bites inside.
It seems that the bite is not shallow.


Su Wei'an's heart tightened.
The genetically modified mice are aggressive, and they are not soft-spoken when biting people.
Du Yuncheng has never been in contact with them before, and he doesn't understand their temperament, so it is inevitable that they will be bitten.


She asked anxiously: “Which day was it bitten? Have you been vaccinated? Although it is an SPF-level experimental mouse in the laboratory, for safety's sake, it is better to be vaccinated!”


Seeing her worried look, Du Yuncheng felt warm in his heart, and replied: “I bitten the day before yesterday, and I have been vaccinated, so you don't have to worry.” After a pause, he added, “If you are worried, put I can also pay for the money for the vaccine.”


It was just what Du Yuncheng said to make her feel at ease, but Su Weian took out her mobile phone without hesitation and prepared to transfer money.
Du Yuncheng hurriedly stopped her and said, “Don't, don't, I'm just joking, why are you so alien to me? Actually I was bitten because I wanted to see Huntington's experiment and try it out, and it has nothing to do with you, so you don't have to worry about it.”


Sure enough, he still did not give up the idea of ​​joining the Huntington project.


Su Wei'an couldn't help but sighed softly, and said, “Du Yuncheng, you're so good, why do you have to turn to Huntington?”


Du Yuncheng held his lips, revealing two rows of neat and white teeth, which was his signature smile.
He said, “Isn't it all reasons to want to contribute to science and publish a good article?” He said, deliberately approaching her, Said, “Why, both you and Gu Yunzheng don't want me to join so much, are you afraid that I'm too powerful to steal your credit?”


Su Wei'an shook his head and said: “This road is really much more difficult than it looks.
I can't persuade Gu Yunzheng, but for you, at least Gu Yunzheng and I don't want you to jump in and temporarily change yourself like this.
Your research direction is not good for your career!”


“Since it's my own career, it's my own business, and you don't have to worry about it.” Du Yuncheng said, looking at Su Wei'an with gentle eyes, “I will also tell Gu Yunzheng that he doesn't have to worry about it.” I turned to Huntington in order to rob you from him, since you have already made a choice, I won't force it, I just…
want to accompany you.”


Unable to explain why, Su Wei'an only felt that his last sentence was a little wrong, and he always looked a little sad, but she didn't understand where his sadness came from.


He said that it was fine to accompany her, why did he suddenly have such an idea?


Before she could figure out why, Du Yuncheng had already taken two steps back, meaning that he didn't want to discuss any more with her: “I'm going back to the operating room.”

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