After leaving the ward, Su Weian did not speak to Gu Yunzheng.
Xu Shi had waited for a long time to see her and did not want to speak.
Gu Yunzheng rarely asked her, “Do you have anything to say?”

Su Weian thought for a while, and said, “It seems that I should thank you.
But since this is your patient, the reason why he was smashed is that he translated what you said, so I don't know what to thank you for.
She is really clear about it, and she doesn't suffer at all!
Fortunately, this is not what Gu Yunzheng wanted to ask: “What did you say to the patient in French just now?”
What did you say? She seemed to be praising him to the patient, but of course, Gu Yunzheng couldn't know that.
Su Wei'an didn't blink, and said, “I told him that there is an injustice and a debt to the owner.
If he wants revenge, he will find you.
Don't take me with you.”
Gu Yunzheng didn't speak, and it could be seen from his expression that he didn't believe her words at all, and what surprised Su Wei'an, even more, was that she found that the corners of his lips turned up slightly.
Gu Yunzheng is this…
in fact, he has roughly understood what she said before, right?
Gu Yunzheng!
Su Weian was about to have a seizure, but Gu Yunzheng spoke one step ahead of her: “Let's go, the 6-bed boy is about to be discharged from the hospital.”
The 6-bed boy that Gu Yunzheng mentioned was Cati's son.
The little boy recovered well after the operation.
Cati was very happy about it, and he never mentioned the transfer to another hospital.
Hearing that he was about to be discharged from the hospital, the child seemed very excited and even cooperated with the physical examinations that he did not like to do on weekdays.
After completing the basic inspection, Gu Yunzheng stood up and said to Cati, who was waiting beside him, “No problem.”
Cati was grateful at first and thanked Gu Yunzheng while stroking his child's head, but then his expression became a little dignified, and hesitantly said, “Doctor Gu, I don't know if I can ask you a favor for something else.

“you say.”
“The child's father found something growing in his brain during an examination before.
The doctor in the general hospital said that the location was not good, so the first operation was not clean, and now it has recurred.
They suggested radiotherapy.
Can you please help?”
Su Wei'an only felt a little heavy in her heart after hearing this.
It turned out that they had a familiar brain doctor in the general hospital for this reason.
Gu Yunzheng did not shirk and replied, “Yes.”
Originally thought it was just to watch the movie, but they didn't expect that Cati's husband Kouyate came to the hospital just after returning from a business trip the next afternoon, and it was at this time that they realized that Kouyate was actually a local government official.
Sitting opposite Gu Yunzheng, Kouyate's face was a little tired, but he patiently waited for Gu Yunzheng to read all the information before asking with some anticipation, “Can I still have surgery to remove it now?”
When Gu Yunzheng was studying other materials, Su Weian went to the film and took a closer look.
The tumor grew on the brain stem impartially, because there are breathing and heartbeat centers in the brain stem, as well as various important movements and sensations.
The fiber bundles pass through, and a little carelessness can lead to paralysis or even death.
This position is not bad, but especially bad!
The operation is clean…
This is not an ordinary operation, and the risks are extremely high.
With the equipment and personnel of this hospital, coupled with the special status of this patient…
Su Weian couldn't help but look at Gu Yunzheng with some worry, do you really want to do it?
“Yes.” Gu Yunzheng replied without any hesitation.
He answered so succinctly that Su Wei'an couldn't help but feel a little surprised, but after all, this is his field.
Since he said yes, it means that he is sure.
Su Wei'an translated Gu Yunzheng's answer to Kouyate, only to see that his eyes lit up, but he still asked worriedly, “Will the risk be great?”
Still the answer without hesitation: “No.”
Just as Su Weian was about to translate, he was stunned and looked at Gu Yunzheng in surprise, no…
In the first class, the professor who came to give them a lecture told them about the seven complications of brainstem surgery and the nine symptoms of surgical damage.
The whole class was amazed.
Su Weian still has lingering fears, but now Gu Yunzheng actually said that the risk is not.
Do not make jokes!
The cows are going to fly to the sky!
However, Gu Yunzheng pointed at the tumor in the brainstem on the film with a pen and said: “It is dangerous to grow on the brainstem, but this is the safest one among the dangerous tumors.
At present, the tumor is not very large, and it has not invaded important areas.
The patient has no obvious symptoms, and surgical resection is still the best choice.
If there is no accident, the operation can be completed within 5 hours, so the risk of anesthesia is not very large.

After he finished speaking, he raised his head and met Su Weian's eyes.
Su Weian only felt that his thoughts seemed to have been seen through by him, and he looked away subconsciously.
After hearing this, the Cati couple decided to operate almost immediately.
Su Weian read them the long informed consent form for the operation.
The risks listed above were countless, but when they finally signed, Cati was still able to tell them With a smile, his eyes are bright and expectant.
But the more they looked forward to it, the more nervous Su Wei'an felt.
The higher the patient's expectation of the operation, the greater the pressure on the doctor.
Even a small mistake may lead to unacceptable results for the patient.
It is precise because of this that most doctors will face such a difficult operation.
Emphasizing that the risk is extremely high, but Gu Yunzheng…
But what Su Wei'an didn't expect was that, before she could question Gu Yunzheng, the French doctors at the General Hospital had already aggressively killed them.
Their shock and anger can be imagined.
At first, they called Gu Yunzheng to go to the general hospital to give an explanation, but Gu Yunzheng refused on the grounds that he was busy with the operation.
The three doctors in the original team in charge of the Kouyate operation simply came directly to find someone.
At that time, Gu Yunzheng was still operating on other patients.
The dean asked Su Wei'an to invite them to the conference room to wait for a while.
The faces of the three people were worse than the others, and they waited with them in the conference room for half an hour.
Time, Su Weian can be regarded as a second as a year.
Just after the operation, Gu Yunzheng came directly to the conference room.
Before Su Wei'an could explain the situation to him, the three French doctors accused them in front of everyone present: “How can you be so irresponsible? The patient also promises that the risk of the operation is not high when the patient undergoes reoperation.
The patient’s status is special, so the operation is dangerous.
If there is any problem during the operation, can you afford this responsibility?”
Su Weian only felt that his head was big, and after thinking about it, Gu Yunzheng was so smart, he must have guessed what the situation was in front of him, so he simply translated the French doctor's words without changing the personal pronouns.
After speaking, he pointed to the French doctor's name.
direction, “what they say.”
In fact, compared to what would go wrong during the operation, Su Weian felt that these doctors in the General Hospital might be more afraid that there would be nothing wrong with the operation.
Although it is a bit extreme to think so, after all, the patient's identity is special.
If the doctor cured it, it may not just be a problem of a dull face.
Gu Yunzheng didn't blink: “I have conducted a careful evaluation.
The patient's grade is not high, and there is a chance of complete resection.
Is it because the patient's special status and fear of problems in the operation make him give up the opportunity?”
The more special the patient is, the more the doctor dares to take risks sometimes.
Even if the patient cannot be cured, it is better than the more serious problem in their own hands.
These French doctors may also have this idea.
I saw the leading French doctor with a livid face: “We don't mean that, we just don't want you to mess around!”
Compared to the other party's emotional excitement, Gu Yunzheng seemed much calmer: “We won't.”
“I'm not ashamed, I heard that Kouyate's son was still awake when he was sent to your hospital, and he was in a coma after a short stay in the emergency room.
Isn't this because of your poor medical skills? Even trauma patients are treated like this.
I still want to have such a dangerous brain tumor surgery!”
They came prepared.
I don't know where they heard the news, but when Kouyate's son was sent to the hospital, there was indeed a time when he was still conscious.
She happened to see it when Gu Yunzheng was evaluating him, but…
Gu Yunzheng responded bluntly: “The child had an epidural hemorrhage, and he was in a coma once before being sent to the hospital.
Your so-called sobriety is just the middle sober period!”
The other party was aggressive: “How do you prove that it was the middle sobriety period and not the child's coma because of your mishandling? Was there any medical professional at the time who could prove your words?”
When the child was first sent to the emergency room, Gu Yunzheng's assistant went to help him fetch things.
There was no second doctor present during the evaluation.
The other party wanted to bite Gu Yunzheng to death.
give up surgery.
Gu Yunzheng didn't speak again, just sneered.
There's not much more to say.
It was obvious that they came here after staring at this.
In order to prevent Kouyate's surgery, they also took great pains.
The so-called “unwarranted” charges were roughly the same.

Although Su Wei'an had opinions on the wording of Gu Yunzheng and Cati's communication from the beginning, he did nothing wrong in the rescue, but because of the selfishness of the doctors at the General Hospital, he would suffer such embarrassment, and everyone watched Below, it is too heart-wrenching.
Thinking of this, Su Weian spoke, and the short French was loud and clear: “I can prove it.”
The French doctor was startled at first, then frowned: “What can you prove with a translator?”
“Fortunately, I'm not just a translator.” Su Wei'an paused, and then solemnly said, “I graduated from China Hua Medical University and passed the examination for practicing Chinese doctors two years ago.
Although I can't compare with the experts, my judgment is I still have the ability to be in a state of consciousness.
I was by my side when the patient was sent to the hospital.
There was indeed a period of time when his consciousness improved and he could be awakened, but he was not fully awake.
Combined with what the emergency personnel said, the patient had a brief coma.
, which proves that what Dr.
Gu said is correct.”
When the words fell, the conference room was silent for a moment, and even the Chinese and African doctors in this hospital couldn't help but gasped when they heard the words and looked at her in surprise.
I saw the French doctors look at each other, stared at Su Wei'an for a while, and said, “You…what?”
Su Wei'an said calmly: “I am also a medical professional.
If the experts need any proof, I can help.”
The assistant behind Gu Yunzheng didn't understand what happened, and asked the local doctor in English in a low voice, “What did she say?”
He answered in slightly jerky English: “She's also a doctor!”
The assistant was startled, and said, “Don't be joking…
It can't be true, right?” He then moved closer to Gu Yunzheng: “Doctor Gu, the translator actually said…
that she is also a doctor!”
Gu Yunzheng didn't speak, just pursed his lips.
This farce ended now, and the three French doctors had justified their losses.
Just as the General Hospital called, they took advantage of this pretext to leave first.
Then the other people dispersed one after another, leaving only Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng in the center of the room.
The atmosphere was somewhat embarrassing.
After all, the two of them were not at war with each other before, but they could also be regarded as cold-hearted.
The reason why Su Weian stood up to help him on such an occasion was only based on his own likes and dislikes and his injustice on the road.
She didn't mean to show affection to Gu Yunzheng or sell it to others, and she didn't want Gu Yunzheng to accept her affection.
Therefore, she deliberately used a somewhat mean tone to speak first: “Once again, I talk professionally without your permission.
Am I going to be fired again?”
Yes, almost.
Gu Yunzheng didn't answer, just looked at her.
Does she know how sensitive Kouyate's identity is? Faced with the questioning of the French doctor of the General Hospital, the leaders of this hospital dare not say much.
It is all up to her to argue, how dare she dare to put such a Take responsibility for yourself?
It's not courage, it's stupidity, and expelling her from here now might save her.
However, when she methodically described her basis for judging the patient's state of consciousness and her concept of the intermediate sobriety period, Gu Yunzheng saw the confident light in her eyes, which made Gu Yunzheng slightly suffocated.
Deja Vu.
Gu Yunzheng narrowed his eyes lightly and asked, “Have I seen you somewhere?”
Su Wei'an was stunned.
He couldn't wait for an answer, but fortunately, Gu Yunzheng didn't want to wait for her to answer either, he pulled his lips slightly and said, “There was a female student in a traumatic brain injury class I took two or three years ago, who was like you.
Self-righteous, even the tone of speech is very similar to yours.”
Because the class was in the classroom of the operating room, everyone wore masks, and there was nowhere to recall their faces, but he always remembered the same confidence and love for what he had learned in those eyes.
Su Wei'an looked away, smiled, but his voice was dry, and said, “Professor Gu has taught so many students, but he still remembers them all.
He's really a good teacher.”
“But I only taught them one class, how can I remember them all? It's just a student who raised his hand 7 times in a class, chased questions, and persevered in arguing with me.
So far, I've only seen that one.”
I probably don't know how many times I've read the book in advance before I can think so quickly and ask every sentence in the key place.
This is probably a compliment to her, right?
Before the smile on Su Wei'an's lips could stretch, he heard Gu Yunzheng continue: “Unfortunately, to the end of the professional knowledge debate, she never won.”
Su Wei'an was speechless.
You actually remember such a thing so clearly, Associate Professor Gu, your heart is as big as the tip of a needle, right?
But at this moment, Gu Yunzheng said seriously, “I don't know if she can win next time.”
After speaking, Gu Yunzheng turned around and walked out the door.

Xu Shi remembered some old things because of Gu Yunzheng's words.
When he returned to the dormitory at night, Su Weian, who had not been on social software for a long time, suddenly wanted to open QQ.
A year or two apart, I don't know how the classmates in that classroom are now.
Unexpectedly, as soon as I went online, I was caught and said, “You finally appeared!”
After she dropped out of school, she changed to a new mobile phone number and lost contact with her former classmates.
It was indeed not easy to contact her.
The other party then sent a video request, Su Weian clicked to connect, the girl with heavy makeup on the screen was a bit more mature than two years ago, with a sweet smile on her face, and she looked very excited.
She greeted: “Wei An, long time no see!”
That was her best friend ever.
Long time no see, Wen Ran.
Su Weian opened his mouth, but said plainly, “What's wrong?”
The person on the other side of the screen was still enthusiastic and asked, “What's the matter? You said that if you dropped out, you really dropped out.
You haven't contacted us for so long.
We are all worried about you!”
Su Weian was about to laugh perfunctorily when she heard another familiar voice from the computer, asking Wen Ran, “Who are you talking to?”
After that, a familiar figure walked to Wen Ran's side and hugged her lightly, wearing a white tracksuit.
Two years later, Du Yuncheng doesn't seem to have changed much.
Wen Ran suddenly smiled and said angrily, “Yuncheng, why can't you even recognize Wei An?”
When the words fell, Su Wei'an could feel Du Yuncheng's figure freeze across the screen, and then suddenly released his hand on Wen Ran's body, turned his head, and looked at Su Wei'an on the computer side in shock.
Yes, it's really Su Wei'an.
It's still the plain ponytail in memory, and even the radian of laughing doesn't seem to change, but it makes people feel that there is something different.
She smiled politely and said to him, “Long time no see, Du Yuncheng.”
It's been a long time since he confessed to her last time.
Su Weian knew in his heart that Wen Ran chose to video with her at this time mostly for this scene, and Wen Ran finally took the son of the dean and the grass in his pocket.
So what is the relationship between Wen Ran and her?

No, for Su Wei'an, Wen Ran is at most a thief.
Wen Ran, who is studying in the Department of Clinical Medicine of University A School of Medicine, is Su Wei'an's classmate.
Not long after entering her freshman year, Su Wei'an missed her class due to illness.
Wen Ran lent her some important materials to help her catch up with the progress.
Since then, they have become best friends.
Wen Ran wears makeup all year round in school and wears a pair of 5cm high heels.
Her personality is just like her dress, she is a bit ostentatious, and there are several boys she has dated, so most of the comments about her in private are not very pleasant.
Wen Ran participated in the election of the student council president.
The process can be described as tragic.
Although Wen Ran won the election in the end, before he had time to be happy, news of Wen Ran bribing the teacher came out in the grade.
Wen Ran hugged Su Weian and cried three times.
Su Wei'an asked around in the grade and found out the source of the news.
It was Wen Ran's campaign opponent Liang Yayi.
She took Wen Ran and went directly to find him, blocking him at the door of the classroom.
At that time, it was time to change the classroom after class.
There were people coming and going in the corridor.
Su Wei'an didn't say a word of greetings.
In a word, it attracted the attention of all the people around.
Liang Yayi was a little embarrassed at first, but now that she has said this, she has nothing to fear.
She said, “Because I saw it! Was it you who was in a teacher's office on the 3rd floor at 2 pm the day before yesterday? Say it, Wen Ran.
When Su Wei'an turned around, he saw Wen Ran stunned for a moment, and then explained, “I'm here for business, classmate Liang, you must have misunderstood!”
Liang Yayi looked at her in shock and said, “Wen Ran, I have seen the watch in the bag!”
Wen Ran said with an expression of grievance that she was about to cry, “Student Liang, you must have read it wrong!”
Seeing that there was no result in this entanglement, Su Weian said to Liang Yayi: “Since you are so sure, please show the evidence!”
The boys on the sidelines also coaxed: “Yeah, show the evidence!”
Liang Yayi was dumbfounded.
“It doesn't seem to be?” Su Wei'an paused, “Apologies!”
Liang Yayi was unwilling and said, “Su Wei'an, Wen Ran is lying! You believe I didn't lie to you!”
Su Weian said without the slightest hesitation: “Since you two insist on your own words, and Wen Ran is my best friend, I naturally have to trust her first.”
When Liang Yayi heard the words, she was dumbfounded.
After a while, she slammed down a sentence: “Su Wei'an, one day you will know what kind of person your best friend is!”
This incident spread in the school later, so no one dared to provoke Wen Ran easily, and she was considered smooth sailing in the student union.
Unlike Wen Ran, who focused on the work of the student union, Su Weian devoted herself to experiments.
She joined the research group of Dr.
He Xiaoming, a neurosurgery surgeon, for two years of experiments.
Because it was Wen Ran who first proposed to join Dr.
He Xiaoming's research group together, in the later experimental results, out of loyalty to his friends, Su Wei'an always brought Wen Ran's name, even if Wen Ran only occasionally went to the laboratory to see.
But Su Wei'an underestimated Wen Ran's ambition.
On the day of getting the results of the genetic test, Su Weian, who was in despair, originally planned to go to Mr.
He to discuss the submission of the thesis and the aftermath, but he did not expect to hear Wen Ran and Mr.
He talking at the corner at the end of the corridor in front of the office.
The girl's voice was soft and weak: “Teacher, although saying this is a bit like taking credit, in fact, most of the design of our project and the discussion of the experimental results was done by me.
It's just because the student union is usually too busy with work.
I asked Wei An to report to you this time.
This time the city's science and technology cup is about to start.
I want to use our research to participate in the competition.
I just hope that my name can be on the front.
Teacher, He thought for a while and then replied: “I don't know the situation between the two of you.
In fact, as long as the two of you have discussed it, it's fine.”
“It's just that Wei An has a bad temper and has always been a bit domineering.
I blocked a female classmate at the door of the classroom before and couldn't get off the stage.
We all know that after talking about this topic, I'm afraid that we won't be able to become friends after talking about this topic, so I want to ask The teacher to help you speak.”
Before Mr.
He could finish speaking, Wen Ran interrupted first: “My father always taught me that teamwork is the most important thing in scientific research, and I don't want to quarrel over the matter of signing to destroy harmony.”
Wen Ran's father is the director of the neurology department of Zhanghe Hospital, and he is also well-known in the domestic medical circle, especially in recent years, he has done several large-scale clinical studies that have attracted much attention.
Teacher He's tone also softened a lot: “Director Wen said that? Sure enough, it's everyone's demeanor!”
Wen Ranqiao smiled and continued, “Yeah, speaking of which, my father mentioned two days ago that he wanted to invite doctors from other hospitals to participate in a large-scale clinical study that he was going to do.
I wonder if Teacher He is interested?”
It was difficult for Su Wei'an to describe how she felt at that time.
She only remembered that when she lowered her head, she saw that her hands were shaking.
She didn't listen anymore, turned around, and walked back to the dormitory, leaning against the wall.
I wanted to cry, but when I remembered what Liang Yayi said at the time, I couldn't help laughing.
The next day, she developed a fever.
When she received the call from Teacher He, she had just finished taking her temperature, which was 39.3 degrees Celsius, and Teacher He's voice over the phone was like a bowl of cold water: “Xiao Su, come to see me in Keli at noon, about the subject.
I have something to tell you.”
After arriving in neurosurgery, she couldn't remember exactly what Teacher He said to her, but it was inseparable from the fact that Wen Ran contributed a lot to this project, and the idea of participating in the “Science and Technology Cup” competition was also very important.
Okay, so let Su Weian give up the first author this time to Wen Ran, and everyone takes turns.
Su Weian remembered Wen Ran who didn't even know where the reagent bottles were when he entered the laboratory last time, and then looked at the “heart-to-heart” teacher in front of him, and asked in a hoarse voice, “What if I don't agree?”
He Xiaoming was taken aback.
Su Wei'an turned around and left.
She dropped out of school after that.
Xu Zhi thought that she had dropped out of her studies, so naturally, she didn't care about any papers.
Wen Ran took the papers written by Su Wei'an and directly submitted the manuscript, and under the guise of Su Wei'an's agreement, she deleted her name.
go down.
Su Weian happened to hear a classmate mention it when he went back to school to collect materials.
At that time, the classmate asked her in an unbelievable tone: “Are you really not going to sign?”
Su Weian just sneered and didn't speak.
Three months later, the paper was accepted by a magazine with great influence in the industry.
Wen Ran contacted many domestic online media to issue press releases to promote himself.
Su Wei'an found the editor-in-chief's mailbox according to the name of the magazine in the press release and wrote a thousand-word letter.
A week later, this article was retracted because it violated the rights of others because it did not write the full author's signature, and Su Weian sent Wen Ran to the headlines again.
The news turned into a scandal in an instant.
As soon as this incident came out, Wen Ran was punished, and even the title of associate professor that He Xiaoming had just rated was removed.
The whole hospital announced the sensation.
At this level, it stands to reason that Wen Ran and Su Wei'an should be regarded as enemies if they are not mortal enemies.
When she couldn't get any results from her experiments, she could also pretend to be friends with Su Weian.
And Su Weian took this video call just because…
She also wanted to see how her once a best friend was doing now.
As for seeing Du Yuncheng, it could only be regarded as a windfall.
An unexpected surprise.
If it is said that the most famous student of China Medical University, Du Yun ranks second, and no one can rank first.
As soon as they entered their freshman year, they heard from their teachers that there would be the son of the director of Huaren Hospital this year.
When they first heard about this, they were mostly against him, and they sketched a rebellious character in their minds.
The image of the rich young master, I only thought that it must be a scourge, but when I saw Du Yuncheng, I was shocked.
It's okay to be tall and handsome, and I still entered the school with the top ten grades in the grade.
Su Wei'an's heart was even more resistant to him.
Why? Grab resources!

Under similar conditions, who would dare to say that the identity of the son of the director of Huaren Hospital would not have an advantage?
In this way, Su Wei'an fought with Du Yuncheng for three years, and for three years, when he was a senior, he was forced by his teacher to represent the school in a professional competition, but unexpectedly developed a “good buddy” relationship.
After the competition, the two went out to drink the celebration wine.
Su Wei'an said, “If you were not so good in every way, maybe I would have made you a confidant and friend of mine.”
Du Yuncheng let out a sigh, and said without showing weakness: “If you were not so good in every way to the point of being annoying, maybe I would let you be my girlfriend.”
Su Weian didn't even think about it, he slapped him on the head and said, “Don't take advantage of me!”
Su Wei'an always thought that Du Yuncheng was joking.
After all, her college life in the past few years was a history of struggle with Du Yuncheng.
Now it is a qualitative leap to be able to live together in a friendly way.
Therefore, in the “Big Six”, Du Yuncheng was in full view of the public.
When she said “let's date” to her, she was completely covered up.
She thought and thought, and finally pretended she didn't hear anything and turned away peacefully.
At that time, Wen Ran was still her best friend, and she asked Su Wei'an several times what she thought of Du Yuncheng.
Su Wei'an didn't figure out what he thought about Du Yuncheng, but just said, “If he asks again, maybe I will agree.”
She remembered that Wen Ran's face froze at that time, but then she said as if nothing was wrong: “That's good to dare.”
But Du Yuncheng never asked or even appeared, which made Su Wei'an wonder if he was hiding from her.
But she didn't care about it at that time, and not long after that, she decided to go for genetic testing.
When the genetic test results came out, she was very fortunate that she didn't agree to anything, so she could come and go quietly.
As for how Wen Ran got together with Du Yuncheng later, Su Wei'an didn't care.
After all, for Wen Ran, who has a rich emotional history, this is not a difficult problem, but for Du Yuncheng, although Su Wei'an has a revolutionary friendship in his heart She was still there, but she didn't feel anything other than that.
She felt relieved to see him and Wen Ran living happily together.
From another point of view, she and Du Yuncheng may not really be the same traveler.
On the other side of the screen, Du Yuncheng stared at the blackened wall behind her and asked, “Where are you now?”
Su Wei'an said simply disinterestedly: “Central Africa.”
“Central Africa?” Du Yuncheng was surprised, “Do you know how dangerous it is over there!”
The concern in his tone was too strong, and Wen Ran on the side couldn't hold his face, and before Su Wei'an answered, he said, “Central Africa is not so scary, it doesn't mean that Teacher Gu Yunzheng and Gu went to Central Africa to help a while ago.
“He went there because…” Du Yuncheng said suddenly but stopped.
Have a secret?
Su Weian asked, “Why?”
There was a moment of silence, Du Yuncheng did not speak, but Wen Ran took the initiative to explain in detail in order to distract Du Yuncheng's attention: “Some time ago, in the evaluation of professional titles, Teacher Gu asked Professor Jin from the perspective of strength.
But he was suppressed by Yuncheng's father…
Dean Du, on the grounds that Mr.
Gu has just been promoted to associate professor for three years, and his qualifications are not enough.
When the news first came out, everyone complained about Mr.
Gu, but he didn't say anything.
, and not long afterward, I heard that he himself signed up for a project to aid Africa.”
No wonder.
The foreign aid experience is definitely a highlight.
It seems that Gu Yunzheng is using this to make up for the problem of seniority.
Putting down the international cutting-edge research projects in his hands and leaving the largest neurosurgery center in China, Gu Yunzheng is sure to win the title of professor.
Su Wei'an glanced at the time, it was already late, she said hello and was about to go offline, when Wen Ran hurriedly stopped: “Wait, Wei'an, I want to ask you, I don't know why I dyed it recently.
The background false positives were particularly heavy at that time, and I remember it was not like this before…”
This is the real reason why Wen Ran is anxious to contact her.
In fact, Su Wei'an had already expected it in his heart, so he avoided the important and said lightly: “There are many possibilities.
How long is your serum closed?”
“Half an hour.”
“You can try adding an hour to it.”
Wen Ran had an expression of sudden realization, and said, “The teacher said it in the meeting before, right? I remembered it! Ah, Yuncheng, look at me, I've been so busy recently, and I actually remembered everything the teacher reminded me of before.
Su Wei quietly watched her finish this scene alone, and said expressionlessly: “The teacher didn't say it, I said it.”
After that, I closed the computer directly.
When he went to work the next day, Su Wei'an was actually a little uneasy.
The day before, I had a hard fight with a French doctor and even revealed that I graduated from medical school.
I am afraid that it has become the talk of everyone after dinner.
It is somewhat embarrassing to think about it.
Sure enough, as soon as she entered the hospital, she saw that everyone was discussing something in groups of three or five.
She shouted “bad” in her heart.
She didn't expect this to have such a great impact, but at this moment, Sister Lan, the nurse, greeted her.
She went over: “We're here for An, come and see, our doctor Gu is going to be famous!”
Su Wei'an was startled, walked over to take a look, and saw a video on Sister Lan's mobile phone Weibo.
It was not someone else in the picture, it was Doctor Gu and Associate Professor Gu, who suddenly fell to the ground on the street.
A passer-by performed a cricothyroidotomy.
Because the situation was urgent and there were no surgical instruments beside him, he took out the signature pen in his shirt pocket.
Without any hesitation, he stabbed the patient's neck quickly and accurately, across the screen, Su Weian's heart was tight.
The moment he pulled out the pen, blood came out, and the onlookers took a step back in fright.
Only Gu Yunzheng remained calm and calm, opened the patient's airway, and successfully relieved the patient's symptoms of dyspnea and hypoxia.
Ambulance comes.
Someone who happened to pass by happened to film the process and uploaded it directly to the Internet.
In just over an hour, the number of retweets has exceeded 2,000.
The identity of the protagonist Gu Yunzheng in the video was successfully revealed by netizens.
Youngest associate professor of neurosurgery.
Sister Lan said to Su Wei'an with a smile in her eyes: “How is it? Are our Doctor Gu very good?”
Su Wei'an naturally knew that Gu Yunzheng's professional ability was very strong, and it was not an easy task to complete the cricothyroidotomy with a pen, but she only thought it was a bit exaggerated to boast like this.
She raised her head slightly and said sternly: “The operation skills that must be tested by undergraduates, does he need to give a little red flower to a dignified associate professor if he does it?”
When he turned his head, he saw Associate Professor Tangtang standing behind her and looking at her.
Su Weixin smiled humbly, but after thinking about it, he didn't seem to have said anything wrong and straightened his back again.
Fortunately, Gu Yunzheng didn't seem to hear what she said, just told Sister Lan about today's surgery arrangements, and let Su Wei'an stare at Kouyate's admission to the hospital.
Xu is because of a guilty conscience, Su Weian deserves to be extra happy today, seeing that Gu Yunzheng has explained everything that should be explained, she was about to leave, but he suddenly paused and said to Su Weian: “What you just said For the operation test, I heard that there was a long-term student in the previous two years who was transferred to a five-year graduation because of the make-up test, isn't it you?”
Su Weian was startled, Gu Yunzheng heard her words just now!
She immediately said angrily, “No! Of course not!”
“Then why don't you take good care of your studies and run out to be a translator?”
In one sentence, Su Wei'an, who was originally angry, suddenly quieted down.
It was probably an enemy.
Gu Yunzheng asked her pain point in one sentence.
She narrowed her eyes, looked down at her toes, and whispered, “Anyway, there is such a reason…”
Gu Yunzheng didn't speak anymore, just looked at her thoughtfully.
At this moment, the sound of the shutter came from not far away.
Su Weian and Gu Yunzheng raised their heads at the same time, and saw an Asian-looking woman on the seat beside her, holding a camera in her hand, pointing in their direction.

Gu Yunzheng walked to her seat and reminded: “It involves patient privacy, please don't take pictures in the hospital.”
The woman put down the camera in her hand, looked at the man in the white coat in front of her with a smile, and replied in fluent Chinese: “I don't shoot others, only you.”
Such a straightforward answer made Su Wei'an, who had just withdrawn his sight, unable to hold back, and looked in the direction of the woman again.
He looks like he is in his twenties, with delicate makeup, exotic clothes, and a pair of sunglasses on his chest.
He is unique and gorgeous in this monotonous hospital.
Su Weian came to Sister Lan and asked in a low voice, “Who is that?”
Sister Lan raised her eyebrows and said, “Passerby, I followed Dr.
Gu to the hospital this morning.
The video on Weibo was shot and uploaded by her.”
Su Wei'an teased: “She passed it on? I thought it was Gu Yunzheng who passed it on by himself.”
Sister Lan only felt angry and funny: “How could Dr.
Gu do such a thing? I heard that someone made a video of his rescue and uploaded it, and he wanted to find someone to delete it, but the leaders of the domestic hospital reacted very much after seeing it.
I think it’s good for the image of the hospital, so let’s keep it.”
Su Weian nodded and said, “So that's a photographer who took a selfie without Gu Yunzheng's permission, uploaded it to the Internet, and followed him to the hospital? What is she doing here?”
Sister Lan didn't say a word, but just smiled deeply, the meaning couldn't be more obvious.
Well, for Gu Yunzheng.
But Gu Yunzheng didn't seem to understand the style and said, “I'm sorry, I don't like taking pictures.” He said it unapologetically.
The woman was stunned for a moment, then, as if nothing was wrong, she put down the camera in her hand, stood up, and said with a smile, “I was rash, please forgive Dr.
Gu.” She paused for a while, and then introduced herself, “My name is Jiang Muying.
, is a freelance photographer.
He was attracted by the customs of the African land.
He unexpectedly saw the scene when Dr.
Gu was saving people.
Suddenly, he felt that such a scene was more worthy of being recorded, so he followed him to the hospital.
, I want to take pictures of our angels in white saving people in a foreign land.”
It sounds nice to say, but unfortunately, it didn't impress Gu Yunzheng.
“Photography in the hospital must be discussed and approved by the hospital leaders, and the presence of the camera will affect the normal work of the medical staff.
Please understand Miss Jiang.”
Being rejected in public, Jiang Buying couldn't hold back her face, but she still asked, “How about being an interpreter for you? I learned some local languages before I came here, so I should be able to help you a little bit?”
“We already have an interpreter.”
“But I heard from Doctor Gu's assistant that you are not satisfied with her?”
Talk too much!
Gu Yunzheng swept over with a sharp gaze, only to see his assistant shrink back with a smirk.
The client Su Wei'an's eyes widened, and she said to Sister Lan, “Is she trying to steal my job?”
Sister Lan hurriedly patted her shoulder to comfort her: “It's okay, our doctor Gu is a reasonable person.”
Gu Yunzheng then said coldly, “That was more than half a month ago.”
After that, he turned around and was about to go back to the operating room.
Jiang Muying said cruelly, “I don't want money, so I'll try it here for a week.
If you think I'm not doing well, I'll leave right away, okay?”
Seeing that such a beautiful girl wanted to stay, the assistant couldn't help but help: “Yes, Dr.
Gu, we have so many doctors this time, and it would be a great help to have an extra translator!”
Even Su Weian became a little nervous, thinking that Gu Yunzheng is not such a good talker, so he shouldn't agree.
But seeing Gu Yunzheng hesitated for a moment, he said, “If you insist on trying, then try it.”
Su Weian was taken aback and asked, “Sister Lan, didn't you say he is a reasonable person?”
Sister Lan hummed a little embarrassedly: “To be reasonable, don't give up free labor for nothing…”
Su Wei'an: “…”
Gu Yunzheng then entered the operating room.
Su Wei'an didn't believe a word of Jiang Muying's rhetoric that she wanted to record the picture of the angel in white saving people on foreign land.
Gu Yunzheng's surgery today was almost full, and Su Wei'an guessed that she would stay here for a day.
I found that I couldn't even see Gu Yunzheng's shadow, so I felt bored and it was time to go, so I didn't take it too seriously.
Kouyate came very early, and the admission procedures were completed quickly.
After that, Su Weian took him to do some preoperative examinations.
When he was about to lie in the MRI machine, he suddenly asked Su Wei'an: “Someone told me that Dr.
Gu was not skilled in medicine and almost killed my youngest son.
Is it true?”
Su Wei'an frowned, these rumors really made the patient suspicious.
“The person who said these words came to us in person not long ago to question Dr.
“and after?”
Su Wei'an suddenly smiled: “They left in despair.”
Kouyate also laughed when he heard this.
Su Weian continued: “Although Dr.
Gu is a little cold, he is definitely a responsible doctor.
You must trust him.”
Kouyate nodded and lay back in the apparatus.
After placing Kouyate, who will have surgery tomorrow, Su Weian received a call from the emergency room, and Dr.
Xu from the general surgery department asked her to help.
When she arrived in a hurry, Jiang Muying was standing beside the doctor at a loss, surrounded by two sturdy black men with tattoos on their arms.
Su Weian stepped forward and asked, “What's wrong?”
Xu frowned and said, “Translation Jiang doesn't know how to translate the word 'thoracic-abdominal joint injury, so we have to ask you to come and help.
The male patient who was sent to the operating room just now was pierced by a knife and needs to be carried out at the same time.
For chest and general surgery, his condition is very critical and the risk of surgery is very high.
Su Weian nodded in response and explained to the two strong men what Dr.
Xu said.
The expressions of the two people became worse and worse.
Although they signed, they kept saying, “You must save my elder brother!”
Hearing their tone, Su Wei'an felt that it was not very good.
While handing the consent form for surgery they signed to the doctor, he said to them, “Your elder brother's situation is very dangerous.
No one can guarantee life.”
The man who had been watching and didn't sign can't stand it: “You must save him!”
Su Weian just felt that it was useless to talk more, and ignored them.
After a while, the two men were heard arguing.
“It's all your fault.
How can you leave the eldest brother there alone? If you hadn't escaped, how could the eldest brother be injured like this?”
“That's not because of you.
You always say that big brother only cares about himself, regardless of the life or death of the brothers, otherwise, I will not run!”
Seeing that the dispute intensified, it seemed that he was about to move.
Su Weian called the hospital security to pull the two of them away and put them on the seats, warning them to leave the hospital if they quarreled again, and the two became quieter.
After that, Su Wei'an received a call from Sister Lan to the nurse station, saying that the domestic hospital would fax some important data sheets to Gu Yunzheng, and ask Su Wei'an to help find a place to store them first, and don't mix them in the hospital's stuff.
After receiving the fax, Su Weian thought about it and couldn't find a good place, so he simply put it in the mezzanine of his bag, and then put the bag back on the top bunk of the doctor's lounge – because the hospital's The cabinets are limited, so non-staff like them can only do so.

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