When Su Wei'an walked back to the ward, Wen Ran had already been waiting at the door of Su's father's ward for a long time in advance.
When he saw Su Wei'an came back, Wen Ran, who always liked to step on 10cm high heels and look down on others, put his hands in the pockets of his white coat Ri turned around, she was wearing flat shoes because of hospital regulations.
Without the advantage of the 10cm high heels, she could only raise her head and look at Su Weian: “Stay away from Yuncheng.”


What a neat opening statement.


She heard their conversation in the stairwell just now, originally out of curiosity, she wanted to hear what Du Yuncheng would say to Su Weian, who had no self-respect, but she didn't expect to hear such a big secret.
She realized that there was something wrong between Gu Yunzheng and Du Yuncheng, but she never thought that Gu Yunzheng was actually Du Yuncheng's half-brother, and more importantly, just a week ago, for Su Weian, Du Yuncheng opened his mouth to Gu Yunzheng begged for mercy, and he said that he likes…
to live with Su Wei'an.


That's her boyfriend! It was her boyfriend who caught up with Su Wei'an after she left Su Wei'an by all means! After so long, how can she listen to him say that he likes someone else, and that other person is Su Wei'an?


Even though Du Yuncheng seemed to want to cut off all contact with Su Weian when he came out of the stairwell today, she knew very well that the more angry Du Yuncheng was, the more he cared about Su Weian.
Realizing this, Wen Ran finally could no longer pretend to be calm.
She wanted to warn Su Weian to stay away from Du Yuncheng and them.
already, isn't it?


Facing Wen Ran's stern words, Su Wei'an ignored her, pretending that he didn't see her, and stretched out his hand to open the door of the ward.


Wen Ran pulled Su Weian's hand away: “Did you hear that? I don't care if he liked you before, but from now on, please stay away from him! Yun Cheng is a nostalgic person , I can't watch you use his kindness to hurt him!”


Wen Ran made a big move, and Su Wei'an was a little hurt from being caught by her.
She shook off Wen Ran's hand and took two steps back, creating a distance between them.


Su Wei'an looked at her, and suddenly felt a little ridiculous: “Wen Ran, don't use Du Yuncheng's kindness to hurt him, shouldn't it be me who said it to you?”


For so many years in college, people who met Wen Ran didn't seem to have a good end.
For example, Liang Yayi, He Xiaoguang, and her, Wen Ran can always destroy things that are important to others so easily.


Wen Ranman looked at her in disbelief: “Yun Cheng is the person I love the most, how could I hurt him?”


Su Wei'an sneered: “You used to introduce your best friend to people everywhere, what did you do to her afterwards?”


Su Wei'an's eyes were sharp, and he looked straight at her.
Wen Ran subconsciously looked away, and said in a low voice, “Yun Cheng is different from you…”


Her words made Su Wei'an raise his lips involuntarily, not knowing whether he was laughing at Wen Ran or himself.
The person who once confided his heart and defended everyone even if he offended everyone, now said such a thing, and Su Wei'an was no longer even surprised.


“That's right, Du Yuncheng and I have different values ​​to you, so when you meet someone even more different, please treat Du Yuncheng kindly.”


After Su Wei'an finished speaking, she raised her head and looked past Wen Ran to look behind her.
Wen Ran noticed something and turned her head suddenly, only to see Du Yuncheng not far from them, her face was red and then white, Wanting to explain something to Du Yuncheng: “Yuncheng, I'm not…”


But he saw Du Yuncheng walk up to her, frowning and asked, “What are you doing here?”




Before she could finish speaking, Du Yuncheng had already held her hand, turned around and faced Su Weian: “We don't need outsiders to worry about our affairs.” After speaking, he pulled Wen Ran away and left.


Seeing their figures disappear from sight, Su Wei'an remembered Du Yuncheng's decisive attitude just now.
She wanted to remind Du Yuncheng to be careful of Wen Ran.
She knew that Du Yuncheng would have a big reaction when he heard their words, but she guessed the beginning , but did not guess the ending.


She had never seen Du Yuncheng in such a posture before, he was as indifferent as a stranger, as if suddenly, they became strangers who had been classmates for six years, but so what? In the case of Du Yuncheng, she deserved it.


And the day seems to be getting extra long.


When entering the ward, Su Wei'an saw that her mother had just ended a phone call, and the expression on her face was also very serious.
She asked her mother softly, “What's wrong?”


Mother Su turned her head and saw that it was Su Wei'an who came back: “You came just in time.
I was just looking for you.
Before that, your father was conducting clinical trials in Zhanghe Hospital.
He met some patients and established a group.
We also communicate with each other.
Just now, the family member of one of the patients, Lao Li, called and said that Lao Li also suddenly experienced the same whole body stiffness and headache that your father had before.
The doctor said what it was…
what is inferior bleeding, and asked us what should we do? Why? Ah, can you talk to your Teacher Gu and let him take a look at it?”


Su Wei'an's heart sank: “Is anyone showing similar symptoms?”


Earlier, although she felt that her father's condition was strange, it should be related to the experimental drug, but she couldn't be sure.
After all, they had no evidence, and the possibility that it was the father's personal problem could not be completely ruled out, or it might be that his father happened to grow up at this time Aneurysm, it may be “lucky” to meet the probability of being struck by lightning, but now someone has similar symptoms…


Su Wei'an frowned: “I'll go and discuss it with Teacher Gu…”


If it's still an aneurysm this time, then this drug…


Su Weian didn't dare to think about it anymore.


After talking about this matter with Gu Yunzheng, he also realized the danger of this matter.
Because the patient was in the local area, he immediately transferred the patient to Huaren Hospital for an angiography of the head.
As a result, something bad happened.
It turned out to be an aneurysm.
Although an aneurysm was performed immediately Embolization, and the operation went well, but this matter still made Su Wei'an very concerned.


Su Wei'an looked at the DSA image on the screen and said, “One is accidental, what about the other two?”


“It may be a coincidence.” Although he also felt that there was a problem, Gu Yunzheng remained calm, “I checked Professor Wen's experiment, and the number of subjects was more than 300.
In addition, the patient surnamed Li had a long-term medical history.
High blood pressure is a risk factor for aneurysms, even if we doubt it, we still can't draw any definite conclusions.”


Although he was anxious, Su Wei'an knew that what Gu Yunzheng said was right, and it was still too early to say what's wrong with this drug.
After all, this is the only Huntington treatment drug that has reached the clinical phase III recently.
To secure the hopes of too many people, including myself, is by no means an easy task.


Su Wei'an worriedly said: “Then what should we do now?”


Gu Yunzheng closed the window of the examination results, turned around and said to Su Weian word by word: “Take care of this patient's aneurysm, let him report the adverse event of aneurysm to the implementer of this experiment like your father, and hand it over to Su Wei'an.” Let them deal with it, and then, together, we hope that something like this doesn't happen again.”


Su Weian raised his head and was looking into Gu Yunzheng's eyes.
He was so calm and firm, which made Su Weian's heart gradually settle down.


She nodded, lowered her eyes, and sighed softly: “Don't let it happen again…”


But things backfired.


Not long after that, another patient called at home.
After total cerebral angiography, an aneurysm was found at the end of a small artery.


Once is accidental, twice is coincidence, and three times is neither accident nor coincidence.


Su Wei'an helped the patient's family members sort out the relevant examination results overnight and sent them to the drug experiment team of Zhanghe Hospital.


Just halfway through the two-year clinical trial, such a serious adverse event occurred.
In this case, according to the regulations, it should be reported to the ethics review committee to consider intervening in the trial or stopping the trial.


However, after waiting for more than a week, the experimental team of Professor Wen Yuliang of Zhanghe Hospital had no news at all.


Su Wei'an felt that he couldn't wait like this any longer.
As a doctor in another hospital, Gu Yunzheng's appearance would only make things more complicated.
Su Wei'an went to Zhanghe Hospital as a family member of the test subject and found the domestic Huntington Hospital.
An authoritative expert in disease diagnosis and treatment, that is, Wen Ran's father, Professor Wen Yuliang.


When he was still in school, Su Wei'an had heard of Wen Yuliang's great reputation in the academic world many times.
He was an expert who was the first author and had been published in NEJM magazine.
Su Wei'an still holds a respectful attitude towards this famous Professor Wen.



It was noon, and in the crowded outpatient building of Zhanghe Hospital, Wen Yuliang was followed by a team of doctors, walking through the crowd mightily, Su Wei'an trotted two steps to catch up, and finally stood in front of Wen Yuliang .


Her opening remarks were concise and straightforward: “Director Wen, I am Su Weian, the family member of Su Jianming, the subject of the HDQ199 drug trial.
I would like to consult you about this drug trial.”


Wen Yuliang looked at her with some doubts, and the doctor at the side reminded him: “Director, that's the first patient in the Huntington drug trial to withdraw because of an aneurysm.”


Wen Yuliang seemed to suddenly remember something, nodded: “I remember.” Then asked, “How is your father recovering now?”


“The aneurysm ruptured twice in a row, which was a bit serious.
Fortunately, it was discovered in time, and the postoperative recovery was not bad, but the headache was severe, and the limbs were a little inflexible.”


Wen Yuliang nodded to express his understanding: “Huntington is accompanied by a ruptured aneurysm and caused intracranial hemorrhage.
It will indeed have a relatively large impact on the patient's life.
It depends on the family members to take care of it.
By the way, what do you want to ask today?” ?”


“That's right, my father knows two patients who also participated in this experiment with you, and found aneurysms one after another.
The information has been sent to you for a while, and I would like to ask how you plan to deal with this situation? “


Hearing Su Wei'an's words, Wen Yuliang looked a little surprised: “Aneurysm has been found in another patient?” He said, turning his head to look at the doctor behind him, without getting angry, “Xiao Yang, what's going on?”


The doctor behind him froze, quickly lowered his head and said respectfully: “It is true that we have received the information of two more patients, but because the examination and treatment were not done in our hospital, we sorted out the contents and are about to submit them to you.


“That's it.” Wen Yuliang nodded, and said to Su Wei'an, “I'll take a look when I go back, and then arrange for the doctors in the team to write back to you as soon as possible.”


Wen Yuliang had already said that, so it probably wouldn't take much time, Su Wei'an responded, “Okay, thank you.”


Wen Yuliang did not lie to her.
The next day, the family members of the two patients received a call from Zhanghe Hospital, allowing them to withdraw from the trial under the premise of respecting the wishes of the patients and their families, and Professor Wen Yuliang personally arranged for their follow-up.
Diagnosis and treatment plan.


For the patients, the results have been very satisfactory.
When the two patients were discharged from the hospital, they did not forget to praise the attitude of Professor Wen's team when they thanked Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng.



It is naturally good that the matter can be resolved so smoothly, but Su Wei'an still feels a little uneasy in his heart, because so far, the news about the experiment itself has not been intervened.
Su Wei'an called twice and got the answer.
It's all “under discussion”.


Su Wei'an was a little uneasy, and asked Gu Yunzheng for advice: “Do you think they have reported the situation to the ethics review committee?”


Gu Yunzheng understood the contradictions and worries in her heart, and put his hands lightly on her shoulders: “I don't know, why not, we are talking about the most authoritative professor who is engaged in Huntington research in China, there is no such thing as the word 'feeling'.


Su Wei'an frowned: “But asking them directly is only perfunctory, what else can we do?”


“There will be an annual meeting of domestic neurology in City C next weekend.
I have seen the schedule, and there is a special lecture by Wen Yuliang, which is related to the clinical trial of the Huntington drug he conducted.”


“You mean…” Su Wei'an quickly understood.
Introducing their experiment at the meeting means that they will mention the progress of the current experiment, and it is likely to involve the reasons for the withdrawal of several subjects in the experiment.
With so many experts from all over the country, Wen Yuliang couldn't be perfunctory and had to give an answer.
This was indeed a good opportunity.




“Wen Yuliang is one of the top experts in the country.
His speech will definitely be placed in the main venue.
I am not a registered participant, nor am I a doctor from any hospital.
How can I sneak into the venue?”


“Who said you want to get in?” Gu Yunzheng looked at her worried look, and couldn't help but chuckled, “I'll take you in.”


“You?” Su Wei'an was a little puzzled after being pleasantly surprised, “But you are a surgeon, why did you attend the annual meeting of the internal medicine department?”


Gu Yunzheng rubbed her head smoothly: “I contacted a foreign expert and drew up a project on Huntington's chorea.
I have already completed and submitted the fund project application, so it would not be considered abrupt for me to appear in any related meetings.


“You…what?” Su Wei'an was shocked, “Your research direction is obviously glioma…”


Gu Yunzheng has been focusing on glioma for 9 years, and his research is regarded as one of the most promising research in the field of glioma, but he just said…
What topic did he propose?




Su Wei'an looked at him in disbelief.


Gu Yunzheng seemed very calm: “It won't happen in the future.”


Su Wei'an suddenly didn't know what to say.


She was still thinking that Gu Yunzheng might just suddenly get up and take a look at Huntington, but she didn't expect him to be far more decisive than she imagined.


Not anymore…


Where is the application for a new project so easy to write? Even Gu Yunzheng didn't necessarily have to stay up a lot of nights and read a lot of documents to complete it in such a short period of time.


She suddenly remembered that during the time before, he replied so briefly to the message she sent him at night, was he actually writing an application?


When did he have the idea to change his research direction?


It is not easy to reach Gu Yunzheng's current position in a professional field.
Re-entering a new field, using new experimental methods, all have to be explored again, the first year or two is likely to pass like this, without too many important results, and high-impact articles cannot be published.
And now it is an important juncture for him to evaluate the professor, so he made this decision so easily?


Her voice was slightly hoarse: “Gu Yunzheng, are you changing your research direction for so many years because of me?”


Gu Yunzheng pulled his lips, and wrapped Su Weian, whose eyes were slightly red, into his arms, and replied calmly, “Of course it's because of you.”


because of her.


Su Wei'an closed his eyes.


How long have they just been in a relationship? a month?


This is his career!


“Gu Yunzheng, the research direction is not a child's play.
Maybe we will quarrel in two days, or you find that I am a busy and boring person.
You can't just change the subject you have applied for back! “


Gu Yunzheng rested his chin on her forehead, and replied lightly, “Yes.”


“Also, you have to re-evaluate the professor next year.
It is difficult to get results so quickly at the beginning of a new project.
What about your title?”




“Also, have you talked to Director Wang? He shouldn't let you change your research direction so impulsively, right?”






Gu Yunzheng leaned over and sealed his lips with a kiss.


At first, he just wanted to taste it, but when he touched her warm and soft lips, he suddenly didn't want to let go.


Su Weian was still struggling to push him away, regain his sanity, and continue to persuade him to give up changing the subject, but Gu Yunzheng didn't give her this chance, and nimbly pried open her teeth, luring her to entangle with him.


She finally gave up resistance.


When she came back to her senses, she couldn't think of the reason why she was well prepared, but Gu Yunzheng who just let her go was two points closer to her.


She hurriedly stretched out her hand to put between him and herself, but he gently creaked on her waist, Su Wei'an was in his arms, unable to run away even if she wanted to, so she had to stop him with her hands, but As soon as he put his hand down, he had already pushed her against the wall and kissed her.


On weekdays, she looks gentle and restrained, even in such a hot place in Central Africa, the ascetic who would neatly fasten the first button of her collar is surprisingly good at how to seduce her, two rounds When he got down, Su Wei'an had completely disarmed, and he wrapped his arms around his waist and limp in his arms.



It was only at this time that Gu Yunzheng whispered in her ear: “I have already talked to the director, and the project application has been submitted to the director for review.
The reason why I didn't tell you before is that I am afraid that you will be burdened with 'affecting my whole life.
Career' burden, but now it's good to think about it, at least you won't leave without saying goodbye next time.”


Su Wei'an knew that he said this to relieve her pressure, but still couldn't help but chuckled and said, “Why do I feel that my leaving without saying goodbye really left you with a lot of trauma?”


Gu Yunzheng looked at her with raised eyebrows: “You're still laughing!”


Su Wei'an pursed his lips, held back his smile, tiptoed and pecked lightly on his lips, and said seriously: “I will never leave without saying goodbye again, I promise!”


Just when Gu Yunzheng raised his hand and was about to rub her head in satisfaction, Su Wei'an said thoughtfully: “At least leave a letter.”


Gu Yunzheng pinched her face, moved it close to the tip of her nose only 3cm away, and looked straight into her eyes: “How dare you!”


Su's father recovered well after the aneurysm operation, and because of Huntington's chorea, he was transferred to the Department of Neurology and stayed in the hospital for a week.
I don't want to cause trouble for my daughter, I don't want to see her sitting by my bed for a whole day, and every time I say that I can be alone, so I slam her out.


Although her father's condition was indeed not a big problem, she still didn't dare to leave him alone in the hospital, so she just walked around the hospital.
Gu Yunzheng was very busy with surgery on weekdays, and only when she was off work, she went to deliver dinner to Gu Yunzheng, and the two of them could chat for a while.


Because the previous glioma project was about to be concluded, Gu Yunzheng was busier than usual, and almost had to live in the laboratory.
When she went to find him, he just asked her to watch from a distance in the living area, keeping her away from the rest of the room.
The experimental area was full of toxic and harmful chemicals, so Su Wei'an just sat on a chair beside him quietly to accompany him at first, until one time, three timers on the wall rang one after another, and Gu Yunzheng, who was processing the gel, completely Unable to get away, Su Wei'an looked at the yelling timer on the wall, then at Gu Yunzheng, got up and went to the experimental area, took a pair of gloves and put them on, went forward and pressed the timer, The liquid in the cell culture dish was replaced one by one with a pipette, and the movements were skillful and neat.


When Gu Yunzheng finished handling the gel, she had already changed half of it.
Gu Yunzheng walked up to her, intending to take over, but seeing Su Wei'an's focused expression, he stopped his movements, and just leaned on the side of the laboratory table, concentrating looking at her.




Putting the last petri dish back on the shaker, Su Wei'an put away the pipette, turned his head and smiled at Gu Yunzheng with some complacency.


Seeing her sly smile, Gu Yunzheng could not help but narrow his eyes slightly: “Why are you smiling like this?”


Su Wei'an raised his eyebrows: “I know you want to praise me.”


Gu Yunzheng was noncommittal, but moved closer to her: “Really?”


The air he exhaled brushed against her ears, warm and itchy, Su Wei'an smiled and glared at him: “Praise me!”


Gu Yunzheng suddenly fell silent for a moment, just when Su Weian was a little puzzled and thought that he had done something wrong, he only heard his voice lowered and said seriously: “Come to the laboratory and help me.”


The smile on Su Wei'an's lips suddenly froze.


She pursed her lips and lowered her head slightly: “Forget it, I dropped out of school before I finished my long-term study, and I am no longer a student of this hospital.
It is almost impossible to enter this hospital with a bachelor's degree.
Maybe it is true I can't help you.”


Gu Yunzheng looked at Su Weian, who was dodging his eyes, and couldn't help frowning: “It's really difficult to come in as a doctor, but with your ability, it's not impossible to become an assistant researcher.”


Su Wei'an shook his head: “Forget it…”


Gu Yunzheng sensed that something was wrong, and asked her shoulders, “What's the matter, why?”


She couldn't hide, but after thinking about it, she didn't need to hide from Gu Yunzheng, after all, he was the only person in the world who understood her at the moment.


She tried to explain in the most understated tone: “I gave up medicine as a major two years ago.
In such a limited life, I don't want to make myself regret my original decision, and I don't want to see myself every day.
In the research of Dawn, I became desperate.”


Gu Yunzheng didn't want her to give up her favorite major just like that, but he couldn't refute the reasons she gave.
He devoted the only time in his life to research that was likely to yield nothing.
The apoptotic cells in the petri dish reminded her every day What was going on in her body, all of this was really cruel, if it wasn't because her confident smile was too dazzling just now, how could he have the heart to ask her to come back and face these things?


He stretched out his hand, gently embraced her into his arms, and said softly, “It's fine if you don't come.”


On Friday night, he caught the last flight to City C.
When he got off the plane, the evening wind from the seaside city made Su Wei'an sneezed three times in a row.


Gu Yunzheng handed her the tissue: “It's midsummer now, and I don't have a coat for you.”


Su Wei'an quickly waved his hand, indicating that he was fine, but just about to speak, he couldn't help but sneezed.


Gu Yunzheng pulled his lips slightly: “But I can lend myself to you.”


Su Wei'an was startled: “What?”


Immediately afterwards, Gu Yunzheng held her tightly in his arms.
He blocked the unkind night wind for her, and there was warmth in the palm of her arm.
She was slightly surprised, and subconsciously called out to her.
He: “Gu Yunzheng…”




Su Wei'an raised her eyes and looked aside, a passerby who passed by them smiled and watched them pass by, she said a little embarrassedly: “I will be shy…”


Gu Yunzheng thought for a while: “So?”


Su Wei'an shrank into his arms: “Hold me tight.”


Gu Yunzheng reached out and pressed her head to his chest, couldn't hold back, and laughed out loud.


After that, the two rushed to the hotel that the conference affairs helped to book.
However, they asked at the front desk and were unexpectedly told that the hotel was full, and there was only one double room booked under his name.


Gu Yunzheng hurriedly called the meeting affairs officer in charge of the hotel affairs.
When he learned that the two of them were a man and a woman, the meeting affairs officer who knew that he had caused trouble took a breath: “Well, I'm sorry, I took your companion gender is recorded as male.”


Gu Yunzheng frowned: “But I told you it was a woman.”


The conference affairs repeatedly smiled: “Yes, maybe I was too busy at that time, and I didn't hear clearly on the phone.
I thought you were in neurosurgery, and there were almost no female doctors…” After explaining, he hurriedly said, “I will give it to other nearby doctors.
The hotel called and asked if there were any rooms available.”


Gu Yunzheng nodded: “Thank you.”


However, since this is a large-scale conference across the country, there are already many people coming, and it is the season with many conferences.
The hotels around the venue are already fully booked, and all the inquiries about the conference are “sorry”.


It was already late at night, and they were already very tired.
There was no better solution, Su Wei'an hesitated and said, “Why don't we stay here first.”


Although I was a little dissatisfied with the fact that there was only one room, but fortunately the room was clean and relatively large.
Su Weian, who was exhausted from the journey, sat by the bed after entering the room, and then lay down naturally, breathing a long sigh of relief.
He said happily: “The bed is so soft!”


Gu Yunzheng who came in later heard her half-coquettish and half-satisfied tone, and couldn't help laughing: “You like it so much?”


Su Wei'an immediately realized that his behavior was not paying attention to his image, and sat up immediately, but he didn't expect to run into Gu Yunzheng who had just walked beside her.
The defenseless Gu Yunzheng was fine, but the “perpetrator” Su Wei An has already started rubbing his forehead.


It hurts…it hurts…


She almost subconsciously reached out to touch the belly of Gu Yunzheng who had just been bumped by her.
This time, she seemed to have discovered a new world.
Through the white shirt, the touch of her hand was extraordinarily firm.
Su Wei'an thought about it, um, This might be the legendary abs, so the palm of his hand patted on his belly happily.


“For safety, don't make trouble.”


Su Weian teased him in a good mood: “Don't be shy!”


Seeing her proud look, Gu Yunzheng narrowed his eyes slightly, took a step closer to her, and bent down: “Are you sure I'm the one who is shy?”


The distance between them was already very close.
At this moment, Su Wei'an was completely in the shadow area in front of Gu Yunzheng, and he was still getting closer to her.
Su Wei'an sensed the danger, and the movements of his hands also moved.
She stopped, and instinctively hid back, but there was a bed behind her.
Seeing that something was wrong, Su Wei'an hurriedly pushed Gu Yunzheng away and stood up: “That…
I'm going to take a shower…”


After finishing speaking, he was about to go into the bathroom, but he felt that it was not right to say such things at this time, so he turned his head and explained: “I just want to take a bath before going to bed, so don't think too much about it!”


Obviously wanting to clarify what he said, Su Wei'an blushed unapologetically as he spoke.


Her appearance made Gu Yunzheng couldn't help laughing, he walked towards her with long legs, just when she was nervously thinking what he was going to do, he walked around her, opened the closet, and took out the bath towel inside Passing it to Su Wei'an, he reached out and rubbed her head: “What do you think I will think about?”


Su Wei'an blushed a little more because of his words: “I…how would I know…”


Gu Yunzheng raised his eyebrows: “You don't know?”


Su Wei'an straightened his back, as if his heart could show the sun and the moon: “I don't know.”


“Then I'll tell you.”


After Gu Yunzheng finished speaking, he leaned over and kissed her lips.


Su Wei'an's mind exploded, is she…


Being…tucked into…road…?


Fortunately, Gu Yunzheng just sneaked up on her, and then let her go: “Go and wash, go to bed early.”


Su Wei'an nodded in a trance, walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower to the maximum, and it took a while to recover.
Gu Yunzheng only heard her roar coming from the bathroom, probably thinking that the water was loud enough that people outside Inaudible, what she said was: “Gu Yunzheng, you bastard!”


Gu Yunzheng responded leisurely: “You called me?”


Hearing the momentary silence in the bathroom, Su Weian, who was belatedly aware of it, hurriedly said, “No!”


Su Wei'an quickly took a shower in ten minutes, and he was afraid that staying in the bathroom for a long time would make the situation even more strange.


When she got out of the bathroom, she said “good night” and then got under the covers and pretended to be asleep.


Gu Yunzheng found it interesting that a girl who looked so powerful on weekdays turned out to be like this at this time, but after all it was a tiring day, it would be better for her to rest early, so he didn't continue to tease her.


After he went to the bathroom to clean, he gently took out the computer and revised the project proposal according to the director's feedback.
When he was working, he was very focused, halfway through the revision, when he turned his head while holding the water glass, he realized that Su Wei'an woke up at some point and was looking at him quietly.


He was a little apologetic: “Did I disturb you by making too much noise?”


Su Wei'an shook his head: “Are you working?”


“I'm changing the project book.”


“The Huntington one?”


He responded: “Yes.”


After a day of hard work, it was already early morning, but he still couldn't rest.
Su Weian felt a little distressed, and asked, “Are you in a hurry?”


“Well, it will be submitted again in two days.”


Because of her, he wanted to apply for Huntington's project.
Su Weian always felt guilty, and said seriously, “Is there anything I can do to help?”


“It's okay, you rest.”


“Anyway, I'll look at you while lying here, why don't you do something for me.”


Her eyes were sincere and clear, just looking at him like that, Gu Yunzheng couldn't help sighing softly: “Do you really want to help?”


Su Wei'an nodded: “Yes.”


Gu Yunzheng moved to the other side of the bed to make room for her, Su Weian got up and went over, and lay down on the edge of the bed, carefully leaving a gap between the two of them.


He moved the computer to her side, pointed to the part of the research design and said: “The director thinks that the sample size required for this experimental design is too large, which will create difficulties in feasibility.”


Su Wei'an pondered for a while, and asked, “What about the cross-test?”


“I'm also considering this, but the calculation of the sample size will be more difficult.”


Su Wei'an raised his head to look at him, and said without hesitation: “I've done similar calculations before, and I'll help you.”


She said, took his computer and put it in front of her, modified the formula for calculating the sample size, and then asked, “How many experimental conditions are there?”


“2 kinds.”


“That's okay, let me do the math, 0.3% times 164 and divides by 4…”


Gu Yunzheng reminded her: “This cannot be 0.3%.
This is the number calculated under the previous experimental conditions, and it needs to be changed here.”


“But the final number is the same,” she said, taking Gu Yunzheng's hand naturally, and counting in his palm, “Look, the numerator and denominator are changed, but here it happens to be The appointment is lost, it's still 0.3%…”


Gu Yunzheng shook his head, took her hand back, and began to draw: “No, look here, after the calculation, there is another 2 to be divided.”


Su Wei'an was silent for a while, like this: “Well…that's 0.15…” She thought about it, and then felt that something was wrong, pointing to the part behind and asking, “In this case, should this number also be Change?”


“Which one?”


In order for him to see clearly, Su Weian moved closer to him: “Here.”


Gu Yunzheng nodded: “I have to change.”


Su Wei'an calculated quickly, quickly filled in the numbers to be changed, put the computer back in front of him, and proudly said: “Solved!”


As soon as she raised her head, she realized that the two of them were already extremely close.
She suddenly panicked and wanted to run subconsciously, but Gu Yunzheng snatched her back into her arms.
Her nose hit his chest, Some snorted in pain: “What are you doing?”


Gu Yunzheng glanced at her: “You want to run away because you made a mistake?”


Su Wei'an said angrily, “Where did I make a mistake?”


He pointed to a number on the computer: “When you calculated this number, the numerator must have forgotten to divide by 2!”


Su Wei'an thought about it, but for a moment he couldn't remember whether he had removed the 2, but Gu Yunzheng hadn't seen how she calculated it just now, so why was he so sure?


She said stiffly, “Except!”


Gu Yunzheng said firmly in a low voice: “Not removed!”


Su Wei'an stared at him: “Except!”


Gu Yunzheng sighed lightly, and quickly repeated the calculation to her: “185 times 0.3 divided by 2 and then divided by 4 is about 7, and you calculated it to be more than ten…”


Before he finished speaking, Su Weian, who had already realized that he had made a mistake, leaned over, touched his lips flatteringly, and was about to run away: “It's too late, I'm going to bed first.


Just about to turn around and climb back to her bed, but was caught back again, Gu Yunzheng said to her “seriously”, “Didn't you say that you would always look at me even if you were lying down? Then stay here, I will You have a good perspective.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


After that, Gu Yunzheng began to revise the content of the background part of the research.
Su Weian, who had limited research knowledge in this area, could not help much, and could only provide spiritual support.
At first, she tried her best to open her heavy eyelids, but as time went on, After a long time, she finally leaned on Gu Yunzheng and fell asleep.


This sleep was not very comfortable, it seemed a bit crowded, she subconsciously drilled in the direction of Gu Yunzheng, trying to squeeze him down…


When she opened her eyes, she first looked at the unfamiliar ceiling and remembered where she was.
When she turned her head, she found that Gu Yunzheng had one hand under her head, but she had squeezed her whole body against the bed.
side, but still sleeping, probably too tired.


Su Weian, who was full of guilt in his heart, moved back, and as soon as one moved, someone picked it up again.
Gu Yunzheng, who was half asleep and half awake, opened his sleepy eyes and looked at her: “Where are you going?”


Su Wei'an blamed himself a little: “Did I squeeze you?”


Gu Yunzheng replied vaguely: “Yes.”


Su Wei'an felt even more guilty: “I'm going to pack up, I'm sorry to disturb your rest, there is still a little time for you to sleep well.”


She was just about to get up, but Gu Yunzheng pulled her back and pressed her into her arms.
He said, “Don't move, I'll just sleep like this for a while, it's fine.”


It was very late last night when the project book was revised.
The project book looked more and more perfect, but his mood was getting worse and worse.
He searched through the research of the past few decades and wrote more than 2,000 words of the project background However, it is still “unclear mechanism and unknown treatment” in one sentence.
In the second half of the night, when he turned off the computer, what he thought about while half asleep was still Huntington's pathogenic hypothesis and pathway mechanism.


Although he never told her about it, he never cared, let alone feared.


It has been more than 100 years since Dr.
Huntington described the genetic method of this disease in 1872.
For more than 100 years, the treatment method is still such a painless situation, and how long do they have? ten years? twenty years?


He has been a doctor for so many years, and he has never felt so afraid.
What he is afraid of is not how difficult the research process is, but the lack of direction.
There are so many hypotheses in the past hundred years, and no one will know until the truth is finally revealed.
I don't know which one is right, if I stand on a wrong path from the beginning…


He didn't dare to think about it anymore.


As a doctor, he always believed that everything happened for a reason, but at this moment, he was looking forward to miracles more than anyone else, and that kind of dazed and blind expectation made him feel powerless.


What made him feel even more powerless was that he knew very well that she would leave him early without waiting for the worst thing to happen.


She said she didn't want to burden people.


She also said that with him, she didn't want to have a future.


Gu Yunzheng rubbed the head of the person in his arms, and hesitated to speak in her ear: “Why, have you ever thought that we are together, even if you squeeze me at night, I should be willing to bear it, you don't have to Do you have any guilt?”


Have you ever thought that if we are together, even if one day you will be stupid and crippled, that is the life I should and would like?


But Su Weian certainly didn't think about it that way.


She smiled disapprovingly: “At first you thought it was romantic and sweet for me to squeeze you, but after waiting for a long time, when you get up in a hurry because of lack of sleep and have no time to eat breakfast, when you are dizzy and have to stand for a day of surgery When you are on stage, you will find that an ordinary life is the most important thing, people are selfish, when you can remember to think about others, of course you have to think about others.”


She understood.


She actually understood what he meant, but the idea in her heart was far firmer than his.


Gu Yunzheng only felt that he was a bit bigheaded, but he was still able to speak so clearly when he said something casually.
She was really his enemy.


He was about to say something more, but at this moment, the alarm clock rang.


He changed his mind, thinking that acting too hastily would only put more pressure on her, so it would be better to let them live longer.


“Come on, let's wash up and go have breakfast.”

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