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Mirania was lamenting, and Chera spoke in a whining tone.


“Mirania, you have to be strict when you scold him.
If you act so weakly, their habits will only get worse.”


Chera shines first when it comes to raising the witches, she succeeded and was the fastest for disciplining the witches with excellent personality and wisdom.


With her excellent teaching skills in breeding and nurturing the witches, Chera clicked her tongue as if Mirania was frustrating, but for Mirania, who was consumed in disappointment, didn’t pay attention to her whims more than the constant autumn breeze.




With a sigh, Mirania massaged her forehead.
It was purely because of Chera’s scolding, but not a drop of sweat came out that she could squeeze.


‘Grecan never forgets the person who hurts him.’


Mirania didn’t know how many times she retreated, but she remembered a time when she’s struggling in her previous life to kill Grecan.


In order to break the enslavement, she managed to deal and tame Grecan, and believed she did.


Until I saw Grecan, who returned from a world that was only gracious to the protagonists like him.


‘It was the worst back then.’


Mirania, whose face became pale, trembled after recalling all the hardships and suffering all that happened in the past, Chera tilted her head curiously.




“That’s right.
Chera, I should keep that in mind.”


Why are you so worried about a baby wolf?”


“…Children grow up quickly.
Don’t you know that?”


Less than 20 years are left before Grecan becomes an adult and be the obsessed male protagonist he was.


“I should make a few more training balls.”





This was how the Grecan was raised by Mirania.


Through the night of obedience, she brainwashed Grecan and made him cherish her affection by being good to him.


Mirania ultimately wanted Grecan to see herself as his parent.


‘Then, if you someday meet Alice again, you’ll probably stop yourself from tearing my heart out.’


Therefore, Mirania was extra kind to Grecan.
But after all that, what should we do with the new troublesome thing?


“When Leberianz wakes up…” Mirania whispered, thinking in her room.


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At some point, inside her room, which had been peaceful since the day the bat people visited, was emitting a cold atmosphere as if it had formed icy crystals on the ceiling of a cave.


It was only because of the luxurious black coffin that all took up one side of the room.
There was a deep look on her face looking down at the coffin.


Grecan had a rough idea of ​​how to raise and open the coffin, but it was so dark that he couldn’t see Leberianz.


Unlike Grecan, who had never been loved by anyone as a child, Leberianz was treasured by the bat people.


Therefore, it was impossible to open up his mind that Mirania was somewhat good and not an enemy.


If Grecan was wary as if he had sharp thorns like a hedgehog, then Leberianz could be as picky as a rose that has grown tall with love.


Mirania swung and opened the door of the coffin.


Leberianz, laid in his coffin with a pale complexion, he looks dead at first glance, but he’s barely breathing.
Leberianz hasn’t opened his eyes since the day the bats left.


“A drop of blood per week.”


Mirania carefully drew blood from her fingers and dropped it on Leberianz’s lips.


I dropped only one and immediately recovered my hand because I was afraid that more blood would fall.


Blood drops settled on Leberianz’s lower lip.
It was sucked into his lips as if Leberianz were sucking it in himself.


It was always a creepy sight to watch the blood disappearing in his lips like he drinks it.


“Don’t you feel like you’re coveting my vitality?”


Mirania squinted and observed Leberianz carefully.
There was a slight redness on Leberianz’s pale face.


Fortunately, that’s all, and he still doesn’t open his eyes.


‘He might open his eyes suddenly, so I’ll have to wait and see.’


Mirania, who could not let go of the tension, did not take her eyes off Leberianz.






The door opened and Grecan came in, in a wolf state with his fluffy fur.
With a long snout, biting a training ball.


These days, Mirania trains Grecan every day.


When Mirania throws the ball, Grecan comes to visit, which at first took half a day, but gradually shortened, and now it takes an hour to retrieve the ball.


Watching Grecan approaching with his tail wagging, Mirania tilted her head.


‘Isn’t this more like a ball game instead of training?’


Looking at him suspiciously, Grecan wags his tail even harder, then carefully lowers his hips to Mirania’s feet and sits calmly.


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There was something she learned after spending a few days together.


Mirania understood that the more Grecan’s tail wags, the more ‘good‘ or ‘excited‘ he felt.


In short, Grecan was in a good mood right now.


“Well done.”


She couldn’t hide her shivering heart and stroked Grecan’s hair roughly, but Grecan gasped as if he liked it.


Mirania’s face, naturally scratching the gaping snout of Grecan, was calm.


She stroked his fur and rubbed his chin.
It had already happened three times in one day alone, so she was getting bored without realizing it.


‘It’s more important to know how Leberianz’s condition changes.’


Moreover, her mind was not with Grecan, but in a different field.


Her attention was focused on Leberianz unknowingly, rather than on the well-raised Grecan.


A dog that has an owner was all about where the owner’s interest was.
Grecan was no longer a wild wolf.


“Grr… crr…!”


There were a lot of wrinkles on the back of his nose when his dissatisfied voice burst out.


“Okay, okay…”


Mirania, who roughly soothed him, picked up the training ball that Grecan dropped and threw it through the window.


“Have fun picking it up.”


Gregan crumpled his face as if saying ‘this was not right’, but his body, which had been repeatedly learned, ran faithfully along with the ball.




When Grecan went out, Mirania focused all her attention again on Leberianz.


A sharp nose and dark red lips.
He’s still young, but his face with clear features looks pale.


He looked like a lifeless doll, but Mirania didn’t miss the subtle blush on his cheeks.


‘The complexion hasn’t disappeared yet.’


The lively colours that appeared on Leberianz’s face were dazzlingly beautiful, but for Mirania, it was only the young appearance of an enemy.


Mirania, expressionless, calmly analyzed Leberianz’s case in detail.


‘The effect of a drop of blood lasts half a day.’


One drop was enough.
Five drops could cause Leberianz to open his eyes.


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“It’s okay if he gets better late.
There shouldn’t be a situation where he’ll meet Alice without being tamed by me.”


No, it couldn’t be, I couldn’t just simply give up.
Before he meets Alice, I need time to raise him.


Mirania looked forward to at least five years.


“One drop seems a little small, but should I try two drops of blood from now on?” Mirania was deeply immersed in thought.




The door opened and the majestic Grecan came in with a dignified step.
It was as if he was shouting, ‘I’m already here!’


Because Mirania didn’t cast a spell on the ball, the ball fell close, and Grecan quickly grabbed the ball with his mouth and hurriedly climbed up.


It was his shortest return.
‘The witch will be surprised!’


However, when he arrived, Mirania was still looking down at the reluctant coffin with a serious expression, let alone being proud of him.




The ball fell from his mouth and rolled into a corner lonely without anyone paying attention.





Grecan’s triumphant expression was distorted, and his small body couldn’t beat the minute and grumble roughly.


Mirania turned her head in surprise at the sting.


A little sting she could feel from her hand, a baby wolf biting her.


When their gazes met, he growled and his throats trembled.




Mirania was confused when she saw Grecan with his attitude.


‘My hands don’t hurt.’


“What’s this? Are you asking me to play around?”


If he had asked as hard as he did when I first met him, I would have thought it was an attack.


Mirania could only think that Grecan was having a hard time expressing himself.




Mirania asked, stroking Grecan’s head with her other hand.
His rough but rich hair was pressed down by Mirania’s hand.


“Are your teeth itchy?”


Gregan just wrinkled the back of his nose without a proper answer.

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Mirania confirmed this by pinching the flesh of Grecan’s snout.


“Growl, growl.” It was so dissatisfying, Grecan let out a cry.


“You seem fine.”


Mirania, who noticed the pointy, white teeth, tilted her head.
She glanced at Grecan.


He frowns and growls.
Mirania felt embarrassed by a little bit of annoyance and embarrassment


You’re just growling on and on that I couldn’t understand what you wanted to say.


‘I wouldn’t understand unless you were an animal.’


“What’s wrong with you again?”


Mirania had no choice but to pat Grecan’s head and guess why.


Meanwhile, Grecan stared at the open coffin with his nose twitching.


Grecan couldn’t see the face inside the coffin because it’s on the desk, but the unpleasant cold air creeping out poked his skin like a pointed thorn.




Grecan’s claws started to come out of his paws.


“Bad!” Mirania scolded him.




Grecan jumped like a lightning bolt.
The coffin of Leberianz was placed in the direction of the course of his leap.


Mirania, startled, quickly grabbed Grecan and hugged him.


“Growl! Growl!”


Grecan, in Mirania’s arms, tried to escape struggling with his legs.
Mirania, who had a hard time calming him, clicked her tongue and ordered sternly.




Immediately the night of obedience worked.


With his legs relaxed, Grecan blinked his dissatisfied eyes and made eye contact with Mirania.


When Mirania glared, he glanced and lowered his eyes.


Soon, Gregan calmly left himself in Mirania’s arms.


Still, Mirania was able to confirm that Grecan’s face was grumpily distorted.

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