at a time, Leberianz’s head hit the floor repeatedly.


Bam! Bam!


Of course, Grecan didn’t care.
When he saw a sign of someone coming up, he dragged him into the room, and since no one was there, he moved on.


The witches rushed there to help him with his covert crime, as Mirania spread the word that they were looking for him outside.


After leaving the castle, Grecan walked down a small forest path.
Leberianz was dragged away.


Thump, thumpㅡ  


There was a constant sound of tug as he pulled Leberianz back.


The black suit worn by the bat people, clean and soft blondes, tangled with dust, gradually became dirty.


After a long walk, Grecan arrived at a lake deep in the forest included in the Witch Castle.


It was the place Grecan found while searching for Mirania’s ball, and he set marks on it in preparation for this occasion.


The water was very clear, but the bottom was so deep that it looked invisible and was perfect for plotting the crime.


Grecan dragged the Leberianz toward the lake.


Chirp, chirp~


Birds sitting around the tree and resting flew up in surprise when they smelled a predator.




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Mirania glanced a faint look at the broom.


After ten orders, Grecan still did not show up.


‘”He wouldn’t have been able to get out of the witch’s realm.’


Where the hell did he go?


It was at that moment…


“Mirania, there’s a trail here!” Said by the little witch in the middle of the forest.


Mirania immediately turned to the place where the little witch was and flew away.


By the time Mirania arrived, one of Leberianz’s arms had already been soaked in the water.


Mirania, who flew over in a broomstick and found Grecan, froze with surprise.


It was almost her instinct to open her mouth agape.


“Grecan put down Leberianz!”


It was so urgent that the order of words changed.
The night of obedience turned white.


“On the ground…”


It was before I finished speaking.




Grecan quickly put down Leberianz.
The problem was that Leberianz’s body was halfway across the lake.


When Grecan let go, Leberianz’s body was sucked into the lake like a water ghost had pulled it.




The surface of the lake fluctuated and the water rose.


Mirania’s mouth opened wide watching the scene.



As soon as Mirania opened her mouth and spoke, Grecan, who quickly threw Leberianz into the lake, licked his arm, pretending he had done nothing wrong.
It was a hateful, calm gesture.


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Chera, who arrived late and witnessed the scene, breathed in.


“He’s a real nutcase.”


Mirania’s mind went blank.


As in the case with Grecan, Leberianz never forgets the harm someone has done to him as a shady bat.


In Mirania’s head, the troublesome situation after Leberianz woke up and the appearance of the bat people fighting for treating their successor badly were tangled.


“It’s the worst.”


Mirania heard the sound of her plans in her head, a plan that had been somewhat difficult but had been smooth, just simply raising Grecan and Leberianz, breaking into pieces.


“Crazy dog!”


I immediately ran away screaming and looked into the lake, but I couldn’t see Leberianz, who had already sunk to the bottom.


Chera’s eyes widened at Mirania’s curse at Grecan.


“I’ve never seen Mirania swear before.”


The little witch, who found the trace, whispered, and Chera nodded in agreement.


He had already thrown Leberianz into the lake, and Grecan, who was free from orders, turned pale.


Even though he looked like a wolf, his dissatisfaction was vividly expressed.


“I’m not a dog!”


Not feeling the need to answer the question, Mirania threw off her cloak.


Leberianz would drown if I don’t find him soon.


Leberianz wouldn’t die easily.
He wouldn’t die as much even if he fell into the lake, but it wasn’t without a problem.


‘If he held a grudge against me for this, it’d be a headache.’


I wouldn’t have a choice but to restore him to his original state before he wakes up.


It was a moment when Mirania was about to dive into the lake.




Something popped up from the deep.

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