On the next day, the conference room of the peace agreement was reopened.

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As such, the reason why the meeting of the three races was prolonged was not that there was a lot of content to be adjusted, but because the meetings themselves did not proceed.


At least, everyone was aware of the need for this peace agreement meeting to some extent, so the meeting on the second day could proceed more smoothly than on the first day.


When the two races tried to brawl at each other once again, the meeting ran to an end, thanks to Mirania’s efforts to mediate by using proper magic.


After some discussions, Mirania summarized what each race wanted in a calm manner.


“Then I will declare the contents of the 4th Continental Witch Forest Peace Treaty.”


“Do it like that!”


“First, don’t mock in groups of more than ten.
Second, do not howl more than five times.
Third, there will be a ban on gang fighting between more than 10 different races.
Do you have any suggestions?”


Balkan was quiet and Scarlett shook her head.
Mirania, who confirmed the reaction of the two heads of each race, nodded lightly.


“This treaty won’t cause a fight for the time being.”


“As the Great Witch, I will certify this treaty.”


When Mirania summoned and wielded her silver wand, letters naturally formed in the air.


This was what Mirania just said about the treaty.
The contents of the peace agreement continued for a long time under the black text of 〈The 4th Witch Forest Peace Treaty.〉


Mirania wielded the wand after having enough time for the races to read through the agreement.


The letters glowed white and exploded like a little bomb, and particles of scattered light soared upward.


The particles of light that rose outside the conference hall quickly scattered in all directions.


“Every single continent will know what the agreement is about.”


Mirania, who declared the revised treaty to the two races and even promoted it on the continent, showed signs of fatigue clearly.


For her, who’s quite lazy unlike what she seems, the one-night and two-day schedule was quite excessive.

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She didn’t show any disarray, but she couldn’t hide her desire to go back quickly, so she was the first one to leave the conference.


“Then get up first, praying for the peace of each race.”


Raising gracefully, Chera and Grecan were also ready to follow Mirania.


Then Scarlett looked around Mirania and asked in a confused voice.


“Mirania, where is the wolf? The wolf I saw the other day when I visited the Witches.”


Mirania paused as she was about to turn.


“It’s the day we met Balkan, so I thought you’d bring the wolf today.”


Balkan, who sensed with a beastly hunch that it was related to his clan, frowned and stared alternately at Mirania and Scarlett.


“What does that mean? A wolf?


“Mirania, don’t go overboard and take this opportunity to make sure you’ve done the wolf clan a favor.”


A drop of sweat formed on Mirania’s forehead.


Scarlett may have intended to take this opportunity for the witch family to pay Balkan’s debt, while at the same time screwing Balkan, but only Mirania was in trouble.


Chera puffed her lips signaling ‘I’m up’.


“Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but we’re talking about grace.”


When Balkan snorted, Scarlett still urged Mirania, acting as if she didn’t want to deal with it.


“The wolves are noble people, so they don’t really admit that they’ve been helped by other races.”




“We used to help young individuals in danger, but instead of thanking them, they cursed them.
I’m not trying to fool you.”

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Balkan turned red at those words.


“Scarlett! You did something strange to my child back then!”


“What do you mean, strange? Are you saying it’s because that wolf fell in love with our child?”


Scarlett smiled coldly as Balkan got angry.


“A shallow furry pretending to be noble.
There was one of them who had the right eye.”


“It’s not a flaw that wolves who haven’t yet grown up fall for them, because they’ve been seducing and learning from ancient times.”


“The way to seduce is not learned but they are born with it.
If you have a crush on someone who hasn’t even seduced anyone, he must be so weak that it can’t beat our natural magic.”


“Everything this woman says makes me feel…”


Scarlett’s guards showed their fangs as Balkan began to growl.


Less than an hour after the peace treaty was signed, they’re quarreling again.


“You’ve all forgotten the first peace treaty banning fighting in the Mountain of Windlessness.”


As Mirania spat out at the right time, both Balkan and Scarlett flinched and glared at each other, and neither turned their heads.


“It’s not a fight.
It’s beneath my dignity to deal with an ignorant furry.”


Scarlett, who spoke heart-wrenching words toward Balkan until the end, got up and left the meeting room before Balkan ran wild.




When the door to the conference hall opened and closed, silence reigned inside.


Balkan, who took one bite, jumped up and wheezed.


It was such an uncomfortable atmosphere.

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Mirania naturally came up with words to get out of her current position.


“Oh, I forgot to tell Scarlett something.
I’ll have to go first.”


“Wait a minute.”


Balkan stopped Mirania, which was about to move.


“Even though Scarlett is a shady and reluctant woman, there’s no way she’d say something out of the ordinary.
What did she mean?”




“Does the Witch clan have anything to do with our clan?”


She thought Scarlett’s provocation had distracted him, but it was as if Balkan had stored her words earlier firmly in the corner of his head.


“Tell me.
How is our wolf clan related to you?”


Mirania, who had stopped at Balkan’s suspicious interrogation, turned her head to face Balkan.


A calm and elegant-faced Balkan.




Mirania crumpled up her troubles inside.


Regardless of Scarlett’s intentions, Balkan wasn’t someone who would ruin Mirania in this kind of situation.


Mirania, who didn’t know that lying to Scarlett would turn out this way, regretted her excuses that day.


‘I should have asked her to keep it secret.’ But it’s already in the past and this is what’s happening right now.


Mirania, with a slight pause, spoke calmly enough so she wouldn’t sound suspicious.


“…It doesn’t matter.
I only picked up a stray wolf from the witch forest.”

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‘It’s better to say it like this.’


The last thing he would suspect was that I went into the wolf’s territory and kidnapped a cub.


The very proud Balkan would be furious if he knew that his territory was so easily breached.


There was no need to cause unnecessary disturbance.


“The Witch forest? The forest close to the witch clan is quite far from our clan.”


“So at first, I thought it was a normal wolf.”


As Mirania was contemplating how to proceed with her story, a young wolf tribe member who had been paying close attention to Mirania’s back came up to Balkan.


Mirania tried to hear what the young man whispered in Balkan’s ear, but it was so low that she found it difficult to understand.


Balkan stared at Grecan with a frown.
Mirania, who noticed Balkan’s gaze, felt nervous.


“If you want to clear your suspicions, we can go to the realm of the Witches…”


She was going to buy time, but Balkan raised his hand.


“Wait a minute.”


Balkan pointed his fingers behind Mirania.
At the tip of his finger stood Grecan.


“That boy.”




“It looks familiar, who is it?”


Balkan’s brown eyes darkened with suspicion.



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