Balkan glanced at Grecan with an uncertain look and stared at Mirania.

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Mirania shook her head inwardly, and muttered, “I can’t do that.”


In this situation, in order for Grecan not to be taken, the cause of taking him from Balkan had to be neutralized.


Mirania pretended to be worried, “Grecan is more of your kind.




“I’m sure he wasn’t taken care of properly.”


It was what Milania was trying to say, who held her hand together in front of him who was about to protest something and stopped her from speaking.


“If I hadn’t taken care of him, he might have been killed by a wild boar while hunting for a living.
Even if he doesn’t die, I’m sure he’ll have a rough and difficult time, so what should I do on a humane level?”




“Now he’s enjoying the joy of being a child who deserves to be protected, and now I wonder if I should give him back.”




“For me, who wants all the young children on the continent to live happily, it’s bound to be a big worry.”


Mirania, who focuses on ‘hoping to live happily‘, stared at the silent Balkan.


Mirania’s choice was to protect young individuals.


Even between races that are not on good terms with the witches, the young must be protected.


This is why bats do not attack young wolves when they meet them, even if they do not collect them.


Mirania decided to use Grecan’s protection as a justification.


“So can your family take good care of him? A more deceptive witch family than our wolf family?”


Balkan, who barely found something to say, chuckled and snorted, then casually glanced at Grecan.


He was much taller than he last saw him, and his skinny cheeks are looking good.


Although he was wearing ugly human clothes, it was hard to deny that he looked very well fed.


Mirania smiled strangely as she looked at the bitter face of Balkan.


‘If you have eyes, you will know how much Grecan has changed.’


Even though he’s an enemy, she guarantees his basic right to live.


Unfortunately, he lost his wife, but the sight of Balkan unleashing his wrath on an innocent bastard didn’t look good on Mirania.

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Even though the object of his anger was his enemy, Grecan.


“I’m done with my worries.”




“For the sake of Grecan’s safety, I’d rather keep him until he’s grown up.”


Balkan eyes darkened.
He didn’t say anything without conscience that the wolves could raise better.


But he didn’t back down either.
Hair grew thick around her blackened eyes.


His forearms and thighs were strained, and the air around him shook with tension.


He seemed to have decided to follow the desire of emotion instead of the logic of reason.


“I’ll take him away by force.”


At the same time as those words, Balkan moved.
His rough hairs rose, and his hands, with sharp, hard claws, seemed to bleed at the slightest touch.


There was a sound of air bursting around his swinging hand.
He was aiming for Grecan’s hand.


“Where!?” Balkan shouted.


Mirania quickly swung her wand.




When Balkan’s claws hit Mirania’s silver wand, it made a bizarre sound, like hitting an iron plate.


Balkan waved his hand without delay.
His sharp claws swung like it was going to split Mirania’s arm.


At that moment when Balkan’s claws attacked Mirania, Grecan, who was standing behind Mirania’s staff, jumped.




Grecan, who quickly turned into a black wolf, bit Balkan’s wrist.


Although he has yet to mature as a young wolf, the hard skin has been cut off by his teeth that have been sharpened enough due to survival hunting.


Grasping his blood-gushing wrist, Balkan’s eyes widened fiercely.




Grecan revealed his sharp teeth, blocking Mirania’s front.


The fierce expression on the back of his nose, full of wrinkles, was determined as if he would not tolerate attacking Mirania.


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“Don’t touch the witch.”


Balkan’s complexion, which felt his hostility, changed in an instant.


The young man who seemed to assist Balkan shouted at Grecan.


“Grecan! What are you doing to the chief?”


Grecan’s mouth was torn thinly, and he drew a smirk.




An inhuman cry rose ferociously from his throat just before turning into a wolf.


“Your chief, not mine.” Grecan added.


The young man’s eyes widened at his clear sentence.


At first, Grecan was inexperienced in human speech, but it was only natural for him not knowing that he gradually became proficient during his time with Mirania.


For a moment, the young man, who realized what Grecan meant, hardened.


Grecan drove a wedge in.


“I don’t have a chief.”


Grecan’s black pupils were cold, and there was not even a single stroke.


Realizing that it was not a joke, the young wolf man was so embarrassed that he rather shut his mouth, and instead, Balkan, who became cold with extreme anger, opened his mouth.


“Are you saying that you’re going to give up your identity as a wolf?”


As the head of the wolf clan, there was a sense of weight in these words.


When Grecan laughed, his lips went up and white fangs came out.


“I am a wolf.
I just don’t recognize you as a chief.”




The young wolf man shouted unconsciously at the rude words, but when he met Grecan’s emotionless eyes, he could not continue.


One was clear, Grecan had little affection for them.
Balkan’s eyes distorted when he realized the same thing as the young wolf man.




Balkan unconsciously took a step closer to Grecan.



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Grecan lowered himself.
If ever he came any closer, he was ready to attack.


The face of the Balkan, who stopped in his position, hardened.


Mirania noticed a little bit of sadness, huge anger and remorse that flashed across his face.


‘He must have realized he was doing well.’


I wondered what would happen if I told Grecan to come back sincerely and shook Grecan, but fortunately, that didn’t happen.


After a moment of silence, Balkan, who had fixed his shaky expression, opened his mouth sternly.


“If you don’t recognize me as the chief, you have no choice but to be a wanderer.”




“There’s only one chief in my clan.
Those who do not obey will be expelled.”




Being expelled from the clan meant that as long as the chief was still alive, he would not be able to return to the clan forever.


Expelled beings were bound to wander without settling in one place.


The young wolf had a surprised expression on his face as he did not know that Balkan would speak of exile.


He seemed to suspect that the hot-tempered head might have to spit it out in anger, but Balkan’s expression was heavy and calm.


‘He meant it.’ Grecan thought.



Chera’s face also hardened.
Chera, who passionately loved the witches, also seemed shocked at the word exile.


The atmosphere was heavy enough to suffocate.
Mirania’s expression was also cold and hardened to match the atmosphere.


But insidel, it was quite different.
‘Yes, yes.
Leave him as it is.’ as her thoughts continued.


Far from being surprised by the word of exile, Mirania was worried that Grecan, who was moved by this serious mood, would be shaken and follow Balkan.


She cheered passionately for the father-son relationship to end forever.


Mirania, who was born in a tree without parents, has lived a flowing life-like nature and was ignorant of the feelings of living beings.


The affection between parents and children was also one of the feelings she doesn’t know, like love.


But she was disturbed to know that all living things considered their parents special.


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‘I don’t like the atmosphere.
Did he really change his mind?’


Mirania kept a seemingly elegantly cold face, as she glanced at Grecan.


‘I couldn’t see his face because he was standing in front of me.’


“Will you accept your exile?”




Balkan, who asked in a heavy pressuring tone, seemed to want Grecan to reject it.


‘He’s been mean to him, but he doesn’t want to kick Grecan out.’


Mirania was dissatisfied with Balkan as he continued to shake Grecan.


As usual, he wanted to show off his hot-tempered appearance, but she didn’t like it when he showed a calm figure like the head of a clan.


However, Mirania also had to maintain the dignity of the witch family, so she could not intervene while Balkan was speaking.


Everyone’s attention shifted to Grecan’s answer.


Finally, Grecan opened his mouth.


“It doesn’t matter.”


There was a mutter of silence mixed with astonishment.
The young wolf man even stepped back.


Well, the angered Balkan took a short breath and spoke heavily, “You will be a wanderer.”


Unlike the heavy atmosphere, Grecan responded clearly.


“As expected, it doesn’t matter.”




“I’m not a wolf only if I belong there.”


Grecan, who speaks his mind, was strangely mature, even though he was still a young child.


Knowing that in the future he will become the head of the wolf clan perfectly, Mirania was not surprised by Grecan’s appearance, but the young wolf man looked perplexed.


Once again, the silent Balkan uttered a hard voice.


“Then, as of today, you are no longer a member of the wolf clan I lead.”




The atmosphere became even colder, but Grecan didn’t care.

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