Mirania has decided.

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Unlike the two continents, which was called the human continent, one continent was a land where different races live together.

Witches, wolves, and bats were living in peace while protecting their respective lands.

‘It was only at first.”

Over time, as the number of clans increased, territorial wars began to break out, which became more vicious and fiercer.

It was due to the nature of each race that instinctively hated each other.

Among them, the great witch, Mirania, was only interested in defending the witches, and neither were the wolves nor the bats, except when a fight! broke out.

So, until they aim after their own hearts.

‘He’s probably crawling on the ground by now.’

The main character of this world who gains great power after 20 years and becomes the head of his race at a ridiculously young age.

Not all clans lived together on one continent.

A small number of different races were mixed with humans on the 2nd continent.
Among them, there was a rare species of fairies.

Alice, the precious daughter of the fairy family, was the heroine of this world.,

Alice, who was diagnosed with a rare disease.

What’s important was that she’s the object of the Lords of wolf and bats obsession

In fact, it wouldn’t matter if they were obsessed over her.
If it hadn’t been for Mirania’s heart to be the cure for her disease.

“Of all things, it’s my heart.”

It really was a joke of fate.

The male lead, who was busy biting and sucking bitterly now, would aim for Mirania’s life, which was related to the disease of Alice, the heroine that was suffering

Alice’s rare disease, called Witch’s Disease’ because it has no cure, and could only be healed with the heart of the Great Witch.

The male lead, who found out about it, was aiming for Mirania’s heart,

‘If my heart was torn from my chest, I would have to die.’

Somehow she kept coming back again and again.

‘It’s always been this moment every time.”

When I open my eyes, I sit at the negotiating table familiarly, and the blood and flesh of the foe banging with its fur straighten up.

No matter how hard I think about it, the future was blurry

I’m at a loss.’

Anyway, this world must be completely ruined.

There was no way to know whether the Creator was dead or just crazy, but this world was ruined.
That’s why this ‘exact time’ kept repeating.

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I have to find a solution.’

It was already the 10th time that I have returned, and again I’m spending the same 20 years.
Now I’m really sick and tired of it, I’m going crazy.
There was one and the only thing I wanted.

It’s death…

If it were normal, I would have already been put to rest and returned to dirt.
I’m simply tired of all of it.

After repeating the same life countless times, everything became dull and boring.

Wouldn’t this life continue if the male leads die completely after fulfilling their lives?

If so, there’s one way I thought about it.

‘I have to get my hands on the male leads…’

What I basically wanted was to neutralize them.

Of course, I didn’t think about it once or twice.

I’ve been thinking about it since I realized how many times I’ve regressed, why I kept returning, and the truth of this world.

There are also a number of ways I’ve tried.

At first, I tried to build up my strength to deal with male masters.

However, for some reason, the male leads became much stronger than I remembered.
The two of them collaborated and I died because I couldn’t beat them.

After the second return, I went straight to the male leads and fed them with poison.
I was satisfied that I had removed the threatening sprouts from the roots

However, when the time came, the male lords jumped out to see where she was hiding and attacked her.

The results were terrible.

I died even more brutally for revenge.’

After the third regression, I tried to exterminate the species altogether.
So I trained the witches to wage war against the two races.

She proceeded even though it was very inconsistent with her disposition, but unfortunately, it did not work in the end.

‘At that time, the Witches themselves were destroyed.’

In the fourth life, I went to find the heroine Alice.
Obviously, I put on a freezing curse to her, and a passing human wizard intervened to save the heroine.

At this time, the male lords were much angrier.’

By the time of my fifth return, I realized that this world had a set fate and that the flow had been broken.

So I also learned that killing the heroine and the male leads was useless.

‘Damn it.’

But I couldn’t believe it at first, so I tried hard, but now I know I couldn’t do anything about it.

But I couldn’t just give up.

Now, on her tenth return, Mirania looked at the conference hall, which had already become a mess, with dull eyes.

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“Yes, you bat bastard.
Let’s give it a try.”

Clenching your fists in vulgar ways.”

“Why don’t you hide your dirty fangs if you want to talk about culture? Bloody monster.”

“Oh my? It’s also an oily fountain.
I don’t covet dog-smelling blood at all.
What should I do with this?”,

It wasn’t easy to make up one’s mind when I see the two beings squirming and blabbing at each other.

However, Mirania has decided to carry out the plan that they have been thinking about in this life.

“Stop it.”

“Mirania, it’s all because your witches are talking about..”,


The two closed their mouths and opened their eyes round like ‘You’re not going to untie this?”, “Why’d you curse us!’ like growling through their eyes.

Wolves of flesh, Bats of darkness, and Witches of curse and magic.
In addition, the Great Witch has one more natural ability.

It wasn’t difficult to cast this kind of magic.

Mirania sealed the mouths of the two chiefs and first left the conference hall.
She wants to avoid the situation that would happen later.



With a roar coming from behind, Mirania rubbed her ears.

Anyway, the effect of the magic I put toward the chiefs doesn’t last long.
At most for a day.

The conference room, where the fight would have taken place as soon as she left, had already been pushed out of her head.

Today’s meeting was caused by the frequent fighting of the three races.
The meeting itself, which has become a battlefield, has no meaning.

There would be a ‘First Continental Witch Forest Agreement’ soon anyway.
It’s pointless to deal with them today’

It was about the male characters that filled Mirania’s head right now.

Tenth life.
This time, I’m definitely going to die and rest permanently.

“Oh, Mirania.
Stop for a second.”

Chera, who had been chasing Mirania after leaving the neutral zone building, sprinkled herbal water on Mirania.

Mirania was not surprised anymore.
No matter how fast the meeting ended, Chera always followed her

This was already the tenth time.

“You need to get rid of the smell.
Are you thinking of making the witches vomit?”

Mirania strode indifferently, and Chera followed persistently and sprayed medicinal water on her body.


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“Yes? Oh, it’s because I want you to stop.”

“I have to get the male leads.”

“Who? Wait what, male leads?”

‘That’s a unique name,” Chera murmured, while desperately spraying to get rid of the smell on Mirania.

If you know that the male leads were Grecan, the son of the head of the wolf clan, and Leberians, the son of the head of the bat clan, you would be scared and say that I was crazy.

‘Or maybe you’d take out a knife.’

Well, I’ll have to explain later, considering Chera’s reaction every time I would visit the male leads.

‘If so, when should I try?’

In fact, it was a problem that I didn’t even have to think about.

‘Now’s the time!

When they’re in their weakest.
It’s only this time where they haven’t met Alice yet

‘Because brainwashing and discipline would work well on them right now.’

Mirania curled up the corners of her mouth gracefully

The witch’s castle was not as grotesque as humans on the two continents would commonly think.

It was rather like a vampire den, and witches were more nature-friendly.

A living tree winds up the castle and acts as a gatekeeper.

As Mirania approaches, the tree at the entrance slowly recedes.

When an unauthorized person stands in front of it, like a natural gatekeeper it solidifies and does not move.

Mirania winces as she enters with a blank face.


Chera, who received the tree’s whisper, ran out.

Chera’s red hair poked up as she ran with her feet hard.

‘It looked like red and angry cherry tomatoes.

‘You’re angry.

I was expecting Chera’s reaction.

In my past life, which I don’t know how many times it was, I escaped alone when I went out to kill Grecan, the male wolf, but when I returned, Chera was looking for me with a fire in her mouth.

At that time, I thought a ferocious red dragon had emerged and possessed Chera.

“Mirania! Where have you been? Nobody wants you to…”,

As she approached, Chera sputtered and was excited, but stopped talking when she saw the hands of Mirania.

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“I’m not a child.
What’s the matter when I go out alone?”,

Mirania muttered rather timidly.

“How could you say that? You disappeared silently last year and then you were found in the neutral zonel And you’re also asleep! It would have been a big deal if you were discovered by a race other than a witch.”

“Well, No one’s going to attack me recklessly… Oh, was it when we haven’t reached an agreement yet?”

“What are you talking about?”

Currently, the agreement has not been made, each one of them pulls out their claws or sticks when they discover other races.

‘It’s tiring to keep fighting, so it’d be better to make an agreement quickly.”

I would smell the beast and the blood again, but…

I recalled that the regular meeting a while ago ended in a mess.

It used to be a little tolerable, but now it’s very annoying to gather and holler.

In terms of the time I have lived, it’s too helpless because the time has passed for a long time to return to dirt.


…Shall I put it off?’

I quickly changed my mind, but the male leads were still quiet.

Chera had been nailing her gaze to Mirania’s hand.



“Hey, just in case, it’s not a dog, was it?”

Chera pouted on one side of her cheeks redder than her hair.
I don’t want to laugh, but I think I should laugh because of the atmosphere.

At Chera’s words, Mirania looked down at her hand,

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The little beast, clinging to her two fingers, caught her eye and showed its teeth.

It’s exhausted face was quickly covered with a ferocious expression.

The four fangs were too big and sharp to be called an ordinary dog, let alone the others.

Chera’s face, who never expected the situation, turned white.

“Do-dog?… it’s not a dog!”

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