Chapter 106 Plan

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Lu Xiaoran left his small courtyard and directly arrived at Ji Wuxia’s small courtyard.
However, he could sense that Ji Wuxia was in seclusion.

Looks like she was about to break through again.

In that case, he would not disturb Ji Wuxia for the time being.

After all, if Ji Wuxia advanced, his own cultivation would also advance.

Just as Lu Xiaoran was prepared to wait for Ji Wuxia to come out before asking about the hot shot, an old acquaintance coincidentally arrived at the small courtyard.

It was none other than Ji Wuxia’s second brother, Ji Wuxin, who had almost been killed by his array formation.

“Greetings, Senior Lu.”

Seeing Lu Xiaoran, Ji Wuxin immediately cupped his hands and bowed.
His attitude was extremely respectful and did not have the arrogance from before at all.

Lu Xiaoran nodded slightly.

Ji Wuxin immediately said, “Senior, you seem to be frowning.
Is there something wrong? If you don’t mind, you can tell me.
I’ll see if there’s any way to help you resolve it.”

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over Ji Wuxin.

When one was being unaccountably solicitous, it meant that they were definitely hiding evil intentions.

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However, he did not care much.
After all, unless he allowed the other party to, it was simply impossible for Ji Wuxin to do anything to him.

“I do have something I’m concerned with.
I want to ask you about that guy who broke off the engagement with Wuxia.”

“So that’s what you wanted to ask, Senior.
In that case, I can answer your questions.”

“His name is Lin Fei.
He’s a disciple of a small family near the Imperial City.
Back then, my sister wandered in the martial world and was saved by their family.
Therefore, she was forcefully engaged to Lin Fei by their family head, who is also Lin Fei’s father.
Because my sister was helped by the Lin family, she had no one to rely on and could only agree.
However, she has never liked Lin Fei.”

Later, our Purple Peace Imperial Palace found Wuxia.
It was only natural for Wuxia to borrow the strength of our Imperial Palace to end the engagement with the Lin family.
The Lin family felt that my sister despised the poor and loved the rich.
Lin Fei even pierced his palm and swore with his blood that he would defeat my sister one day and make her regret it.

He even created a famous saying, “Every dog has its day.
Don’t bully the poor.” Now, he’s very popular among the younger generation of the Great Zhou.”

Lu Xiaoran was speechless.

If not for the fact that he knew that everyone in this world cultivated spirit energy, he would have thought that this was a Horse Aura Continent… A continent where everyone cultivated battle aura and could transform their battle aura into horses.

“Then does he have any obvious characteristics? For example, does he have any special accessories? Or did he have any fortuitous encounters?”

Ji Wuxin felt somewhat strange.
He did not know why Lu Xiaoran would ask such a strange question.

However, after thinking about it for a moment, he quickly organized his thoughts and continued to explain to Lu Xiaoran,

“I’m not too sure about any fortuitous encounters.
After all, I only saw him once when he came to our Imperial Palace to challenge us.
His cultivation progressed very quickly.
When Wuxia canceled the engagement, he was actually only at the Body Refining Realm.
By the time he challenged Wuxia, it had only been three years, and his cultivation had already increased to the perfected tenth level of the Spirit Realm! In the end, he defeated Wuxia with invincible might.”

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“As for the accessories on his body, I didn’t pay much attention to them.
However, I remember that he seemed to have a bronze ring on his hand.
It doesn’t have any spirit energy fluctuations and is not worth much.
It’s probably a keepsake left behind by his family.”

Lu Xiaoran rolled his eyes.

What did he mean by worthless? It was because of this ring that they looked down on that his cultivation level increased so quickly.

Moreover, the Imperial Palace did not fear provoking people.
However, is this Lin Fei someone you could afford to provoke?

Looks like this second hot shot should have an old grandpa or an old granny type person guiding him.
Moreover, this granny or grandpa was probably hiding in that ring.

This was not easy to handle.

Previously, Lu Xiaoran had dealt with Xiao Bei, the reincarnation of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
However, he only had the experience of a Martial Monarch Realm expert and did not have enough strength to rely on.
His true cultivation level was only at the perfected tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

As for his Martial Monarch Realm weapon, it was only a low-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Therefore, it was relatively easy for Lu Xiaoran to handle.

However, if one had an old grandpa or grandma guiding him, it meant that he basically had a Martial Monarch Realm expert helping him.

Although it was said that these people had fallen, they would still retain a portion of their strength.

Normally, such people were inconspicuous and would not casually attack.
However, once they encountered a huge problem, they might risk their lives to unleash a Martial Monarch Realm technique.

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This was very annoying.

Moreover, he could not be sure that the other party was not as lucky as Xiao Bei.
For example, he could spend two low-grade spirit stones to buy a Martial Monarch Realm weapon or something.

“Where is he now?”

“He’s already the son-in-law of the Great Zhou Empire.
The beloved daughter of His Majesty, Princess Ji Liuyu, has taken a fancy to him and ignored the obstruction of the Imperial Family to be with him wholeheartedly.
Moreover, as his cultivation continues to increase, the Imperial Family has also vaguely acknowledged his status.”

Last month, His Majesty even allowed him to participate in the Great Zhou Desolate Region’s trial.”

Lu Xiaoran was not too surprised by this news.

After slapping a more ordinary fiancée in the face, he would definitely have to find a better woman or even several women with good identities.
Moreover, these women would all be crazy for him.
They knew that he was a womanizer but still insisted on giving birth to his children and giving up everything for him.

Lu Xiaoran was extremely disgusted by this matter.
He felt as if the other party was a male pig surrounded by a few ignorant sows.

However, although he was disgusted, the other party had already developed.
He still had to treat the other party seriously because the other party’s strength was not a joke.

“Alright, thank you for explaining it to me.”

“Senior, you’re too polite.
You’re Wuxia’s master.
It’s only natural for me to help Senior answer your doubts.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately bade farewell to Ji Wuxin, prepared to arrange his next step.

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On the other side, Yun Lige finished cultivating.
He felt that his cultivation level had not increased much for a while and walked out of his room.

He stretched, his bones crackling.

“Hah, I’ve been cultivating for so many days.
My cultivation level is about to increase to the second level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
I’ll rest for the time being.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he sensed that the small courtyard next door was absorbing the Heaven and Earth spirit energy crazily.

Yun Lige swept his gaze over and immediately smiled.

“This aura is neither Wuxia’s nor Tianyuan’s.
Presumably, it should be Little Junior Brother, right? Looks like Master should have helped him recover from his injuries.
Since he can already cultivate, as the Eldest Senior Brother, I should also go and take a look.”

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