Chapter 111 Your Opinion Is Only An Opinion

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“Senior Lu, I don’t have a choice either.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown.

“Does the Purple Peace Imperial Palace not even have this bit of influence?”

Ji Wuxin touched his nose awkwardly.

“You can’t say that.
Tie Leng is backed by King Zhenbei.
He’s a generation older than my father and has a slightly higher status than my father.
At the same time, his son is also a king.”

Most importantly, his daughter is the current Imperial Consort.
His granddaughter is also Princess Ruyang, who is also the princess that Lin Fei liked.”

Tie Leng is a capable subordinate nurtured by King Zhenbei.
It is said that it is very likely that Tie Leng will become the other son-in-law of King Zhenbei.
Perhaps because of this, he is somewhat unwilling to help.

Ji Wuxia was somewhat ashamed.

“Master, it’s all because of me that Eldest Senior Brother is unable to escape.”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“It’s not your fault.
Power struggles are complicated everywhere.”

Originally, he did not want to attack.
However, it now seemed that if he did not attack, there was no way he could resolve this matter.

Of course, he would not use his own strength.
In this room, aside from Ji Wuxia, Ji Wuxin and Tie Leng were also present… It was impossible for Lu Xiaoran to expose his strength in front of so many people, nor was it possible for him to directly kill a high official of the Imperial Court like Tie Leng.

Wouldn’t that be equivalent to shooting himself in the foot?

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However, this did not mean that Lu Xiaoran was unable to deal with Tie Leng.

Just as the Ji Wuxin siblings were at a loss and Tie Leng was secretly feeling smug,

Suddenly, a strange expression appeared in Lu Xiaoran’s eyes.

His pupils divided from one to two, and then expanded to three.

His pupils constricted, turning from the size of a pearl to the size of a green bean and becoming pure gold.

The rest had all turned pure white.

When Lu Xiaoran’s eyes changed, the entire space distorted inadvertently.
The next moment, Ji Wuxin and Tie Leng’s expressions instantly froze.
Immediately after, various abnormalities constantly appeared in their expressions.
There was anger, panic, shock, and humiliation… In short, it was brilliant.

When Ji Wuxia saw this scene, she could not help but be shocked.
She looked at her master and immediately could not help but frown slightly.

Master… made a move?

But… what was he doing?

He did not produce any spirit energy fluctuations.
She could not sense anything at all.

However, there was indeed a change happening to her brother and Tie Leng.

Just as Ji Wuxia was puzzled, her master’s eyes had already returned to normal.

Ji Wuxin suddenly sneered.

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“Tie Leng, was I too respectful to you? Don’t forget that I still have leverage against you.
Back then, there was no need for me to say anything more about the ugly matter between you and that woman from the Acacia Faction, right? If this matter is reported to King Zhenbei, do you think you can still become King Zhenbei’s son-in-law? Do you think that you would have been able to do that yourself?”

Tie Leng’s expression suddenly turned cold.

“Ji Wuxin, don’t go overboard.
I gave you 30,000 high-grade spirit stones for that matter back then.
You promised me that you will never mention this again in your life.”

“Hehehehe… I’m just begging you for a small favor today, and you’re already talking nonsense here.
You’re already like this to me, and you still want me to keep it a secret for you? Do you think that’s possible? I’ll give you twenty breaths of time to consider.
In twenty breaths, I want to hear the answer I want.
Otherwise, think about the consequences yourself.”

Ji Wuxia: “???”

She raised her eyebrows and was dumbfounded.

What was happening?

Her master’s eyes changed for a moment.
Then, her brother and Tie Leng said a lot of nonsense that she did not understand at all.

Moreover, it seemed like her brother had grasped Tie Leng’s weakness.

Wait a moment…

Ji Wuxia suddenly trembled as if she had recalled something.

It was an illusion technique!

The first time she saw her master, she had been trapped at the foot of Zhishui Peak by her master’s illusion array.
Even a Creation Realm expert like Granny Li was unable to break her master’s illusion array.
From this, it could be seen how powerful her master’s illusion array was.

However, at that time, his master had used the grand array to create a powerful illusion.

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Now, her master was even more powerful.
He could give her brother and Tie Leng, the guardian of the Heaven prison, fake memories with just a twitch of his eyes.

It had to be known that although her brother’s cultivation level was not very high and he was only at the fifth level of the Mountain Sea Realm, Tie Leng was a true expert at the first level of the Essence Realm!

Their strength could not be said to be at the peak, but they were still extremely rare experts.

However, in front of their master, they weren’t unable to resist at all.
A single gaze was enough to change their memories.

This method was really too terrifying.

No, she had to write it down in her small notebook when she returned.

Her master’s illusion techniques were also invincible!

Just as she was thinking through it, twenty breaths of time had already passed.
Tie Leng finally lost.

He clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and said coldly, “This is the last time.
This is the last time.
Ji Wuxin, if you dare to use that matter to threaten me again, I definitely won’t let you off even if you’re a direct descendant of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.”

Ji Wuxin chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I’m not that shameless.
After this, I guarantee that I won’t bring it up again.”


Tie snorted coldly and threw a token into Ji Wuxin’s hand.

“Take this token and go and bring him out.
He should be in the third level, cell 250.”

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“Thank you for your magnanimity, Brother Tie.
I’ll definitely prepare a feast for you at Phoenix Restaurant in the future.
Thank you, Brother Tie.”

Tie Leng did not answer.
Clearly, he did not want to deal with Ji Wuxin.

Ji Wuxin did not say anything and directly walked out.

Lu Xiaoran and Ji Wuxia followed closely behind.

After leaving Tie Leng’s door and arriving far away, Ji Wuxin played with the token in his hand with a smug expression.

“How is it? Senior Lu, I’m not bad, right? I obtained the token so easily.”


Lu Xiaoran nodded, and Ji Wuxia was extremely speechless.
This idiot’s second brother was still bragging in front of his master.
Even now, he did not know that the one who made him grab hold of Tie Leng’s weakness and obtain the token was not him, but her master.

Her master had changed his and Tie Leng’s memories with a single glance.
This was how he had obtained Tie Leng’s weakness.

In fact, nothing had happened between the two of them at all.

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