However, today, she felt that she really could not help it.

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This Lu Xiaoran’s strength was not at the Martial Monarch Realm, but he was actually able to take our one Martial Monarch Realm weapon after another.

Even wholesale cabbages were not so cheap!

Moreover, these were not cabbages.
These were Martial Monarch Realm weapons!

The legendary Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

A Martial Monarch Realm weapon that even Martial Monarch Realm experts would treasure.

Yue Ying almost used her full strength to dodge this attack.
However, although her reaction was quick, Lu Xiaoran’s attack was even faster.

The Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture circulated, and Lu Xiaoran attacked from both sides with the Primordial Battle God Spear and the Divine Wood Mythical Fire Spear.
They shot mercilessly onto the ground like meteors, piercing through Yue Ying’s long soul legs on the spot and nailed her to the ground.

Boom! Boom!

The violent explosion made the ground tremble incessantly, but Lu Xiaoran’s attack still did not stop.

With a thought, he summoned the Xuanyuan Sword that symbolized the authority of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
With both hands holding the sword, he directly slashed.

In an instant, a rift was slashed in the void.
A sword beam more than 50 kilometers long was released from the Xuanyuan Sword and fell straight down.
The direction where the sword beam landed was between Yue Ying’s legs.

It could be imagined that if this sword landed, Yue Ying’s soul would be completely shattered.
At that time, she would forever disappear from the world.

Both of his legs were nailed to the ground by the Martial Monarch Realm

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Yue Ying knew that he was unable to escape at all.

In order to survive, Yue Ling knew that he had no other choice.

She gritted her teeth and waved her other silver moon saber, directly cutting off her legs.

The ability of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon to cut one’s soul was shockingly effective/

After cutting off her legs, Yue Ying catapulted her upper body away with her left hand.


In the next second, Lu Xiaoran’s sword beam also fell and directly slashed out a huge ravine more than a hundred miles long and dozens of meters deep.


The ground continued to split apart, and it was extremely terrifying.

The lower body of Yue Ying’s soul body was directly shattered mercilessly by this attack, turning into dust.

Yue Ying couldn’t care less because she needed to find a place to hide immediately.

If this continued, without any chance to catch her breath, she would definitely be doomed.
Not to mention that she had a Martial Monarch Realm soul, even if she had already transcended the tribulation to become a god and had a divine soul, she still wouldn’t be able to take it!

Both sides could fight with cultivators stronger than them.
However, Lu Xiaoran was simply too abnormal.

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When she fought him, Martial Monarch Realm weapons appeared one after another.
Moreover, Martial Monarch Realm formations also appeared one after another.
His Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques were even more freaking endless.

This guy was simply abnormal.


Before she could dodge, Lu Xiaoran actually threw the Xuanyuan Sword in his hand.

The golden Xuanyuan Sword drew a golden line in the air and directly pierced through Yue Ying’s left arm, nailing her to the ground again.

With the previous experience, Yue Ying did not dare to delay at all.
She directly cut off his left arm.

Lu Xiaoran wanted to recall the Primordial Battle God Spear and the Divine

Wood Fire Spear again, but his speed was already insufficient.

Fortunately, he still had the True Phoenix Glazed Sword!

Without any delay, the True Phoenix Glazed Sword appeared, and the sword beam immediately slashed through the sky.
Like the Xuanyuan Sword, it slashed another huge hole in the ground.

Dust rose in all directions, and the ground trembled violently.

Everything seemed to be swallowed by this sword beam.

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran slashed out more than a hundred sword lights in succession, shattering the mountains in a radius of 50 kilometers.
Only then did he stop and heave a long sigh.

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“Hah! It’s finally over.
Indeed, the older the wiser.
With her skills, I almost died of exhaustion.
My waist is about to break.”

Lu Xiaoran wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and finally relaxed a little.


At this moment, the void behind him suddenly shattered, and a cold beam attacked from within.
Without giving him any time to react, the saber directly pierced through his armpit.


In the next moment, the saber aura spread, making Lu Xiaoran’s blood surge.
Before Lu Xiaoran could react, another cold light flashed under his other

armpit, and he was heavily injured again.

“Damn it.”

He gritted his teeth and turned around.
He kicked out and had just raised his leg when another cold beam slashed the inner side of his knee, injuring him agam.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran also saw the other party.
It was none other than the person who he thought had been killed by him, Yue Ying, whose soul only had half a body and an arm left.

At this moment, her soul was almost transparent.

It was obvious that she had used a secret technique to burn her soul to further increase her strength in a short period of time at the cost of sacrificing her soul.

To Yue Ying, who already had a lot of combat experience, as long as her cultivation and speed increased, it was easy for her to injure Lu Xiaoran.

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Even though Lu Xiaoran had the Emperor Nine Yang Armor, some special parts could not be protected.

Yue Ying had specifically chosen these places to attack and had beaten Lu Xiaoran into a cripple without giving him any chance to resist.

“Weren’t you very arrogant?”

“Weren’t you very awesome?

“Don’t you have a lot of Martial Monarch Realm weapons?

“Don’t you have a lot of cultivation techniques?

“In front of a Martial Monarch Realm expert, you’re nothing!”

“Without taking that step, you’re still an ant! You’re destined to be stepped on by me!”

Yue Ling had already descended into madness.
Every time she attacked, she

would definitely make Lu Xiaoran bleed.

She had been dormant for ten thousand years, waiting to be resurrected one day.
But now, because of Lu Xiaoran, her soul had been severely injured and was m a mess.

Originally, she only needed a hundred years to revive with the help of Lin Fei.

However, now, even if it was a thousand years, she probably still wouldn’t have a chance to be successfully revived!

Therefore, at this moment, she vented all her hatred on Lu Xiaoran.

After slashing out more than ten thousand times in a row, Yue Ying’s saber slashed at Lu Xiaoran’s chest.
Although the Thearch Armor blocked it and did not injure him, the huge impact still smashed him fiercely into the ground..

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