Chapter 130 Plan

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“You don’t deserve to be my servant.”

Lu Xiaoran said these words indifferently, making Yue Ying’s heart instantly turn cold.

Then, she saw Lu Xiaoran take out another huge Martial Monarch Realm cauldron.

For some reason, when he saw the huge cauldron, Yue Ying immediately had a bad feeling

“What… What are you doing?”

“Of course I’ll refine you into a Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill and let my disciples eat you to increase their martial intent.”

Yue Ying was dumbfounded.
It was one thing for Lu Xiaoran to make her die without a burial site, but he actually wanted to refine her into a medicinal pill?

“You… you’re simply inhumane.
I won’t let you take advantage of me even if I have to self-destruct!”

However, before she could self-destruct, Lu Xiaoran suddenly raised his leg and kicked her directly into the Nebula Thousand Qi Cauldron.

“Self-destruct, up to you.
In this huge cauldron of mine, even if you self-destruct, your soul power won’t spread.
I’m definitely going to eat you up today.”

Yue Ying completely collapsed.

“Lu Xiaoran, you bastard, I’ll kill you!”

“Damn you!”

“Damn you and your ancestors!”


Lu Xiaoran could not be bothered with her and directly activated the Nebula Ten Thousand Qi Cauldron to refine her into a Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill.

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In less than a few breaths, the voice gradually disappeared.

The Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill was a mid-grade Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill, and it was as precious as the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill.

After all, a Martial Monarch Realm expert had very few bone marrow.
Similarly, a Martial Monarch Realm expert’s soul was just as rare.

After spending an entire day and night, Lu Xiaoran finally refined the Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill.
He only had three extremely pitiful pills.
There were even fewer pills than when he had refined the Burning Heaven Emperor’s Martial Monarch Realm marrow.

“This woman isn’t very valuable.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but curse angrily.

Actually, it was really not Yue Ying’s fault.
Her soul was originally a remnant soul.
Moreover, it had been beaten even more severely by Lu Xiaoran.
Moreover, she had even burned her soul power to fight.
There was already not much left of her Martial Monarch Realm soul.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran only refined three pills in the end.

However, he decided to forget it.
After all, it was something that came knocking on his door.
He had only profited from this.

Moreover, he had also received two Martial Monarch Realm silver moon battle sabers.

It had to be said that these two curved blades were quite unique.
When combined, they really did feel like deep sea scallops.
They were bright silver.

Thinking of this, he felt happy that he had earned quite a bit today.

The Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill danced in the pill furnace, trying to escape from the control of the Nebula Ten Thousand Qi Cauldron.
However, it was all in vain.

How could a mere few medicinal pills escape the control of a Martial Monarch Realm Nebula Myriad Qi Cauldron?

After putting the medicinal pills into a small porcelain bottle and setting up an array formation to seal it, Lu Xiaoran finally left the Mountain and River State Painting and began to consider his next move.

“The Ancient Forbidden Area will be opening in a month.
At that time, we have to kill Lin Fei.”

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In theory, Lin Fei was the real hot shot.
Yue Ying could only be considered as his source of backup hidden energy and was not his main combat strength.

Lin Fei’s current methods were already not low.
It was easy for him to fight stronger cultivators.
He probably had another move that could instantly kill someone several realm levels higher.

That move was probably prepared for a villain like Lu Xiaoran.
He definitely couldn’t fight Lin Fei head-on.

In that case, he decided to adopt the method he used to deal with Xiao Bei.
It was fine as long as it was effective.

However, there was another big problem.
Xiao Bei was a reborn Martial Monarch Realm expert who has risen to prominence alone.
For someone like Lin Fei who had backers and friends, he was extremely terrifying.
Perhaps one of his lovers was a peerless big shot or even a senior in the Imperial Family.
Even without such big shots to help him out, with that bootlicker Ruyang around, they will definitely provoke the Imperial Family if they were to attack Lin Fei in the future.”.

This had always been what Lu Xiaoran was more concerned about.

Ruyang would definitely attack! This was for


What would he do then? Kill Ruyang?

She was the only daughter of the current emperor.
If she attacked and he killed her, he would definitely get into a conflict with the entire Imperial Family.

He could not kill everyone in the Imperial Family! After all, they had so many experts and such a huge reputation.
They were basically equivalent to a few hundred White Bone Demon Sects!

At that time, he would directly become a famous person in the Great Zhou, no, the entire continent!

Therefore, wouldn’t he be courting trouble if he fought the Imperial Family now?

Even if he could win and destroy the Imperial Family, what would happen after that? If the other dynasties attacked him together and all of them came to find trouble with him, even if he had three heads and six arms, he still wouldn’t be able to stop them!

This gave Lu Xiaoran a headache.

“Unfortunately, I’m not the protagonist.
I have a handsome appearance, but I can’t be loved by everyone.
I can’t attract a bunch of bootlickers.
If only a few Emperor Realm experts from the Imperial Family supported me, I wouldn’t be so concerned right now.”

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After a pause, Lu Xiaoran suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“Since there are no bootlickers, why don’t I… create a few?”

If he didn’t have any, he could just create them himself.
Production had always been the number one factor that promoted social progress.

Lu Xiaoran also had no choice.
It was simply a fool’s dream to rely on these few disciples to cultivate to the Martial Monarch Realm.

Hot shots like Xiao Bei and Lin Fei cultivated faster than them.
When they cultivated to the Martial Monarch Realm, those hot shots would have already become gods.
Competing with a hacker in terms of cultivation growth was extremely stupid.

He definitely had to do something sinister to resolve this problem in advance.

However, his disciples were still doing alright.
All of them had the talent of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
Coupled with his cultivation technique and medicinal pills, their improvements were very fast.

Another problem was that his disciples would not betray him.
However, it was not necessarily the case for the others.

After all, protagonists weren’t the only ones that would get betrayed.

He still had to think of a way, such as using mental control to firmly control these bootlickers.

After absorbing the Traceless Illusion and the True Intent Unravel Three-Eyed True Pupil, he should be able to do this.

Firstly, even a Martial Monarch Realm expert like Yue Ying was affected by the illusionary technique of the Trinity True Eyes and was unable to see through it.

Secondly, the Trinity True Eyes could create permanent, irreversible memories.

Thus, it should not be a problem for him to get some big shots to help him out.

For example… someone like King Zining?

Lu Xiaoran felt that this was a good idea.
In any case, as long as he did not injure him, he would not be letting Ji Wuxia down.

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Moreover, as his strength increased, he still needed people who could communicate and implement his plans.

Why not… help Ji Wuxia become an empress?

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

After Ji Wuxia became an empress, she would be unable to cultivate anymore.
That way, he would not be able to harvest his gains.

Moreover, Ji Wuxia still needed to participate in the battle against the other hot shots in the future.
If she became an empress, wouldn’t he lose combat strength for no reason?

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from outside Lu Xiaoran’s door.

“Senior Lu, are you there? I have some good wine from the Wind Cloud Sect that can help nourish the spirit and reduce blood circulation.
It can also increase your Yang strength.
I’ve brought it over for you to taste.”

Lu Xiaoran was stunned before he narrowed his eyes slightly and the corner of his mouth curled up.
Wasn’t this person sending himself to be recruited?

After all, Ji Wuxin was also part of the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
Although Lu Xiaoran did not intend to take over Great Zhou, he could still recruit some experts from the Imperial Family.

Moreover, this person was dispensable and did not need to be brought around often.

Most importantly, his cultivation level was low, and he was easy to control.

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