Chapter 131 Go, Pokemon, It’s You

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“Come in, the door’s not locked.”

In the next moment, Ji Wuxin carried two bottles of spirit energy wine and entered Lu Xiaoran’s room.


Ji Wuxin was about to say something when his gaze met Lu Xiaoran’s.

At that moment, his entire soul went blank, and his entire consciousness was completely controlled by Lu Xiaoran.

A memory he had never experienced before surged into his mind.

“I… am the most important person in your life…”

The two of them were at a stalemate for less than three seconds.
With a plop, Ji Wuxin knelt on the ground, his eyes red and tears streaming down his face.

“Dad! I’ve been searching for you for so long! For so many years, I’ve been hiding in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace and have been missing you all the time!”

Lu Xiaoran: “???”

He had only given Ji Wuxin the memory that he was an important person that Ji Wuxin had lost contact with a long time ago.
Who knew that Ji Wuxin would actually imagine him as his biological father who left him in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace!

Forget it, it was better to do it again and give him another memory.

“I can’t be your father.
Get out.
Nothing happened just now.”


Ji Wuxin walked out Lu Xiaoran’s door slowly.
A moment later, his voice sounded from outside the door again.

“Senior Lu, are you there? I have some good wine from the Wind Cloud Sect that can help nourish the spirit and reduce blood circulation.
It can also increase your Yang strength.
I’ve brought it over for you to taste.”

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“Come in, the door’s not locked.”

Ji Wuxin pushed the door and entered.
He was immediately stunned when she saw the two bottles of spirit energy wine on the ground.

“Eh? “Senior, why do you have the spirit energy wine from the Wind Cloud Sect here?”

He looked down at his hand and could not help but exclaim.

“Eh? Where’s my wine? Where’s the spirit energy wine I brought? Senior, I’ll go back and get you two more.”

With that said, Ji Wuxin quickly ran away.

Lu Xiaoran :”…”

“Forget it, this Ji Wuxin doesn’t seem too smart.”

Back then, he had made a fool of himself after insisting on testing Lu Xiaoran’s array formation.
In the end, he was severely injured from the explosion and had to spend a month to recover.

He might become a useless teammate.

Generally speaking, the subordinates of a villain like him had to be carefully selected.
If he was careless, he would encounter a bad teammate.
This teammate would also crazily give experience and equipment to the hot shots.

It was very likely that Ji Wuxin was like this and Lu Xiaoran could not choose him.

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat helpless as he walked out of his courtyard and even left Ji Wuxia’s princess residence.

“I’ve always been cultivating in the Heaven Demon Sect and have never left the mountain.
I don’t have any connections here at all and don’t know much about others.
Even if I want to find a puppet, I can’t find a suitable person.”

Just as he was feeling conflicted, Lu Xiaoran had already arrived at the martial arts arena of the Imperial Palace.

In a fight between martial artists, a light attack would break a stone tablet, and a heavier attack would be earth-shattering.
Therefore, in order to prevent the buildings from being destroyed, some large families would use special array formations to build a martial arts arena.

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In this way, they could not only suppress the destruction but also achieve the goal of cultivation.

It was almost noon and most people were resting.
However, in the martial arts arena, there was another figure cultivating under the hot sun.

Judging from his bone age, he should be in his thirties and looked somewhat similar to Ji Wuxin.

However, his cultivation level was much stronger than Ji Wuxin’s, and he was already at the ninth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

His muscles were also tanned and shiny under the sun.

“This brat’s talent is not bad.
He only cultivates a mid-grade Saint Realm cultivation technique, but for him to reach the ninth level of the Mountain Sea Realm at this age is already not bad.
He’s probably only one level lower than Lige.
He should be able to be evaluated as an A-level expert.”

As if hearing someone speak, the other party stopped cultivating and looked at Lu Xiaoran.
He could not help but be slightly stunned.
Then, he walked over and cupped his hands towards Lu Xiaoran.

“Junior Ji Wushang greets Senior.” “Do you know me?”

Ji Wushang shook his head.

“Junior has never seen Senior before, but Senior has the aura of my sister on you.
Presumably, you came from my sister’s courtyard.
Moreover, from Senior’s aura, I can tell that you’re calm and extraordinary.
Therefore, I dare to confirm that Senior is Wuxia’s master.”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.

This brat… had a future.
His brain was very useful.

However, this alone was not enough for him to take the other party in as a subordinate.

He still needed to observe more.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran placed his hands behind his back and smiled calmly.

“That’s right.
I’m Wuxia’s master.
Which prince are you?”

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“I’m the eldest prince of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.”

“So you’re King Zining’s eldest son.
As someone with such an honorable status, why are you cultivating here alone at this time of the day? Aren’t you going to rest?”

Ji Wushang spoke again, “As the eldest son of the Imperial Palace, I naturally can’t be as lazy as others.”

After a pause, he continued, “Moreover, I’ve encountered a bottleneck in my cultivation.
Therefore, I need to work harder.”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes revealed a hint of admiration.

Not bad, not bad at all.

With brains and hard work, he would definitely not become a useless teammate.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran continued, “I just took a quick look.
Your cultivation technique belongs to the five elements.
The five elements mutually promote and restrain each other to deal with the five viscera in your body.
By cultivating it along the way, you can obtain mutual life.
You’ve already cultivated mutual life to the limit, but you haven’t cultivated it to counteract each other.
You can only fuse them but not separate them.
Only by refining all of them and controlling them freely can you advance another step.”

Ji Wushang’s eyes moved slightly.
After thinking for a moment, he immediately rehearsed his cultivation technique again.

At the beginning, it was still a little uncomfortable.
However, later, as he gradually became better, he was able to do it quite naturally.

After half an incense stick of time, as the fluctuation from Ji Wushang’s dantian sounded, endless joy also surged onto his face.

At the same time, there was also deep shock!

Lu Xiaoran was really too powerful! With just a few words, the other party had helped him improve!

Immediately after, Ji Wushang immediately arrived in front of Lu Xiaoran, cupped his hands, and bowed to Lu Xiaoran.

“Thank you for your guidance, Senior.
I’m extremely grateful.”

Lu Xiaoran was even more satisfied.
This Ji Wushang’s talent was really not bad.

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You will do!

“Raise your head.”

Hearing Lu Xiaoran’s words, Ji Wushang immediately looked up.
The moment his eyes met Lu Xiaoran’s, his mind was blank.

Then, a majestic figure became bigger and bigger in his mind, completely invading his soul and consciousness.

From this moment on, in Ji Wushang’s heart, Lu Xiaoran would be respected as a god!

Through the Trinity True Eyes, Lu Xiaoran infinitely magnified Ji Wushang’s respect for him, making it easy for him to control the other party.
In the future, if there were any external matters that needed to be dealt with, he could control Ji Wushang from behind the scenes.

At the same time, a shocking explosion suddenly sounded from a certain spot in the calm Great Zhou Imperial City.


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