Chapter 135 Heart Drops Blood

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Hearing Elder Netherworld’s words, everyone’s originally nervous mood immediately relaxed.
“So it’s Elder Netherworld’s personal disciple.
That’s fine.”

“Elder Netherworld’s personal disciple should be Blood Demon Heaven Monarch, right? He’s a top-notch genius of the Demon Sect.” “That’s right.
He’s already an expert at the first level of the Essence Realm at just a hundred years old.
He’s also known as one of the top ten geniuses of the Demon Sect’s new generation.
If not for the fact that he was captured by the Great Zhou Imperial Family and imprisoned in Heaven Prison, who knows how much more powerful he would be?”

“This time, Elder Netherworld has helped him break out of Heaven Prison.
For him to return to the Demon Sect to cultivate diligently, the Demon Sect will definitely gain another peerless expert in the future.”

Hearing everyone’s praise, the corners of Elder Netherworld’s mouth curled up slightly.
He stroked his beard and smiled, his eyes revealing a complacent expression.

“Of course.
How can a disciple that I fancy be a commoner?”

However, just as his voice fell, the array formation opened.
Immediately after, a dazzling meteor-like light tore through the spatial tunnel that passed through the array and instantly arrived.
It was mixed with the power of fifteen million kilograms as lightning bombarded the valley.

Its speed was so fast that everyone did not even have the time to react before it directly crushed the hundreds of disciples in the direction ahead into ashes on the spot.
The vegetation on the ground was all eliminated.
The powerful might made a huge ravine tens of thousands of meters long and dozens of meters deep wherever the light passed.


The light finally landed on the opposite slope and emitted a world-shaking explosion.
Moreover, it easily pierced through the mountain.

The entire mountain began to shake violently.

However, before this huge impact could be dispersed, several more lights shot out from the array formation in the next second and bombarded the mountain in an invincible manner.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions occurred one after another, directly blasting the mountain into dust.

A huge mountain was destroyed, followed by a second, third, and fourth…

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This powerful force was too fast and too powerful.
It did not give anyone any chance to react.

The evil cultivators in the valley were destroyed without even having the chance to set up defenses.

They did not even get the chance to emit a tragic cry.
There was only the explosion of the spear beam constantly colliding with the mountain.
It resounded between the heavens and the earth, shocking the clouds, making the wind and clouds change color, and causing a strange phenomena to appear in the world.

Although this attack had already weakened after destroying the spatial tunnel, it was still at the first level of the King Realm.

Moreover, there was the pressure of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon that could cause damage to the soul.

Therefore, wherever the spear beam passed, these evil cultivators’ souls would cease to exist.

Elder Netherworld was completely dumbfounded.
He did not know what was going on at all.

This was the Bloodbath Transportation Formation! A teleportation formation that only his personal disciples could learn.
It was absolutely impossible for outsiders.


Why would such a powerful attack appear from the Bloodbath Transportation Formation?

Did the Heaven Monarch Blood Demon betray him?

Because other than that, Elder Netherworld honestly could not figure out why the Heaven Monarch Blood Demon would activate the array.
Moreover, there were so many attacks that were comparable to a King Realm expert inside.

For this to have happened, the Heaven Monarch Blood Demon would have needed to activate the array himself.
Moreover, there had to be a group of King Realm experts from the Imperial Family attacking at the same time.
That was why so many attacks were teleported over.

However, why?

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Why did the other party betray him?

He had treated the other party like his own flesh and blood and taught him everything!

Why did this brat do this?

At this moment, Elder Netherworld’s heart shattered.

“Protect Elder Netherworld!”

The evil cultivators were very loyal.
After being infected by the evil aura, they almost saw Elder Netherworld as their god.
Even if they had to go through hell and high water for him, they would still do it.

Fortunately, although there were many spear beams, there were still only about a hundred.
After hurriedly dodging, a portion of the evil cultivator experts and Elder Netherworld were lucky to not be hit by the spear lights.

“Hah… ha…”

The evil cultivators finally heaved a sigh of relief, their bodies wet with cold sweat.

The attack just now was simply too powerful.
It was so powerful that even their souls trembled.

Even if they thought that their cultivation levels were not low, they still felt that they would be killed when facing that sword beam.
If they were hit, they would not even have a trace of their souls left.

It was too terrifying!

Everyone looked around and could not help but feel their hearts turn cold.

This time, many evil cultivators had escaped from the prison, but more than half of them had died in the Imperial City.
After all, there were many experts in the Imperial City.

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Even so, because of the large number of people, there were still dozens of thousands of people that escaped from the Imperial City.

However, after this battle, there were less than ten percent left.
In the blink of an eye, there were only a few thousand people left.

In this mystic world where people were like ants, this small number of people was not even enough to fill the gap of a huge battle.

Moreover, some of them were more vigilant and dodged in time.
Otherwise, it would already be not bad if only 1,000 people survived.

“Blood Demon, why did you betray me? Why?”

Elder Netherworld looked up into the sky and sighed.
His eyes were scarlet red like blood.

At this moment, he was oblivious to what had caused this incident and was already extremely sad because of the betrayal of his beloved disciple.

Everyone hurriedly advised, “Elder Netherworld, the Heaven Monarch of Blood Demon is inhumane and disloyal.
If we encounter him in the future, we will definitely tear him into pieces to avenge Elder Netherworld.”

“Elder Netherworld, calm down.
Your health is more important.
You’re our backbone now.
You can’t lose your mind from anger.”

Everyone’s persuasion finally made Elder Netherworld’s tightly clenched fists slowly relax.

Indeed, being betrayed was hateful, but he had no choice now.

One had to look forward and not backward.

He had finally escaped from Heaven Prison after spending an entire seven hundred years.
How could he be discouraged just because of a brat’s betrayal?

The most important thing now was to rush back to the Demon Sect and meet up with the Demon Venerable.

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“Forget it! The matter is more important.
You’re right.
I can’t lose my mind from anger.”


At this moment, an accident happened again.

The teleportation formation was already flickering and about to be destroyed.
However, to their surprise, a faint golden flame suddenly spread out and landed on many people.

Everyone was first stunned before they began to ridicule coldly.

“What the hell is the Great Zhou Imperial Family doing now? They’re still attacking? Are they planning to burn our corpses to ashes?”

“Unfortunately, we’re all still alive.
These flames are simply insignificant.”

“The Great Zhou Imperial Family only knows how to be mysterious.”

As they spoke, many people were already prepared to use the spirit energy in their bodies to extinguish the flames.

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