Chapter 142 Intimidating

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The light spread for a million meters, splitting the black evil aura that filled the entire mountain and land with a bang.


The Demon Sect’s Evil Demon Formation on the ground was instantly destroyed.
Accompanied by it were hundreds of Demon Sect evil cultivators who were shattered on the spot by the shock wave and turned to ashes.

This scene shocked everyone on the spot.

“What… what a powerful attack!”

A princess of an imperial palace widened her eyes and looked at this attack in disbelief.

This was probably no weaker than an Emperor Realm expert, right?

Could it be an attack from the two seniors of the Imperial Family?

However, the aura of those two seniors was clearly still above them as they fought Elder Netherworld.

The aura of an Emperor Realm expert was even more massive than a mountain.
Its aura was so powerful that it seemed to be corporeal.

It was impossible for her not to sense it.

Could it be that the Imperial Family had sent another senior to help?

Only Ji Wushang’s eyes kept flickering.

“This aura, it’s Senior.
It must be Senior!”

In the sky, everyone was also dumbfounded.

“A very powerful aura is approaching quickly.”

“This direction.
Is it from the Imperial City? Is it a senior from the Imperial Family?”

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“No, this aura has never appeared before.”

As everyone was shocked, the spatial barrier not far away was directly torn apart.

Immediately after, a figure in a black robe and a hat slowly stepped out of the spatial rift.

Although his movements seemed slow, he arrived at the ground in less than two steps.

As the Emperor Realm pressure descended, the evil cultivators immediately felt a huge pressure.

The powerful pressure even made them unable to have the intention to escape.

Lu Xiaoran could not be bothered to waste his breath.
Towards these fellows who had already become ruthless people, there was no need for him to waste his time.

Raising his head slightly, he activated the Trinity True Eyes and unleashed its might.
Over a thousand evil cultivators exploded on the spot.

Bang bang bang…

Balls of dark red blood mist were released on the ground like fireworks.

The scene was shocking and beautiful.

With the evil array broken and the evil cultivators all destroyed, Ji Wushang and the others instantly felt much more relaxed.

However, there was still an evil aura corroding their souls in their bodies.

Lu Xiaoran could not let Ji Wushang become an evil demon.

The Azure Thearch Longevity Art circulated.
A huge 100-meter-tall dark green emperor figure sitting on the dragon chair suddenly formed behind him.
With the Trinity True Eyes and the True Intent Unravel, Lu Xiaoran was able to use the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to remove the evil aura in Ji Wushang’s body.

A dark green light shone over, and the evil aura in Ji Wushang and the others’ bodies was instantly expelled from their bodies.

Seeing this scene, Elder Netherworld was instantly furious.

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“Bastard! How dare you ruin my plans? Die!”

With a shout, his figure turned into a black smoke and fell rapidly, pouncing towards Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over.
The other party could only unleash a cultivation at the second level of the Emperor Realm now, so there was nothing to worry about.

With a flick of his wrist, the Divine Wood Fire Spear was instantly in his hand.
He circulated the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture with all his strength.
With a step, he immediately shattered the rocks within a hundred meters.

Then, the attack spread.
Every time it spread, everything within a hundred meters would be destroyed.
It spread for a total of nine times, collapsing the ground into an abyss with a diameter of more than a thousand meters.

Lu Xiaoran also relied on this force to defy the heavens.

The two of them were both at the Emperor Realm.
One was above the fifth realm level and the other was below.
They were like two long dragons that collided together.


The moment the two collided, a 360-degree astral aura fluctuation directly swept out, making space crack.

The aftershock of the aura spread out crazily, causing the clouds in the sky to retreat.

Previously, when the experts of the Imperial Family fought Elder Netherworld, they could at most blast away the clouds within 100,000 meters.

However, Lu Xiaoran, who held the Martial Monarch Realm weapon and used the Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, directly blasted away all the clouds within ten million meters.

The powerful shock wave even forced the three King Realm experts in the sky to resist with all their strength.
Only the two Emperor Realm seniors were considered to be at ease.

However, even so, the two of them were still shocked until their mouths widened.

They were all Emperor Realm cultivators, so why did their attacks feel like child’s play compared to this mysterious person’s attack?

The two of them did not doubt that if they were hit by this attack, they would at least be injured, let alone completely unable to withstand it.

When the commotion dissipated, the situation of the two of them was also reflected in everyone’s eyes.

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Lu Xiaoran was not injured at all, and Elder Netherworld’s arm had been directly shattered.
His shoulder was covered in blood, and his entire body trembled endlessly.
His left hand gripped the white jade porcelain bottle in his hand tightly.

“Hiss! How powerful!”

At this moment, be it the Imperial Family experts in the sky or the Imperial Family juniors on the ground, everyone could not help but feel a chill run down their spines when they saw this.

It was too terrifying!

The two Imperial Family experts were at the first level of the Emperor Realm.
Moreover, they were even assisted by four King Realm experts.
After fighting for a long time, they were still unable to obtain an advantage over Elder Netherworld.
In fact, Elder Netherworld had even obtained the upper hand.

At this moment, this mysterious person had only used a single attack to heavily injure Elder Netherworld?

Wasn’t this guy too abnormal?

Elder Netherworld gritted his teeth tightly and stared fixedly at the Divine Wood Fire Spear in Lu Xiaoran’s hand.

“Who are you? Why? Do you have a Martial Monarch Realm weapon?”

Hearing the word “Martial Monarch Realm”, everyone present instantly froze.

“Martial Monarch Realm weapon!”

Everyone’s eyes turned red.
Even their breathing became hot, and their hearts began to beat faster.

Their reactions were understandable.
After all, Martial Monarch Realm weapons were legendary existences.

Even in the entire Great Zhou, there were only two or three people who had Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

Moreover, it was two low-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapons and a mid-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

The effectiveness of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon in battle was unimaginable.

It would increase one’s attack power as it increased the wielder’s strength.

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Therefore, at this moment, even if the members of the Imperial Family were not invaded by the evil aura, they still could not help but covet Lu Xiaoran’s Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

This was also the reason why Lu Xiaoran chose to wear a bamboo hat.
It was even why he usually chose to hide.

He was too rich now.

Any two treasures were enough to make the world envious.

However, at this moment, he was wearing a bamboo hat.
No one knew his identity, so there was no need to worry.

“It’s actually a Martial Monarch Realm weapon! No wonder he could unleash such a powerful attack despite also being an Emperor Realm expert.”

The few people in the sky looked at each other, as if they were vaguely communicating with each other.

Elder Netherworld spoke again.

“However, even if you have a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, if you dare to ruin my plan, I will still make sure you die a tragic death today.”

“As for your Martial Monarch Realm weapon, I’ll take it off you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised the white jade porcelain bottle in his hand.

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