ang, How dare you! If you touch him, I’ll definitely kill you.”

“That still depends on whether you have the ability.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Wushang and the others stopped talking and instantly arrived.

Ruyang shouted coldly and punched out.
Waves spread wantonly, making the air tremble uncontrollably.

Unfortunately, although she was at the second level of the Soul Refinement Realm, Ji Wushang was already at the fifth level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
How could she resist?

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The moment the two fists collided, the fist light exploded, causing lightning to surge.
Ruyang’s body was immediately sent flying.

The three princess residence servants behind her quickly stepped forward and saved Ruyang.

The three of them were all at the Shattering Void Realm.
It was already rather impressive for them to reach this level within a hundred years.

It had to be known that the Heaven Demon Sect’s sect master was already 200 years old and was still only at the Shattering Void Realm.

Although the three of them had saved Ruyang, shock was already written all over Ruyang’s face.

“Ji Wushang, you’re actually at the fifth level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
When did you break through to such a powerful level?”

It was a publicly acknowledged fact that the heir of an imperial palace was inferior to the crown prince and his siblings.
Even if she was relatively weak among them, she was not someone a descendant of the imperial palace could easily resist.

But now, the strength Ji Wushang displayed simply shocked her to the extreme.

“Stop talking nonsense with her.
Destroy Lin Fei’s inheritance first.”

Yun Lige flew out from beside Ji Wushang.
With a spear in hand, he thrust it out like a dragon towards the meditating Lin Fei.

His master had said that when dealing with hot shots, there was no need to waste words.
Wasting their breath might cause them to lose everything.

He raised his sleeve and directly attempted to kill the other party first.

Ruyang immediately stopped being shocked and shouted coldly,

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“Protect my Brother Lin Fei.”

As soon as he said this, one of the Shattering Void Realm experts in the princess’s residence immediately attacked and attempted to stop Yun Lige.

However, before he could move, a shocking sword beam slashed down.

The one who attacked was Li Changsheng.

His cultivation was at the first level of the Creation Realm, and he had a God Realm Sword Soul and a Saint Realm weapon.
It was completely easy for him to fight someone stronger than him.

As this sword beam slashed out, the weather changed drastically.
The sword beam instantly spread for ten thousand meters and pressed down.
Its aura was extraordinary, forcing the Shattering Void Realm expert from the princess’ residence to have no choice but to give up on helping Lin Fei and resist Li Changsheng.

The other two Shattering Void Realm experts of the princess’ residence were also entangled by Fang Tianyuan, Ji Wuxia, and the others.
Even Princess Ruyang herself was being chased and beaten by Ji Wushang.
She was unable to free her hands to stop Yun Lige and protect Lin Fei.

Yun Lige’s spear beam was getting closer and closer to Lin Fei.
Ten thousand meters, a thousand meters, a hundred meters… In the end, it was only ten meters away from piercing Lin Fei.

In fact, the corner of Yun Lige’s mouth under the mask had already curled up slightly to celebrate his victory in advance.

At this critical moment, a golden sword beam suddenly fell from the sky.
With an even faster speed and an even stronger force, it headed straight for Yun Lige’s face, forcing him to abandon this easy success and turn around to defend.

The spear and the sword beam collided and exploded into a shocking bang as a majestic astral aura spread out, directly forcing Yun Lige to retreat.

Seeing that the astral aura was about to land on Lin Fei as the aftershock approached him, a figure in a yellow python robe instantly appeared a meter in front of Lin Fei.
He raised his hand and blocked the astral aura.

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