d in from outside the door.

“Elders, something bad has happened!”

That disciple wiped the sweat on his forehead and hurriedly said in a panic,

“The mountain gate has been sealed by the array formation.
The disciples can’t get out.
Elder Huang is trapped in the defensive array and can’t move.
Elders, please quickly help.”

Everyone was shocked.
The array formation had actually sealed the mountain gate? Moreover, even Elder Huang could not pass through.
How was this possible?

It had to be known that Elder Huang’s cultivation had already reached the tenth level of the Spirit Realm and the peak perfection level.
It was simply unbelievable that he could get trapped in the array.

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“Let’s go and take a look.”

Everyone hurriedly got up and rushed to the entrance.

As soon as they arrived, they saw many disciples gathered at the entrance of the mountain.
Looking at the third layer, the short and fat Elder Huang was actually suppressed alive in the defensive array formation.
He was unable to move and looked very comical.

Many elders with low cultivation levels could not tell the profundity of this, but some elders with high cultivation levels instantly understood.

“Heavens, this array formation is actually several times more exquisite than the previous one!”

“Because the array formation is too exquisite, the power of the array formation has more than doubled.
Therefore, the array formation token from before is no longer suitable.
That’s why Elder Huang is trapped inside.”

“Damn, is this Daoran’s work or Xiaoran’s? Isn’t this too powerful?”

A disciple asked in confusion, “Elder, is it that powerful? I think the inscription of this array formation seems to be no different from before!”

The elder who spoke shook his head.

“Child, you’re still young, so you don’t understand the profundity of this.
To be honest, in our entire Heaven Demon Sect, other than Elder Daoran and Elder Xiaoran, there are very few people who can reach this level in array formations.”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that with this attainment in array formations, the one who built the array formation between the two of them is qualified to be directly conferred the title of Sect Leader.”

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp in unison, and they felt their scalps go numb.

The other party had actually received such high praise from the elders.
This was simply unimaginable.

It had to be known that regardless of whether it was Elder Li or Elder Lu, they were still very young.
Among the elders, their cultivation levels were not very high.

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As everyone spoke, the First Elder slowly walked in front of Elder Huang.

“Junior Brother Huang, why are you so obsessed with leaving the sect? How did you get stuck in a defensive formation?”

Elder Huang said with an aggrieved expression, “I didn’t want to either.
I made an appointment with the matchmaker today to go on a blind date with the Reliance Sect next door.
I originally thought that this array formation was nothing special and that I would be able to get through it easily, but who knew that this array formation had strengthened so much? I immediately got stuck inside!”

The First Elder’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

“Do you really want to go on a blind date? I thought that was just an excuse for you to reject the Sect Master.”

“I wasn’t just trying to reject the Sect Master.
I really did have a blind date.
First Elder, quickly help me get out.
I’m almost late for my blind date.”

“Junior Brother Huang, don’t worry.
I’ll save you right now.”

“Thank you, First Elder.”

The First Elder took a deep breath and circulated the spirit energy in his body.
He stepped forward and entered the defensive array.

After he stepped into the defensive formation, his entire expression instantly became very solemn.
The heavy force pressed down on his body, making him feel that something was wrong.

The disciples behind could not help but have worried expressions.

“What happened, First Elder?”

“I don’t know.
Judging from his expression, the situation seems to be a little serious! Could it be that he got stuck too?”

“You kids don’t know your place.
First Elder is a Creation Realm expert! It would not be possible for him to get stuck in this array formation.”

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