rty’s combat strength by a portion.
You’re at the King Realm.
You can fight him for a while.
Buy me a little time.”

In fact, this was Ji Wushang’s method of fighting to survive.

With the combat strength of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace alone, they were definitely unable to resist an expert like Ji Shangrong.

Therefore, Ji Wushang could only find a backup.

This reinforcement was none other than Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran had previously placed a mark in his body.

As long as his life was threatened, the mark would be triggered.
In that case, Lu Xiaoran could sense it.

This was Ji Wushang’s goal.

He wanted to use suicide to seek help from Lu Xiaoran.

Of course, he did not know if Lu Xiaoran could come in time or not.
He also did not know if he could still live after Lu Xiaoran came.

However, if Lu Xiaoran did not come, he would definitely die.

In order to survive, he could only risk his life.

He prayed desperately that Lu Xiaoran would sense his injuries and come to save him in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

Although King Zining did not understand, he knew that his son was the number one genius of the Great Zhou for thousands of years.
He would definitely not do something meaningless and uncertain.

Ji Shangrong shook his head.

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“Although I don’t know what you’re doing! However, such a diversionary tactic won’t confuse me.
Today, I won’t stop until I burn your bones and scatter your ashes.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Shangrong stepped into the array formation.

At the same time, on Lu Xiaoran’s side, he sensed that Ling Xinyue and Fang Aotian had already started fighting.
He also began to do a final check on the array formation.

He knew very well that even if he had a divine weapon, he could not be too careless.

Just as Wang Cai had said, he could use the divine weapon, but so could the hot shots.

Those with great luck were originally favored by the heavens.

Therefore, he was not sure if the other party also had a divine weapon.

This mutated version of Long Aotian was very powerful.
He could not be careless.

Therefore, he had to set up multiple defenses.

Lu Xiaoran was very cautious.
In order to prevent the other party from using special methods to break the array formation, he even spread out a few array formations to scatter the array core, even if it cost him several times more spirit stones.

After all, Fang Aotian was a ruthless person who dared to detonate a Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

It was better to have a few backup moves prepared when facing such a ruthless person.

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran clapped and the corner of his mouth curled up.

“Alright, the trap is already prepared.
Now I just have to wait for the fish to swim in.”

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran summoned his precious disciples.

Everyone bowed to Lu Xiaoran in unison.

“We’re about to attack Fang Aotian, so stop cultivating and prepare.”

Everyone replied in unison, especially Fang Tianyuan, who was the most excited.

After all, the one they were about to kill was his mortal enemy!

Then, Lu Xiaoran took out a few Martial Monarch Realm armor and a few Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

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“You’ve all been cultivating very hard recently.
In order to reward you, I prepared a Martial Monarch Realm weapon for you this time instead of a Saint Realm weapon.
Those who don’t have Martial Monarch Realm weapons, come now and receive them immediately.”

Hearing this, Ji Wuxia immediately returned the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear to Yun Lige.

“Eldest Senior Brother, this is the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear you lent me to play with.
I’m done playing with it.
Take it back.”

With that said, she immediately jogged over and fought with Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng to be the first to pick the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Yun Lige was stunned on the spot.

His junior sister was getting more and more cunning.

Fortunately, he had gotten his Martial Monarch Realm weapon back.

He only felt that it was a little hot and soft.
It was not as cold and hard as before!

“That’s strange.
Where did Junior Sister put it? Although this Martial Monarch Realm weapon of mine can expand and shrink it, it’s still impossible for her to put it into her soul, right?”

Looking at her junior sister beside him, Zhuge Ziqiong was already dumbfounded.

Even though she had already been impressed by Lu Xiaoran’s strength countless times, she still could not help but feel shocked when she saw this scene.

Wasn’t this too abnormal?

The other party had instantly taken out a large number of Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
How were other people supposed to live if they saw this scene?

It had to be known that the entire Great Zhou Empire probably did not have this many Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

Lu Xiaoran also handed her two Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
One of them was the Six Dao Reincarnation Disk that was used in conjunction with her cultivation technique.
The other was the low-grade Martial Monarch Realm Ghost Emperor Armor that he had obtained from opening the gift bag previously.

“Ziqiong, take these two.
This is your first time participating in a battle, so you don’t have to risk your life.
You just have to watch the battle from behind them.
You still have to prioritize your own safety.”

Zhuge Ziqiong nodded and immediately asked curiously, “Master, you’ve given us so many Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
What are you going to use?”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Of course I’ll let you guys use the good stuff.
My cultivation level is higher.
I’ll just use some ordinary stuff.”

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