g period of time and also was unable to grasp any opportunity.

Seeing that the battle’s intensity was being maintained, Ling Xinyue suddenly pretended to make a mistake to bait Fang Aotian into attacking.

Fang Aotian sneered and rushed forward with his left spear to restrain the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in Ling Xinyue’s hand.
He raised the weapon on his left hand high in the air and condensed a huge amount of spirit energy, instantly sucking the surroundings into a vacuum.
The spirit energy was so dense that it even made the Martial Monarch Realm saber emit an extremely dazzling silver light.

The saber beam let out a long roar and quickly spread more than ten thousand meters into the sky.

If this saber slashed down, Ling Xinyue would undoubtedly suffer a lot of injuries.

This was even when she had the Martial Monarch Realm armor protecting her body!

In a battle of this level, any small factor could lead to a complete loss.

However, just as Fang Aotian thought that he was about to defeat Ling Xinyue, a ruthless expression suddenly flashed in Ling Xinyue’s eyes.

Then, she raised her left hand, and a black lotus flower appeared in her palm.
It was the Martial Monarch Realm weapon she inherited from the Demon Sect.

Previously, in order to protect herself, Ling Xinyue had used this weapon to block the explosion of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
At this moment, the weapon had already been somewhat destroyed.
Now, Ling Xinyue directly took out this Martial Monarch Realm weapon and detonated it at a close distance.

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With a violent explosion, light illuminated the entire world.

The explosion lasted for dozens of breaths before slowly stopping.
A huge mushroom cloud rose in the world, blocking the light of the stars in the sky.

After a long time, the dust on the ground finally slowly settled and some outlines could gradually be seen.

Ling Xinyue coughed lightly and said,

“This Fang Aotian’s methods are indeed extraordinary.
However, fortunately, I asked Father for two Martial Monarch Realm weapons.”

If it were before, Ling Xinyue would definitely not be willing to detonate her Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

This was because Ling Xinyue only had one Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
After all, how precious was a Martial Monarch Realm weapon? Who would be willing to detonate a Martial Monarch Realm weapon? Even if one had to die, they still might not be willing to let their Martial Monarch Realm weapon be damaged at all.

However, now, it was already different.
With Lu Xiaoran supporting her, Ling Xinyue easily obtained two Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
In this way, she no longer cared so much about Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

Another reason why she was unwilling to detonate the Martial Monarch Realm weapon was because this move was extremely powerful and was not easy to control.
Even though Ling Xinyue was a Supreme Realm expert, she did not dare to casually detonate the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Previously, she had been severely injured by the Martial Monarch Realm weapon that Fang Aotian detonated and had relied on her low-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon to resist a lot.

It was even to the extent that her Martial Monarch Realm weapon had been greatly damaged.

Only after obtaining the Martial Monarch Realm armor from Lu Xiaoran did she finally dare to detonate the Martial Monarch Realm weapon at a close range.

Only with the defensive ability of the Martial Monarch Realm armor could she ensure that she would not be injured.

Just as Ling Xinyue relaxed a little, a huge force suddenly appeared behind her.

Ling Xinyue had just sensed this terrifying power and was blasted away on the spot before she could defend herself!

The huge force made Ling Xinyue smash through six mountains in succession.
A crack also appeared on the Martial Monarch Realm armor.

A moment later, a beam of light flashed quickly and followed the tunnels of the penetrated mountains to arrive in front of Ling Xinyue.

Sensing an extremely powerful killing intent approaching, Ling Xinyue did not dare to be careless at all.
She immediately circulated the spirit energy in her body and raised her Martial Monarch Realm weapon to resist Fang Aotian.

The two Martial Monarch Realm weapons collided.
The huge force made Ling Xinyue’s arm tremble until she was numb.
The force entered the ground and directly caused the ground to crack.
In less than two seconds, the rocks in a radius of 20,000 meters shattered, revealing an abyss hundreds of meters deep.

Ling Xinyue gasped for breath as her huge mountain rose and fell.
Her eyes stared fixedly at Fang Aotian.

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Half of her body had already been blasted into ashes by him.
She could even see the beating heart inside.
It was still filled with life.

“Are you very shocked? You slut, do you really think that I, Fang Aotian, am only arrogant and stupid?

Did you really think that I would only rely on a Martial Monarch Realm weapon to fight a Supreme Realm expert?

Let me tell you, I’ve long consumed a Martial Monarch Realm Pill!

In an hour, even if my body was only left with a finger, I would still be able to revive in an extremely short period of time.

So what if he was a Supreme Realm expert? So what if you guys are the Demon Sect?

If the heavens want me to die, I dare to destroy the heavens!

If the earth wants to kill me, I dare to destroy it!

In this world, whoever dared to oppose Fang Aotian would die!

As long as I, Fang Aotian, am around, even the heavens and the earth will not dare to offend me!

Those who disobey my will will die 3,000 times!

Fang Aotian shouted angrily and actually directly detonated the Martial Monarch Realm spear in his hand.

Ling Xinyue’s pupils constricted, and the hair on her body stood on end.

This Fang Aotian was too terrifying!

It was impossible for her to defeat him!

At this moment, her martial heart completely shattered in front of Fang Aotian.

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