ransformed into a bolt of lightning and did not dodge at all as he faced the attack head-on.

The moment the two collided, a pure white light wave suddenly erupted in the air, forcing the dragon soul and Fang Aotian back at the same time.

The dragon soul flickered twice before recovering.

This was the terror of array formations.

However, Fang Aotian was not to be trifled with either.

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With the Martial Monarch Realm weapons in hand, he could resist the dragon soul.
With the Martial Monarch Realm armor, he could also resist the shock wave from the battle.

Because of these two factors, he was not afraid of the power of the dragon soul.

At this moment, the dragon soul attacked again.

Fang Aotian held the Martial Monarch Realm weapons and welcomed the attack again.

However, this time, he had only traveled halfway when another powerful force that was not inferior to the dragon soul condensed a starry light and suddenly fell.

As this light fell, Fang Aotian saw clearly that it was the phantom of a martial artist with an extraordinary aura.
Although it was only a phantom, it was several times stronger than Ling Xinyue’s soul!

The illusion of an expert and the ancient dragon soul attacked at the same time.
No matter how much equipment Fang Aotian had, he could not withstand it.

Moreover, these two phantoms were condensed by the array formation and were not real life forms.
They would not hold back at all when attacking.

This exchange would determine his life and death.
He directly used all his strength to enhance his attack and did not even defend.

A powerful attack erupted the moment the three of them came into contact.
The light exploded and was about to sweep through the entire valley.
The energy shock wave was also about to completely destroy the surroundings.

However, because the strength was too powerful, it caused the space to collapse.
All the explosive energy was absorbed again and was unable to create an impact on the surroundings.

At this moment, be it the dragon soul, the soul of the expert, or even Fang Aotian, everything in the array formation was torn apart by the chaotic spatial power, crushed, torn, and killed.

In the end, everything turned to dust.

Zhuge Ziqiong could not help but mutter.
However, Yun Lige, who was beside her, said with a solemn expression,

“Junior Sister, you can’t be careless.
This is a hot shot.
Two array formations won’t be able to kill him.”

Zhuge Ziqiong’s small mouth under the bamboo hat opened slightly, and her face was filled with shock.

Several Martial Monarch Realm formations were activated at the same time, unleashing two world-shaking attacks.
They had even killed Fang Aotian.
Could he still survive?

However, just as she was thinking this, Ling Xinyue shouted,

“Don’t be careless.
He just swallowed a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill.
In an hour, even if only a drop of his blood remains, he will still be revived!”

As soon as he finished speaking, sure enough, Fang Aotian’s blood continued to condense in the air.
In the end, with a twist, he quickly recovered to his original appearance.

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Seeing this scene, Zhuge Ziqiong was dumbfounded.
Not good.

This was not the first time she had fought a hot shot.
Previously, her sister, the woman who would smile crookedly, was also a hot shot.
However, when the other party revealed her true identity, Zhuge Ziqiong was killed on the spot.
Strictly speaking, she had not fought a hot shot before.

Today, after seeing how terrifying Fang Aotian was, she finally understood how terrifying a hot shot was.

The other party was even able to revive himself after dying.
It was no wonder that even a peerless expert like her master was afraid of them.

However, the moment Fang Aotian revived, the dragon soul and the soul of the expert also condensed again.

If the array formation was not destroyed, they would not be destroyed either.
After each destruction, they would be resurrected.

The moment he was revived, the two of them began to fight Fang Aotian again.

Fang Aotian’s expression was extremely gloomy.

“You want to kill me with just these two Martial Monarch Realm formations? Do you really think I, Fang Aotian, am a pushover? Break!”

With a furious roar, Fang Aotian threw out the two Martial Monarch Realm weapons in his hand and directly attacked the eye of the two array formations.

The dragon soul and the soul of the expert attacked at the same time and stopped Fang Aotian’s Martial Monarch Realm weapon in an instant.

As attacks created by a Martial Monarch Realm formation, they already had a certain level of consciousness.
They knew that if the formation was destroyed, they would also be destroyed.
Therefore, they would not let Fang Aotian destroy the formation.

An array formation is still an array formation.
Even if it has intelligence, it’s still trash!”

Fang Aotian formed hand seals in the air, and a mocking expression appeared in his eyes.
He directly detonated the two Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

This simple and violent attack shocked everyone.

This guy was simply too bold for directly detonating the Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Just how many Martial Monarch Realm weapons did he have?

Another shocking bang sounded.
The light directly tore through space, as if it had created two huge black holes that crazily devoured everything in the surroundings.

A powerful tearing force also mercilessly tore apart the Martial Monarch Realm formations on the ground, directly turning the dragon soul and the soul of the expert into ashes.

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