The Supreme Realm martial artist did not even have the chance to react before the hand holding the quasi Supreme Realm weapon was directly severed by Lu Xiaoran.

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Blood surged.
Before the other party could react and retreat quickly, Lu Xiaoran’s second saber attack had already slashed out.

Then came the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth…

Almost in an instant, he had slashed out a total of 8400 times!

The saber was fatal and directly cut the other party’s body into pieces.

At this moment, the Martial Monarch Realm sword fell.
Lu Xiaoran caught the sword and used the momentum to condense a lightning power to directly blast the other party into ashes.
Even the other party’s soul was shattered alive and completely disappeared from this world.

After quickly and comfortably completing this series of attacks, Lu Xiaoran finally stopped and exhaled.

“Hah! You don’t even have a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, but you dare to fight me? How embarrassing.”

It was not surprising for a Supreme Realm expert to not have a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

This was because not everyone was as abnormal as Lu Xiaoran.

Moreover, not everyone was as lucky as Fang Aotian and could find Martial Monarch Realm weapons in street stalls.

The Great Zhou Imperial Family had a total of five Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
All of them were left behind by the founding emperor of the Great Zhou Empire.

That founding emperor was also a Martial Monarch Realm expert!

Ling Xinyue of the holy Demon Sect only had one Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
It was also passed down by the Demon Venerable ten thousand years ago.

In the entire world, Martial Monarch Realm weapons were extremely rare.

Only a special existence like Lu Xiaoran would have endless Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

Seeing Lu Xiaoran instantly kill a Supreme Realm expert, the expressions of the others could not help but change.

This was because they did not expect Lu Xiaoran to be so fast and powerful.

After all, the other party was able to kill a Supreme Realm expert in such a short period of time.

However, they were not afraid.

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The reason for that was because that Supreme Realm expert was the weakest among them.
His cultivation was only at the first level of the Supreme Realm.
He was also an existence that had just stepped into the Supreme Realm.

He did not even have a Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon that increased his combat strength.
In a situation where the other party was careless, Lu Xiaoran instantly killing the other party was not that shocking.

Of course, they would not underestimate Lu Xiaoran because of this.

However, they would choose to work together and attack Lu Xiaoran to increase their chances of victory.

“This guy’s cultivation is extremely powerful.
Everyone, don’t fight him alone.
Attack together and kill him.
After that, we’ll split his Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

Nalan Hongyu shouted.
At this moment, all the Supreme Realm experts attacked Lu Xiaoran.

In the sky, only seven lights could be seen instantly.
They constantly collided.

Every time they collided, lightning would erupt.
Lightning struck again and again in the sky, and the explosions did not stop for a moment.

The clouds in the sky were even torn apart and evaporated due to the shock wave of their battle…

There was no longer any cloud in the sky.

This was a battle that was destined to be recorded in the history of the entire Great Zhou Imperial City!

Lu Xiaoran fought seven Supreme Realm martial artists alone and even killed one in the beginning of the battle!

Of course, only a few people knew Lu Xiaoran’s identity.

As for the others, they naturally did not know who Lu Xiaoran was.

The battle continued.
The six Supreme Realm experts attacked like lightning and had boundless strength.

A sword tore through the void, and a saber extracted spirit energy to attack Lu Xiaoran’s vital points.

Lu Xiaoran did not even dodge.

He was already wearing three layers of God Realm armor.

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In fact, every time he obtained a new God Realm armor, he would immediately put it on.

Because these armors were all made of spirit items, no matter how much one wore, it would still be well hidden.
One would not be able to tell just by looking at Lu Xiaoran’s appearance.

Other than the God Realm armor, there were also two layers of top-grade Martial Monarch Realm armor.

This was already the limit of a person’s armor.
Otherwise, Lu Xiaoran would have put on his dozens of Martial Monarch Realm armor.

Even so, Lu Xiaoran still used a layer of the Indestructible Golden Body to directly envelop his organs, especially in the parts where the Martial Monarch Realm armor could not defend.

The current Lu Xiaoran could almost be said to be indestructible.

Even if he just stood there and let the few of them attack him, they might still not be able to break through his defense.

The six Supreme Realm martial artists surrounded Lu Xiaoran and fought for a long time.
However, they were still unable to inflict any injuries on Lu Xiaoran’s body.

“Damn, why is this brat like a turtle? I can’t injure him at all.”

“Don’t be discouraged.
He has a lot of Martial Monarch Realm armor.
As long as we can kill him, we can obtain these Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Do it for the Martial Monarch Realm weapons.”

As Nalan Hongyu persuaded her companion, she sighed emotionally in her heart.
Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was simply too powerful.

If only she and Lu Xiaoran were not enemies.
If the two of them worked together and she became Lu Xiaoran’s woman, the two of them would definitely be able to rise up and become the rulers of this world together.

However, now, the two sides were already enemies that would fight to the death.
Therefore, she could only kill him!

The fluctuation in the sky became stronger and stronger.
The defensive array formation of the Great Zhou Imperial City actually vaguely felt like it was shaking.
The originally hard defensive barrier was actually surging like water at this moment.

Lu Xiaoran’s expression was calm.

From the moment the six of them attacked until now, they had attacked more than ten thousand times.

It had only been a second.

The speed and strength of a Supreme Realm battle had already surpassed the endurance of this small world.

It had also surpassed the level that ordinary people could sense.

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Ordinary people could only see lightning flashing in the sky and feel the shock waves pressing down on their surroundings.

Before they could even react, they had already knelt on the ground.

This was the instinctive reaction of their bodies.
Their souls weren’t simply unable to handle it.

In a second, Lu Xiaoran directly erupted after a simple warm-up.

In the previous confrontation, he had only used 90% of his strength.
Now, he wanted to directly unleash 100% of his strength.

He wanted to suppress them!

Lu Xiaoran slashed with his saber and sword at the same time.
The two Supreme Realm martial artists who were the first to fight Lu Xiaoran immediately retreated tens of thousands of meters.

The two Supreme Realm martial artists were both dumbfounded.
Their arms that were tightly holding the Martial Monarch Realm weapons trembled incessantly, and their hearts ached.

This was because Lu Xiaoran’s strength was too powerful.
As a result, their powerful Supreme Realm bodies were unable to withstand and stop this force.
The force even caused their internal organs to tremble.

If one was powerful enough, they would naturally be able to avoid the trembling of Lu Xiaoran’s might.

However, to be honest, it was probably not easy to find someone of the same level.

There was no need to mention the few people here.

Before these two Supreme Realm martial artists could react, the other four Supreme Realm martial artists were also sent flying by Lu Xiaoran’s huge force.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.
They did not expect Lu Xiaoran to be able to unleash such a powerful strength.

“Is this guy really at the Supreme Realm? We’re all Supreme Realm experts.
Why does it feel like we’re fake Supreme Realm experts? Is he the only genuine Supreme Realm expert here?”

One of the Supreme Realm experts could not help but curse.
Just as he was about to curse, he felt an extremely powerful killing intent lock onto him.

Without thinking much, he retreated instantly.

Facing a freak like Lu Xiaoran, he did not dare to stop at all.

In fact, his judgment was right.
Just as he left, in the next second, the place he had just stood was slashed by Lu Xiaoran, and a rift was directly created in the spatial barrier.

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The Supreme Realm expert immediately felt his scalp turn numb.

This guy was actually able to slash out a void rift in the spatial barrier.
Wasn’t this a little too terrifying?

It had to be known that only those at the Saint Realm had the chance to break through the spatial barrier and create spatial rifts when attacking.

Of course, there was still another way.
When an inferior expert condensed different powerful attacks, there was also a chance for him to create a spatial rift.

For example, Fang Aotian could create a spatial rift by detonating multiple weapons below the Martial Monarch Realm continuously.
Or rather, he could directly detonate a single Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

However, the problem was that Lu Xiaoran had only used one move!

In just this one move, he had directly shattered the spatial barrier.
How powerful was the power contained in this?

None of them had the defense of Lu Xiaoran’s Martial Monarch Realm armor.
The best armor they wore was only a small Saint Realm armor.
How could an armor of this level resist Lu Xiaoran’s attack?

Unless they could make sure that the Martial Monarch Realm weapons in their hands could parry Lu Xiaoran’s blades perfectly every time, they would all die at Lu Xiaoran’s hands.
Even a slight deviation would cost them their lives.

The most terrifying thing was that this damn pervert Lu Xiaoran’s attack speed was countless times faster than theirs.

With the powerful enhancement of this speed, they had no chance of defeating Lu Xiaoran at all!

This time, he had completely messed with someone they weren’t supposed to mess with.

One of the Supreme Realm experts felt that he had made the greatest mistake of his life.

He instantly felt like he shouldn’t have listened to Nalan Hongyu’s nonsense and come to find trouble with this Lu Xiaoran.

It was true that the other party indeed had many Martial Monarch Realm weapons and Dharma treasures.
If he could obtain one, it would be extremely beneficial to him in his life.

However, to be able to earn money, one had to be alive to spend it!

No, this could not continue.
If this continued, he would die here.

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