first level Supreme Realm attacks!

After all, the five of them were not late-stage Supreme Realm experts and were not powerful at fighting those with superior cultivation.
Each of them were not able to resist ten first level Supreme Realm attacks.

At this moment, the 50 palms on Lu Xiaoran’s golden giant crazily emitted different colors.

“He’s about to attack.
Quickly disperse!”

“We can’t disperse.
Once the Martial Monarch Realm formation is activated, it won’t be removed for 60 breaths.”

“Supreme Realm martial artist Wuchen, you bastard.
If I survive this disaster, I’ll definitely kill you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran’s attack had already arrived.

All of this seemed to have happened over a long period of time, but that was only because the reaction of a Supreme Realm expert was much faster than an ordinary person.
In fact, everything happened in an instant.

Lu Xiaoran did not even need a second to unleash his attack.

The next moment, all the cultivators in the Imperial City watched an unprecedented machine gun show that they might not be able to see again in the future.

Countless lights were released from the golden giant’s hand.

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The world was instantly illuminated by dazzling lights.

The five Supreme Realm experts were instantly devoured by Lu Xiaoran’s attack.

All the experts in the Imperial City were shocked and dumbfounded.
Many cultivators even wet their pants in fear.

The might contained in every beam of light was not inferior to the full-power attack of a first level Supreme Realm expert.

Any beam of light that landed on their bodies could reduce them to ashes.
Even early-stage King Realm experts would be instantly destroyed.

In this short span of a breath, Lu Xiaoran’s attack was not inferior to a thousand attacks.

The spatial barrier in the sky was directly distorted.

Lu Xiaoran mercilessly blasted the five of them higher into the sky.

After the five Supreme Realm martial artists were pushed out of the clouds, Lu Xiaoran directly took out a Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill, injected spirit energy into it, and ignited it before throwing it into the sky.

With a shocking bang, a spatial rift more than a million meters in diameter tore open in the sky.

The explosion of the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill was already equivalent to a normal attack of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
This move made the entire Imperial City look up in shock.

At this moment, countless people knelt down and worshiped this move.

If nothing unexpected happened, this move would be the strongest move most people could see in their lives!

The shock of this move left a permanent impression on countless people.

However, after this move, everything became calm.

The world was strangely calm.

All the light disappeared.
However, because the area of the explosion was too large, the black hole in the sky healed very slowly at this moment.

In the newly-established imperial palace, the previous Emperor of the Great Zhou was silent for a moment before saying, “Tianming, from today onwards, let’s not involve ourselves with the Imperial Family again.
Let’s be content with this imperial palace.”

Ji Tianming also fell silent.
He did not answer, but he had already tacitly agreed to his father’s words.

Today’s battle had made him feel so helpless, so insignificant, and so weak.

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It was even to the extent that he felt that even his father, a Emperor Realm expert, was like duckweed in a storm that could be destroyed at any moment.

Outside the Imperial City, Lu Xiaoran put away all his techniques and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Let’s end the work here.
Tianyuan and the others seem to have already made a move.
Changsheng doesn’t seem to have made a move yet.
I’ll go and see Changsheng first.”

He had set up teleportation formations on the few of them and could mark their positions at any time.
He could also sense if their positions had changed.

However, just as Lu Xiaoran turned around to leave, a plop sounded from behind.

He immediately turned around and was somewhat surprised.

The one who fell was none other than Nalan Hongyu.

It was even to the extent that she was not injured much and her face was somewhat pale.

This made Lu Xiaoran somewhat speechless.

He had just thrown out a Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill.

The strength of the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill was comparable to a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

This woman could even resist a Martial Monarch Realm attack? What a joke!

However, he quickly discovered that it was not Nalan Hongyu who resisted his attack.
Instead, it was a crystal necklace on her body.

The material of the crystal necklace was actually carved from the bones of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Although it was not a divine weapon, it had already surpassed an ordinary Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
There was even a top-notch Martial Monarch Realm defensive formation engraved on it.
Its defensive ability had already surpassed the defensive ability of a Martial Monarch Realm armor.

She probably relied on this thing to survive.

“Lu Xiaoran, I might not be able to kill you, but I’ve stolen the Nalan family’s inherited treasure.
It’s not easy for you to kill me.
You’re not a Martial Monarch Realm expert and can’t unleash the full strength of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
You can’t break through my defense at all.
No matter how many Martial Monarch Realm weapons you have, it’s still useless! Hahahaha… I can’t die!”

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before taking out a metal rod from the Mountain and River State Painting.

Seeing this scene, Nalan Hongyu sneered again.

“Why don’t you understand me? No matter how many Martial Monarch Realm weapons you have, it’s impossible for you to break through my defense!”

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