shattered his second Martial Monarch Realm armor, he would be completely helpless.

Li Liushui did not even deal with Zhuge Ziqiong.

At this moment, he was under the control of the system.
The system was a precise killing machine.
Because of this, he was confident enough to determine that there was no need for him to stop Zhuge Ziqiong from repairing Li Changsheng’s body at all.

This was because Zhuge Ziqiong’s repair speed was simply inferior to his damage output.

If he killed Zhuge Ziqiong, he would instead lose his current advantage.

He wanted Li Changsheng to attack him.

It was true that he could rely on his speed advantage to turn the situation around.
However, it was far inferior to directly chasing after Li Changsheng to attack.
After all, by chasing the other party around, his chances of victory were higher and his speed was faster.

In the blink of an eye, another hundred blades landed on Li Changsheng’s body.

Li Changsheng’s sword could only resist 60 attacks.
The remaining 40 attacks were all blocked by the Martial Monarch Realm armor.

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If he was hit by another 20 attacks, his second Martial Monarch Realm armor would also be completely destroyed because it could not withstand the consecutive attacks.

At that time, as long as Li Liushui slashed Li Changshou, it would be enough to deal a destructive blow to Li Changsheng.

Moreover, with Li Liushui’s current speed, he could unleash 50 intense attacks in two breaths.
With the frequency at which Li Changsheng resisted, he would definitely not be able to block 20 of them.

In a flash, Li Changsheng was forced into a death trap.

Li Liushui’s speed was too fast, so fast that he was simply unable to resist.

He did not have the time to think of a countermeasure at all.
He had already been struck 20 times.
With a bang, the second layer of the Martial Monarch Realm armor shattered.

Without any hesitation, Li Changsheng ignored everything and directly detonated the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in his hand.

He could no longer wait for his master.
He could only risk his life.

Although he no longer had the Martial Monarch Realm armor, he was still unable to withstand the explosion of this Martial Monarch Realm weapon, it was still fine.

After all, death was not a problem.
His master could revive him.

At the very least, he could severely injure Li Liushui and prevent him from being a threat to his master.

Sensing the world-destroying explosion, the expressions of the people from the Azure Lotus Sword Sect immediately changed drastically.

“Quick! Get the disciples to retreat further.”

“All the disciples of the Sword Sect, retreat to the back.
All the elders, gather and use your cultivation techniques to resist with all your strength.”

The might of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon explosion was simply too powerful.
The few King Realm and Emperor Realm elders of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect, as well as the sect master who was at the Supreme Realm, had to use the barrier to resist with difficulty.

A huge mushroom cloud slowly rose.
The shock wave directly destroyed the entire Azure Lotus Sword Sect.
Even the huge mountain of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect was blasted nearly a hundred meters away.

When the light retreated and the dust gradually disappeared, the trembling of the mountain had not disappeared.

Soon, the rocks on the ground were suddenly pushed away, and two figures crawled out of the rocks.

“Cough cough… Fourth Senior Brother, you’re a little too much.
You actually dared to detonate the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

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Zhuge Ziqiong muttered coldly.

“Sorry, I don’t have any other moves.
However, I still have to thank you for saving my life at the critical moment.”

At the critical moment just now, Zhuge Ziqiong had rushed forward and used her back to help Li Changsheng resist the explosion of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

She still had two layers of Martial Monarch Realm armor on her body.
At this moment, they had all been blasted apart.

Fortunately, the two of them were fine.

Although their master could revive them, their master had also said that revival required a long time.
If their bodies and souls were destroyed by the explosion, it was unknown how long it would take for them to revive and cultivate.

Therefore, it was best for them to stay alive.

However, before the two of them could heave a sigh of relief, a mechanical voice slowly sounded from the dust.

“You guys are unforgivable.”

As soon as he said this, their hearts immediately tightened.
They swept their gazes over and could not help but tremble.

At this moment, the flesh on Li Liushui’s body had almost completely exploded, and his flesh was a mess.

His ribs in front of him had been blasted somewhere, and his organs had also been turned into minced meat.

It was even to the extent that his face looked like a rotting skeleton with bones and flesh.

However, the spot where his heart was originally was currently emitting a strange red light.

This strange red light was filled with charm and mystery.
Even the Sword Soul in Li Changsheng’s body trembled when it saw this red light.

Just as he was feeling shocked, Li Liushui had already raised his right hand.

“Activated the famous Asura Saber and the Asura’s World Destruction.
System is charging.”

Li Changsheng and Zhuge Ziqiong could not hear this voice, but the two of them could sense how powerful the attack was!

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