Ji Wuxia was silent for a moment.

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“Alright, I’ll get lost.”

Before leaving, Yun Lige seemed to have thought of something and turned around again.

“Junior Sister, it’s best if you don’t write in your diary in the future.
It feels a little stupid.”

With a roar from Ji Wuxia, Yun Lige flashed into the Divine World Gate.

“I really hope my memories are fake.
Otherwise, it’s probably wishful thinking for me to think that these idiots could help Master defeat the enemy.”

Just as she was about to return, her divine sense suddenly sensed something.

With a frown, Ji Wuxia immediately hid in the forest.

A moment later, she saw a massacre begin in the forest.

“Kill everyone from the Shi Family.
Don’t let a single one of them off.”

“Ye family! You bastards, what’s in it for you if you destroy the entire Eternal Forest? You’ll definitely be punished by the heavens for being so crazy!”

Ji Wuxia’s pupils constricted.
She was not too careless and immediately left.

When she returned to the Nameless Sect, she discovered that Lu Xiaoran was guarding the entrance.
She was immediately shocked.

Ji Wuxia’s heart trembled as she knew that Lu Xiaoran already knew about this.

“Sorry, Master.
It’s my fault.
I shouldn’t have hidden it from you.”

“It’s fine.
I knew that he was leaving.”

The Mountain and River State Painting was Lu Xiaoran’s possession.
How could he not know what Yun Lige had done inside?

When he saw Yun Lige take away some divine artifacts and divine techniques, he had already guessed that Yun Lige wanted to travel to the Divine World.

Lu Xiaoran did not care too much about this.

It was always good for Lige to be ambitious.

In any case, his blood essence was in his Body Modeling Mark.
Even if Lige died, he could still be revived by Lu Xiaoran.

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It was much better than letting him stay in the sect all day.

Of course, Lu Xiaoran did not have much hope because the higher the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Who knew if Lige was reliable?

This way, if they met again in the future and Lige was still the same, at the very least, Lu Xiaoran would not feel disappointed.

“By the way, Master, I have something to report.”

“On the way back, I saw the Ye family members chasing after the cultivators of the various large families in the Eternal Forest.”

Lu Xiaoran’s pupils suddenly constricted.

What was the Ye family doing?

Lu Xiaoran did not believe that the Ye family would kill the cultivators of the various large families just to vent their anger at these Martial Monarch Realm experts.

The Ye family did not have the time to gather the hatred of the various large families.

The only explanation was that they were using this killing to obtain benefits.

The Ye family had always been a thorn in Lu Xiaoran’s heart.

As long as the other party was a hot shot or a very powerful hot shot, they were not easy to deal with.

Previously, the reason why Lu Xiaoran had never attacked the Ye family was because the Ye family was more difficult to deal with than Li Qingying.
Therefore, Lu Xiaoran only wanted to fight when he was more confident.

However, now, hearing his disciple’s tone, he had to attack even if he did not want to.

Putting aside the fact that the patriarchs and ancestors of the various large families had all become his disciples,

Just the fact that the Ye family was secretly planning something was enough for him to take them seriously.

If Ye Junlin’s plan was specially targeted at him, wouldn’t he be doomed?

Of course, the most important thing was that his current cultivation had already increased by a lot.

If not for this reason, Lu Xiaoran would not have foolishly gone to find Ye Junlin now.

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He definitely hoped to live as long as possible.

Forget it, he decided not to think about it for now and instead get down to business first.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes turned cold.

His divine sense spread out.
In the next moment, several extremely violent auras erupted from the Nameless Sect.

More than a hundred God Realm experts gathered beside Lu Xiaoran at the same time with extraordinary auras.

The pressure was so powerful that it made the entire world change color.
Countless living beings trembled in fear and despair.

This was almost the strongest existence in the world!

“The Ye family is currently slaughtering the various large families in the Eternal Forest.
Or rather, they want to end your bloodline.”

Everyone’s expressions suddenly changed drastically.
These people were basically all from the various large families in the Eternal Forest.
If the Ye family did this, then they would really be like what the sect master had said.
Their entire families would die and they would have no descendants.

This was a pain and loss that none of them could bear.

“Sect Master, please order us to return to the Eternal Forest quickly to protect our bloodline.”

“Sect Master, please lead us to save our descendants.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and continued, “You don’t have to be anxious.
I will naturally take action.
Everyone, listen up.
From this moment on, immediately rush to the Ye family in the Eternal Forest.
There must be no mistake!”

Before everyone moved, Lu Xiaoran continued, “Everyone, remember.
When you reach the Ye family, you’re definitely not allowed to form groups of three to five.
You have to spread out.
If anyone dares to not spread out, don’t blame me for falling out with them even if I have to kill Ye Junlin.”

In fact, Lu Xiaoran was afraid that they would be wiped out in a single wave.

It had to be known that the hot shots were originally very powerful and had some special methods.

These cultivators were not him.
At most, they could only be considered passersby or supporting characters.
They were far inferior to disciples like Lige.

However, even great villains like Lige could still be instantly killed at any moment.

Not to mention the large group of passersby.

Although their strength was already at the God Realm, in front of Ye Junlin, they were as weak as children.

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Although everyone did not know why Lu Xiaoran said this, since the sect master had said so, it definitely made sense.

The sect master was right.
They just needed to kill the other party!

Several God Realm experts tore through the void and rushed towards the Ye family in the Eternal Forest at the fastest speed.

At this moment, the Ye family was still continuing to kill.
The ground below their residence seemed to have been hollowed out and then shaped into an array formation.
In the end, they poured this blood into it to activate the array formation.

At this moment, the Ye family was like a living hell.
Countless cultivators were killed in screams, and then their blood was sucked dry before dissipating.

Just as the Ye family was busy killing, the sky suddenly changed.

Countless spatial barriers were torn apart, opening spatial rifts.

Then, an aura erupted endlessly from all the spatial rifts, forming an invisible dignity that filled the entire sky above the Ye family.

As their auras appeared, God Realm experts stepped out of the void rift one after another.

All the God Realm experts followed Lu Xiaoran’s orders and scattered.
They were not allowed to be too close to each other.
Everyone maintained a certain distance from each other.

A moment later, the largest void rift was torn in the sky.
Lu Xiaoran slowly stepped out.

The Ye Family disciples below seemed to have long predicted this or had long been informed.

They immediately ran back to the center of the Ye family territory.

However, even so, who could resist before the God Realm?

Especially after knowing that their family had been destroyed by the Ye family, the God Realm experts were all extremely furious.

As soon as these God Realm experts appeared , before Lu Xiaoran could give the order, several attacks had already slashed down on the enemy’s heads.

A few beams flashed, and the people from the Ye family below were killed on the spot, not leaving behind a single speck of dust.

As some cultivators ran, the beam behind them had already approached.

The hot temperature almost did not give them any chance.

Before the beam arrived, they were all burned to ashes by the power released by the extremely hot beam.

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Then, the beam caught up to the rest of them and turned those people to ashes as well.

Who could resist God Realm experts

The might of more than a hundred God Realm experts combined fell on the spot like a huge mountain that pressed down fiercely.

The Supreme Realm experts of the Ye family seemed to be able to resist a little.
However, those whose cultivation levels below the Supreme Realm could not withstand the pressure and died on the spot!

Because of their exuberant blood essence, the King Realm and Emperor Realm experts were not directly crushed by this aura.

However, even so, they were still bleeding from their seven orifices.
Their bodies were limp, and they were unable to move.

As the God Realm experts continued to descend, their auras kept pressing down.
The King Realm and Emperor Realm experts were simply unable to withstand it.
After exceeding a zero point, even these powerful experts were mercilessly crushed and exploded.

The ground trembled as the God Realm experts attacked!

This might also be a form of respect for top-notch combat strength in this world!

The more than a hundred God Realm experts did not hesitate at all.
In an instant, they killed all the Ye family minions.

Although they were small fries, there were actually Martial Monarch Realm experts among them.

However, the experts of the Nameless Sect were really too powerful!

They had already become indescribably powerful.

Everyone did not need to attack.
With a thought, they could instantly kill the enemy.

One God Realm expert was already so powerful, let alone more than a hundred God Realm experts!

This was why Lu Xiaoran dared to face the hot shots head-on!

He had never been reckless and had always developed very steadily.
At the critical moment, he would take out his fatal attack.
He was like an extremely successful hunter!

Facing the Ye family, Ye Junlin, the strongest hot shot, Lu Xiaoran pretty much did his best to develop his Nameless Sect.

Only today did he personally lead such a powerful lineup to challenge Ye Junlin.

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