able to put them into the Mountain and River State Painting.

“Has this space been imprisoned?”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes turned cold.
The other party had imprisoned the space.
It was fine if the Mountain and River State Painting could not be used, but these disciples probably could not even leave.

“Before the battle begins, I’ll go through a tribulation first.
Lu, you don’t mind, right?”

“This guy hasn’t transcended the tribulation yet?”

Everyone was suddenly shocked.

The other party had actually been able to resist the sect master’s attack without successfully transcending the tribulation?

However, Lu Xiaoran’s heart sank.

He was different from what everyone thought.

Everyone was considering Ye Junlin’s strength, and he was considering Ye Junlin transcending the tribulation at this time.

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Ye Junlin had done this on purpose!

This guy had used the spatial sealing array formation to open the tribulation.
In this way, everyone would be affected by the lightning tribulation.

Although they were already God Realm experts, it did not mean that they could resist the lightning tribulation.

Previously, they had also relied on the Golden Luck Dragon to avoid a large number of lightning tribulations.

Now, everyone would be under the lightning clouds and definitely could not dodge.

Coupled with Ye Junlin’s talent and strength, his tribulation clouds were definitely several times stronger than ordinary people.

Even the Golden Luck Dragon was useless.

With a shocking bang, the Nameless Sect disciples started to panic.
After all, the might was several times stronger than their own lightning tribulation.

“It’s the lightning tribulation! He wants to use the lightning tribulation to kill us.”

“This bastard.
He could have transcended the tribulation long ago, but he didn’t.
He saved it to deal with us now.”

“Moreover, he even used the blood of our descendants to refine a God Realm formation that can confine space.
What a vicious plan.”

However, although everyone realized what was going on, they could not avoid the lightning tribulation.

What was even more terrifying was that after Ye Junlin arrived at a high altitude, he directly increased his aura to the maximum.

In an instant, lightning fell crazily in the sky like a storm, not giving them any time to prepare.

Everyone did not need to resist.
They only needed to sense the terrifying divine might above to know that they were unable to resist this lightning cloud at all!

Almost the moment this thought arrived in their minds, everyone was also swallowed by the divine lightning.

At this moment, the entire world seemed to be filled with lightning.
A huge lightning pillar supported the world!

Ye Junlin glanced down, his eyes revealing a trace of disdain.
Then, he slowly spread his arms and enjoyed the nourishment of the lightning to his heart’s content.

His master had already thought of this problem when he had just started cultivating.

Therefore, he cultivated a lightning-type God Realm cultivation technique.

This cultivation technique could allow him to be immune to the Heaven Dao Lightning Tribulation.
He could even absorb enough strength from it to increase his cultivation.

The lightning tribulation lasted for less than two minutes.

However, it was enough to disintegrate everything on the ground.

It was indeed the case.
When the lightning tribulation fell, the entire Ye family was destroyed and disappeared.

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Ye Junlin’s eyes swept down, and two lightning lights flickered incessantly in his eyes.

Seeing the mess below, Ye Junlin could not help but smile.

He did not expect the lightning tribulation to kill Lu Xiaoran.

After all, his master had said that Lu Xiaoran was the most difficult person to kill in this world!

However, in the blink of an eye, the smile on his face stopped.

This was because Lu Xiaoran was actually holding a huge seal above his head.

The huge seal covered a very wide area, firmly protecting his more than a hundred disciples.

“Since you’ve investigated my matters, you should know that I, Lu Xiaoran, never do anything unless I am fully confident.”

Hearing this, Ye Junlin’s expression suddenly turned cold.

However, he quickly regained his calm.

There was no doubt about Lu Xiaoran’s strength.

Even his master did not dare to face Lu Xiaoran directly.
This could only mean one thing.

He calmed down.
This battle would surpass all his imagination to date.

The one who messed up first would lose.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Junlin slowly descended, and the aura on his body slowly erupted.

“There’s nothing we can do.
Looks like I can’t deal with an existence like you with schemes.
I can only fight you head-on.”

Before everyone could heave a sigh of relief, they felt Ye Junlin’s aura and were shocked.
Their pupils instantly widened, and their hearts trembled.

“Why has his cultivation reached the fifth level of the God Realm? Isn’t this too abnormal?”

“This guy directly stepped into the fifth level of the God Realm after transcending the tribulation… What spirit medicine did this brat eat?”

Jun Changming analyzed with a dark expression, “It’s not that he ate a spirit pill, but that he’s already very powerful.
I’ve long suspected that for so many years, with Ye Junlin’s talent, he should have long transcended the tribulation to become a god.
However, he has always maintained his cultivation at the Martial Monarch Realm.”

Now, I finally understand.
He has been waiting for this day.

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