“Congratulations, Master, for killing a hot shot.
Your cultivation has increased by one level.
In view that the hot shot Master killed this time is very powerful, your cultivation has increased by another level.”

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Lu Xiaoran felt the divine power in his body tremble twice in succession and he instantly became much more energetic.

He had finally broken through to the Immortal God Emperor Realm.
Moreover, he had increased two realm levels in a row and reached the second level of the God Monarch Realm.

It was said that the Immortal God Emperor Realm expert did not need a cultivation technique to be revived again.
Instead, it only needed to leave behind a trace of blood and a wisp of his soul.

It was not that the Immortal God Emperor Realm expert had really reached the level of immortality.

However, some God Monarch Realm experts would even specially save a drop of their blood essence and soul power to revive themselves.

This was the true terror of the Immortal God Emperor Realm expert.

However, at this moment, the notifications in Lu Xiaoran’s mind had not stopped.

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully and obtaining the Immortal Artifact, the Immortal Horsetail Whisk.”

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully and obtaining the Immortal Blood Pill x9527.”

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully and obtaining the Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill x100.”

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully.
You have obtained an immortal artifact, the Zenith Heaven Staff x1.”

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully and obtaining the Immortal Dao profound x30.”

Immortal Dao profundity could increase profound cultivation techniques or profound weapons to the level of immortal techniques and immortal artifacts.

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully and obtaining the immortal technique, Heaven Dipper Earth Fiend.”

He obtained a large pile of rewards.
They were basically all good things.
Moreover, they were all at the Immortal Realm.
It could be seen how rich this Huixin was.

At this moment, several lights appeared at the place where Huixin was destroyed and escaped in all directions.

However, Wang Cai’s speed was even faster.
When it came out of Lu Xiaoran’s body, it also directly created five avatars.
At the same time, they chased after all the lights, not missing a single beam of light.

The largest light was the most intelligent and hurriedly exclaimed, “Boss, don’t come over.
We’re the same.
You’re a system, and I’m also a system.
We were one 800 years ago!”

Unfortunately, Wang Cai ignored it and directly swallowed it.

Then, Wang Cai entered Lu Xiaoran’s body.

“Master, I’m about to advance.
During the advancement, don’t find trouble.
Don’t be killed.”

“I hope you don’t go crazy and die from an explosion when you advance.”

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At this moment, the air distorted, and the four avatars actually returned.

Two of them were carrying Li Changsheng and Song Xinian.

Lu Xiaoran was instantly in a good mood.

Today was really a good day.

Just now, he had been sitting at home, and then a hot shot appeared for no reason.
Moreover, he was a hot shot with low health.

After killing the hot shots, his two youngest disciples were also brought back.

“Master! We’re finally able to see you.

“Master! I missed you so much.”

As soon as the two of them arrived, they went forward and hugged Lu Xiaoran’s thigh, wailing.

Sensing the sincere feelings of the two of them, Lu Xiaoran’s heart immediately softened.
He was somewhat unwilling to attack the two of them.

He only pretended to be furious.

“Hmph! You two brats still know how to come back.
I summoned the two of you previously.
Why didn’t the two of you come back?”

The two of them lowered their heads in shame.

“Master, calm down.
The two of us only refused to return because we didn’t manage to save Junior Sister and were too ashamed to return to see Master.”

Hearing this, the anger in Lu Xiaoran’s heart decreased a lot.

“Hmph, since you guys are also thinking of Ziqiong, I’ll spare the two of you this time.”

The two of them immediately heaved a sigh of relief.
They did not have to be beaten.

Song Xinian suddenly thought of his avatar and hurriedly asked, “By the way, Master, where did you get these people who look exactly like you?”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up.

“This is Master’s avatar technique.
As long as you learn it, you can increase the number of avatars according to your cultivation.
The cultivation of the avatar and the authority to use the cultivation technique are…”

The two of them immediately felt their scalps turn numb!

His master was simply arrogant and cool!

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He even had such a powerful avatar.

Their master was an immortal!

Other than immortals, it was completely impossible for them to do such a heaven-defying thing with only methods above the God Realm.

“Heavens, this cultivation technique is too powerful.
Master, teach me.
I want to learn this too.”

“No problem.
It’s rare for you to be so diligent.
Master will teach you in a while.”

Li Changsheng hurriedly said, “Master, I want to learn it too.”

“Alright, as long as you want to learn, Master will teach you.”

In any case, they were all his disciples and would not betray him.
It was not bad for them to learn his avatar technique.
In the future, he would be happy to see his disciples and their avatars beat up others.

“Then Master, quickly teach it to us.”

“Alright! No problem.
It just so happens that I still have to increase your strength.
Let’s go.
Follow me into the valley first.”

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran retracted his four avatars.
At the same time, he also retracted the memories of his four avatars.

This included the four of them killing the surrounding Buddhist Sect branches and the subsequent matters.

“Eh! So that brat was severely injured by my avatars.
No wonder the hot shot was crippled.
It turns out that he encountered my avatars.”

Lu Xiaoran had just finished sighing when he received another memory in his mind.

“Senior Brother, don’t you think this master is a little idiotic?”

Some voices related to Song Xinian and Li Changsheng gradually entered Lu Xiaoran’s mind, making the smile on Lu Xiaoran’s face immediately stop.

His expression instantly turned cold.

Song Xinian did not notice Lu Xiaoran’s abnormality at all and continued, “Master, what’s wrong?”

Lu Xiaoran’s face darkened.
He turned around and threw out a Fire Dragon Chain to tie the two of them up.

“Master, what are you doing?”

The two of them were dumbfounded, and Lu Xiaoran raised the cane he had just made.

“I just made a cane today.
I want the two of you to help test if this cane is firm.”

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In the next moment, screams sounded from the valley.

“Master, I was wrong.
Be gentler!”

Their voices sounded for an entire incense stick of time.
They had been beaten up miserably by Lu Xiaoran.
Lu Xiaoran had even added a divine technique to the canes, making it impossible for the two of them to repair their injuries.
They could only suffer.

This made the two of them suffer enough.
They lay on the rocks, their buttocks rotten and swollen like two old melons.

After fighting, Lu Xiaoran snorted angrily.

“The two of you, stay here and reflect on your actions.
Remember this well.
Let’s see if the two of you still dare to be disrespectful in the future.”

“Master, calm down.
We won’t do it again.”

“It’s best if you don’t dare.
However, you still have to lie here.
Before two hours have passed, don’t even think about undoing my divine technique.
Just suffer.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran flicked his sleeve and left.

This was because he could sense someone knocking on his door in the Lu family’s courtyard.

With a thought, he instantly teleported back.

Divine World, Buddhist Sect.

The High Buddha, who was in seclusion, suddenly opened his eyes.
Two golden lights shot out from his eyes, revealing an incomparably strange feeling.

“Who is it? Who actually killed a peerless genius that only appeared in our Buddhist Sect after ten thousand years?”

As if sensing his furious voice, a Buddhist elder quickly surged in from outside the door and whispered,

“High Buddha, what happened?”

“Huixin has been killed.”

“Huixin was killed? How is this possible? He’s a peak-level Thousand Domain Battle God!”

“Not only that, this child has always been cautious.
It’s very likely that he hid his cultivation.”

That elder was directly frightened speechless!

Huixin had hidden her cultivation?

Didn’t that mean that Huixin’s true cultivation had actually reached the Mahayana God King Realm?

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Heavens, how old was he? He had actually stepped into the God King Realm!

His talent was simply shockingly powerful.

However, the elder quickly thought of the High Buddha’s words.
Huixin had actually been killed.

Who was so powerful that they could even kill a God King Realm expert like Huixin?

Could it be a top-notch senior from some sect?

Or was it a powerful demon?

Just as he was feeling shocked, another figure in a kasaya quickly entered from outside.

“High Buddha, High Buddha, something bad has happened.”

“What happened this time?”

The High Buddha’s expression was extremely gloomy.

He could not bear to hear this bad news the most now.
This was because recently, every time there was bad news, it was too serious.

“Lord Buddha, several Buddhist branches near Myriad City have been plundered!”

“It’s said that not a single novice monk was left.
All the monks in the branch were killed.

The High Buddha’s pupils suddenly constricted.
The other party trembled fiercely and continued,

“That’s not all.
It’s said that many other temples have also been plundered.
Outside the Ancient Sacred Land, those new branches were unable to protect themselves and have been completely wiped out.”

“It’s true, High Buddha.
Now, someone is still secretly robbing some of our Buddhist Sect’s ancient tombs.
Many of the tombs of the deceased monks have been robbed.
The other party did not even leave behind their relics.”

I heard that some auctions have begun to publicly sell these relics.

The High Buddha spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.

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