After thinking about it, Lu Xiaoran could not figure it out and could only give up.

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Forget it, it was better to increase the cultivation of the disciples first.

As the saying went, one had to be strong to forge iron!

As long as he and his disciples had enough cultivation, they naturally did not have to worry about these problems.

It would be best if both he and his disciple could become the strongest experts in the entire universe.

Just as Lu Xiaoran was thinking about these questions, a knock suddenly sounded from outside the door.

He swept his divine sense over and saw that it was actually Zhuge Ziqiong.
However, other than Zhuge Ziqiong, there was actually an old acquaintance.

It was none other than the original sect master of the lower realm Demon Sect, Ling Xinyue.

Ling Xinyue was originally the boss of the Demon Sect.
Later, she was deceived by him and even called him father many times.

Later, her body was beaten to death and she was revived by him with the Body Modeling Mark.
However, at that time, she no longer had any blood essence, so her body was actually built on his blood essence.

In other words, from a biological perspective, she could also be considered as his daughter.

Of course, Lu Xiaoran would definitely not admit it.

With that said, Zhuge Ziqiong quickly walked in with Ling Xinyue.

She cupped her hands and bowed, and Lu Xiaoran nodded.

Zhuge Ziqiong pulled Ling Xinyue behind her.

“I brought her here to find you, Master.
This time, the reason why Fourth Senior Brother learned that I was captured by the Buddhist Sect is because of her.
However, now, she wants to leave the Nameless Sect.
I know that she has no one to rely on in the Divine World, so I hope Master can take her in and let her stay in our Nameless Sect!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ling Xinyue said insincerely, “I didn’t want to come.
She insisted on bringing me here.”

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment.

“Then… why don’t you just leave?”

Ling Xinyue could not help but be somewhat dumbfounded.
Then, she stomped her foot in anger.

“Fine! Hmph! What’s so great about staying anyway?”

Although she said that, she did not leave.

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Zhuge Ziqiong was rather speechless.

“Master, stop teasing her.”

Lu Xiaoran shrugged and immediately said, “Alright, I understand.
No matter what, she helped you this time.
How about this? I personally won’t take in any more disciples.
Why don’t we take her in as a second-generation disciple of the Nameless Sect?”

He had just mentioned this plan when Ling Xinyue immediately refused!

“No! I was originally from the same generation as her, but now, I have to become her disciple! I might as well leave the Nameless Sect.”

Lu Xiaoran glanced at her angrily.
After all, he felt that it was already not bad for the other party to stay in the Nameless Sect.
He didn’t understand why she had to be so picky.

So what if she would be one generation lower than Zhuge Ziqiong?

Could it be that she wanted to be a generation older than her?

Did she want to be the female sect master and have an improper relationship with her father?

However, Zhuge Ziqiong pleaded for mercy again.

“Master, this is indeed not appropriate.
Why don’t you take her in as an in-name disciple? After all, you guys were once father and daughter.”

Lu Xiaoran originally wanted to refuse, but Zhuge Ziqiong had suffered a lot after coming to the Divine World and had always been imprisoned by the Buddhist Sect.
It was not easy for her to return, and he did not want his precious disciple to feel bad.

Moreover, Ling Xinyue had been very busy and contributed a lot when she learned that his disciple had been attacked before encountering him.

Forget it, he would give her a chance.

With a slight sigh, he could only say, “Alright, in that case, I’ll listen to you.
Ling Xinyue, from today onwards, you can be considered my in-name disciple.”

Ling Xinyue’s eyes lit up, but she still said proudly, “This… this… this is your own decision.
I didn’t force you!”

Lu Xiaoran smiled helplessly.
It had to be said that this girl’s arrogant character was really identical to Ellie’s, the girl who had an improper relationship with her father.
She was so stubborn!

“Alright, don’t just stand there.
Although I’ve taken you in as an in-name disciple, you’re still considered a first-generation disciple of the Nameless Sect.
You have to work hard and quickly increase your cultivation.
Don’t be inferior to those third-generation disciples.”

Ling Xinyue’s expression froze.

“Don’t worry.
Ever since you revived me, my cultivation speed has become many times stronger than before.
I definitely won’t lose to them.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and sent Ling Xinyue to the Mountain and River State Painting’s dojo library to look for cultivation techniques.

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After all, she was not his personal disciple and it was impossible for him to give her a personal disciple cultivation technique.

However, what did she mean by those words just now?

Was her cultivation talent much stronger?

Could it be because of his blood?

Could it be that his blood had greatly increased her cultivation talent after it was used to reconstruct her body?

Lu Xiaoran knew that his bones and blood were made from Pangu blood essence and bones.
Could it be because of this?

If that was the case, why not add some of his blood essence to revive the disciples in the future? Would it produce a better effect?

It seemed like he could give it a try in the future.

After Ling Xinyue went to the dojo library, Lu Xiaoran took out a small porcelain bottle and handed it to Zhuge Ziqiong.

“Ziqiong, you’ve suffered during this period of time.
Just now, your senior brothers and sisters were all around, so it wasn’t appropriate for me to take care of you alone.
This small bottle contains ten Postnatal Qi.
Take it and refine it first.
It’s very beneficial to your cultivation.”

Lu Xiaoran had no choice either.
This was because he still did not have much Postnatal Qi.
Moreover, he consumed a lot of energy to increase the level of his equipment.

If he wanted to refine an immortal artifact into a Postnatal spirit treasure, he would need at least dozens of Postnatal Qi!

He simply did not have enough.
Otherwise, he would definitely have arranged it for all the disciples.

Zhuge Ziqiong cupped her hands and said, “Thank you, Master.”

When Zhuge Ziqiong received the small porcelain bottle and left, Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown slightly.

“Is it my imagination? Why does Ziqiong… feel much smaller?”

However, he quickly returned to serious matters.

After increasing his cultivation by so much, Lige had contributed many gift bags.

Moreover, these were all relatively high-level gift bags.
There should be more good things in them, right?

“Wang Cai, take out the gift bags.”

Lu Xiaoran opened all the gift bags one by one.

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Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.
It was indeed not bad.
Lige was too awesome!

With so much Postnatal Qi, he would have a much easier time modifying his Dharma treasures.

After he placed the marks of his disciples into his small world, they would no longer need to be afraid of the heavenly tribulation.
In the future, they could cultivate immortal techniques and even use immortal artifacts and Postnatal cardinal treasures.
Their strength would increase greatly again.

Immortal technique Purple Heaven Divine Lightning x1.

When the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning was used, it could be directly used to attack or be attached onto other attacks to enhance them.

It was basically a simple version of the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning Formation.
It was more convenient to use and did not need to be set up.

Immortal Beast Egg x100000.

Damn, he was even starting to get immortal beast eggs!

It seemed like he could start giving his disciples more food now.
If they ate two immortal beast poached eggs every day, wouldn’t their cultivation increase even faster?

Immortal technique, Little Life Technique x1.

This technique could allow one to deal true damage just by speaking the words of true spirits.

In other words, after using the Little Life Technique, he only needed to speak to injure the other party.

However, speaking of which, this cultivation technique was so powerful that it was a little like a Saint’s vocal law.

“Wang Cai, isn’t this cultivation technique a little too abnormal? Isn’t this thing similar to a Saint’s vocal law?”

“Master, you’re wrong.
This is not the kind of law that Saints use.
This is an immortal technique, and it’s an evolved immortal technique.”

“Right now, it is only the Little Life Technique.
In the future, it can even be advanced into the Big Life Technique.

“After it advances and becomes the Big Life Technique, it would even be able to directly injure a Saint!

“It is on the same level as Hongjun’s spell.
It surpasses ordinary Saints.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh.

Wang Cai was indeed awesome.
As expected of an existence on the same level as the Heaven Dao.

It was often said that everyone below the Saints were ants, but below the Heaven Dao, Saints were also ants.

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In other words, ordinary Saints below Wang Cai were actually trash.

Perhaps in the future, he would still have the chance to kill a few Saints for fun.

“However, although this immortal technique is powerful, it also has a certain limit.
That is, it will burn Master’s lifespan!”

He knew that there was no free dinner in the world!

However, forget it.
So what if his lifespan was shorter? It was fine as long as that part did not become shorter.

Lu Xiaoran continued to open the remaining gift boxes and opened some Postnatal cardinal treasures.
In any case, they were all good things.

He planned to give them all to his disciples in the future to overall increase the strength of the Nameless Sect.

After this wave of enhancement, he would consider his next plan.

Lu Xiaoran called Yun Lige over and distributed another portion of the immortal beast egg.
Then, he directly began to enter seclusion.
He first reflected the marks of his disciples into his world before cultivating his cultivation techniques and forging better divine artifacts.

On the other side, the second-generation disciples of the Nameless Sect also began to step into the dojo library and begin to search for their cultivation techniques.

As soon as they entered, everyone was shocked by the dazzling array of profound-level cultivation techniques!

“Damn! Grand Master is indeed awesome.
These are all profound-level cultivation techniques!”

To be honest, these people had lived quite well outside for so many years.
They had never lacked divine techniques or divine artifacts.

Be it from Jun Bujian’s extortion or Jiang Taixuan’s digging of the ancestral graves, the second-generation disciples had always received a lot of treasures.

However, compared to Lu Xiaoran’s dojo library, those treasures were really insignificant.

Everyone was like curious babies as they excitedly searched for cultivation techniques that were suitable for them.

In the crowd, a bald man holding a Buddhist staff had a worried expression.

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