He turned his head back mechanically.
The moment he saw Lu Xiaoran, tears fell uncontrollably.

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In the next second, he knelt on the ground.

“Brother! Please spare me.
Wuwuwu… I’ve never gone against you.
I’ve also never provoked you.
I’m just a small itinerant cultivator.
I spent 2,000 years to cultivate to the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.”

“For so many years, I have been living like a turtle every day.

“I don’t snatch what others fancy.
I don’t dare to fight back when others pursue me.
I haven’t even looked at many women.
I don’t even dare to think about doing anything with them.
I’m afraid I’ll provoke some big shot.

“I would even run after seeing someone with two cultivation levels lower than mine!

“Can you take pity on me? Can you let me live? ”

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Since you put it that way, I don’t even feel like killing you anywhere.
However, in fact, someone like you is actually even more dangerous!”

It would definitely be even more troublesome to deal with such a cautious person.

Instead of waiting for the other party to develop and kill him, it was better for him to kill the other party first.

In any case, one of them had to die.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran slowly took out the Xuanyuan Sword that he had already forged into a Postnatal cardinal treasure.

Han Zhen trembled and hurriedly said, “Brother, don’t be rash.
Don’t be impulsive! Can you give me a chance to make amends?”

Lu Xiaoran stopped and immediately said, “Make amends? How can you make amends?”

Han Zhen immediately raised his hand.

“There are a few fellows that call themselves systems that want to harm you! They all want me to activate them and then kill you.
However, how could I possibly do something like that? You’re my idol.
How can I agree to such a despicable thing?”

“Therefore, I refused all of them!

However, an eavesdropping system has just been bound in my body and has not been activated.

Han Zhen had already decided that if he could not beat the other party, he would report the systems to the other party.
After this, he also wouldn’t have to worry about the other party killing him.

If there was really no other way, he could also join the Nameless Sect.

If he could not win against the other party, he would join him.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but be somewhat surprised.

There were several systems!

Looks like this Han Zhen was quite awesome!

Others would at most attract one system, but he had directly attracted several systems.

However, thinking about it carefully, it seemed to be understandable.

The hot shots of this world had basically been killed by him.
Other than going to find Han Zhen, the systems didn’t seem to be going to anyone else, right?

Rare items were precious.
When there were too many plugs and too few outlets, the price of the outlets would grow.

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Moreover, as the number of outlets decreased, the overall price would increase.

This was somewhat similar to the prostitutes in his previous life.

The more of them that got reported, the more expensive the remaining would be.
The total income of the prostitutes would not change.

Wang Cai said in Lu Xiaoran’s body, “Master, there’s indeed a system in his body.
Let me devour it and I will get it to reveal the location of the other systems.
These systems are actually diluted from the Primordial Purple Qi separated from the Heaven Dao.
They can greatly increase my strength.”

“What’s the relationship between the Heaven Dao and the Primordial Purple Qi?”

“The Heaven Dao is Pangu’s companion.
Basically, there’s a total of 50 Primordial Purple Qi inside the Jade Creation Butterfly However, when Pangu created the world, the Jade Creation Butterfly shattered.
Hongjun obtained the largest piece that contained 7 Primordial Purple Qi.

“However, after so many years, he had probably already gathered a lot of Primordial Purple Qi again.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to evolve the Heaven Dao again.

“However, without completely gathering 50 Primordial Purple Qi, it was impossible for him to completely control the three worlds.

“After all, there are still places in this world that can avoid the Heaven Dao.
Those places might contain Primordial Purple Qi.

“Other than that, these systems created by the Heaven Dao are all the diluted Primordial Purple Qi created by the Heaven Dao.

“If I absorb them, the Heaven Dao and Hongjun will lose some Primordial Purple Qi.

Lu Xiaoran somewhat understood.
To put it simply, they were fighting for the same cake.

In a limited cake, the one who snatched more pieces would be stronger.

However, speaking of which, this Han Zhen was very tactful.
The other party had actually lived for so long and even cultivated to the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm without his help.

This feeling made Lu Xiaoran feel that the other party was even more impressive than his disciples.

Killing the other party… would be a pity.

If he killed the other party, he would probably obtain some rewards.
However, it would not be much.
It would not be easy for him to nurture another Han Zhen.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran would definitely step into the Immortal World in the future.

If Hongjun and the Heaven Dao wanted to kill him, they would definitely order their subordinates to do so.

At that time, be it the Heavenly Court, the Spirit Mountain, or the Netherworld, they might all attack him.

He could not be beaten passively.
He had to think of a way to give himself more trump cards.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran suddenly thought of a good idea.

Then, he narrowed his eyes and said to Han Zhen, “I can let you live, but you have to do something for me.”

Han Zhen immediately straightened his body.

“You have to be prepared to sacrifice yourself for me at any time!

“There’s no need for you to put on an act.
It’s not like I don’t know you.
Your word means nothing.
I want you to perform the soul mark as well as the blood essence mark.
Basically, you have to do all of them.”

Han Zhen was very straightforward and cunning.
He knew that in the face of a Saint, he could only be obedient.
Other than that, he had no other choice.

Moreover, it was not bad to be the lackey of a Saint.

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At the very least, it was quite reliable to have a Saint as his backer.

Seeing that he was so obedient, Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately signaled to him.
Han Zhen understood and immediately handed over his soul and blood essence.

“Senior Lu, here is my soul and blood essence.”

Lu Xiaoran checked.
Because Han Zhen was a very sinister person, he had to be careful.

After confirming repeatedly that there was no problem, he fused Han Zhen’s blood essence and soul into Buttface’s body.

In fact, all the third-generation disciples of the Nameless Sect were under Buttface’s control.

The reason why Lu Xiaoran did this was so that he would be able to fight back when one of these disciples ended up getting controlled by a Saint.
After all, at that time, if their cultivation surpassed his and they controlled him in reverse, it would be troublesome.

This was because Lu Xiaoran and Buttface’s relationship was established through the Beast Control Divine Art.
Buttface’s blood essence and soul were both controlled by him, but they were only controlled through the Beast Control Divine Art.
Their souls and blood essence had not fused into Lu Xiaoran’s body.

If Buttface dared to resist, he could instantly kill it.
Buttface would also not be able to control him by using his blood essence and soul.

One could not control humans through the Beast Control Divine Art.

If the other party wanted to control him, he could only absorb their blood essence and souls into his body.

If he had not done this, it would be very easy for the other party to control him through some secret techniques if the other party’s cultivation was very powerful.
Even if the other party could not control him, it would still be very troublesome if the other party injured his soul body.

Lu Xiaoran had always done things steadily.
How could he allow such a thing to happen!

Of course, he had to eliminate all the factors that were disadvantageous to him!

Other than that, he would also use the Trinity True Eyes to add a mental mark and soul restriction to Han Zhen’s sea of consciousness.

This way, he could completely ensure that Han Zhen would not be controlled by any Saints.

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran directly ordered Han Zhen.

“Trick the system out of your body.”

“Yes! I’ll get it out right now.”

With that said, Han Zhen immediately began to communicate with the system in his body.

“Coming, coming, I’ve been here! May I ask how the host is doing? Are you prepared to activate me?”

“Sure, but before that, I want to see what you look like.
Get out of my body and let me take a look at you.”

The next moment, a golden light flew out of Han Zhen’s body.

At this moment, it finally noticed Lu Xiaoran and Wang Cai.
Because its ability was far inferior to Wang Cai and Lu Xiaoran, it was completely unable to sense Lu Xiaoran and Wang Cai in Han Zhen’s body!

The air fell into a deathly silence.
In the next second, the golden light suddenly cursed.

The moment it finished speaking, Wang Cai directly swallowed it.

With a few cracking sounds, Wang Cai directly swallowed the system alive.

This scene made Han Zhen tremble in fear!

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As expected of a dog raised by a Saint!

This system was created by a Saint, but it still could not escape the other party.

He was definitely a Saint!

Fortunately, he was smart and handed over the control of his body obediently.
Otherwise, he would probably have already turned into dust.

“Senior Lu is awesome! Long live Senior Lu!”

Han Zhen yelled out at the appropriate time.

Lu Xiaoran glanced at him.

“Stop talking nonsense.
I’ll give you a mission now.
Think of a way to find all the previous systems.
For every system that you find, I’ll give you a bottle of immortal pills.

“Do you know what to do if you’re discovered by others or the system?”

“I know, I know.
I understand.
I won’t expose you even if I’m beaten to death.
Even if I die outside and my soul is destroyed, I still won’t reveal your name.”

As expected of Han Zhen, he was really good at being ignoble.

If the other party had been his friend and not an enemy previously, he would not have taken the other party’s blood essence and soul to control him.

Perhaps the other party would have even become his confidant.

Lu Xiaoran threw a bottle of immortal pills to Han Zhen.

In order for Han Zhen to do a good job, Lu Xiaoran first needed to develop the other party’s abilities.

In any case, Han Zhen was already completely under his control.
By increasing his cultivation, Han Zhen could also work better for him.

“Thank you, Senior Lu.
Oh, no, thank you, Master.
I’ll go find the system now.”

Han Zhen quickly left.
He knew that this time, Lu Xiaoran would not use the array formation to seal him.
He could leave without worry.

Unfortunately, he had lost his freedom!

Forget it.
Freedom was precious, but the price of life was higher.

It was already not bad for him to be alive.
What was the point of thinking so much?

After Han Zhen left, Lu Xiaoran’s three disciples quickly arrived beside him.

“Master, you wanted us to accompany your grandfather to the Misty Sect to cancel the engagement?”

“Although Grandpa won’t be arrogant when he cancels the engagement, the Misty Sect has a huge family and business.
It’s inevitable that they will feel embarrassed.

“My grandfather is only at the God King Realm, and the Misty Sect seems to have a God Emperor Realm expert.
The three of you can fight those at a higher level.
With the three of you protecting my grandfather, I can rest assured.”

“I see.
Then we understand.”

“Wait, I have a more important mission for you guys.”

“Please tell us, Master.”

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Lu Xiaoran placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle.

“If that Wang… Qin… um… if that Divine Maiden dares to say anything when the engagement is canceled, the three of you will attack in secret and kill her.
Don’t even leave her soul behind, understand?”

“Don’t worry, Master.
We understand!”

After everyone retreated, Lu Xiaoran finally thought of the third matter.

Previously, Lige had said that when he went to the Bodhi Temple, the Bodhi Temple only had Supreme God Realm experts at most.
Moreover, only six Supreme God Realm experts had appeared.

With the size of the Bodhi Temple, there definitely had more experts than that.

It was said that the Bodhi Temple had more than ten God Monarch Realm experts.

Why did the other party not attack?

Could there be a dirty deal?

After all, Elder Tianji had said that there were also experts from Jie School in the Divine World who were in charge of welcoming him.

Could this person have hidden in the dark to help him?

However, if Lu Xiaoran remembered correctly, the current Buddha on the Spirit Mountain seemed to be a traitor of Jie School, right?

How could it be possible for the Spirit Mountain to cooperate with Jie School?

This clearly would not happen.

Then… could it be the other party?!

Lu Xiaoran still did not know who the other party was.

Back then, Elder Tianji had been killed by the other party and did not leave any message for Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran estimated that the other party should not be from the Buddhist Sect or the Heavenly Court.

Could the other party be from the Netherworld?

The other party clearly knew his identity and wanted to capture him.

Lu Xiaoran suspected that the other party probably knew more than Jie School.

This was because Jie School only nurtured him as a chosen one.
In fact, it was very likely that his body was a key used to revive Pangu.

The other party definitely knew something that he didn’t

Who was this person that knew a secret that only Hongjun knew?

This question deeply disturbed Lu Xiaoran.

However, at this moment, Wang Cai said, “Didn’t I give Master the Heaven Emperor Mirror, the Human Emperor Brush, and the Earth Emperor Book? These three items can be used to investigate everything in the world.”

“Of course, they’re only Postnatal spirit treasures now.
The range of their search might be a little smaller, but there’s still a chance of finding the other party.

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