Chapter 95 Li Changsheng

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In the bustling Imperial City, people came and went in an endless stream.

Lu Xiaoran brought his two disciples to a corner of the Imperial City.
This was a small intersection.
There were not many people, so it was still passable.
At the corner of the street, a one-legged beggar was sitting.
He was wearing a tattered shirt.
His dirty long hair was hanging on his face, making it difficult to see his appearance.

In the Imperial City, there were many such beggars.
After all, some cultivators had their cultivation crippled from fights, so they could only live ignobly as beggars.
Even though this was only a small intersection, there were still several beggars sitting.

However, this beggar was clearly different from the other beggars.

He was not like other beggars who compromised and begged without caring about their dignity.
However, although he did not ask for gifts, his more tragic appearance still attracted the sympathy of others.
Therefore, the number of people who rewarded him was actually much more than the number of people who rewarded the other beggars.
Naturally, this made the other beggars unhappy.
In the afternoon, when there were not many people, the few beggars looked at each other and surrounded the beggar who was missing a leg.
“Kid, you’re quite good at snatching business, right? Everyone came out to beg for food.
We worked hard and worked tirelessly to earn some money every day.
You sure are good.
You sit and don’t move or say a word, but you still earn more than us every day.” The young beggar did not answer.
The eyes hidden in his messy hair were dim, as if he did not care about the other beggars in front of him.

This scene naturally made the already unhappy beggars even more furious.

After cursing for a while, everyone rushed forward and attacked him.

The young beggar did not resist, as if he was a dead man.

Not far away, Yun Lige and Fang Tianyuan could not help but feel furious when they saw this.

What they hated the most was people bullying the weak.

These beggars relied on their numbers to gang up on a beggar.
Moreover, the other party was missing a leg.
This was even more inhumane.

“Master, let us attack.
These people are too despicable.”

Lu Xiaoran did not answer.
He only swept his gaze over a figure in a black robe not far away and seemed to be in thought.

“There’s no rush.
He won’t die for a while.”

Then, he began to call Wang Cai in his mind.

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“Wang Cai, come out.”

“Coming, coming, Master.”

“Show me the other party’s information


“Alright, it’s being generated.”

Soon, a screen appeared in Lu Xiaoran’s mind.

Li Changsheng, 25 years old.

Li Changsheng is the Primordial Azure Lotus Sword Sect’s Holy Son as well as the son of the previous sect master of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.
He was a peerless genius.
He was known as the reincarnation of the Sword God!

His life could be considered a miracle.

When he was born, sword aura descended from the sky, and the ten thousand swords trembled.
He was born with the Sword Bones and was born with a natural affinity for sword techniques.

He had broken through to the Body Refining Realm at the age of one year, the Postnatal Realm at the age of two, the Connate Realm at the age of three, and the Master Realm at the age of four.

He had already formed his sword intent before cultivating it.
After cultivating it for three years, his sword intent had already reached phenomenal success.

When he was seven, no one in the Azure Lotus Sword Sect could teach him anymore.
After that, he had obtained the inheritance of the Sword Saint Inheritance ten thousand years ago in the Heaven Separation Sword Sect’s ruins, and his cultivation had soared.

At the age of twelve, he had killed a primordial flood dragon and obtained its blood to temper his body.
His cultivation directly broke through to the Creation Realm and reached the first level of the Shattering Void Realm.

The Azure Lotus Sword Sect even considered him as the next sect master.

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Unfortunately, when he was sixteen, he had offended a hot shot due to being in an arranged marriage with the hot shot’s crush.

Needless to say, Li Changsheng, who had been seen as a miracle his entire life, had suffered a drastic decline.
Not only was he defeated by the other party, but he had also been crippled.

Li Changsheng, who was obsessed with martial arts, was naturally not to be outdone.
He searched everywhere for opportunities to increase his cultivation.

However, he still suffered defeat after defeat.

He had experienced more than twenty big and small battles.

Every time, he would suffer a crushing defeat.
Every time, he would be severely injured and his cultivation would almost be crippled.

In his last battle, the other party completely dug out his Sword Bones and destroyed his dantian, meridians, and body… making him become a complete cripple.
However, the other party did not kill him.
Instead, he threw him to the Great Zhou Imperial City to be a beggar and sent people to supervise him.

As for Li Changsheng’s parents, they were also killed by the other party because they wanted to protect Li Changsheng.

Seeing this, Lu Xiaoran was dumbfounded.

If not for the fact that a hot shot had appeared and crippled Li Changsheng, Lu Xiaoran almost thought that Li Changsheng was a hot shot himself.

He was simply too unbelievable.

He was even more abnormal than him.

No, he was not as abnormal as Lu Xiaoran

After all, the cultivation technique Li Changsheng cultivated and the bloodline he was born with far surpassed Lu Xiaoran’s.
Li Changsheng’s cultivation technique was a top-grade Saint Realm cultivation technique.
However, back then, Lu Xiaoran only had a Heaven Realm cultivation technique.

Moreover, he had broken through to the Shattering Void Realm when he was twelve.
Lu Xiaoran had only cultivated for ten years before breaking through to the Shattering Void Realm.

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Furthermore, he had only cultivated the Sword Dao in the Martial Dao.

On the other hand, Lu Xiaoran cultivated martial arts, array formations, medicinal pills, weapon refinement, and so on at the same time…

Therefore, strictly speaking, Lu Xiaoran was still much more capable than him.

However, such a abnormal guy was ultimately tortured by a hot shot.
Even his parents had been sacrificed to the heavens.
How powerful was this hot shot? Even if the three hot shots that rivaled his eldest, second, and third disciples were added up, they would still not be powerful enough to deal with the hot shots that this guy had offended!

Should Lu Xiaoran just give up on him then?

However, Wang Cai evaluated him as SSSSS.
There were a total of five Ss.
He was much stronger than any of his current disciples.

It was a pity not to take in such a good disciple.

Lu Xiaoran estimated that if he took the other party in, his cultivation would definitely increase very quickly in a short period of time.

However, in this way, he would have to offend an extremely powerful hot shot.

Was it worth it?

For a moment, Lu Xiaoran could not help but hesitate.


He rubbed his temples fiercely, wanting to calm his mind, but he could not.

“Master, have you considered it? I think he’s about to be killed.
If this continues, you won’t even have to think about it.”

Lu Xiaoran slapped his head fiercely to force himself to wake up.

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“Damn! Isn’t it just a hot shot? I’ve offended so many people, so it doesn’t matter if I offend another one.

Hearing Lu Xiaoran speak, Yun Lige and Fang Tianyuan attacked at the same time.

In an instant, they directly killed those few little beggars.

Li Changsheng, who was already on the verge of death from the beating, did not thank Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran.
His eyes were dead.

He had long lost his faith in living.

His Heart of the Sword Dao had already been completely shattered.

He no longer had any desire for survival.

However, living like this while at death’s door… It would only be a matter of time before he died.

Even while he was being beaten to death by the beggars just now, he did not struggle much.

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