Ella In The Mirror

I like horror games.
If you ask me if I like the thrill of being chased by something grotesque, I would say yes.I was never chased by a real monster, but it's like riding a rollercoaster.
Because cowardly people get a chance to experience death.
I was able to feel that thrill from horror games.The joy of surviving and the secrets hidden in the horror tempts me, so I always go back to playing these types of games.But this.It's too much.The faint sound of crickets tickles my ears.
Dust that has been neglected and dances in the air.
Old, creaking wooden planks.
Antique furniture that looks like something out of an old western horror movie.I'm sure.
This is the suspicious mansion behind the school from the horror game [Mystery Investigation Club ~Summer Vacation Nightmare~].Yes.
I'm in a horror game.And to describe the beautiful girl in front of me right now, she has blonde hair with buns on both sides, and they're both decked out with a red flower-shaped accessory.She has fair white skin like a doll and was staring at me with her ruby red eyes.If you saw it in real life, you would hear people going “Wow!”, and even the outfit is an old-fashioned western-style dress.
You might even wonder if a celebrity was cosplaying.The problem is that she's holding a knife [and talking to him in a mirror].”Why don’t you say anything~? You're making me feel bad~”This kid is the first monster you encounter in the [Mystery Investigation Club], in which the main character in this game belongs.

And she's [Ella In The Mirror], a vicious monster who kills one person in the club of only four people according to the story.Ella's smile gradually hardens.
Ella enjoys playing hide-and-seek, and she enjoys watching her opponent die in fear.
If there's no response, she gets angry.'But I've just entered the game and I don't know what to do!'I'm not being bold, it's just my body stiffened with extreme fear.
God, why are you giving me such an ordeal? I just fell asleep while playing it yesterday!”Well, whatever.
If you stab it with a knife, it will bleed.
Mister! Let's play hide and seek with Ella! Let's start on the count of three!”1She says with a cute voice.
This mansion is full of mirrors.
In other words, I knew very well that no matter where I hid, I couldn't run from Ella who moves between mirrors.”Eins (one)…
Zwei (two)….”2Ella stares at me as she twirls the sharp knife in her hand.
She was like a wolf hunting its prey.In my head, my life flashes in front of me.
It was a very ordinary life.There is nothing different from the others.
Such a life in which you were born, studied, ate, played, wandered, achieved something, or failed.
There was at least one thing that was different from others.It's that he has a horribly unfortunate constitution.From falling potted plants from apartments, stepping on a banana on the street and getting seriously injured, or accidentally stepping on a puddle where electricity is shorted.Ever since I almost died, I have always lived carefully, calculating all the misfortunes that could come to me.It reminds me of a conversation with someone.-You're really unlucky, are you enemies with the world?-People less fortunate than me can be seen just by watching TV documentaries.
It could be worse.

It's because you accepted the accidents that came your way and acted to solve them.
If it was someone else, they would have become a disabled person?-Is that a compliment?-Well, if you take away this point, it's a step back.Yes.
I've been through bad luck all the time, but I've always been struggling to solve it.
Let's try it again.I made up my mind.Thanks to that, the body that had been frozen until just now moves to live.”Huh? This!…
I've changed my mind.
I'll spare mister.”When I was thinking of escaping somehow, like the way the main character survived, Ella looked over my body and said that.<

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