Communicating With The Children

The day after the children woke up, I was busy looking for defensive items.If the kids were attacked again, it would be unpredictable knowing if they would die.The first thing I got was the [Cheshire Cat's Drop].
It's an item obtained by hunting a strange cat that appears randomly, being a bell that rings when a designated enemy is near.”Designate monsters other than me as enemies.”The bells jingle and spread evenly throughout the school.Woosh…It also has a transparent function, so they don't show their ugly appearances.Next is a soldier doll.
An item that can be obtained by defeating a monster in the form of a North Korean soldier.It has the ability to attack designated enemies.Of course, it's attacks are painful, but it doesn't help much in killing them.However, it does some damage when accumulated, so it should be a small help.In the first place, this is a game where survival is the focus rather than elimination, so tools that unilaterally inflict strong damage on monsters are rare.Lastly, I brought purification salt and placed it in each area of the school.It is particularly effective against monsters and there are many places to farm, so I plan to use it like toilet paper.I told the children who had been struggling since morning collecting items about the current situation.
Roughly speaking, I said that the Devil had attacked.”Devil…”Kyeong-min is a well-informed person, so I wondered if he knew a lot about it.However, he put on an ambiguous expression.”Honestly, we mainly researched urban legends, and sometimes there are stories about demons, but if you ask me if I know about it…
Not much?”The fact that a demon from mythology actually exists was enough to make the children agitated.
If there are demons, do angels exist too? Are demons also regarded as monsters?A lot of opinions came out, but I couldn't find any useful information.According to my knowledge, he will be a huge demon that will appear after the ending.The Devil stays still as if it has nothing to do with him whether the main character defeats the bosses or not, and then only shows up in the ending.
Why is he targeting us now?It looks like we've offended him, but can the likes of us have any influence on him?All we did was move to survive…Oh, no way….Is the children's survival a problem?The immediate difference from the original is that I moved out of the boss stage and that none of the children have died yet.If one of these two is the cause, it's likely the latter.It would make sense if Slenderman, who appeared in the beginning, was also sent by the devil.And apparently he was targeting the children.Did the kid's survival offend the Devil?I stopped thinking here.
Why? Even if I ask a question, there won't be an answer.After telling the children what I knew, I took out an item.”Urgh…”The item I took out was the [Evil Beast's Eye].This is used to upgrade Kyeong-min's notebook into a complete artifact.Originally, it was an item that had to be obtained by going directly to Jangsanbeom, but thanks to the raid, it saved us the effort of finding it.I put the item into Kyeong-min's notebook.
Then it was transformed into a completely different object.The blood-stained notebook turned into an old-fashioned sorcery book.
In the center of it, the eyes of Jangsanbeom are embedded.The function of this artifact is [Restriction], which has been upgraded from [Slow].It is a skill that can temporarily hold monsters, greatly increasing the chance of survival.With this, all the essential artifacts have been gathered.”Ella.
What are we going to do next?”Ha-rim asked me.They thought that it would be helpful to prepare their minds if I talked about our future schedule in advance.Shall I?”The monsters will become stronger as the days go by.
Surviving from them is the basic goal.”Kyeong-min takes notes.
I glanced at him and continued.”And we have to defeat the powerful monsters.””Powerful monsters?””I'm talking about the three strongest monsters.
Mary, whom we met earlier, and Spider Lady and Pierrot, whom we will meet later.
We have to deal with them.”Of course we can't win.Only when “they” arrive the minimum conditions are met.Right now, we have no choice but to wait while collecting items until they appear.I feel like were wasting time, but what can I do?”We are preparing to fight them.
They're really strong, so we can't confront them yet.”

If we face off against Mary, who has a stupid expression, I cannot guaranteed victory.In addition, according to the setting, the bosses are stronger depending on the order they appear later.”If we defeat those monsters…
Can we go back home?”Ha-rim asks.
If you kill them, you can go back home…
It's not exactly accurate, but in the end, you'll have to defeat them, so I nodded my head.”…Yes, you can go back.”The children were relieved by my words.They look forward to a hopeful future and calm their hearts.Meanwhile, a sense of guilt squeezes my heart.But now I'm used to it.It's not like they can't go backAll I have to do is click [Yes] indifferently, as if I was pressing an option in a game.[Do you accept?][Yes.]I pretended that nothing happened and warned them.”We will diligently defeat monsters and collect helpful items.
Don't act like it's all over yet.””Okay!”Ha-rim replies vigorously.
She's in good spirits.I finished my errands, so it was time to move to another mirror to organize my thoughts for a while.”Wait, Ella.”But Eun-jeong called me.”Hm?””Ella.
Will you sleep with us today?”If the kids don't feel uncomfortable with me, I think so.Even if there is a safety device, having me by their side is the most efficient.”If that makes you feel safe.””I feel reassured when Ella is by my side! That's why I want you to sleep with me.””…”It really feels nice being wanted.But I don't know how to respond to such innocent reactions.How would the original Ella react?”Aren't you afraid of Ella?”I made an evil face.”Nope!”…This answer reminds me of the saying that a dog does not know how to be afraid of a tiger.
The kid is not afraid.”Ella is pretty and strong, and she also protects us.
so it's not scary.
Rather, I want you to stay by my side.”Eun-jeong said with her eyes shining brightly.
I think I know what she's feeling.If a bear protects you when you are chased by a wolf, it will be reassuring.
Even more now when they know that the school isn't completely safe.If they are not afraid of me, they will be most comfortable next to me.”…That, yes.
I see.”Even if I know it in my head, it's a bit embarrassing.Also, the gaze is burdensome.Eun-jeong seemed to have forgotten all my threats in the past.Her words are full of sincerity.”Cough.
In the future, I will protect you and stay by your side when you sleep.
Okay?””Okay! Thank you!”Seeing Eun-jeong's bright smile on her face made me smile too.And then, I suddenly felt a sense of incongruity.
Since when did I become such an emotional person?Every time I talk to the children, I feel that something inside me is changing little by little.But it's warm and cozy, so I can't resist it.Could it have something to do with my body becoming a monster?Hmm…
I don't think so.
Being able to even affect the heart…I know my heart the best….After about two days have passed.I suggested that the children go pack their necessities.”Don't you guys have clothes, detergent, and other things you need? We're going to have a quick stop by your houses.
I'll take one by one.
Think ahead of time about what you need.”Now we wait for “them” to come.
Since it's only a few weeks away, I decided it would be a good idea to stock up on essentials.Moving in groups is inefficient.

So they decided who goes first.The kids played rock-paper-scissors, and Eun-jeong, who won with scissors, was the first.I took her out of the school.
Her house was within a ten-minute walk.She skillfully opened the door lock and guided me into her house.Cute design.
The wallpaper is also pink.
I don't know if she uses a air freshener often, but it smells good too.She looks at me and says.”This is the first time I'm alone with Ella.”She's not wrong.
Unintentionally, I only had private time with the other children.Eun-jeong entered the bathroom with light steps and faced the hand mirror she was holding at the mirror.Okay.
Marking success.After moving to the bathroom mirror, I got out and looked at her room.Dolls here and there.Among them, there was a huge stuffed animal on the bed, which seemed to be hugged while sleeping.”Come to think of it, Ella is also pretty like a doll.
They're similar.”She alternately looks at the cuddly doll and me.”I hear you saying you want to hug Ella and sleep.””…No?””…”I didn't bother to answer.
Trying to treat someone like a doll!She became sullen and started to pack the things she needed in her room.Basic clothes, a doll, and shower items.Things like shampoo, conditioner, and towels.Some items are also available in the convenience store.However, it seems that she prefers the ones she used originally.”Is it over?””Yes! Oh, wait.”Eun-jeong brought out a book.
The title was Alice in Wonderland.A fairy tale book? Eun-jeong is the most childlike among the kids.”Do you like children's books?””Yeah…
My mom bought me something that would help with creativity.
I read it sometimes when I'm bored!”A fairy tale…A memory of this fairy tale comes to mind.-What kind of fairy tale is a grown up man reading? Alice in Wonderland?-This is all material.
You have to read these things carefully to make any creative work.-Huh.
What kind of loft hobby is creation when it comes to the guy who was taking money from passers-by until yesterday? I mean…
Even if it's for making a game.-Because it's only natural for people like me to do whatever they want? Well, if I make one, I'll make you a masterpiece that will make you cry.
Of course, I'll add a lot of my taste.-Oh.-Bastard, at least show some reaction.Not a very fun memory.As I looked at Eun-jeong as she silently packed a few books, I remembered something I'd always been curious about.”How did you end up joining the club?”From what I've seen, she isn't the type to like scary things.Besides, she is the type who hates moving her body.She wasn't friends with the others who came to the supernatural spot, so why did she join the club?Eun-jeong thought about it before answering.”I just joined because I was friends with Ha-rim.””That's it?””Yes.
Ha-rim is so mature! So I followed her.
But I didn't know that we would go to a supernatural spot…”Eun-jeong, who has a dependable personality, and Ha-rim, who is not like a child, seem to have a good compatibility.Even so, it's pitiful to get into a club without even knowing what activities they're doing.”Then why did Ha-rim create the club?””I do not know!”I was confused by the answer.
Eun-jeong, who read the atmosphere, added.”Ha-rim avoids talking about it.
How do I say it.
I guess it feels like she's trying not to answer.”Curiosity arouses.What story would a child hide?I think she's especially close to Eun-jeong, but she doesn't even tell her…Ha-rim is a strange child.
She neither cried nor panicked when she fell into this world.

And even defeated a monster by herself.The secret of such a child…”I'm finished.””Did you pack everything?”Eun-jeong nodded.Next up was Suho.The impression of his room was clean.It was well organized, but the problem was that it was too desolate because of that.
I asked about it.”Because my sister is still young, and she could get hurt just by touching things.”Is it the sister again?Still, if it were me, I'd just pay attention.”Do you usually do this?””Because I don't want to see my family get hurt.””Hmm…
Family…”Seeing my inability to understand, Suho put on a bitter expression.Why are you like that?With only two of us alone, I asked him why he joined the club.”Ha-rim tricked me.”It's Ha-rim again?This girl, she really dragged them all in.Maybe it's because she's the main character, but she seems to have a demonic charisma.I asked for more details.”Kyeong-min and Ha-rim are my friends, so it's great for me to join.
I entered because I couldn't decide which club to enter, so I was going to stay for a while and then go to another club.””Did you?””I was constantly anxious about what Kyeong-min and Ha-rim were doing.
They kept going to dangerous places so I couldn't leave them alone.”The reason you joined the club was because of the protective instinct.
This guy is quite serious.Suho simply packed clothes and medicines.Next is Kyeong-min.He was the kid I didn't talk to the most.Apparently, it was a little hard to be comfortable because I personally bullied him in the beginning.I heard from Ha-rim that Kyeong-min was also paying attention to the fact that he threw the wine bottle at me.He seems to think that I will retaliate.Because of that, there was an awkward air.His room was also tidy.Until now, Eun-jeong's room was the most messy.Are boys like this? My room wasn't dirty either.Kyeong-min silently packed his luggage.
Things like extra notebooks and clothes.He packed his things and approached the bed.
I expected him to bring a blanket, but instead he pulled out a game console from under the bed.We didn't talk to each other all the way here, so I thought it was an opportunity.
I looked at him and asked what it was.”Oh, this is a game console.”No, I know.
I just asked because this was the first time I've seen such a model.while he was explaining, he looked sad at me for some reason.I don't know why he was doing it, but I hated it.”Are you afraid of me?”I asked him directly.Inwardly, I felt guilty.
I can tell just by looking at his glasses, which fell in surprise.However, an unexpected answer came.”It's not like that…
It's just awkward.”He isn't afraid of me.I seemed to have arbitrarily made assumptions.Still, something was to be done to resolve this atmosphere.”Sorry.””What?””I'm sorry…
From before.
That I was mean at the mansion.”Then, he widens his eyes.
Feeling embarrassed by it, I turned my head the other way.Kyeong-min laughed as if shocked.That's bound to surprise him.I, who threatened them with a knife until a few days ago, no, it was Ella.

I myself know that this is awkward.Still, it's just that I don't like feeling stuffy.My face hardened….Isn't it a little bit like an apology for a death threat?I lay down on the bed in Kyeong-min's room.Shall I say it's okay to hit me until he's relieved?If I do, only his hand will hurt…
Hmm…”…You can harass me as much as you want until your anger subsides.”Pain must be returned with pain.
I spread my arms as if showing I'm harmless.”What?!”A look of bewilderment appears on his face.It even turned red.Why?I was confused for a moment.He regained his composure and thought about something before asking me.”Hey Ella…
May I ask what do you mean by that?””I've bullied you, so I'm saying it's fine to bully me too.””Aha…
In what way?”When Kyeong-min, who finally understood, asked that, I was the one taken aback.I hadn't thought about that.”Tickling me…””Like this?”When he bent his fingers, my body trembled violently by itself.Just looking at the shape of the hand makes me itchy.A person who is indifferent to tickling will never know this fear.Bad quality violence that makes you laugh even though it is painful!Cold sweat flows.Still, I was prepared.I closed my eyes and waited.But Kyeong-min didn't do anything.Are you not doing it?I survived.”I gave up and almost died, but you saved us.””…””I wanted to say thank you, but it was a bit awkward.
It's not because I'm afraid.””…Really?”A smile formed on my lips.
A sense of satisfaction rises.He stared at my face in awe and then coughed, going back to pack his things.Ah, I have to ask him that.”What did you join the club for?””Hmm…
Basically, Ha-rim asked me and I joined.
Because my mother said that prior learning is important, she made me study middle school courses in advanced, so I was a little frustrated.””Oh.
And then?””My parents are generous with club activities, so if I go to a place like a haunted spot as Ha-rim says, I don't have to sit at a desk and study.”You're the type that hates stuffiness.
If I were you, I might have been happy because that was part of my interest.”You and Suho were the first to join the club, right?””What about it?”It's a little hard to say that he was an early member of a club with only four people, but I wondered if he knew why Ha-rim created this club.”Maybe she just likes scary things? Because last time I asked, she just said she liked it.
I thought it made sense…”It seems that even him doesn't know exactly.It's unexpected that not even one out of the three of her friends doesn't know her properly.Shin Ha-rim.
A playable character in this game.After she killed Jangsanbeom by herself, I changed the way I viewed her.There is a characteristic of Ha-rim that I learned as a result of carefully observing her behavior whenever she went to get an item.First, looking carefully for a suspicious door key or key item.
(Bring the key every time I try to break down the door, etc.)Demonstrated evasion skills to avoid all of the monster's attacks.Even taking into account the artifact's ability to survive and the help of luck, Ha-rim is extraordinary.I can't help but wonder what such a child is reluctant to talk about.Shall I ask it directly?

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