Their Summer Vacation

After safely escaping the mountain, the children had to return to their respective homes first.
There must have been an uproar because they stayed out overnight without permission.Maybe even the police were called.
However, it wasn't scary.
What they were really afraid of was what they had just experienced, so they missed the arms of their families, whether they were scolded or punished.POV Switch – Ha-rimAfter everyone decided that we should discuss today's matter later at school, I returned home.”I'm home.”No answer is heard.
It's been a long time since my parents passed away.
It was sad that there was no one by my side even after I had gone through such a terrible thing.However, since it was impossible to hold on to my friends who were returning to their families, I sighed in frustration.I took out the chocolate I had been saving from my refrigerator.Because it is quite expensive, I did not want to eat it except on special occasions, but if not now, when should I eat it?'What happened at the mansion…
it felt like a dream.'If there are vivid dreams, then there are also realities that doesn't look real.
In a way, it may have been a rare experience…
But it's something I don't want to experience again.I should eat some chocolate.
laying down on my bed, I started to open the wrapping.Chocolate.
I remembered the chocolate I had left in the mansion.
She must have seen the note…'What will Ella do to me when she finds out that I broke her promise?'I imagined Ella stabbing me with her knife.
A chill ran down my spine, and I tossed and turned my body.I then realized that I had something in my pocket.
Is it my cellphone?I decided it was time to call my friends, so I decided to call the person I was most concerned about.'Because Eun-jeong has a weak heart.
She'll struggle a lot.'Without thinking, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the contents.
But what was in my hand was not a cell phone, but a round hand mirror…Why is this in my pocket? I look into my reflection in the glass.
An ordinary mirror.
But if it's a mirror…
At this time, an ominous thought flashed through my head.
No way…
No way!”!!”Behind my own reflection in the mirror, Ella was staring at me.POV Switch – EllaI have successfully escaped from the mansion.
It's just that it doesn't seem like it's time to be happy after seeing Ha-rim, who is pale blue as if she's seen a ghost.
Oh, I am a ghost.She thought they had barely escaped, but it would be scary if I followed her.
Still, seeing her like that hurts me.The small mirror was inconvenient, so I moved to the full-length mirror next to Ha-rim.
When switching from mirror to mirror, it is impossible to move unless it is marked.What is “marking”? It means that it must be a mirror that I saw with my own eyes at least once.You can move to that mirror just by marking it, and once a mirror is marked, it becomes possible to move to it even if I'm far away.
This means I can use it to travel long distances.”…”The neck creaks and turns toward me.

Why don't you just stand there and make an excuse? I'll play Ella, who has a low mental age.Children are gullible, so maybe even the original Ella will forgive you for breaking your promise.
In order to awaken Ha-rim's spirit, I took out my knife.
Will you still be collected?Only then did Ha-rim's mouth open.”Ca-…
Calm down! Ella! Put the knife away!”This is not the correct reaction.
There's no way a psychopathic girl would grant such a request.”Hmm~? Is that your last will?”When I said that, Ha-rim broke out in a cold sweat and said.”Ah, it's a misunderstanding! I didn't break my promise!”Oh.
That's how it's going to be.
I continued to pretend that I was interested.”What do you mean by that? You threw a wine bottle at Ella, and even after saving everyone, you ran away, right? Eh~? By the way, misunderstanding? What I misunderstood?”1Ah, I hear it.
I hear the sound of you desperately rolling your head.
Think carefully, Ha-rim.
The opponent is a child.
Of course, you are also a child, but if it's not an irrational excuse, I'll let you go.”So! That…
Didn't I tell I wanted to leave the mansion? I was going to prepare toys and gifts to have fun with Ella.””Gift?””Right! A gift!”Ha-rim held out the chocolates she had been keeping next to her while in front of the mirror.
The quality is somewhere between the high-end specialty stores and the chocolates sold at convenience stores.
It's a pretty expensive chocolate.
I'm sure the sweetness and taste will be good.But Ha-rim.
No matter how childish I look, I can't fall for something like this.
If you had just gone to buy a toy, I would have let it go.A psychopath who casually kills people likes chocolate…
Chocolate…When I came to my senses, I was frantically stuffing chocolate into my mouth.A sacred fruit called sugar that drips into your mouth.
Like a sprout absorbing the raindrops that fell after a thirsty drought, I covet it.
Modern civilization is amazing…
even devils would become angels!”Um…
Do you like the gift?””…”Fuck.
I couldn't raise my head.
What kind of bullshit is this.
You're being controlled by food! The original Ella, how much do you like sweets!No, let's think positively.
Because with this, there is an excuse for forgiveness.
Actually, this is a good plan.
I'm not blushing, right?I pretended nothing happened and put the knife back, and asked Ha-rim.”I see.
I know you didn't break your promise~ But where are the other kids?””That's because…
They're still picking out gifts! If you get bored waiting, I'll buy you more chocolate!”As she spoke gibberish, her right pocket vibrated.
It felt like time slowed down as I noticed it.”This…
This is called a cellphone, and it's a device that allows you to talk from a distance.
It looks like your friends have chosen a present! So just wait a bit!”Do I know?! Who are you treating as an old man? Did you say that because of my outfit?Even if I'm an old monster, I never thought I would get misunderstood like this.Oh right, If I, a monster, were left alone, I wouldn't know electronic devices such as phones.

I suppressed my power as much as I could and nodded.
Ha-rim was relieved and answered the phone.”Um, hello, Suho? Huh.
What?”[No one is home.
No sister, no parents, no one! I contacted the others, but they all said the same thing.]Ha-rim's expression became serious.”Why all of sudden…
The police.
Did you contact the police?”[…They don't pick up the phone.
Not just the police, even the convenience store owner.
I can't see any other residents, it's like we're the only ones left in the world.] “There's no way…”I decided to say something to the confused Ha-rim.
It's better to be honest.
It may hurt to tell the cruel truth, but it's better than to have to act clumsily.”Oh, didn't you know? Ella though you knew everything?”Ha-rim, who heard my meaningful words, ended the call asking to everyone to group up in the school and turned her head to me.”Ella…
What do you mean by that?””What are you talking about? This is not your world!”The stage of the game [Mystery Investigation Club ~Summer Vacation Nightmare~].
This is where monsters gather.
A barrier that separates here from the real world.
The Ghost Story Paradise.Unfortunately, you have fallen into a world of nightmares.”What!””Can't you believe it even when you've already seen a monster? At some point, you all fell into this world.””…””You have to struggle an lot to survive.
It's a place full of terrifying monsters!””The monsters…
There's a lot?”Ha-rim's pupils violently shake.
Please keep your heart strong.
I haven't even started, your heart shouldn't already be broken.
Compared to the despair you're going to go through, this is just a taste.Yes, bite your lips and clench your fists.
Because you're the main character of this world….That's the way it is.It looks like Ha-rim made up her mind.
She has a mind too strong to be considered an elementary school student.
I hope she doesn't break.”Ella.
What should we do? Can you help us?”This is a bit surprising.
Are you asking me that? It seems that she thinks that I, a monster, knows better, but from your point of view, didn't I try to kill you? Besides, it felt like I tried to kill you just now.”Why should I?””Ah, that's…
Because we want to be friends with Ella! If we die, Ella will be bored.
Weren't you looking for someone to play with?”Ha-rim said without stopping.”If you help us, I will be your best friend.
I’ll introduce you to delicious snacks and provide fun games!”Desperation shines in her eyes.
She seemed to think that at least she could save her life if she was with me who defeated Slenderman.

That's a lot of courage.
Trying to make a bomb that doesn't know when it will explode as a companion.
As long as I've already been involved in the original work, I have no intention of quitting.It's difficult when an unexpected situation occurs like Slenderman…
More than anything, the problem is Ha-rim.Can this kid really survive to the end? Although she is the protagonist of this game, it is the player who actually plays the game.If the player does something wrong, she easily dies.
A perverse number of dead scenes prove this.Maybe Ha-rim is not a player, but just a playable character, and it was a complacent idea to think that she would survive even if the story flowed as the original.Besides, I died a few times while playing.”So please! Help us…”If you read game transmigration novels…
It's a standard to see the ending if you want to go home.
And the ending will need the main character.
It's an insecure protagonist, but it's definitely one.I'll get the kids to the ending.As soon as I made that decision, the guilt in my heart eased.I answered with a smirk.”What~ fine.””!”Why are you surprised.
The one who suggested it was yourself.
I smiled and said to Ha-rim.”If you are Ella's friend, there's nothing I cannot help.
But are you aware you are going to have to entertain me? You know if you don't keep your promise, right?”I reached out my hand through the mirror to signify that I'd do it.
Ha-rim was surprised to see the materialized arm, but she immediately answered by holding it.”Ok! I got it!”The contract got concluded.
Shall we start working?”Now let's go.””Were are you going?””The school.
Wouldn't your friends be in danger if they already arrived?””What?!”Ha-rim immediately called Suho, whom she had just spoken to.
But there was no signal.This happens when either the sender or the receiver is close to a monster.
Since I have suppressed my power, it means that Suho is close to one…The reason why children heading to school are dangerous is because there are many ghost stories in schools.And since elementary schools are usually not far from home, it wouldn't be strange if they arrived already.
Once they enter the main gate, they will be within range of the monsters' attacks, so you better hurry.Apart from this, it was a good decision for Ha-rim to get the children there.If you look at zombie games or novels, the survivors will set up their own base, doing something similar to this.You just need to remove the monsters from the school.”Hehe…”Ha-rim watched Ella smile.

She wanted to run away.

TL notes

The “You” means everyone, I couldn’t find a better word to refer to the kids and Ha-rim at the same time.

Just noticed this site now has ads, don’t know why only now.

Now for the previous chapter puzzle, here’s all the words:

[I went to see the priest because her body felt sick.
After receiving holy water from him, her body became worse.
He warned me that it was due to possession, or constant exposure to The Devil.
The cause lies in that sickness.
I couldn’t believe the priest.
I left the church after saying I won’t do it to the priest.]

[Today, I saw Ella playing around with animals.
I’m sure the priest said to not let her play with animals.
Unsurprisingly, Ella killed the animals.
She thinks that she hides the bodies well, but I always count the number of bodies in the yard and the smell makes me frown.
When I yelled at her, Ella begged me saying it’s not herThe devil is afraid of me, but someday it might not.
I’m afraid of The Devil, and Ella is getting worse.
I have to go back again and listen to the priest.]

[As advised by the priest, Ella will no longer kill the animals.
I’m glad.
But the priest doesn’t know.
Ella is The Devil.
I will never get caught off guard, I have to keep feeding her.
Ella, I love you.
If you come back I will stop doing this.]

[Loretta died while cleaning the roof today.
They said it was an accident.
It can’t be.
It’s definitely Ella’s work. The Devil was smiling when I glanced at Ella.
I have to save Ella somehow.
Or we will all die.
The only thing I can use to punish Ella is the medicine the priest gave me.
I have to do it, before the medicinal effect stops working.]

Nothing works anymore.
It’s already too late. The Devil became Ella.
Priest, please help.
That bitch, The Devil, is not my daughter.
They killed everyone in the mansion and are knocking on my door.
Ah! I hear it.
The voice of an evil demon calling for father.
How much I loved you! Ah, please, if you find this diary, please kill that devil.]

[Father beat me badly. Father hates me ever since he went to the priest.
I was so sick that I begged.
But father continued to beat me.
And after father beat me, he fed me holy water.
Then he beats me again.]

[It hurts.
It hurts so much.
Someone please save me.
Even if I tell everyone in the mansion, no one listens.
When I turned 1X, I wanted to go to town to make friends. Father said I can’t be friends with anyone while being sick.]

[I was found out by father while playing on the yard.
When my father saw me, he trembled, as if shocked.
Why? When the animals saw father, they freaked out and ran away.
And that day I was beaten close to death.]

[Father brought in a goat with horns.
My father said it was to play with.
He said that it was a sacred animal.
He told me that if I kill it, he will kill me too. Father.
I’ve never killed a friend, but I was happy. Father, I made a friend.]

[One day, Ms.
Loretta fell from the roof.
Surprised, I ran to father and asked for help.
However, when my father saw my face, he shuddered.
Hell started again.
Please, I didn’t kill anyone.
It’s not me.]

So uh… I’m a dumbass and put the wrong number of Xs in some words (2 words).
Sorry about all the puzzle solvers.
I’m going back to fix it.

As always, any errors just say, and I hope you liked it!

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