s within Ashmia’s expectations, but there was also Theodore Pendragon. 

It was an unusually fast response, even though it shook her quite a bit.

“When is it?”

Ashmia answered Claudia’s question.

“Three days from now.”

Hearing those words, Claudia’s face darkened.

“In three days… That’s a big deal.”


“We’re running out of time to get the dress the lady is going to wear.”

Ashmia smiled bitterly at her, with a look of absurdity on her face.

“What am I supposed to say? If it’s a dress, we have them in the closet—”


Ashmia and Vanessa were both surprised when Claudia, who rarely raised her voice, interrupted Ashmia.

“The ball is going to be Lady Ashmia’s debutante and you’re going to wear old clothes?!”

“No, you see, they’re not old enough to the point of calling them ‘old clothes’…”

“As Lady Ashmia’s butler, I can’t let this go.
I’ll call the seamstress right away.”

tl/n: i think in the past i referred to claudia as a ‘head maid’, but she’s more of a butler than a maid.
You can say she’s a ‘personal maid’, but she does more of a butler’s work than that of a personal maid.

“In the middle of the night?”

“It’s no problem.
Leave it to me.”

“Oh, okay.”

An hour later.

Claudia had indeed brought the seamstress, giving her Ashmia’s pre-measured sizes, and instructing her on the detailed requirements of the dress.

The poor seamstress was sweating after being dragged in with a black cloth covering her face and redrew her sketch several times until Claudia nodded.

“Well, that’s good.”

The seamstress finally looked alive after receiving the final approval.
But, she had no clue that she was going to be imprisoned in the mansion to complete the dress within 48 hours.

“This is a crime, Claudia…”

Claudia spoke towards Ashmia, who had a bewildered look on her face.

“Right now, there can’t be anything more important than the dress.
If you give a reasonable reward, you can cover up anything.
Don’t worry.”


Vanessa shook her head as Claudia led the seamstress out.

“I knew she had that kind of personality, but I didn’t think it would be like that.”

“…Me neither.”

But anyway, thanks to Claudia’s terrifying drive, Ashmia’s debutante dress, which had the seamstress’s soul in it, was ready in time.


Diony Hall, located two blocks away from the bustling 5th Avenue, was famous as the largest banquet hall on the island.

As the host was the Duke of Pendragon, the invited guests were also important figures, so Pendragon’s soldiers stood guard not only in Diony Hall, but also in front of the road.

“We ask for your momentary cooperation .”

The guards surrounded Ashmia’s luxurious limousine and searched underneath the car with mirrors attached on metal rods.

Claudia, who was in the driver’s seat, looked through the rearview mirror at Vanessa sitting in the backseat with Ashmia.

“Vanessa, why are you so nervous?”

“N-Nervous?! I’m fine!”

“You don’t look fine at all.
Can I get you some tranquillisers?”

At Ashmia’s words, Claudia replied firmly.



“Stabilisers affect the activation of her ability.”

“Oh, right.
It does.”

“Vanessa, you look as dignified and elegant as any nobleman today.
Escort Ashmia with pride.”


Vanessa’s face quickly brightened at Claudia’s rare praise.
And Claudia’s words were not empty.

Although she didn’t wear a dress to perform the security mission smoothly, Vanessa wore a tuxedo and neatly combed her short hair.
She was exuding a masculine charm that most men couldn’t achieve.

“I hope you’ll have a great debutante.”

“Thank you.
I’ll be back.”

As soon as the car search was over, Vanessa got out of the car and reached out to Ashmia.



Ashmia took the hand and got out of the car slowly.


The camera’s flash began to go off crazily, along with the exclamations of the crowd surrounding the red carpet.

“Look at that, oh my…”

“My God!”

With each step Ashmia took, she saw the golden thread embroidered on her ivory dress softly reflecting the lights, along with her silver hair.

Even those who were taking pictures of her appearance that made it seem like light had taken a human shape had stopped and looked at her.

On the other hand, Ashmia—

‘This- this is crazy! Why are the stairs so long!’

She was already sweating while managing her expression, as her legs were already cramping up from climbing the long stairs with unfamiliar high heels.

‘How does a woman run around in these things?’

After she managed to climb the stairs to the end without falling, she saw Francesca running from the entrance of the hall with her arms stretched open.

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