I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 103: "Who Wouldnt Want It?!"

Chapter 979: “Ice Crystal Mammoth”

Soon, the temperature would touch zero degrees and then it would be minus. 

When that time came, the battle would be even more dangerous for the humans. 


The cold white fog created from the two creatures ice-element abilities slowly enveloped the whole battlefield, limiting everyones view. 

All they could see was the vast white and the occasional monsters or beasts banging their bodies to the barrier. 

Dskylas Valkyrie team had long landed on the wall and didnt set off because this kind of bad weather and the white fog would be too dangerous for them. 

The fog was abnormal because it acted as a tall wall that could even hinder those who were flying in the sky. 

The flying-type monsters and beasts also slowed down or flew higher to avoid the white fog obstructing their eyesight. 

Strangely, the two bosses behind the white fog seemed to be unaffected by the white fog and could still see everything behind the fog. 

When the distance was close enough, a pair of icy blue eyes suddenly appeared inside the white fog and the pair of huge round eyes stared straight at the humans on top of the wall. 

Countless ability users instantly felt this malicious gaze, and they all felt a chill down their spines. 

The sudden gaze sent everyone to a state offear, and the stronger ability users instantly felt that the beast had just launched their first attack. 

“Everyone, the beast is using theFear attribute! Bite your tongue or something to get rid of the buff!” 

No one knew that the mammoth was such a strange beast that it could even give other people a fear buff, making the targets freeze on the spot and unable to move. 

Oh, the beast had just stunned them! Fck! 

Ainsley was too short and small, but thats exactly why she didnt see the mammoths icy blue eyes at all. 

She only felt that a huge being suddenly stared at them, and she instantly got goosebumps. 

From the eye position of this huge being, everyone could more or less predict the mammoths height. 

Strangely, the gaze came straight to them, not from above or below. 

It means…the mammoth was at least as tall as their city wall? 

But their city wall was as tall as the wall in the Attack of Titan anime!

Ainsley couldnt imagine just how tall the mammoth was. 

All she knew was that it was way bigger than the usual mammoth she knew from picture books and such. 

Compared to the frozen butterfly, the mammoth was way bigger than the butterfly and the butterfly looked like its head accessory when the butterflys wingspan could reach 20 meters long in total! 

Not to mention that the butterflys height itself was huge, but flying around the mammoth, it only looked like a child playing around with their father. 

All beings would subconsciously fear gigantic things, and Ainsley wasnt an exception. 

Seeing such a behemoth right outside of the city barrier, she almost fainted. 

Just how did the dawn team face this mammoth? Especially when it was dark at dawn. 

It must have been scarier than now! 

What Ainsley didnt know is that the barrier almost broke this morning. If not for the dawn team asking for reinforcement, the monsters and beasts would have long entered the broken barrier. 

And this mammoth wasnt the only dangerous factor. That butterfly next to it was also super dangerous. 

From this distance, the group could finally see the appearance of the two monsters hiding behind the white fog. 

The white fog had long dissipated and revealed the two giants behind it. 

The first one Ainsley noticed was the giant mammoth. 

This was the first time she saw a mammoth with her own two eyes, but how come this mammoth didnt look like the one in storybooks? 

Usually, mammoths had brown fur and white tusks. It was like an enlarged version of an elephant with thicker fur and longer tusks. 

But the giant ice mammoth obviously didnt look like your ordinary mammoth. 

Its entire body was covered with thick white fur, not brown at all. There were hints of hardened blue fur around the white fur, creating a beautiful pattern. 

But it actually looked like a mermaid scale and on the mammoths body, it looked as if it was wearing armor. 

Then, the mammoths long trunk was dark gray, and large blue ice cubes covered the entire trunk, making it durable yet agile. 

This is another weird naturalarmor. 

Then, the thing that was the most different compared to a normal mammoth was its tusks! 

The tusks were made of crystals and the size was so big that it could pierce through the barrier or the city wall. 

This kind of risk is so scary, okay? Ainsley had never seen anything like this before. 

Because the mammoth had crystal tusks, it was also named as the giant ice crystal mammoth. 

People usually called it the ice crystal mammoth. 

The mammoth beast not only had weird body parts, but it also had a weird buff or something. 

Whenever it walked, the ground would be covered with ice, and whenever it moved its body part, there would be snow or ice cubes falling from its body. 

This beast looked as if it came out right from a certain RPG game. 

Really unique. 

Even its roar also had annoying negative impacts on the ability users, not to mention its gaze. 

Ah, ah…is this really not the final boss? This monster just came out on the second day, not even on the last few days! 

Ainsley seriously thought whether this years cleaning up event would refer to cleaning up the monsters and beasts or cleaning up human beings…

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