I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 107: "An Unexpected Nemesis"

Chapter 982: “Deadly Snowflakes”

To be honest, the mammoth was always helpless in front of the frozen butterfly. 

Thus, while he talked, he secretly cast a glance at Ainsley and the other team leaders to avoid the butterflys calm gaze. 


They had failed to kill the team leaders of the dawn shift a few hours ago, and now, they had to kill at least a few elite bosses to complete their missions. 

[Lady butterfly, cant you just teleport some beasts and monsters to kill those bosses?] 

The mammoth casually swung his trunk to the barrier, adding more damage to the newly-repaired barrier. 

So far, it had only attacked using its physical strength and not using its unique abilities. 

The butterfly flapped its wings gently while shaking its antenna. 

[Those generals cant kill these elite bosses so easily. I have a plan, big mammoth. Just wait and see.] 

The butterflys voice was as gentle as ever, but the mammoth suddenly pitied the humans. 

Ahh, even the great mammoth-like him couldnt beat this butterfly lady in a one-to-one fight. 

Now that the butterfly wanted to make a move…these humans would be done for. 

[Then, Ill keep the ants busy with our people while you target their bosses.] 

The mammoth compared other people aside from the five bosses as ants. 

No matter how unique their abilities were, they werent worth killing as much as the five bosses. 

[Oh hey, the big boss reminded us to kill as many elites as possible. Especially that little baby.] 

The mammoth didnt forget to look at Ainsley, who was currently possessed by the Godfather. 

If humans could study beasts and monsters, they could also study dangerous humans with huge potential. 

This baby is on their top target list. 

[If we dont kill her now, she will grow to be extremely strong, and she might even disturb our thousand-year plan.] 

The butterfly had never heard about this, but she knew that the mammoth was close to a beast with a fortune-telling ability. 

That beast must be the one telling the mammoth about the little baby. 

The butterfly lady flapped her wings gently and couldnt help but giggle sharply. 

[I dont see how unique this baby is, but since you said so, we can target her first. I think the legendary spirit by her side will be good nourishment for our big boss.] 

Because their big boss could eat dead spirits. 

[Let me send them somegifts.] 

The butterfly flew closer to the barrier, and when it flapped its wings once more, the wings lit up in blue light. 

The ice on the wings melted slightly, and countless tiny snowflakes rained down the battlefield. 

Strangely, the snowflakes turned into small butterflies the size of ones thumb. 

It seemed alive even when it was made of snowflakes! 

The snowflake butterflies were hidden perfectly inside the blizzard, and even when they approached the barrier, it was unnoticed. 

Even more dangerous, they could enter the barrier without getting killed or expelled! 

These snowflake butterflies melted a small part of the barrier, small enough for one of them to enter. 

So many snowflake butterflies did the same thing to the barrier, but because their size was so small, no one noticed the phenomenon. 

Even until they entered the barrier, due to their white and slightly-transparent bodies, it was hard to detect these snowflake butterflies!

Even if humans could see the butterflies, they would also ignore them because the butterflies resembled floating snowflakes so much that others wouldnt think it was alive. 

The snowflake butterflies easily penetrated the barrier and approached some of the elite-level humans among the crowd. 

Some bigger snowflake butterflies even targeted Ainsley and the other four leaders. 

People only knew that the frozen butterfly could teleport monsters and beasts randomly, but they didnt know that such a high-level monster had more than one ability. 

Her other abilities included thebutterfly effect ability, the snowflake butterfly minions and one more ability related to healing using snowflakes. 

The one shes using now was undoubtedly the snowflake butterfly minions. 

Just like its name, the snowflake butterfly minions allowed the frozen butterfly to control these small butterflies and became her avatar or something. 

Through the small butterflies, she could see, hear, smell, and even used a part of her other abilities, such as mass-teleportation. 

The reason why the frozen butterfly could control her teleportation ability well enough was because she used these butterfly minions as her marking target. 

Then, she just had to send monsters and beasts to the area around the snowflake butterflies. 

This is the same trick as the one she used before, but now, the frozen butterfly didnt intend to do the same thing twice. 

The snowflake butterflies actually had other uses…and thats what she would use now. 

Some small snowflake butterflies had touched the people at the frontline behind the first few layers of the barrier. 

Then, the person who felt the cold touch on their body would be sluggish for a few seconds. 

The use of their abilities would be stagnant for a while, and they would subconsciously feel sleepy. 

The moment they couldnt fight their sleepiness, it was then they finally fell into the butterfly illusion. 

The butterfly wings pattern had a hypnotic effect and just a small amount was enough to affect those who had let down their guard because of their sleepiness. 

The cold air brought by these butterflies was enough to make ability users feel sleepy, especially when they hadnt eaten lunch yet. 

All of them were tired from fighting and facing sudden sleepiness. 

Thats why most of the ability users couldnt resist it. 

When they fell into an illusion, their body slowly froze from the tip of their toe up to their upper body and then finally, their whole body would freeze too! 

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