I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 115: "Inside Code-Cs Mind"

Chapter 990: “The Purple Apes Tricky Ability”

Despite Ainsleys personal growth, the battle still had to continue. 

Before the two beasts and the monster could attack them, the Godfather chose to attack them first. 

And so, he targeted the purple ape who had lower defense compared to the Bronto Monster and the armored giraffe. 

Using the reserved blood that he had collected in Ainsleys storage necklace, the Godfather drew a huge amount of red blood and shaped them into a weapon. 

This time, he chose to fight a long-range battle while maintaining the blood barrier to protect Ainsleys body from a sudden attack. 

Thus, the weapon he created was naturally a long-range weapon– a cannon. 

The cannon made of blood was huge, but it could float in the air freely, even more, agile than birds. 

Countless cannonballs made of blood were also ready inside the cannon, and one should know that these cannonballs werent just ordinary cannonballs. 

The cannonballs had a bit of corrosive element and explosion element! 

This could happen because the blood that the Godfather used to create the cannonballs wasnt human blood at all, but unique monsters and beasts blood. 

The Godfathers ability allowed him to retain a bit of the victims special ability through their blood. 

This was true, and it could also be effective on ability users blood. 

Still, the ability that could be retained was extremely little, and it could only become various buffs for the blood that the Godfather manipulated. 

For example, some blood could make the Godfather fly without having to manipulate the blood wings movement at all times. 

Some blood could also become as sturdy as metal because of the owners special ability retained in their blood. 

If there was blood that could condense and become as hard as metal, there was also blood that could be as hard as diamond and crystal, depending on the previous owners special ability. 

But looking at Ainsleys level in her shaman ability, the Godfather couldnt do much with this special skill and could only rely on luck to see if the blood he collected also retained the owners special ability. 

Luckily, the blood he collected while fighting these monsters and beasts had some unique features, and now he used it to create the blood cannon! 

And, of course, after he used it, he would take back the scattered blood and keep them safe inside Ainsleys storage necklace. 

No wonder people said that the Godfather was a lunatic…because he once had a warehouse inside his storage necklace and it was used especially to store all sorts of blood! 

Ainsley, who didnt know anything about this, only saw a dark red cannon as big as Ava suddenly appeared in the air. 

Then, without a warning, the cannon created of various blood instantly shot toward the purple ape!


Countless cannonballs rushed to the purple ape, and they were so agile that even the purple ape, with such high agility and speed, almost couldnt escape the besiege. 

The purple ape didnt expect the Godfather to attack him out of the blue, and he even did it in less than a minute. 

The attack came so fast that the purple ape had no choice but to dodge the cannonballs first while also launching his abilities. 

Hes only a high-level beast and wasnt as strong as the mammoth, who was only one step away from being a sacred beast. 

But it didnt mean he was weak. 

His abilities are all rare! 

The purple ape dodged the incoming cannonballs with his speed, and his body instantly turned into a blurry image. 

He had just activated one of his abilities– the phantom. 

He was actually not called a purple ape before because people usually called his race the phantom ape. 

But because he had more than one ability which turned his fur into gorgeous purple, anyone who saw him instantly called him a purple ape. 

As the name suggested, the phantom race could turn into a shadow that actually looked like a transparent ghost. 

In this state, no physical or special ability attack could damage his body. 

Yes. Not even a single attack could hurt him! 

But this state could only last for five minutes before he returned to his previous state. 

Then, he could only use this special bloodline ability after 12 hours. 

Still, when hes in his phantom state, hes invincible. 

He couldnt use his other special abilities, but his damage rate would soar by 100%. 

Strangely, hes in a ghost state, but he could still attack the enemies using a strange ghost skill. 

Thats why the phantom race was also often called the ghost race. 

The purple ape had already turned into a phantom,, and the cannonballs rushing to his side became completely useless. 

But the Godfather wasnt an idiot. 

When he saw the ape turning into a phantom, he immediately controlled the launched cannonballs and threw it at the unsuspecting Bronto Monster! 

The broto monster was the tallest and the biggest among the three enemies. Naturally, hes slow. 

He thought that the Godfather was aiming for the purple ape and not him. 

So, he was just about to attack the baby in silence when those cannonballs suddenly changed direction and instantly hit his body! 

Are those cannonballs or rudals?! How come it can even change directions?? 

It was too late for the Bronto Monster to dodge the cannonballs. 

He could only passively activate his defensive skill and allowed those cannonballs to hit his body. 


Unsurprisingly, some of the cannonballs exploded and directly breached Bronto Monsters defensive ability. 

Then, the rest of the blood cannonballs turned into liquid and slowly corroded the monsters thick skin.

If Axelle were here, he would be surprised to see the corrosive blood having a similar effect to his corrosive ability! 

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