I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 116: "The Bullied Kitten"

Chapter 991: “Bronto Monsters Unique Ability”

A corrosive ability was rare among humans and non-human races but it didnt mean its rare among the monsters and beasts. 

The Godfather just casually collected somespecial blood that retained its owners special ability, and he got this corrosive blood. 

In an instant, the corrosive blood that came from the cannonballs took away brother Brontos thick monster skin. 

In just a few minutes, his skin was gone, and the corrosive blood quietly seeped into his flesh! 

The Bronto Monster couldnt help but yell in extreme pain. 


Fck, fck, fck! His defensive ability broke down under the first batch of attack, and then the second batch directly skinned him alive!! 

The Bronto Monster had a thick skin, but he didnt expect the blood to be so corrosive! 

What he didnt know is that the monster who once owned this blood had killed countless fighters because of its corrosive blood. 

It would purposely injure itself and splash his blood onto his enemies bodies. 

Then, he would watch his enemies dying under his highly corrosive blood. 

Unfortunately, the Godfather could control blood and when the monster used this tactic on him, it backfired. 

The Godfather controlled the monsters blood to kill the monster and then drained all the blood from the dead monster before keeping it in his unique blood collection. 

When the monster died, he didnt leave anything behind other than his corrosive blood. 

What an irony. 

Now, the Bronto monster was seriously injured even when he didnt attack the Godfather…all because of this corrosive blood. 

How could he lay still and swallow this grievance?! 

The Bronto Monster was provoked, and it instantly howled once more. 


Then, the Bronto Monster used one of his special abilities– earth manipulation. 

But it wasnt a simple earth manipulation. 

This one ability allowed the Bronto Monster to create a living being out of dust and dirt. 

He only had to drop some of his blood into his creation, and the living beings made out of dust and dirt would be as alive as your usual monsters or beasts. 

If the Bronto Monster was lucky, one of his creations could even awaken an ability and fight using its newly awakened ability! 

Although it wasted a lot of energy to keep his creations alive, the Bronto Monster didnt care. 

After all, he could replenish his energy as long as there was earth. 

This is why the Bronto Monster could become ageneral among the monster army. 

His ability is just that unique! 

After the Bronto Monster howled like a wolf, the ground under Ainsleys feet and around her suddenly trembled. 

In just a few seconds, dust and dirt slowly floated in the air and formed various monsters made of dark brown soil or mud full of blood. 

Because the Bronto Monster knew about the Godfathers ability to control blood, he used his earth manipulation ability to separate the mud that had been contaminated with blood. 

He didnt want the Godfather to control his creations just because there was a bit of blood on his creations. 

The Bronto Monster had been doing this quite a lot, and in just a few minutes, he managed to create three earth lizard-like monsters. 

Because he had been injured anyway, the Bronto Monster didnt have to deliberately harm himself to drop a little blood into his creations. 

He just used the blood from his wound to awaken the three monsters souls, giving them life. 

From then on, these three monsters were alive and had their own IQ, personality, and even abilities. 

But they all obeyed the Bronto Monster as their creator. 

What was unique was that these monsters were alive, but they looked like clay figurines. 

They also didnt have any blood inside their body, which means the Godfather couldnt control their blood. 

While the Bronto Monster was preparing his counterattack, the purple ape didnt just sit still and watch. 

He was busy keeping the Godfather distracted with his brutal attacks!

The Godfather had fought a lot of enemies before, but he rarely fought against beasts and monsters. 

This was the first time he saw such a unique beast type in the world. 

The purple ape was really a tricky opponent because no matter what the Godfather did, he couldnt injure the ape. 

The same goes for Ainsley. She also tried to charm the ape, but she failed. 

Thus, she tried to use her luck manipulation ability, but the apes bloodline special ability also made it immune to Ainsleys luck manipulation ability. 

This was the first time the all-powerful luck manipulation ability couldnt be used, and Ainsley was depressed for a while. 

She actually wanted to charm Bronto Monster first, but because of the sudden situation, she focused on helping the Godfather to deal with the purple ape! 

At first, she thought she could help quite well, but the purple ape was really invincible in his phantom state. 

Such an ability almost made Ainsley spurt out blood. 

If she could, she would want to tame the purple ape and make him her minions too! 

While Ainsley was in despair, the Godfather suddenly spoke to her while still manipulating various blood to keep the purple ape away from their small blood barrier. 

[Lil brat, focus on the Bronto Monster. Leave the ape to this lord.] 

If Ainsley focused on the purple ape instead, they couldnt tame the Bronto Monster which means they might fall under the three enemies attack. 

Not to mention that the armored giraffe was still there, waiting for an opportunity to attack them. 

Ainsley didnt have a rich battle experience. At least not as rich as the Godfathers. Thus, she immediately obeyed. 

[Okay. Ill tame him as soon as possible!] 

Ainsley also saw how the Bronto Monster created three other monsters out of dirt and mud. 

This monster is strong! 

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