I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 117: "Old Dude Explain!"

Chapter 992: “My Little Sister!”

Ainsley couldnt help but imagine if this monster belonged to her…

They might win the battle against the three remaining people. 

Thus, Ainsley focused on using her charm ability on the Bronto Monster. 

She had been using her charm ability for a long time. Now, she didnt need to use her visuals to charm her target. 

Just her aura alone was enough to be the catalyst for her charm ability. 

This way, the Godfather didnt have to be distracted to look at the Bronto Monster to lure him using the babys appearance. 

The Godfather could just focus on the purple ape. 

Both the purple ape and the Bronto Monster didnt think that while Ainsley was in her shaman mode with the Godfather controlling her body, she could still use her charm ability. 

Thus, they failed to notice Ainsleys little movement. 

Because the situation was dangerous, Ainsley had no choice but to use her luck manipulation ability once more. 

This was the first time she used her luck manipulation ability after so long. 

Her soul injury was still there, so Ainsley only used a little bit of her luck manipulation ability. 

Thankfully, God was on her side.

The Bronto Monsters luck level wasnt that high, and it was enough to drag his luck down to beunlucky. 

Although it wouldnt make him die right away, it was easy for Ainsley to use her charm ability. 

The bright golden light from Ainsleys luck ability quietly mixed with the shaman abilitys pale golden light. 

The bright golden light was unnoticed when it was around the pale golden light, so no one saw it when a streak of light hit the Bronto Monsters head. 

In just a few seconds, the Bronto Monsters luck declined and coincidentally, he had just dropped a few drops of blood to awaken his earth monsters souls. 

Because his luck suddenly declined, none of the three monsters he had just created awakened a special ability. 

Even worse, their quality when they became a living monster wasnt that good, only at the mid-rank level. 

The level of the living beings he could create depended on luck too. 

Usually, the Bronto Monsters luck was average and wouldnt be that bad. 

If none of his minions awakened new abilities, they would at least be at a primary stage of a high-ranking level monster. 

But now, they were only in the primary stage of a mid-rank level monster! 

The Bronto Monster almost spurted out blood. He didnt know why his luck suddenly became so bad, ah! 

Unfortunately, while he was wailing, Ainsley had already casted her charm ability, which worked like a miracle. 

The Bronto Monster suddenly felt something attractive not far from his place, and he subconsciously tried to look at the source of this weird thing. 

Then, he saw Ainsley, who was enveloped in a bright red ball-like barrier.

The Bronto Monster had seen Ainsley before and didnt think that shes really cute or anything. 

The baby was indeed cute, but monsters and beasts usually had different types of aesthetic points. 

Of course, Ainsley was usually well-liked among tame monsters and beasts because her charm ability was just that strong. 

But against enemies, if Ainsley didnt deliberately use her charm ability, the enemies wouldnt think that Ainsley is cute. 

Strangely, the Bronto Monster suddenly felt that Ainsley is like his cute little sister! 

The Bronto monsters race was one of the rarest kinds among the monsters, generally because it was hard for these monsters to survive. 

First of all, unlike other monsters, they didnt eat monster meat. 

They did eat monsters cores to evolve, but their staple food was vegetables and greenies. 

Just like the armored giraffe. 

Well, this wasnt the reason why they were rare, though. Naturally, they were rare because their birth rate was extremely low. 

And they also needed to eat a lot of leaves and vegetables in a day. 

If they didnt live in a huge tropical jungle, it was easy for them to die from hunger. 

Not to mention that this kind of monster was too big and needed a vast territory too. They also needed to drink a lot of water in a day. 

It was extremely hard for the Bronto Monster race to survive, so when they did survive to adulthood, each of them would be super strong. 

Just like this one. 

Because the Bronto Monster didnt have a lot of family members, each of them cherished their kin more than their lives, especially young ones. 

If they could guard and cultivate the young kins to adulthood, it would be an honor comparable to a brave warrior. 

Thus, the Bronto Monster race had always had a soft spot for their young cubs. 

And now, because Ainsley used her charm ability on the Bronto Monster, the monster thought of Ainsley as his little sister. 

Which means…she is a young cub that he needs to protect. 

Not to mention that this one was just four years old at most. Shes still so young! So fragile! 

Yet she was besieged on all sides. 

And those who attacked hislittle sister were actually the arrogant beasts. 

Although the beasts and the monsters in the annual tide got along well to attack humans, it didnt mean they had good relationships. 

Monsters and beasts were like cats and dogs. They could coexist together peacefully, but the majority couldnt. 

Now that the Bronto Monster hadseen Ainsley as his little sister, he naturally became biased. 

Who cares about the purple ape or the armored giraffe? 

When he saw the two bastards attacking hishelpless and weak little sister, he almost exploded. 

Female monsters had always been more precious than male monsters, especially in the monster hierarchy. 

On the other hand, the beasts kingdom held the males higher than females– unless the females were stronger. 

And now, Ainsley is afemale monster in Bronto Monsters eyes. 

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