I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 118: "The Source Of A Great Calamity"

Chapter 993: “A Sudden Betrayal”

The monsters naturally looked up to female monsters more because most of them couldnt go against their mother. 

It was in their instinct and blood not to go against their mother and not to go against someone stronger than them. 

It means even when they had already become strong, they still instinctively obeyed their mom, because its their mother! 

So, if the strong monsters obeyed their mother…the mom would be the strongest existence, right? And the mom is usually female. 

Not to mention that female monsters were extremely precious, especially in a race like the Bronto Monster, who had difficulty with the birth rate. 

A female cub who would grow into a mature female Bronto Monster was ten thousand times more precious than a male cub! 

Yet now, these two beasts wanted to kill such a precious cub! 

Do they want to make the Bronto Monster race extinct, or what?! 

Bastards! Evil! Malicious! 

The Bronto Monster quickly fell under Ainsleys charm and in just a few seconds, he commanded his creations to attack the purple ape who was attacking Ainsley. 

[You rude beast! Dont touch my little sister!!] 

The Bronto Monster even used his body to protect Ainsley from the armored giraffe and the purple ape.

The Bronto Monster suddenly changed sides, and his betrayal was extremely crucial. 

Not to mention that he had started to make a new batch of creations and this batch can be considered stronger than the previous batch. 

After all, once Ainsley knew the monster had fallen under her charm, she quickly bound him with a permanent contract scroll, officially owning the third monster. 

This monster was another behemoth that might be as big as Zilla– but this one is a male and wouldnt have a litter of monster cubs around him. 

Still, after Ainsley got the Bronto Monster, she quickly restored his luck level, making the monsters next creations have high-level strength. 

The next batch directly became high-rank monsters, and one of them even awakened a unique ability 

Facing an army of monsters along with such a huge behemoth in the way, the purple ape and the armored giraffe were too stunned to react. 

What the heck? 

The Bronto Monster was severely wounded before, yet he suddenly betrayed them and switched sides? 

Is he a shaking M?!

[Bronto! What are you doing?! Why are you colluding with the enemy??] 

The armored giraffe was a female, and shes usually more silent and shy. But now, she has completely exploded. 

Brontos betrayal was extremely harmful to them! 

Brother Bronto obviously didnt care about the armored giraffes anger. 

All he knew was the fact that the two beasts ganged up on his little sister! 

The purple ape and the armored giraffe didnt know what was going on, but when Brontos six earthgolems surrounded them, they finally knew that something was wrong. 

[Maybe Bronto is being controlled or something. We have to save him!] The armored giraffe didnt have any good offensive ability. 

But her defense was top-notch, and she could even protect her companion. 

Thus, while worrying about Bronto Monsters betrayal, she quickly used her armor ability to add scaled armor around the purple apes body. 

Her ability was unique, indeed. Her ability enabled her to give full-body armor to her chosen targets and the armor was all sturdy. 

She could even give armor to a snake or insects that usually didnt need armor! 

The purple ape also noticed the Bronto Monsters condition and was particularly concerned. 

After all, his phantom state was about to end, and he relied on the Bronto Monster to kill this toddler. 

Who would have known that the enemy was so much better than they thought and could directly kidnap the Bronto Monster to join their side? 

The purple ape and the armored giraffe only thought that the Bronto monster was being controlled or something. 

But they didnt think that the Bronto Monster had signed a contract with Ainsley and became her new contracted monster. 

The two beasts knew about Ainsleys charm ability, but they didnt know it could be so effective in the middle of their intense fight. 

When Ainsley saw the Bronto Monster helping her out, she immediately sighed in relief. 

[Uncle Godfather, I did it! Now lets finish off the purple ape first and then kill the armored giraffe.] 

As long as the two beasts were wounded, the Godfather could manipulate their blood and that would be the end of the fight. 

However, the Godfather didnt plan to let them die so easily like that. 

[This lord will weaken them first,, and then you quickly tame them. Its a pity not to rob the two beasts to our side.] 

Ainsley didnt need the two beasts, but it didnt mean others would also ignore such a good beast. 

Ainsley could distribute the two beasts to her people after all of this ended. 

Ainsleys eyes instantly lit up, and the baby nodded fiercely deep inside her little body. 


While Ainsley and the Godfather were controlling the pace of the battlefield, Cellino and Bello had arrived at the battlefield, and they quickly contacted Ainsley. 

[Nyaaa~ Ain, are you okay? Should we go there to help?] 

[I want to help master, awoooo.] 

Only then did Ainsley realize the two sacred beasts had finally arrived. 

She vaguely remembered the two cats calling her, but at that time, she was busy fighting the three enemies. 

Now that the two sacred beasts were here, Ainsley instantly planned to deal with the giant mammoth and the frozen butterfly. 

She didnt think she could do this at first, but since the reinforcement was here, she had to eliminate or subdue the two mini-bosses. 

If she didnt do this, she would make everyones sacrifice end up in vain! 

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