I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 126: "Shoulder The Blame"

Chapter 1046: “Guild Union Zone”

Ainsley praised Aaron to the moon with her cute milky voice. 

When she spoke, she would blink her eyes, and the bright, innocent look in her eyes was really cute to the bone. 

Aaron held his breath and felt he would lose control and pinch the babys cute cheeks. 

Thankfully, he slapped his sinful claws and coughed to distract his thoughts. 

“T-thank you for coming to my country…anyway, I heard that you want to build a guild branch here?” 

This is the main matter that they had to discuss today. 

Ainsley also put away her cute face and immediately tried to look like a serious adult. 

That face and behavior when a toddler tried to look like an adult is still extra cute, though…

Ainsley nodded at Aarons question and didnt shy away from the young man. She didnt bother to hide her plan at all. 

“Yes. I want to build a guild branch here and accept a batch of new guild members.” 

“I need the guild license from the local government, the guild building, the official permission…” 

Ainsley told Aaron all the things she needed to open a branch here successfully. 

As a local, Aaron knew more than Ainsley about things related to building a guild in Gasha Country. 

It would need quite a time to receive the official permission to open a guild branch, but the most pressing matter was actually the guild territory itself. 

“So…you want to buy land or a finished building, guild founder?” 

Aaron guessed the crux of the problem, and Ainsley immediately nodded. 

“Yes, I need a good and sturdy building but also a unique one. As you have seen before, the Crimson Lily branch and other branches are all unique.” 

For now, Ainsley would only build one guild building in the Gasha country, so she immediately chose to make it in the capital city. 

It was strange that Ainsley built so many guild buildings in the Godlif Country, but she didnt make a branch at the capital city. 

Usually, all the big guilds put their main headquarters at the capital city, but Ainsley chose Pandora Island instead. 

Anyway, the Sloan Village branch and other branches werent that far from the capital city, so it wasnt a problem not having a building in the capital. 

However, it was still a must to make a guild building at the Gasha Countrys capital city. 

Ainsley had explored the capital city for the past three days and had seen many suitable locations to build her guild. 

But she still seeks Aarons opinion and suggestions as a local. 

“How is it? Do you have any recommendations? A good place or a finished building suitable for the guilds headquarters In Gasha Country?” 

The first guild building Ainsley would make in this country would naturally become the headquarters. 

Thus, she needed the best location and the best building! 

Since Ainsley wasnt a local and was just a tourist, she couldnt stay at Gasha Country for a long time. 

Thus, it was better to buy a finished building and renovate it a bit rather than building it from scratch. 

Aaron listened to Ainsleys questions and was silent for a few minutes before slapping his knees. 

“Thats it. My father and my elder brothers inspected a new location a few days ago. The place is not far from the guild street, and the safety is also good.” 

Not to mention that this place already had a finished building in the shape of a tall, slim tower with a pair of crystal wings. 

“The building used to be a high-end hotel, but it went bankrupt for some reasons.” 

“My dad and my brothers wanted to buy this building to build a new hotel or high-end restaurant, ” Aaron added. 

The building was really tall, and it could be used as an observational tower too. 

Anyway, it would be a good scenic spot for tourists, mainly because the buildings shape was unique. 

Ainsley hadnt seen the building yet because she didnt visit the so-called guild street, but just listening to Aarons description already tempted her. 

However, what intrigued her the most was the so-called guild street. 

“A guild street…do you mean its a street dedicated to guilds?” Ainsley couldnt help but ask. 

After all, there wasnt such a place in Godlif Countrys capital city. There was only a potion shop street but never a guild street.

For a second, Aaron forgot that Ainsley was a foreigner here and immediately explained about the famous guild street. 

“Its like this…the capital City has so many guild buildings, and to better accommodate these guilds, the local government creates a special area for the guilds.” 

It was called a guild street, but it was more like a zone. 

It was quite big, taking up around 1/6 of the whole capital citys area. 

All the guilds existing in the Gasha Country put their headquarters in this zone. 

However, there werent only guild headquarters in the area. There were also a lot of hotels, restaurants, entertainment places, lodgings, and so on. 

It was a heaven for all guild members of various guilds because this guild zone provided everything they needed. 

So much so that some hermits had never stepped out of the Guild Union area because of this. 

“There are tons of guilds in this country from big to small, but they put all the headquarters in one place. Wont they fight or something?” 

Ainsley blinked curiously and asked what she wanted to ask for a long time. 

There would be a lot of conflicts among guilds, right? Especially the big guilds….

How could the Guild Union Zone remain peaceful up to now? Or maybe it wasnt peaceful at all? 

Anyway, there must be a secret there! 

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